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The Fight Against An Oppressive Order VS The Ability To Build Up Order Out Of Chaos

Notation of my own words

[quote]Facts be damned, you just make up and insert whatever elements are required to keep your internal game in play - no matter how disjoint or bizarre.[/quote]

My good friend cnulan - I have enough confidence in my own sanity, the ability for me to make valid observations of the real world AND also to detect the LACK of ability of those who stand opposed to my views to pick apart anything but mere elements of my arguments rather than dismiss them in their entirety. Instead I receive "English lessons" rather than fundamental correction. The absence of rebuke allows me to keep rolling forward. Show me the errors in my reasoning. (If you indeed want me to yield my tax money to help another in need - why don't you work to fix my reasoning if I too are in need of a reality check - so that I can work FOR rather than against the interests of the Black man - rather than echoing White conservatives who seek to destroy us? you say)

The sad part about it all cnulan and brotherbrown - most of my views are simply based on the POINTS OF GRIEVANCE that are popularly heard WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY turned around and transformed into analysis that is put upon you and the others who are in the state of aggrievement. The problem is that they run afoul to your preference to have YOUR IDEOLOGY and YOUR PARTY be the primary vehicles for the FIX. The fact that I have the nerve to indict you as part of the problem which needs to be reset on the path of solution will not have my named mentioned when "brother of the year" awards are handed out. With you two as judges I don't stand a chance of even being asked to clean off the table at the awards ceremony.

Over time I have learned that there is a very distinct difference between those who are able to VOICE their disgust about their aggregate situation AND their willingness to accept the results of careful analysis that dares suggest a fix in which THEY MUST CHANGE rather than the system before them being the primary agent of change. Some people want the SYSTEM to change and thus have this change "RAIN DOWN UPON THEM" from external sources whereas the "unwashed and the ignorant" are able to continue doing what they do and thus will receive cleansing, transforming them into a "repaired state" after the good works of their leaders who guided the pack, defraying questions until the end of the journey.

After all as the logic goes since they are VICTIMS of the system that has ran afoul of their interests.....upon successfully "fighting the power" and thus the system forced into correction - the conversation of what THEY MUST DO IN SUPPORT OF EFFECTIVE CHANGE is never an essential part of the discussion. The constant PURSUIT of a "level playing field" is.

cnulan - if you can't see that the concept of "there's gold at the end of the rainbow if you just have HOPE and FAITH and stay unified with me as we fight our EXTERNAL ENEMIES" is not the milieu of progressivism then I am not sure if you are as much of a detached observer of financial and behavioral systems as you let out to be.

Thus when an important issue regarding SOCIETAL/SOCIAL NORMS comes up for consideration it is the PROGRESSIVE who takes the lead and who seeks to knock down any thing that he sees as discriminator or which is a bound to anyone's free will. It is nothing more than his "fight the power" disposition.

Please notice, cnulan, there needs to be a societal FOUNDATION present that the progressive works against as he steps in the middle and becomes the liberator and is featured in the photo op. If, by contrast their is an assemblage of HUMAN POTENTIAL that is scattered wreckage at his feet and he is charged with ORDERING THE PEOPLE SO THAT THEY SEE THEIR OWN SELF-WORTH AND THUS EXPRESS THEIR GREATNESS....ON THEIR OWN BACKS BY TEMPORARILY CHANNELING ALL OF THE MASSES TOWARD A COMMON GOAL THAT IS ACHIEVED ORGANICALLY which also involves SUPPRESSING THEIR ERRANT WAYS which might threaten the see that the PROGRESSIVE is WHOLLY UNQUALIFIED to lead his people toward this change at this juncture in these people's development is in question. He will take offense that THE VICTIM was asked to do the heavy lifting.

The Progressive is all about WIDENING a narrow gate rather than getting a disbursed flock who is in disorder to walk together through a NARROW MOUNTAIN RANGE that is permanently fixed. He promotes the masquerade of expansive JUSTICE above the need for collective sacrifice that ASKS OF ALL MEMBERS to do their part - including the VICTIMS. In his mind it is UNFAIR that the mountain pass is aligned in such a way.

He promotes himself as an environmentalist and a naturalist but he is unwilling to cede to the implicit and self evident natural order of certain issues of order when acquiescence to this natural truth is trumped by THE WILL OF MAN to do otherwise! He rejects societal regulation of such things as being oppressive of the will of man. He is primarily a SECULAR HUMANIST with the will of the individual man trumping this natural order.

Even if the imposition of such ORDER is the solution to that which he is most aggrieved about WITHIN - he will instead pursue his forte - charging after his external adversary who is the proponent of enforcing this order upon him and the masses. It is THIS ADVERSARY who is the denier of his serenity rather than his own ability to order his own people. Even when his adversary moves away and allows his version of order to predominate the domain where he resides - he will reengage his adversary within the place that he has departed to. He needs the resources that is to be shared as evidence of the social contract but his adversary needs to keep his judgments to himself as the "social contract" doesn't have any clauses on behavior of the INDIVIDUAL which lead to a liability upon the system. (No wonder few people want to live near him. He is a net confiscator and dependent).

When will this foolish man learn that all is not subject to RATIONALIZATION BY MAN, but sometimes things just "beez that way!" ? Since they have worked thus far for those who ARE ACTUALLY held responsible for BUILDING UP and HOLDING THE SYSTEM TOGETHER he might want to adopt some of these restrictions the day that he assumes the responsibility for BUILDING and MAINTAIN rather than LIBERATING!!!

Treat Other's Children As You Treat Your Own - Not Just By Giving Them Money But Also Guidance

Again - just documenting my own thoughts as posted on another venue upon my own archives.

Blog: Cobb
Subject: Same Sex Marriage

brotherbrown: Don't get me wrong, if it were up to me, I want my children to be heterosexual, to marry the person of their dreams, punch out a coupla kids and live happily ever after. So let me ask you, if one of your children were gay and wanted to marry someone, you would refuse to participate on the principle that it is not a real marriage?

Liberal brotherbrown:

Would you place any prohibitions on the sexual activities of your young gay son or daughter since they can't get pregnant from these acts?

If you had a straight son or daughter and you loaded them up with condoms - do you see the need to intervene and "slow their roll" if you noted that they had multiple partners who they were juggling around? Got protections - no big deal - right?

There seemingly is no end to your liberalism yet also no end to the demands that the government pick up and repair all of the pieces that remain from the voids that the societal arraignments that you tolerate hath created.

You are making an ass of yourself, CF. Way too many false assumptions about me. You'd do much better with me by not doing that.

brotherbrown - I think that I have you down. But its not just you.

On the one hand we have the theory that we are "all in this together". This works in the domain of resource distribution to create societal "fairness" as argued by some. If there is a pattern of problems among certain segments of people it is the fault of some systematic failure to address them. People who think a certain way look toward the courts and the legislature to make the fix.

All the while within this discussion is a major domain of discussion that is not brought up in this discussion of "all that government can do to fix society". That point that is never mentioned by some is the concept of the CULTURE that is imprinted upon the society which often times have an equal or greater force upon that segment of the population than anything the government could hope to accomplish.

I envy the progressive, brotherbrown. As a progressive you are always there offering tolerance and opportunity to those who only wish to live free. You have never "oppressed" anyone by enforcing societal norms. Instead you and other go off and REMOVE those norms which you call "bigotry".

It just so happens that the "Judeo-Christian" framework that we currently live within has endured at least a millennium. Yet in the brilliance that you and others have evolved to - not only has man mastered the elements, those who are enlightened figure that they have also mastered the ways of man. That which has happened to other societies "won't happen to us. We are smarter than they were. We'll do it right this time".

What I don't understand is how on the one hand the big talking point about the issue of educational funding that I am researching is built upon the concept of "WHAT WOULD YOU WANT FOR YOUR CHILDREN" as we are asked to apply these same funds to other people's children. Yet when it comes to applying the very social mores that apparently you have for your own children so that they might stay an appropriate course - you and others suggest that these values not radiate beyond the four walls of your own house. To impose upon anyone beyond that is judgmentalism and getting into other people's business.

brotherbrown - this is not JUST about same sex marriage. This is but one step on a long, winding trail downward. This has everything to do with the standards as set by the Judeo-Christian set of norms and those who have retired from their youthful activism but now apply this same concept of "I know better" now that they are working in official channels.

I would have less of a problem with the progressive if only he were more willing to stand and account for the bastard child that he produces in society. Instead his past shows that upon opening up additional societal tolerances where an increasing number of threads in society must be shred in order to increase its accommodation - the consequences that are identified will be promoted to the actions of the government to address. Thus the slippery slope is twisted into the circular reference for resources to address the resulting damage to the people. You all speak government but are loathed to talk CULTURE and the strictures within.

You will always be a better man that I am brotherbrown. You have never suppressed any man from what he wills to do nor have you ever denied him resources after the fact. As long as there is enough of a reservoir of resources that can be tapped and YOU are not the primary source from which all of this is drawn from and thus you don't have to primarily stand behind your creation - the world will never see any push back from you.

Thus I am not sure that you are of "greater moral intellect" as compared to me. I figure that you don't have the direct and exclusive skin in the game in which you feel the consequences of your actions.

Progressivism doesn't construct cultures.
It slowly erodes them.
It is not organic.
It is confiscatory.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Friend Cnulan Doesn't Get It - Part 2


The above article is a piece that my friend cnulan sent out to me in response to my allegation that he and other Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism-Chasers seek to inferiorize Black people in the context of explaining away some of the behavior and unfavorable statistics that accompany some of our communities. I have to assume that since he forwarded this information to me - he is mostly in agreement with the concepts that are presented.

This posting - which was supposed to help ME understand the plight of the Black man only served to buttress my view of him.

"The public health of the United States has long been compromised by inequality in the burden of personal violence. African Americans are six times more likely to be murdered than whites, a crime that is overwhelmingly intra-racial in nature. Homicide also is the leading cause of death among young African Americans, and both police records and self-reported surveys show disproportionate involvement in serious violence among blacks.

No surprise there. This is obvious.

Here comes the inferiorization element of the story:

Our findings are consistent with the hypothesis that African Americans are segregated by neighborhoods and thus differentially exposed to key risk and protective factors, an essential ingredient to understanding the black-white disparity in violence.

Basically - the greatest threat to Black people have us trapped in a community ALONE BY OURSELVES.

Next comes the solution:

Unless black managerial and professional workers move back into the hood in droves, and, reinstall a stabilizing guardian syndrome within our social collective that provides moral, legal, educational and commercial impetus for the whole - the hood is for all intents and purposes, a collective lost cause incapable of bootstrapping itself out of its present plight.

This hits home on so many points that I constantly rail about. (Are you listening Brother Former Marxist Comrade?)

I am looking at an edition of "The Source" magazine that I just purchased. The picture of "Young Jeezy" on the cover prompted me to spend my hard earned money on such foolishness.

The article under inspection asks Black "managerial and professional workers" to MOVE BACK INTO THE BLACK COMMUNITY. This is a curious request.

Implicitly it suggests that this professional class "do it for the RACE"!

Despite what the popular rhetoric on the street is the "Black Professional" not the "Fight The Power" Hip Hop / Thug operative who hold the future of an ordered Black community in his hand.

You know what? I don't inherently disagree with any of this.

The part that I am having a problem with is the fact that the PREVAILING POWERS in the Black community are not going to say it. Oh they are good at telling those of us who are in this "professional class" what we should do to "REACH BACK" and help another. I assure you that while I surely can do more - I can hold my own in the way of "reaching back" compared to the average person who asks me "So what have you done".

ULTIMATELY this is not my problem. Do you want to know what my problem is?

It is with these PREVAILING POWERS. They ARE NOT going to make the case that the "CULTURE OF THE PROFESSIONAL CLASS" is more in line with what BLACK PEOPLE NEED to focus on at this time. This would be CASTING JUDGMENT and placing a higher order VALUE on one group of behaviors over another. This is counter to their PROGRESSIVE ethos. Recall that tolerance and openness - accepting all who come AS THEY ARE is the fundamental building block of their ideology.

This concept long as they keep forth the mission. This mission says that regardless of the results that are registered as they assume more control over the streets of Black is the GREATER SYSTEM that is at fault for these results. All that we witness on our streets is not a result of the actual behavior of the people living within. What we see is a result of "derivative behavior". SOMEONE ELSE MADE US ACT THIS WAY.

Despite the large number of Black children who have been born during the time of our knowledge of the facts surrounding "derivative behavior" - we are to believe that there is NOTHING THAT BLACK PEOPLE CAN DO on our own to inoculate our own children against the conspiratorial actions of our enemies. Instead we must stay unified against our enemy - the Conservative/ Republican. Once he is defeated......our day will come as a people.

Why don't the PREVAILING POWERS within the Black community fess up? I realize that they are attempting to save face on the macro level and thus, regardless of what I show about the consequences of their antics - they are not going to admit that they have flaws and need to change. At the same time - there is a cancer in our midst and they are unwilling to call it out because in the end....this cancer is the voice to the young people.

They need this voice because this voice brings new voters to the Democratic Party.

Would you agree that "The Source" and other urban hip hop magazines speak for the young people of today? Also please note my "man on the street" review of my experience in an urban mall: (My Tour Of An Urban Mall)

You see the PRVAILING BLACK COMMUNITY POWERS are ultimately "sellouts". They are unwilling to go to war with the most comprehensive threat to our community today. To do so will cause them to go against their ideological and political foundation. As long as they can blame "Da Man" (Corporatism, Capitalism, Republicans, Conservatives) he is able to keep the smoke cloud thick enough to allow people to form a line toward the exit of the smoking building. They are always searching for that exit. The job of the Progressive/Democratic Operative is to keep him searching for that ultimate solution.

It matters not that 100% of all possible elected seats in the given area is already controlled by his favored Democrats. It matters not about who runs the schools. At the end of the day you are NOT going to hear a sustained attack on the party or the ideology as THE PROBLEM. They will continue to shift the problem OUTWARD against their enemies - the Conservatives and Republicans who no longer live amongst them.

Oddly enough this story confirms my recent reports about the "Black Flight Progressives". Despite being tolerant and open to all comers it seems that he too is prone to vacate these communities that he fought to add tolerance to. When he is successful at his plan - he doesn't like what he sees. He then moves to more CONSERVATIVE outposts and begins immediately to customize these areas to his liking. The cycle continues.

Let me ask you - does this sound like the actions of a rational being?

When will the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist admit that in order for the recommendations of this article to ever come true, for the "Black Professional Class" to ever think about moving back in - the prevailing powers will be required to DISCRIMINATE AGAINST THUG CULTURE.

Their ideology prevents them from doing so. Thus the perverted cycle continues.

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The - A Unique Gateway For Everything BQPFRC

From a quick review of

More Racism, Please

The Mysterious Flipping Voting Machines In West Virginia (That Damned Diebold)

(Oh and by the way check out the journalistic independence: "New York Times will publish a major expose on the health of the Presidential candidates. This will surely prove even more bad news for John McCain.")

The words of the Managing Editor - Lynnett Wellington:
Cultivating Diversity of Thought? Where?

Robert F Kennedy and Greg Palast - Two Names WIth No Credibility

Rolling Stone: GOP Block The Vote


I try and read everything that you throw up on your blog as a means of "understanding the left" and the way you all think. Once I saw two names on the report - the credibility of the article lost 50%: Robert F Kennedy and Greg Palast.

Both of these men start their reports off with a conclusion and then they go out to find the selective evidence to support them.

Let me ask you a few questions about this report to get you to THINK cnulan.

1) If you notice these two operatives focus on several states and their REPUBLICAN Secretaries of States - Florida, California, etc. In the context of this point, cnulan, are you "intellectually curious" as to what the OTHER STATES are doing? If the REPUBLICAN SoS for California has rejected 43% of all new voter registrations - what did the DEMOCRAT SoS in New York or PA or NJ do in the way of rejections during the same time period as a reference?

2) These two operatives say that the Help America Vote Act was corrupted by the Republicans. With Jimmy Carter as the chair (along with James Baker) - why would Carter allow his personal integrity to be sullied by these evil Republicans?

3) If the penalty applied to voter registration organizations for FAILING TO SUBMIT VOTER REGISTRATIONS ON A TIMELY MANNER was an attempt to suppress voter registrations - do you figure that these same operatives making such a claim would applaud if people who registered and thought that their application had been submitted only to find that the organization was lax in their filing is more favorable?

cnulan - I don't only judge you based on who you post on your blog. I evaluate your intellectual integrity based on what YOU DON'T MENTION in the context of giving these operatives a voice.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

This Proves It!! The Republican Party Is The Party Of Dr. Evil!!

In The Mind Of Mark Crisp Miller

Follow the logic folks. Per his interview on the Bill Moyers Journal (of course you know he was in hostile territory and was going to be challenged profusely. :-/) Mark Crip Miller made the case that since all of the electronic voting machine companies had "Republican ties" it comes as no surprise that with touchscreen voting - many Democrats who voted for Barack Obama had their votes switched to John McCain.

My hopes have been raised though. I am sure that with the "video voting" initiative that his operative group is advancing we will one day get this vote flipping ON CAMERA rather than rely on the words of the person who has a vested interest in sullying the character of both the computerized voting machine and the company that stands behind them.

I bet you that various states or counties that use these voting machines have the names of McCain and Obama placed first or second based on their own unique process. Despite all of this, however, it seems that without fail that crafty little Diebold voting machine can read the word "John McCain" and switch the users vote over to him.

I have learned over time to not oppose any reasonable safeguard in the voting system. My opposition will be seen as conspiratorial for the leftist Progressive. I have even committed to not oppose "felon voting". Its just not worth it.

My only two requests that I have in exchange for this is

1) When the progressives LOSE that they accept that they lost fair and square and stop making it a grand conspiracy

2) When they WHEN and gain more on the ground in this nation than ever before that their FAILURES be seen as THEIR FAILURES and not allow them to MOVE THE GOAL POSTS so that their FAILURES become SOCIETAL FAILURE and thus the entire society must become PROGRESSIVE before anyone can expect success out of them.

If you all did both of these points you would not hear from me.

Rep Murtha Calls Western Pennsylvianians "Racists"

Democratic Rep. John Murtha apologized for his statement that western Pennsylvania is "racist," but Republican rival Bill Russell is using the remark to prove the incumbent has "lost touch" with his district.

AJC's Cynthia Tucker - If You View Her As A "Bigot" You'd Understand Her Better

Cynthia Tucker - Don’t buy frenzy over voter fraud

Have you ever met someone who you know is opinionated? You understand their line of thinking when certain facts line up in favor of what they say. Then an expanded set of facts come into play which would tend to buttress the views of their ideological adversaries. If the person were intellectually honest they would yield that yes there are some problems on both sides of the issue. WE SHOULD WORK TO ADDRESS THE PROBLEMS ON BOTH ENDS AS WE PURSUE THE INTEGRITY OF THE VOTING PROCESS.

Instead when you listen to Cynthia Tucker see is far more entrenched in her "Progressive" views that would allow her to be an honest broker capable of noting both sides of an issue. I have realized over time that it is me who is at fault for placing certain expectations upon Ms. Tucker.

If you view Ms Tucker as a "bigot" and see that she is operating from an entrenched position then you have a better chance at understanding her. Don't mistake the popularity of one's position with the presence of objectivity. The progressive has the advantage in that she/he will be seen as favoring freedom over the "oppressive dogma" of tradition and societal order.

If you put Ms. Tucker to the test where she may be forced to speak about the failures of her favored ideology - you will be left wanting. She is not going to do it. The smoldering fire called "Clayton County" has been causing most in the AJC building downtown to caught up various articles. Out of Ms Tucker, however, we have seen only one article on the story. She had to prefix her attacks on the "100% Democratic controlled county" by first pointing out how the state Republicans are in disorder in the General Assembly.

(to be continued)

BET Hip Hop Awards - Obama Campaign Rally

BET Hip-Hop Awards show turns into Obama rally

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lincoln Heights - Left Leaning Propaganda

No I am not hysterical - seeking the left wing adversary under every rock. I have been a loyal viewer of the show through three seasons and thus the messages that they seek to throw in the scripts come screaming out.

This weekś episode had to do with Weaponless Policing. After Eddieś son, Tae was shot when Eddie was responding to the robbery of a liquor store their pastor came to his house seeking to promote the idea of having the police to give up their weapons in the name of building a strong bond and confidence with the community. Of course the nuance is that only police who respond to dangerous situations will be allowed to carry guns. Those doing Community Policing will be unarmed.

Notice how the system must always be the force making the first move at disarmament but not the community and the individuals within. As the theory goes - if the criminal element realizes that the cops aren t armed then they are not going to be motivated to arm themselves. Couple this with a documentary that I watched last night called Injustice For All - detailing the problem with systematic racism in the US criminal justice system and it is clear that the POLICE are the biggest threat in the community - if you allow some people to tell it.

Eddie has flashbacks over his having drawn his weapon during the robbery and his son getting shot by a stray bullet from the store ownerś gun. At the end of the show Eddie decides to take the lead in advancing the Weaponless Policing initiative for the Lincoln Heights community. Wow. As if I didnt realize that this is what the script was building up to. Just imagine Eddie Sutton, an experienced police officer who patrols the violent, gang plagued community of Lincoln Heights for several years, who just one episode ago too home a shot gun into his own house to protect his family, now is motivated to go the exact opposite way - renouncing his service weapon in the spirit of Weaponless Policing. What would his friends and instructors at the Police Academy have to say about such a change in Eddie Sutton?

I like the Lincoln Heights show. It is a good family drama and is entertaining. I do notice that they accelerate certain issues of confrontation (somebody gets shot or injured) as a means of keeping the story line on the edge. I surmise that if they did not push the edge that the show might be a bit boring.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

To My Friend CNulan

(Note - this is a documentation of my own views as expressed on another blog [Cobb], for the sake of maintaining a permanent record on my own site)

cnulan says:
[quote]Which part of economic, cultural, and national catastrophe DON'T you understand? [/quote]

Economic Catastrophe
Cultural Catastrophe
National Catastrophe

Interesting cnulan!

As I read the November 2008 edition of Ebony Magazine I see that Ms Rice believes that the mere ELECTION OF OBAMA will take care of most of these issues.

His election will lower gas prices
His election will stop the home foreclosures
His election will give you a pay raise
His election will stop the "Unjust War In Iraq" (Notice they don't ask if in Afghanistan "the people we fight today ATTACKED US ON 9/11". Such intellectual consistency would destroy them.

I bet if some in the Black press had their way they would say:
"You know that ink stain that you got in that white blouse 8 years ago? Try the new and improved OBAMA SOAP - it will get the stain out!!"

You see cnulan - I am working on a new means of framing the arguments used by the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalist Racism Chaser. Thus far you all have been successful at keeping the Black mindshare because you promise BENEFIT in the fight against the "White Conservative" threat.

As you take over more ground within the Black community on behalf of your beloved Democrats - the Black populace is lulled into contentment because you are WINNING ELECTIONS rather than DELIVERING UPON YOUR PROMISES.

Think about it cnulan - I have the AUDACITY to try to get Black people to double back and confirm that THE PEOPLE THEY HAVE ELECTED are actually FIXING THE PROBLEMS within the Black community that they PROMISED TO FIX.

For this cnulan - I MUST BE SILENCED!!! The nerve of me!!!

cnulan you say that evil Bush produced an "economic catastrophe". Did you notice that more Democrats voted for the big pay out than did Republicans? How do you logically explain this? As I talked with various Black people I heard staunch opposition to the payout and thus they were arguing as some of the evil Republicans did against the bill. I soon understood. The Blacks that I talked too indeed were against the bill. They ALSO blamed the Republicans as being the corporate types who caused the catastrophe - despite all of the evidence of dual complicity.

This hits at the core of my agenda cnulan!
The Black voter is more of an ideological fundamentalist seeking to fortify the power of his ideology and party than he is in pursuit of his own interests, calling a spade a spade. "Voter Nullification" is rampant within our ranks.

This is how can go to a Detroit, a Milwaukee, a Southwest Philly or a Newark - all of which are totally dominated by Democrats and Progressives yet crumbing and notate the strong support for the ideological progressives and the Democrats. You see, cnulan - the Black voter though he is SUFFERING disproportionately where the faction that he supports has most power - IS ALSO likely to BLAME THE OTHER GUY for his problems.

* He is now unemployed NOT BECAUSE his union raised the price of labor and thus the cost of doing business, causing the firm to move to a "right to work state". NO. It was the greedy, conservative business owner who shut down the factory and tossed the loyal workers on the street!! (Do you see how the same set of actions can be spun differently cnulan?) No Progressive is going to reopen the plant as a cooperative where "Money is the root of all evil, let us all focus on cooperation and joint interests of work - in leu of money"

* He resides in schools that are still mediocre. Where as previously he purged the administration which failed educate his children, replacing them with "people who look like us and care about my children" - when they also failed to produce a quality education environment and should have been purged the Black community then made a vital decision cnulan. The community SHOULD HAVE notated the similar unsavory results and then pondered a fundamental IDEOLOGICAL CHANGE in the governance of their schools - even patterning the management like the "White schools" they covet - as does Jonathan Kozol and Barack Obama.

INSTEAD the choice was made to frame the issue of urban education AWAY FROM what actually happens in the 4 walls of the classroom once the teacher closes the door and thus attempts to get the disciplined attention of the students as she seeks to transfer her knowledge to them as information that they then process into KNOWLEDGE for their own use. NOPE. The BQPFRC and his White Liberal emissary struck again!! "We don't have the RESOURCES TO SUCCEED" became the new talking point cnulan. What a BRILLIANT slight of hand.

You see, cnulan, once the focus is effectively shifted to EQUAL RESOURCES then the accountability fleeing Negro administrator (and his actor-vist backers) is able to shift the terms of the debate. The new debate becomes "GIVE ME MORE MONEY IF you want me to perform up to YOUR EXPECTATIONS".

Do you see the perverted depravity of this claim cnulan? (I am about to flip the script on you here).

The Negro Educational Operative is now telling those looking inward at him - "These are YOUR STANDARDS, not MINE!! IF YOU want me to live up to these standards - hand me more money and resources that were not produced by MY COMMUNITY'S COMMITMENT TO EDUCATE THEIR OWN CHILDREN as YOUR PROOF that you see us as EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS"

(You keep talking junk on me cnulan - PROVE ME WRONG on this one!!!)

My biggest frustration with you Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism-Chasers is that much of your program is based on the INFERIORITY OF BLACK PEOPLE. Please be clear I did not say "Black people are inferior". I said that YOUR ASSUMPTIONS are that WE ARE. Please get it right.

Imagine that cnulan - the "price of racial reconciliation as articulated by Democratic strategist Ronald Walters and other operatives who need to be purged from the nucleus of Black America because they work for DEMOCRATS more than they work for an INDEPENDENT Black people is to tell America: "PROVE TO US that you value us by giving us BENEFIT while never asking us to PRODUCE anything".

Thus, cnulan, check out the perverted death spiral that they suggest - you see if America funds "urban education" then one day, the Black community will be educated enough to turn out doctors, lawyers, managers and all the other actors necessary to build up a functional society. These the word that I learned from Dr Walters - "DERIVATIVE BEHAVIOR" will be no more!!! His concept of "derivative behavior" is - "YOU ENSLAVED US and thus you are responsible for creating what we are today. YOU must now REPAIR US and then we will begin to behave ourselves - but only after the big pay out. We are not going to move an inch forward until you PAY US!".

I am made to think of CUBA where education from Kindergarten to DOCTORATE is totally free. The only problem is that despite this free education there are so few economic opportunities for one to express their advanced education in this capitalistically suppressed nation. What good is it to go the extra effort when you will not receive economic reward for your travail? Perverted and anti-human indeed!

Thus again, cnulan - the impetus for Black people to discontinue some of the cancerous behavior (drug dealing, killing, academic suppression) is to have THE NATION show that they value us. NEVER IMPLICITLY asking BLACK PEOPLE to express OUR OWN VALUATION by our OWN WORKS!!!

You and other "Black Flight Progressives" will continue to flee your Democratic Utopias because you are unable to ask Black people to express the behavior that will one day translate into wholesome communities. You are instead perpetual activists "speaking truth to power".

Thus, cunulan - how is it that a people who ARE NOT ASKED ANYTHING for their own salvation will ever BECOME PHYSICIANS because Black people need health care?!? A community physician might say "You know the SYSTEM says that I should charge you $xxx but you know what I am going to apply my own values of SOCIALISM and I am going to set up a practice within the Black community and charge $xx. I will promote my will to HEAL YOU over my desire for profit". Where is your SOCIALISM when it is needed in a barren land so that a garden might grow?

Further a community physician might say: "I realize that the DRUG COMPANIES are profiteers because and Amy Goodman and Noam Chomsky TOLD ME SO. You know what?!? I am going to SPURN THEIR CONCOCTIONS - they were probably crafted to kill me anyway....just as I learned on "Democracy Now". "

Don't you see cnulan? I am working to HOLD YOU (Yes you personally) to your own theories!! If the threshing floor is upon us why do you have your people spread out upon it waiting for their threshing? HAVE THEM TO GET UP OFF OF THE FLOOR!!

Ultimately in your perversion - the people never being asked to play the central role in their own REPARATION will only ever be CONSUMERS of that which the system grants to them. Never TRANSFORMERS of the fate of their own people as they make use of the resources and playing field that is at their disposal.

To the perverted BQPFRC one incident of RACISM by a sole White man that he can document is MORE POWERFUL than a City Hall full of favorable DEMOCRATS that run city council and the mayors office!! I have told you previously PROGRESSIVISM IS NOT ORGANIC. It is instead CONFISCATORY! It depends on the perpetual fight against the ADVERSARY than it has a track record of building up people to their full potential by having them actually exercise and grow the fortitude to handle such demands.

cnulan - I hope to hold a mirror in written form UP TO YOUR FACE so that you can see yourself. I don't want to break you down. I want you to SEE THE NEED FOR IMPROVEMENT in yourself by first making note of the need for you to change.

Please read this as an assault on your THEORIES:

EXPLAIN IT cnulan! explain it!
This would suggest that YOU ARE LIVING A LIE - complicit like the rest of us BUT SURELY NO BETTER!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

BQPFRC Economic Theory

Permanent recording of my own thoughts from Cobb Typepad:

[quote]Politicians of both parties seem to agree that the 1959 level is preferable. That's why we have federal insurance for bank accounts, to pick one example.

The question of the day is whether such measures are to be paid for today by the people who can most afford to pay, or whether they will be paid for in the future, plus interest, by whoever future politicians will be able to stick with the tab.[/quote]

Most of these same politicians ALSO agree that the economies of Detroit, Cleveland, Newark, St Louis and Camden was preferable back in 1959 than today for the blue collar working classes of these same cities. Clearly the difference between the boom of back then and the current bust is not "marginal tax rates" or the "FDIC".

The bigger crime that Obama and the rest of the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism-Chasers" commit in my view is that they seek to centrally "restore" the Black man by securing a system where our ENTITLEMENTS are paid for by a SYSTEM by which the GOVERNMENT and its redistribution policies fund them rather than the ECONOMIC PRODUCTIVITY streaming from our communities.

Please identify for me the entitlement and economic redistribution policies that Obama advocates for the black man.[/quote]

Good one A Charles - I like how you granularized the question to "Obama AND the Black man" specifically rather than his general advocacy for the poor in the class warfare battle. You see, you are correct - Barack Obama doesn't say "I am working to develop a new social contract so that the BLACK MAN will receive more redistributed funds from society via the government". He only mentions Black people specifically when he speaks of academic and economic OPPORTUNITY.

What we need to do, however, is to listen to his policies and compare them to the functional agenda of his ideological soul mates who plan to use the very machinations that Obama sets forth for "poor people" and express them in their own agenda for "the Black man". Barack Obama both comes from and is adeptly supported BY this same machine. Please be honest.

Here is Dr Ronald Walters - the consummate "'Democrat Who Is Black' That Has Lost His Independent Soul" articulating the "Black Strategy" of removing all CONSERVATIVE opposition to Federal Entitlements so that Black people might be free in America. (hit the Red "F" circle to the right to see the video)

The bottom line of it all A Charles is that the Machine that dominates the Black community has this very agenda in aggregate that I speak of above. They plan to nationalize as many entitlements as possible as a means of eliminating the problem of having "capital resources vacating" a political boundary and thus creating the "injustice of lack of resources". They make the claim that RACISM is the motivating factor of the exodus. (I would love to have them explain the exodus of the "Black Flight Democrat" as well)

Thus at the end of his plan - a person can indeed move his body out of a local district who's political and cultural environment he no longer favors.....BUT.......his WALLET will be remain accessible to his former community, regardless of where he moves within the country. Problem solved in the mind of the BQPFRC. Classic Progressive Mantra: "Mind your own damned business in telling us how to live but give me your money because it is my RIGHT"

My problem with this grand scheme is that as the BQPFRC focuses on "the money chase" against his ideological adversaries to fund his standard of living. SQUANDERED is the vital process of developing the foundation by which these same communities fundamentally align the directed actions of their own people toward the delivery these desired goods and services upon their own backs - developing SKILLS to do so in the process. He wants his people to be "IN RECEIPT OF" benefit (ie: health care) more than he wants his own to be able to DELIVER such services to their own and be more self sufficient in the process. Thus the BQPFRC can continue to claim that he is an "opportunity provider", standing at the ribbon cutting ceremonies as he is adorned for all of the great things that he has done......with proceeds taken largely from an economic system that he is critical of.

He will always claim that EDUCATION and SOCIAL SERVICES, paid for by redistributed funds are needed to SPARK the very economic activities that are seen in the privileged class. NEVER does he ever plan to disconnect the resource circulator - where the "under-resourced" will one day be asked to fly free as evidence of their own repair. Instead he will seek to outsource more of their basic living standards and make them and others more commonly dependent. For this he is proud. He sees a society that is EQUALLY DEPENDENT upon a central source as EQUALITY none the less and thus favorable to inequality.

Never will he have to make the tough decision where as, for example, over the short run in order to maximize employment of his people AND achieve the completion of a construction of a COMMUNITY project that will benefit them all - he agrees to pay them a sub-minimum wage rate and thus at the end of the venture - the people prosper. They'll have the increased skills learned by actually doing a job AND they'll have the benefit of the resource that was constructed to make use of (ie - a community center). Imagine living 150 years ago but having today's constrains in place when a community water well was needed to be constructed lest a newly settled community die of thirst. The inavailability of a living wage for this work, the lack of union representation for the workers and environmental concerns over the well would render such construction as impossible.

Instead with the current strategy - a high unemployment rate while the potential work force sits idle as they wait for a "Living Wage" opportunity to be crafted on their behalf is a rational bargaining position in his view. He will not allow his people to "be exploited for their labor" - even if they are ultimately WORKING FOR THEIR OWN BENEFIT as above. (See post Katrina New Orleans)

If someone dared to note that the cost of such a flawed strategy is that these unemployed labor resources will begin to conduct criminal activity which, like cancer, feed on their own as their means of both occupying their time and addressing their financial obligations - he would not accept such a charge as "having blood on his hands". It is the SOCIETY that has failed these people - he'll say.

In absolute economic terms, however, this is exactly the case. He maintains ownership of the moral high ground, making the case that by advocating for SOCIETAL CHANGE so that the money within flows according to one's needs rather than being bound up by capitalistic manipulation - he is attacking the problem of SOCIAL JUSTICE of which capitalism is lacking. It won't dawn upon him to make note of the 80% of the rest of the world who don't have such an evil capitalistic system and likewise - live at a standard of living that is far lower than the poor that are of his immediate concern. Instead in his perverted view - he looks at "his poor" and the worlds poor and says - this poverty is the result of capitalism having failed to share its proceeds with these others. This is the fundamental flaw from which progressivism is based. Such an argument would be like saying that the sight of a fully manicured lawn that sits next to a large, unkept field of weeds and bushes
is the fault that those who cared for the lawn, failed to tend to the field. In truth it is the FIELD that is the natural state of the world. The LAWN was produced because someone put forth thought and infrastructure into sculpting it as such. The desired vegetation was allowed to grow and it was clipped, pruned and grafted in the context of maintaining order.

A Charles - how does one constantly advocate for "freedom to grow as one wills to do" in the libertarianism and at the same time demand these same people following such an ethos receive the benefits of the order and visual pleasures that the sculpted garden provides for them to covet?

This is a must read for cnulan:

The Symbiotic Relationship Between Wall Street And The Social Services Of New York

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Short Changed - How The Media Generates The Narriatve

Fresh from my research about No Child Left Behind in which a debate adversary commented about the "lack of funding", of which I laid out the facts, I recall the story of "Clinton's call for 100,000 Teachers and Policemen". Where as the promise of more funding from NCLB brought lawsuits and a stream of attacks within the media against the Bush Administration - the calculus about the promises of 100,000 teachers and 100,000 police men by the Clinton Administration never garnered such a sustained attack.


How Many Teachers, Mr. President?
Walter Shapiro
Posted Friday, Oct. 16, 1998, at 8:35 PM ET

For Bill Clinton these days, political victories are as hard to come by as Yankee Stadium box seats for the World Series. (Yes, Chatterbox is going to the opening game). So not even Ken Starr could blame the beleaguered President for crowing Friday morning as he hailed the budget agreement in the White House Rose Garden. "We fought for and won vital new investments, especially for our children," Clinton said. "By hiring 100,000 new teachers, we will reduce class size in the early grades to an average of 18." Later in his statement, Battlin' Bill returned to the same magic number when he declared, "We fought and fought and fought and won the right for the 100,000 teachers."

There's just one pesky problem--that number 100,000. As a Department of Education fact sheet accurately explains, "The FY1999 budget provides $1.2 billion to hire approximately 30,000 new teachers in the early grades." Even disregarding that hedge word "approximately," that works out to be exactly one new teacher for every two elementary schools in America. Put another way, Clinton's much-vaunted education plan will increase the rolls of the nation's public-school teachers by a dramatic 1.1 percent.

So how does our scrupulously accurate President get away with bragging about 100,000 teachers? You see Clinton has a dream, a will-o'-the-wisp fantasy of Congress someday funding those 100,000 new teachers. It's a seven-year plan that is supposed to reach its goal just about the time that President George W. Bush will be running for a second term.

Clinton perfected this big-number shuffle back in the days when he was burnishing his anti-crime credentials by pledging to put 100,000 federally-funded police officers on the streets. Remember all those placards proudly reading "100,000 Cops" at the1996 Democratic Convention? Well, Chatterbox, remembers. He checked with the Justice Department and discovered that--six long years into the Clinton presidency--Congress has approved funding for a total of 88,000 cops. And less than half of that number are currently walking a beat. As of March, only 43,305 men and woman in blue have ever been hired under Clinton's courageous 100,000-cops initiative. And that figure, by the way, includes several thousand would-be officers currently in training programs.

Now for the $100,000 question: Why is it, even now, that the supposedly cynical White House press corps continually lets Clinton get away with such blatant exaggerations about the mythical 100,000 cops and 100,000 teachers?

--Walter Shapiro

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ebony Magazine - Selling Of Hope On The Front End - Never Confirming Its Delivery On The Backend

Ebony Magazine November 2008

President's Message - Linda Johnson Rice


Ebony Magazine has not formally endorsed a candidate in its 64 years, we are taking this opportunity to wholeheartedly and unequivocally endorse Sen. Barack Obama as the next president of the United States.
But even with that kind of consistent coverage, I wanted to take it a step further and emphasize why we need Barack Obama as our next president.

Obama's election, I believe, is crucial if we are to move this country forward and regain America's world-wide respect. The moment is now.

If you are concerned about the restoration of the American Dream, you need to vote for Barack Obama.

If you are worried about the overall economy, accelerating gas prices, home foreclosures and rising food costs, you need to vote for Barack Obama.

If you are concerned about an education for your children, concerned about the future of America, then you need to vote for Barack Obama.

If you believe that every American has the right to affordable health care, then you need to vote for Barack Obama.

If you believe that the Iraq War is unjust, is economically crippling this country and impacting our respect globally, then you need to vote for Barack Obama.


His message of change and his "audacity of hope" have energized the entire country in ways never seen before, resonating across the land, convincing our nation that each of us should believe in the possibility of a new kind of politics. Aside from the tangible, concrete changes that could come from an Obama presidency, his victory will prove that possibilities are unlimited for those who dare to dream. With his election, we can, without hesitation or apology, tell our children that anything is possible.

The problem that I personally have with biased cheer leading like this from the Black press is that in their enthusiasm to support their favored ideology and party - they never do the necessary FOLLOW UP to see if the Black community, who so frequently does our parts actually receive the BENEFIT that we were told about beforehand.

Let me be clear - as a Black man in America - I fully understand the symbolic and historical significance of this election. It shows that America has CHANGED. This is of the most importance to me. It is, however, a circular reference to make the case that if Obama loses - WE AS BLACK PEOPLE CANNOT DREAM just the same and our dreams won't come any less true. How is it then that we can LOGICALLY pin our ability to DREAM on the ascension of one Black man?

Does any one really think that the Black press - who, by the way was originally created to get the voice of the Black community represented to Black people because the mainstream press would not - is capable of calling out the truth is their candidate who has failed them has indeed fallen short?

My frustration is that the Black press are strict partisans. They have long ago vacated any sort of dispassionate consideration of our COMMON INTERESTS as a people AND.......if the ascension of their favored ideology and party has delivered as promised. Instead they act as the pied pipers - leading the masses of Black folks who are in need of "hope" forward in a prescribed direction.

Why is it wrong for me to make note of the assemblage of power that the Democratic party has over our community and then make note that these same communities where we are most concentrated and where they have the most power are also the places where Blacks suffer the most from the lack of education, jobs and health issues?

Ironically - the key issues that Ms. Rice targets as the "Hope Of Obama" are also the key issues that remain unresolved where the machine that Obama heads rules with most strength.

The key to understanding their scheme is to go and listen to the words of Dr. Ronald Waters - a Democrat posing as a Black man. He sets out the agenda for the Popular Black political machine better than most. The strategy is for the Black voter to pursue Democratic party domination against the Conservative. Once the conservative opposition is beaten into submission they will implement policies that sure sound like national socialism to me. Thus, as they say, the only thing standing in the way of "Black Freedom" is the conservative who is resistant to this glorious change that the Black Progressive is going to bring forth.

Why is it not a fair analysis to see how the Black community has fared where this party is most dominant and then make an inference as to the likelihood that this glorious day will come if and when they obtain their control? Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York City, Milwaukee and St Louis - have no meaningful Republican machine in power. Despite this theoretically favorable political alliance these are also places where the Black misery index is high.

Where will the Black press be after the plan is accomplished and yet the problems persist within our community? Will they continue their "conservative chasing" exercise?

Like the separation of 'church and state', the Black community needs an INDEPENDENT Black press if we are ever to get past the problems that we have within.

Lupe Fiasco - The "Now That You Know" Scrutiny

My friend told me to turn to the local "fight the power" station in town to listen to reports about political prisoners in American prisons. At the close of this "ACLU interview" I heard some lyrics that sounded enticing.

After I searched the web for the artist it turned out to be Lupe Fiasco, an upstart rapper.

The lyrics sound good in the normal "Fight The Power" mode of operation. Despite all of the hard hitting words I am driven to ask "now that you know" about America's actions - why do you still partake up them, as you live on stolen land?

It appears that Lupe has a "record contract" via good ole American capitalism - just like so many others.

"American Terrorist"

Close your mind
close your eyes
see with your heart
how do you forgive the murderer of your father?
the ink of a scholar is worth a thousand times more than the blood of a martyr

we came through the storm nooses on our necks
and a smallpox blanket to keep us warm
on a 747 on the pentagon lawn
wake up the alarm clock is connected to a bomb
anthrax lab on a w. Virginia farm
shorty ain't learned to walk already heavily armed
civilians and little children is especially harmed
camouflaged torahs, bibles and glorious qurans
the books that take you to heaven and let you meet the Lord there
have become misinterpreted, reasons for warfare
we read em with blind eyes i guarantee u there's more there
the rich must be blind b/c they didn't see the poor there
need to open up a park, just close 10 schools
we don't need em
can u please call the fire department they're down here marching for freedom
burn down their TV's, turn their TV's on to teach em

The more money that they make
the more money that they make
the better and better they live
whatever they wanna take
whatever they wanna take
whatever whatever it is
the more that you wanna learn
the more that you try to learn
the better and better it gets
American Terrorist

now the poor klu klux man c that we're all brothers not b/c things are the same b/c we lack the same
color that's green, now that's mean
cant burn his cross cause he cant afford the gasoline
now if a Muslim woman strapped with a bomb on a bus
with the seconds running give you the jitters?
just imagine a American-based Christian organization planning to poison water supplies to bring the
second-coming quicker
nigga they ain't living properly
break em off a little democracy
turn their whole culture to a mockery
give em coca-cola for their property
give em gum, give em guns, get em young, give em fun
if they ain't giving it up, then they ain't getting none and don't give em all naw ,man, just give em some its
the paper, then these cops must be al-qaeda


It's like
don't give the black man food, give red man liquor
red man fool, black man nigga
give yellow man tool, make him railroad builda
also give him pan, make him pull gold from river give black man crack, glocks to teens, give red man
craps, slot machines...

The Travail Of The Black Republican Blogger

NYTimes: Young, Black and Republican in New York, Blogging Against the Tide

Some advice - Remind Black folks that "YES YOU ARE CORRECT!!....the Democrats run the Black community and look at the problems we continue to face. Who's fingerprints are all over the steering wheel?"

It is plain and simply counter intuitive folks. How does a force that gains MORE POWER over time within our community convince the people that THE OTHER GUY is the reason why they are falling short? This other guy has moved away, leaving them all to themselves to govern themselves as they choose. In turn the popular politician within can set a course where some sanctified American social contract was violated when HE MOVED AWAY, leaving them all to themselves.

In response the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser" seeks NATIONAL ENTITLEMENT so that "where ever his adversary might move.....the proceeds from his wallet will be left behind".

The reason why Conservatives don't get any traction within the Black community IS NOT because "we don't care about the people". The reason why is because the Black community has been lulled into the notion that in "helping us" we are placed in a better situation. This is far from the case.

I have mentioned several times before the differences between the concepts of "Being IN RECEIPT OF" benefits that allow you to live at a certain standard of living and having the ORGANIC ability to deliver these services across the backs of your own people. The former strategy leaves us as "discontented consumers". The latter one insures that we have our academic and cultural tutelage focused upon building, defending and resupplying the institutions that provide such services for the community.

The Black Republican is failing because he fails to challenge the orthodoxy about how they have lost the PURPOSE OF BLACK POLITICAL ACTIVISM. If our activism was christened to improve our education, the safety of our streets, our job situation and our health - then we are looking at a massive failure right in front of us. Where we are most concentrated and where Democrats rule the roost the most - all 4 of these elements are severely lagging.

I am not working to deliver any particular benefit for the Republican Party. Ultimately a Black person who has sold out to the Republican Party is little different than the popular Democratic sellout that we have residing within the nucleus of our racial consciousness. In fact the Black Republican is often times worse. He has to revert back to the Civil War and claiming that "MLK was a Republican" rather than pointing to anything that is materially relevant today.

My battle is against the "Black Quasi-Socialist PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALIST Racism Chaser". He enjoys growing power and little accountability from our people in the process of his antics. I am only willing to help the Black Republican in as much as he can be a counter balance to the vile creatures who presume our racial inferiority as they continue to work "on behalf of our people" rather than UPON our people.

The way that the Black Republican can gain traction is to switch to a racial consciousness model in that as dejure racial segregation increases in this nation and with economic uncertainty sure to grow (despite fake claims of "hope and change") it is going to be more incumbent upon our own people to be the lead players in our own standard of living. Seeking to express these things at a national level is little more than outsourcing.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Black Republican Rants About The Democrats

I wish this brother would promote Independence rather than Republicanism but it is true that someone must attack the Black Political Establishment.

* Cut the slave references
* Stop claiming that Republicans are the answer

The Death Of The "Boy Who Cried Racism" After 4 Years Of Obama


Add to it the investigation of ACORN in Las Vegas on fraudulent voter registrations. No one was charged as of yet. (

The key to focus on, however, is that in California and the signatures on the "Traditional Marriage" proposal and in Arizona on the "Non-Discrimination"/ Anti-Affirmative Action vote when the Left wing activist groups leaned upon the respective secretaries of state to do harsh scrutiny on the validity of the signatures - they were doing the "Lord's work" in protecting the integrity of the process.

However, when evil government officials raid the offices of ACORN, seeking fraudulent voter registrations......they are "Suppressing the Right To Vote for the Poor and Minorities". Bottom line Cobb, those who tell the narrative becomes the "HISstorian".

As I listened to the "faux offense" taken by John McCain's reference to "This One" as being RACIST in referring to Obama's vote in support of a pork loaded piece of legislation I began to understand that after a 4 year process in which "The President Of The United States" who is the #1 dart board target and the "usual suspects" attempt to execute their "Obama Manhood Protection" racket, RACIALIZING all attacks upon "The President" - that it will ultimately backfire.

Some Black folks have the audacity to hope that "one Black man" being elected will be an ice breaker on opportunity that now their version of RACISM prevents us from having access to. They need to also look at how the "racism chasers" are going to show their true selves and that there is going to be a backlash.

Bottom line Cobb - if a President Obama were to face even a fraction of the level of attacks that evil George Bush has been subjected to on every point - the "attackers" have 0.0% chance of avoiding being called RACISTS for attacking the "Black President". Where as now the attackers on the current president are "Guardians of American integrity", the attackers on a President Obama will be called "Bigots against CHANGE and HOPE Destroyers". If elected, on the front end Obama will have a mandate per the longest honeymoon period as enabled by the more than complicit news media. Over time, once the dust settles, while the "racism chaser" continue their antics and yet "Whites folks being a backlash" you can be sure that spurious claims of racism will suffer the "boy who cried wolf" effect.

This will also flow downward into the Black community as well.

My only hope is that local Democratic elected officials who are prone to make this charge about the schools in the Black community, the safety on the streets, the employability of our people and some of the health concerns will be inspected at a level deeper than using the catch all of "RACISM".

So many people seek to have an "Obama Presidency" as a test of (White) America's state of tolerance. There is also a need to see how Black America is going to be forced to change as well. The "racism chasing" operatives who I battle against the most will be forced to change.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008 - The Drive For Felon Voting

Let me be clear - I have been reading the "" news aggregation site for years. While he is no doubt "left leaning" he is not a left wing extremist. I have respect for brother Cedric Muhammad more than I have criticism of him.

I can't, however, look past his all out drive for "felon voting". To be clear again - I have dropped my opposition to "felon voting". In the end it is more symbolic than it is impactful. I want to remove as many diversion to the real issues that Black folks seem to be drawn to as possible.

There is something that just does not sit well with me. When it comes to the Black Criminal - despite the fact that they have likely:

* Killed another Black person rather than anyone else
* Sold drugs to another Black person rather than anyone else
* Raped another Black person rather than anyone else

Despite all of this - it appears popular to forget all of this and seek to "make him whole". Now lets be clear - this is not the case with the White assailant of a Black person. This is a permanent sentence against him. You can best believe that someone, somewhere would drag up his record and insure that not a single Black votes in his favor.

Lost in all of this advocacy for the "Black criminal being made whole" is any mention of his VICTIM. I am not saying that we should punitively associate one's past with one's RIGHTS after he has served his time to society - I am saying that I get the funny feeling from some Black folks that this person got convicted by "The WHITE MAN'S laws" rather than any set of laws and consciousness that has emanated from the Black community.

I would love to see BlackElectorate and others flip the script and use this issue as a carrot to have Black offenders NOT DO CRIME so as to avoid all of the drama that comes along with being a "ward of the state" including loss of privileges.

Republican Legislator In Louisiana Wants To Pay Poor Women To Have Their Tubes Tied

LaBruzzo (R-LA) considering plan to pay poor women $1,000 to have tubes tied

Worried that welfare costs are rising as the number of taxpayers declines, state Rep. John LaBruzzo, R-Metairie, said Tuesday he is studying a plan to pay poor women $1,000 to have their Fallopian tubes tied.

"We're on a train headed to the future and there's a bridge out, " LaBruzzo said of what he suspects are dangerous demographic trends. "And nobody wants to talk about it."

LaBruzzo said he worries that people receiving government aid such as food stamps and publicly subsidized housing are reproducing at a faster rate than more affluent, better-educated people who presumably pay more tax revenue to the government. He said he is gathering statistics now.

Love me or hate me as you read my diatribes - one thing you can't accuse me of is being INCONSISTENT.

This is a DUMB PLAN!!!

Recall a few weeks ago when the plan was created to use GOVERNMENT MONEY to pay students to do what they already should be doing? Coming to school on time and wanting to learn? I am against using GOVERNMENT MONEY to address PRIVATE ISSUES/FAILURES of people.

The slippery slope logic escapes me. As this logic goes - since we "are already paying for the after effects of their behavior - we may as well have the government spend preemptive money to blunt the effects upon the government expenditures".

With this argument few people dare to ask if the government should be spending money on these down stream issues in the first place.

Beyond that where is the SKIN IN THE GAME from the people? For example - just as with the initiative in Memphis to reduce the infant mortality count that was that of a poor nation - did anyone ask the people if they are interested in reducing this number? When I say "ask" I am not talking about obtaining a simple head nod. I am talking about getting them to commit to do all that is necessary to improve the situation OR have them to accept the outcome for they have done ALL THAT WAS NECESSARY TO CONTINUE SUCH AN OUTCOME

Obama Worship - Somethings Don't Need Any Commentary

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Al Shaprton's New Show Focusing On Injustice For Black Folks

Rev. Al Sharpton's Murder in Black and White debuts on TV

Sometimes I wonder if "maybe its just me".

Last year more than 7,000 Black folks were murdered. Of the assailants that were known 91% of them were Black as well.

The author if this article sits down with Al Sharpton. He talks to Sharpton about his injustice tour across America. All of this sounds good. No doubt Sharpton will win a NAACP Image award for his show.

I have stated in the past that I no longer seek to battle my ideological adversaries on what they say. They have a right to say and to focus on anything they choose to. The greatest indictment of them comes from what they DON'T SAY or FOCUS ON that is smoldering right under their noses.

The only reason why Black operatives like Al Sharpton get away with what they do is because the BLACK PRESS is seeking to stroke them rather than challenge them to step up and address the key problems that our community faces.

Sharpton has the one two punch. He is going around the country seeking "justice" and he is registering Black folks to vote. Since it is common knowledge what most Black folks do when they go to the polls - it comes as no surprise that Sharpton's work benefits the Democrats.

But wait - what about the Black community? After more than 4 decades of work by people like Al Sharpton the Black community has never been more "blue". They may be agents for something but it surely can not be claimed that they are seeking to reduce the negative attributes within the community.

The Black Press and its failure to advocate for the direct best interests of the community is to blame. We have been focused on the "one off" connection where as the Democrats prosper - so does our community. The map of the Black community today as well as the police tape - show otherwise.

Gwen Ifill And Her "Obama Book" - HIghlights The Complicity Of The "Black Media"

Baltimore Sun: Debate moderator Gwen Ifill at center of controversy over Obama book

Let me start off by saying - I generally like Gwen Ifill. She carries herself professionally and is far from the biased operatives that litter our airwaves, especially those providing news analysis toward the Black community.

I have called out what we are seeing since the beginning. The Black journalist, 95% of them who are self identified "Progressives" and an equal number being biased in favor of the Democrats are at a crossroads they did not see coming. On the one hand they are reporting upon a major first in America. The prospect of the "First Black President". There are going to be "Obama" books flying off of the shelves detailing how "I waz there" when it happened. In this sense - each of them are preparing themselves for placement and a payday. I don't have a problem with this up to a point.

Then you have the other side that is not spoken of enough. The fact that the Black journalist and "Black Journalism" itself was founded on the original premise that the mainstream press was not properly representing our story. They were not doing advocacy for the "Best Interests" of the Black community. Thus the Black Press has been the voice of advocacy for the Black community.

Few people are updating the docket to 2008. I hope to be that person to start doing so. The Black community of 2008 has PEOPLE OF ITS OWN CHOOSING RUNNING THE SHOW where Black folks have the majority say in the matter. (actually it is 35%. When the Black population reaches this - there are no Republicans that can get elected to a district wide office). My frustration with the Black press is that all the while they are reporting on this historical point they are failing in their mission to ask questions in the context of this MAJORITY that is RULING our communities.

There is a major part of me that says "This is a necessary 'ceiling that must be broken'. After that - THEY will begin asking the tough questions regarding our community actually RECEIVING the benefits that we have aspired for". Then my rational side steps in and makes not that this is simply not going to happen unless some voice demanding that such a check be made is vocalized as to the scheme that is taking place.

The bottom line is that the Progressive Black Reporter sees "Black Success" by having one more head count in the prevailing and favored ideology with Black America take root. If you follow his narrative THIS ALONE is proof of Black Progress and progression. This merely becomes a circular reference unless someone steps back and asks the question about the fundamental drive for Black advocacy. Was it to get Black folks elected? Or was it to resolve the problems within our community?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Council Of Conservative Citizens

Council of Conservative Citizens

The Color Of Crime

These are two web sites obviously done by "White Power" folks.

As with their photographic negative - the people in the "Black Power" movement - they seem to spend more of their time focused upon their adversaries than about whipping their own into shape so that they might prosper.

It is interesting though - where as they might cover "Black on Black" crime just as I do on my blog - our motivations could not be any more different.

I am attempting to aggitate the Black Political Machine to retire their double standard and thus lift up the Black criminal attacker of another Black man to be equal to that of a White and thus have their RESPONSE be similar - this CCC group seeks to degrade and belittle Black folks by smearing the situation that some Black people face into our faces.

For them - having a lower man to walk upon allows them to feel better than he and thus it takes away the pain for being shut out of the upper classes of White folks.