Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Black Preacher Operative - My Diagram Is One Step Closer To Completion

Just to let you in on a secret: As part of my studies on what makes Black America tick - and who are the operatives that have the most influence in our current misalignment with where we need to be traveling as a people - I have a model floating around in my head that is waiting to be expressed in a pictorial form so that it can be easily understood by all.

In the center of this diagram is "the Black Community". This after all is the centerpiece for which all of the struggle is focused upon.

Orbiting this center are the elements that I have thus far identified:

The Black Politician
The Black Activist
The Black Entertainer
The Black Academic

The Black Educator (I will explain the distinction later)
The Black Media

and the subject of this post: The Black Preacher
(I may add the White Liberal/Progressive - to the list but I need to think about that one some more)

In my view these people represent the most important influences upon the Black community. When their objectives are out of synch - they alway become those who are doing the greatest harm to our people.

There is an active discussion going on right now regarding one Baltimore Based Preacher - Rev Jamal Bryant. He is a left wing, politically active operative with a stinging tongue. Yet he appears to be unable to use his voice to obtain actual progression within his home city of Baltimore from his favored Democrats that run the place and he also seems to have a problem keeping his penis dedicated to his own wife - who saw fit to divorce him for infidelity, having sired a child by a 17 year old church member. That's what I call "Laying hands on the church body".

The political operative Black preacher does wonders for those predisposed to his particular ideology and party. It does little, however, to challenge the spirit and the soul of the Black community which needs more direction and which is in need of institutions that have INTEGRITY.

The Black community will have no substantial REFORM while being lead by preachers and leaders like Jamal Bryant. This is because the orientation as such is to place the MAN above the SYSTEM which punishes violations of INTEGRITY for the sake of maintaining the system and of keeping the MAN in line lest he suffer the consequences.


Baltimore Sun: Questions, concerns over pastor's divorce

Feb 18, 2008

Bryant is a high-profile, politically connected pastor with a congregation that counts more than 10,000 members and a business acumen that has resulted in book deals, inspirational text messages and plans for a clothing line.

He and his wife of 5 1/2 years, Gizelle, both filed for divorce last month.

Gizelle Bryant declined to comment about the divorce through her attorney. Jamal-Harrison Bryant declined an interview request through his church's representative.

Richardson said this week that he and other leaders in the AME church have prayed for Bryant, "with the hope that things can be resolved."

"In the meantime," he added, "it's still a matter before the annual conference of which he is a member."

The divorce has been the talk of churchgoers and blogs, both local and national, with some expressing disappointment and shock that the pastor did not immediately address it at church.

The pastor told congregants at services in January that he was having family problems, the spokesman said.

"He did take it upon himself to say it's a personal matter, it's a heavy matter. There are issues he and his wife are trying to work out right now," said Nicole Kirby, a spokeswoman for Bryant.

Others say it's not their concern.

"I'm saddened maybe, but not disappointed," said Lolita Samuels, 37, of the divorce.

Samuels said she has attended the church for nearly five years and views the pastor as a role model. "Whatever happens, he'll rise above it," she said. "From my standpoint, it's none of my business. He's still an excellent pastor and a wonderful leader."

Bryant and his wife, a former model, are known for their flashy lifestyle, which includes a Bentley and a multimillion-dollar Canton waterfront property. Their lifestyle has attracted criticism from those who say the church is more about his business enterprises and building wealth than religion. Her original divorce complaint stated that he earned more than $350,000 a year.

He is seeking a "limited divorce," while his wife has requested an "absolute divorce," according to papers filed in Baltimore Circuit Court.

A limited divorce is a voluntary legal separation required in Maryland for a year before most absolute divorces.

Absolute divorces, however, are allowed immediately under certain circumstances, such as adultery and cruelty.

In Gizelle Bryant's filing last month, she accuses her husband of adultery, cruel treatment and "excessively vicious conduct" that caused "reasonable apprehension of bodily suffering so as to render cohabitation unsafe."

In court papers, she says her husband's "persistent pattern of conduct was so cruel as to render" her "incapable of properly discharging her marital duties."

Bryant's conduct, her complaint says, "was his final and deliberate act and was calculated to, and did, seriously impair" her "health and permanently destroy her happiness."

In his filing, Bryant says he and his wife were "mutually and voluntarily separated" and that "there is no hope for reconciliation."

They have a 3-year-old and 1-year-old twins.

Bryant also has two children from before his marriage. He acknowledged one, a 7-year-old daughter, for the first time last year from the pulpit after a court battle over child support payments surfaced and became a topic of speculation.

So answer me this - is my REPORTING OF THE FACTS considered "character assassination", attempting to take down a "Black leader"?

Or am I exposing a FRAUD who will ultimately not miss a beat with the majority of his church members who like to hear the words more than they like to consider the character of the man who is saying the words.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Logic Of The Negro Attack Merchant - Always Running Outside Of The Black Community

I was provided this article from Ebony Magazine concerning a Black, female Obama supporter and her questioning of Sara Palin and her alignment with her own 'best interests' and values:

A Woman's Worth
We've come a long way baby
Tuesday, September 09, 2008
By Goldie Taylor

I have been a mother all of my adult life. A single working mother. I put off dating, took menial jobs far beneath my qualifications and baked my share of ginger bread cookies for PTA Night, all so that three incredible children could have a better life. I chose their lives over mine. I don't have to tell you that it wasn't easy. Unfortunately, my story, our story, is not unique.

We slept in cars, bought groceries with food stamps and prayed for a better day. When that wasn't enough, I put myself through school at Emory University and took a part-time job as a staff writer at the Atlanta Journal Constitution. That was over a decade ago.

Along the way, things got better. I've been an executive at two Fortune 500 companies and a practice director at two multinational public relations firms. Today, I own an advertising agency and I've authored two novels. A third and fourth are on the way, God willing. All of this was possible because somebody laid a brick or two on the road for me.

A few weeks ago, I woke in tears. It was my 40th birthday and certainly not a time for sadness. Rather, I cried in joy because for the first time I realized and could embrace the value of the struggle. The bright little girl, who once cried in my arms because we didn't know where we were going to live, was headed off to Brown University. The small boy who had been the 'man of the house' far too soon was now truly a man. And the tiny, angelic baby who had come to this world precious and innocent just 15 months after him was now a 16 year old girl headed out to her first job interview.

For all of this, maybe I should be proud of a woman like Sarah Palin. Maybe, just maybe, I should be rejoicing in John McCain's selected running mate.

But I'm not.

I am not a 'bed wetting liberal' nor am I a 'right-wing zealot.' What I am is a working mother. And I cry foul.

I won't, for a moment, denigrate her experience or lob spit balls at her family. I will, though, take issue with what she knows. Or more succinctly, what she does not know. Living in Alaska, I'm not sure how much she knows about the people living in inner city Baltimore. I don't know how much she cares about the 125 murders this summer in Chicago. I have no idea what she believes about HIV/ AIDS and the havoc it wrecks on Black women or the cancer rates in East St. Louis. She hasn't said nary a word about Hurricane Katrina or the infant mortality rates in Appalachia.

I do know that she's a life-time member of the NRA, a proponent of individuals who wielded the very weapons that killed my father and brother. I do know that she “lives really close to Russia,” but I'm not so certain she is ready for Putin. I know she wanted to ban books for public libraries and sex education in schools, but that her 17 year old is pregnant and preparing for a shotgun wedding. I know that she loves her husband enough to allow him (and probably did herself) use her office to settle a personal score--one that the McCain campaign would now like to cover up under a blanket of Juneau snow. I know that the Alaska Independent Party, and its secessionist platform, was enticing enough for her to attend its conference (and for her husband to become a card carrying member). Does she love her country? I'm sure. Enough to support those who want to leave it.

But I have no earthly idea what she knows (or could possibly know) about national domestic policy or foreign diplomacy. For all of her working class values, she never once mentioned the Middle Class in her diatribe that mocked her opponent's experience. Having been the mayor of Wasilla (pop. 6,000 at the time) and governor of Alaska (a state a smaller than the county I live in) for a little over a year, she felt she was qualified to do that. And obviously, so did John McCain.

If she's qualified, then so am I.

But in this country I love, she has been afforded the ability to run. The very constitution she says doesn't apply to the men at Guantanamo says she can. But this is about more than that.

As Gloria Steinem said in a recent Los Angeles Times editorial, 'Feminism has never been about getting a job for one woman. It's about making life more fair for women everywhere. It's not about a piece of the existing pie; there are too many of us for that. It's about baking a new pie.'

The good news is thanks to Shirley Chisholm, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Angela Davis, Condoleeza Rice, Anita Hill, Madeline Albright, Maxine Waters, Kathleen Sebelius, Hilary Rodham Clinton and a slew of others, there are 18 million proverbial cracks in the ceiling. Our collective political and economic power is due to the strides (and leaps) they, and others, took on my behalf.

I am grateful. I am deeply humbled to stand on the bricks they'd laid before me.

But, whatever our struggle was (and is) that last thing I want is to be patronized. Just as I cannot support just any African American who decides to offer themselves up for public service, I will not toss my vote to someone just because we share the same chromosome mix. To do so would dishonor the vow I made to my children, to myself. I did not vote for Al Sharpton, wasn't old enough (nor would I have) voted for Jesse Jackson and I certainly will not support Sarah Palin. Identity politics, especially in this case, are a sham of the worst order.

When I cast my vote, it will be for people who will lay more bricks for people like me. It will be for people who will put diplomacy before war, challenge us all to provide healthcare for the sick, help another child go to college, and check the special interests in Washington. This fall, I'm not looking for a woman.

I'm looking for a brick layer.

I could care less if that person hasn't spent 'enough' time in Washington or can 'properly field dress a moose'. I could care less if that person likes hockey, soccer, football or table tennis. I could care less if they graduated from Harvard or the University of Iowa. I'm a Christian, but I could care less if they are down with Deuteronomy, Leviticus or Numbers. I want them to uphold the Constitution.

So no, I will not sit idly by as they attempt to suspend habeas corpus at Guantanamo Bay, engage wiretaps on American citizens without a warrant, and hide behind executive privilege when they are caught firing attorney generals based on how well they tow the Republican line. I won't let them cost us $12 billion a month fighting a war that should have never been authorized and never been waged. Not while working people lose their homes to predatory lenders and watch as we bail out the financial institutions that created the housing crisis.

I will not, in the name of history, vote for a woman like Sarah Palin who does not share my values.

But here’s what I will do.

I will continue raising money for Barack Obama. I will get on the phone again and call people in distant states I've never met. I will e-mail, call, and knock on doors until the final vote is cast. I do this, not because he shares my skin, but because I admire his principals and he shares my values. I do this because Barack Obama is more than a community organizer, he is a bricklayer. And he sees -- just as he sees the light in Michelle's eyes -- my struggle, my worth as a woman.

My response to the person who sent this article to me is as follows:

* The 125 Murders this summer in Chicago
* The HIV/AIDS rates on Black women
* The Cancer Rates in East St Louis
* Hurricane Katrina (and Hurricane Gustav)
* Infant Mortality Rates in Appalachia (and Memphis)

It seems strange to me that the author of this list appears to attack someone who is currently in no elective position to have done something about these problems more than she would ever consider attacking the people and the political machine that presides over every single one of these areas (with Appalachia being the possible exception).

How does this stand to reason?

The summer time murder spree in Chicago and nearly every urban center in America clearly is evidence of a mass failure in some popular assumptions that is present. (I am hoping to keep this as a debate over Black Strategy rather than a Republican vs Democrat debate - just to inform you of my general disposition) How is it that in the gun culture of Alaska there is not the masses of bodies that are piled up if the claim that access to guns is the root of the homicide problem? Banning guns or Banning books? Which of these two have Black people seeking to protect ourselves been subjected to as a opening for attack upon our interests?

It is amazing that this list above is represented as this author's list of priorities but she looks past those who had the authority over the districts where these problems are most rampant and heads down to Guantanamo Cuba to express her greatest outrage over policy. In my observations I have a greater problem with the killers of Black people who are not in jail in the areas around this nation that has a patently low "Homicide Closer Rates" than I can ever be concerned by comparison to the issues of imprisoned detainees in American war camps, who are still alive to tell about their torture of sleep deprivation and verbal demoralization.

Brother xxxxxxxxx - if indeed the core of our activism as Black people is to focus on addressing the key problems that are within our community - why is it that so much of our time is spent politicking about issues that are outside of our community, having bypassed those key issues that are on the list above - those issues that are WITHIN?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rape Kit 1, Black Public School Kids In Chicago and Clayton County GA 0

I have stated several times in the past that when it comes to political scrutiny of my fellow Black ideological adversaries their numbers, their power and their control over the narrative that gets blasted into the Black community prevent me from making a case against them by going blow by blow and out debating them. As fundamentalists I am seeking to debate them against an ideological reference that that they otherwise agree with.

The only way that one can successfully expose them for the bigots that they are is to have a common reference by which to hold them against. Then they can be shown for who they are by those who are objective making note of the shortfall that is present against the reference standard.

I have stated in the past that despite their claims to be advancing the "best interests of Black people" that in truth they are mere IDEOLOGICAL and PARTISAN operatives and thus are SELLOUTS by any measure of the term with respect to the actual best interests of the Black community.

The past 3 weeks of their antics has shown this to be the case. 3 weeks ago a White lady from Alaska who they had never heard of before was brought to their attention. This one White lady because the focus of their scorn because she most threatened their comfort level that was present within them. Though they have themselves fooled as to believe that they are working to improve their own community - they don't talk much about their own COMMUNITY, they are now talking about a community of White folks in Alaska and the policies that have been implemented there.

I must also note that while a popular attack against "Black Conservatives" is that they sound just like their "White Conservative" sponsors and thus have no minds of their own.....these same people have no problem referencing "The Huffington Post", "Daily KOS" and other White dominated Progressive-Fundamentalist web sites. Since Progressivism is POPULAR among Black folks they don't risk having their "channeling sessions" called "Repeating the words of their White Progressive Sponsors".

Thus we have a measuring opportunity before us yet again. The newest manufactured subject that has their attention is the "Rape Kits" that rape victims in small Alaskan towns are forced to pay for. The thought of the VICTIM having to pay for their own tests is an exploitable factoid that they are now running with. They are seeking to paint this White lady as an extremist on the right side of the issue. If she is against abortions of all kinds AND she is so cruel hearted as to ask a woman who has just been raped to pay for her own police investigation - it seems clear that such a person is out of the mainstream with her "fundamentalism".

But wait there just a second. 2 weeks ago we learned that this Alaskan town of 55,000 was too irrelevant for consideration. Why now is it that the policies that they have adopted worthy of consideration and scrutiny? Was that the talking point spread by the Democrats at the time until the plane load of lawyers and other muckrakers booked passage to Alaska and did their feeding frenzy which is now on the pages of Huffington Post for distribution?

Why is it that the issue of the fiasco at the Chicago Public Schools regarding funding not front and center on these same people's blog sites? Not let me be clear: Some might ask - What does the situation in Chicago and Clayton County Georgia have to do with national politics? The answer is - it has EVERYTHING to do with the CLAIMS that these Black Democratic Operatives are perpetuating about their own agendas. They CLAIM to be operating in the best interests of their community and yet they talk THE LEAST about what is going on in their own communities at the hands of the people who are members of the very same political machine that their beloved Barack Obama is a member of.

It is 100% fair as part of my "Common Reference Strategy" to FORCE THEM to focus on a COMMON AGENDA rather than allowing them to set the pace of their own choosing. At the end of the day it is these COMMON REFERENCES that are most important to the Black community. In their roles as party operatives the community's interests are allowed to take the back seat. This is the key reason why their party has gained ground within our communities and yet the essential services within many of our communities have eroded despite this growth in power.

It is imperative that the BLACK COMMUNITY stop allowing these operatives to have their own way!! Sadly since the Black community popularly favors that which these operatives favor - this side tracking of our main agenda items will not be subject to attack by those who should be doing the attacking. We are left then to look at the mangled results that are being delivered to our community as the evidence that these operatives in their lust to participate in the partisan battles on behalf of their parties have actually left our communities behind.

Who will have the courage to call them on it?

Response To Douge The Abstract Constructionalist

Excuse me Dougie:

§ Suppose your 14-year-old daughter Willow is brutally raped in her bedroom by an intruder. She becomes pregnant and wants an abortion. Could you tell the parents of America why you think your child and their children should be forced by law to have their rapists' babies?

Can you find anything in Sara Palin's record as an ELECTED OFFICIAL in which she has allowed her PERSONAL VIEWS on Abortion to prevent a mother from ending the life of the child insider of her womb?

Let's talk PROPORTIONALITY dougie as a means of shutting you down. Of the number of times per year that a developing child's life is ended by abortion......how many of these cases are due to RAPE or INCEST to warrant your fake straw man?

§ You say you don't believe global warming is man-made. Could you tell us what scientists you've spoken with or read who have led you to that conclusion? What do you think the 2,500 scientists of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change are getting wrong?


Again your strawman MISSES THE POINT!
You focus on the question of WHAT THE SCIENTISTS THINK. (and for the recorder - there are PLENTY of credible scientists who disagree with the concept of "man made". Please note that the environmentalists have largely shifted from "Global Warming" over to "Climate Change" to blunt hedge their bets. The EARTH'S CLIMATE has been changing since its inception)

Now back to the main point dougie:

The QUESTION SHOULD NOT BE "do you agree with the scientists?"

I may have to edit the "Hill Harper - I Would Give My Fair Share Is The Government Made Me Do It" status to include this particular antic that leftists perform.


§ If you didn't try to fire Wasilla librarian Mary Ellen Baker over her refusal to consider censoring books, why did you try to fire her?

dougie: Were the books banned?
Secondly - does the community have a right to set standards? It seems that the problem with SOME communities is that they don't know how to set standards because of their attachment to what you are afflicted with - Abstract Theory.

§ What is the European Union, and how does it function?

The European Union - as the author of a book described is a bloc of nations who is able to project a certain contrarian disposition to the United States in certain conflicts around the world because, in the end, it is the UNITED STATES that provides for their own national defense in the big scheme of things.

Thus, once again, absent having to face the full consequence of your THEORIES, they are able to act as they do. At the same they relied on the USA to go into Bosnia to rearrange the powers there.

In summary, according to this particular author - the European Union is less of an economic bloc - than it is a political bloc to tamper down on nationalism among its member states.

§ Forty-seven million Americans lack health insurance. John Goodman, who has advised McCain on healthcare, has proposed redefining them as covered because, he says, anyone can get care at an ER. Do you agree with him?


Secondly - I ask that you watch the most recent episode of Gangland on the History Channel. In reporting about the growth of Hispanic gangs - they showed one member who was shot up by his own "brothers". He survived 19 bullets into his body. His stomach is now held into his body by a girdle. (He took it off to show how his stomach is).

dougie - this 24 year old guy DID NOT HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE.....why WASN'T HE LEFT TO DIE ON THE GROUND since he DOES NOT HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE if your claim is true?

What is the function of the Federal Reserve?

Excuse me dougie - you need to ask this damned question to MORE PEOPLE on your ideological side of the isle. There are CLEARLY few people who know that when THE FED arranged for the bailout and sale of Bear Sterns that this was not TAX PAYER MONEY. Tax money is only spent when THE CONGRESS ACTS. Instead this was money from THE FED which is generated from the overnight loans that they make to member banks.

Clearly you need to enforce GENERAL KNOWLEDGE and not just direct your angst against your ideological adversaries.

§ Cindy and John McCain say you have experience in foreign affairs because Alaska is next to Russia. When did you last speak with Prime Minister Putin, and what did you talk about?

Unlike Nancy Pelosi who traveled to Syria against the official policy of the United States Government......Sara Palin as governor of Alaska would not be able to "speak to Putin" on official matters regarding US policy.

dougie: If we were to make measure of the GAP between the CLAIMS that are made about a candidate and his TRACK RECORD TO PROVE IT......the gap of one man - BARACK OBAMA is larger than both McCain and Palin's put together. As a Black man, for example, I hope that EDUCATION is primary on your radar screen. Yet you would be loathed to present to me the EVIDENCE that Barack Obama has a track record of EDUCATIONAL reform and advancement (oh I'm sorry - that is OTHER THAN HIS OWN accomplishments - which is what you and others are most taken in by).

We can look at the CHICAGO PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM which is an ABJECT FAILURE!! From a 'community organizer' to a representative of a district within the CPS boundaries to a state senator of a district within to a US SENATOR of the entire state.....MAKE THE CASE ABOUT OBAMA THE EDUCATOR??!!

Then we hear that an Obama presidency will lead to EDUCATIONAL REFORM!!! $18 billion more than Evil Bush but the retention of the No Child Left Behind is going to do it!!!

dougie - WHO'S GAP is larger!!!???

It is clear that THE GAP is not relevant. It is only what you can get NEGROES to BELIEVE that counts the most.

§ You are a big fan of President Bush, so why didn't you mention him even once in your convention speech?

The Democrats RUN NEARLY EVERY MAJOR CITY IN AMERICA. These places have FAILING SCHOOLS, are struggling to keep up with their expansive social services network and are centers of violence. Did you hear any Democrat stand and take responsibility for these fiascos that THEIR MACHINE preside over?

(Now let me ask you this dougie - as a BLACK MAN are you more impacted by Sara Palin's relationship to Bush or by the state of these cities where Black folks are concentrated the most?)

§ McCain says cutting earmarks and waste will make up for revenues lost by making the tax cuts permanent. Experts say that won't wash. Balancing the Bush tax cuts plus new ones proposed by McCain would most likely mean cutting Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security. Which would you cut?

Excuse me dougie:

The federal spending on the big 3 entitlement programs are at $1 TRILLION per year to-damned-day. This will grow to $2 TRILLION in just 10 years. (and this does not even include socialized medicine in the figure).

1) When you say "tax cuts" = LOST REVENUES......where are you getting this notion from? What is preventing you from imposing a 100% TAX ON INCOME so that FEDERAL REVENUES can be maximized? You FRAUDULENTLY speak of some notion about BASE LINE REVENUES when in fact TAX POLICY is NEGOTIATED. Thus if the Democrats forward a massive tax increase by just a ONE VOTE margin......this is not some new GOLD STANDARD for revenue or taxation into the country. Thus if the evil Republicans get back in power that next session and REVERSE the previous tax increases.....the CLOCK HAS NOT BEEN TURNED BACK!!!! It is nothing more than a new set of policy initiatives that have been adopted per the new political trade winds that are in effect. How do you get this notion about revenue loss as if the previous rate of taxation was sacrosanct? This is the centerpiece of your fraud!!!

Barack Obama's proposals amount to a net of about $1.5 TRILLION in brand new spending. dougie do you plan to ask him this same question about how he is going to pay for this?

 You're suing the federal government to have polar bears removed from the endangered species list, even as Alaska's northern coastal ice is melting and falling into the sea. Can you explain the science behind your decision?

Excuse me dougie - now it is time to eat your own m mayonnaise !!!

Why are you WORRIED ABOUT THE MODERN DAY POLAR BEAR? In your line of reasoning the polar bear is a result of EVOLUTION!!! Thus if Alaska becomes as hot as Florida after Republican policies (and YOUR consumption of fossil fuels) then this CREATURE WHO HAS ADAPTED TO ICE AND COLD perishes then the new black or brown bear roaming from the southlands will take its place. Once the Republicans destroy the Earth and the northerlands become COLD AGAIN.....the brown/black bear population will start turning WHITE and they will make up the new polar bear population!!!


If you believe in EVOLUTION then why are YOU not LIVING IT!!?? (Folks - this is my tactic adopted last year. You force the conspiracy theory to LIVE HIS LIFE as if he actually believes his assumptions and then you call him on why he has strayed from this belief)

§ You've suggested that God approves of the Iraq War and the Alaska pipeline. How do you know?


You know dougie - the thing that is most disgusting about people like you is that you listen to a speech given by your ideological adversaries and you make it out to be the worst case assumptions of what she actually said.

Before each football game, before each Hip Hop concert where even the most vulgar things are said to the audience - there is a PRAY TO GOD asking for his blessings. Why is it that this is never called to the carpet dougie? Why is it that the picture of the group of Black ministers "laying hands on" Barack Obama and forwarding the power of GOD upon his pathway not called out in the same worst case scenario as you have perverted Sara Palin's words to be?

Yes I saw the words - dougie. Clearly the response to it is contrived. But what else should we expect from you? Comments that are on the level?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Mexican Monopolist Purchases 6.4% of New York Times - No Attacks Heard So Far

Newsweek: Mexican telecommunications tycoon Carlos Slim HelĂș has purchased a 6.4 percent stake of the New York Times Co

Consider all of the attacks upon Rupert Murdock and other wealthy tycoons that have strong business acumen but who are painted with a negative tint by certain operatives in the media and political domain. Their motives are questioned. They want to take over the world. They seek to slant the news. They must be stopped!!

Now inspect the track record of billionaire Carlos Slim HelĂș of Mexico. He has a virtual monopoly in several key sectors in the country. He is a walking "Standard Oil" or "AT&T". Those companies were broken up because of their market power. In their break up we saw several companies form and it was the competition that allow for net growth to occur.

Forget any outrage about a foreigner purchasing an American company. I want to see consistency of attack with regards to those who express outrage over business practices in America. Extend it to this man and his purchase of the NY Times.

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Two Favorite Anchors Of BQPFRCs Get Reassigned On MSNBC

Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews Booted From MSNBC Political Anchor Desk

All summer, MSNBC executives have fought off complaints that Olbermann and Matthews, the network’s top commentators, could serve in the role of impartial newsmen. Those complaints reached a crescendo last week when Olbermann, reporting on the Republican National Convention from New York rather than St. Paul, apologized to the audience after the channel aired a Sept. 11 video tribute crafted by the RNC.

“We would be rightly eviscerated at all quarters, perhaps by the Republican Party itself, for exploiting the memories of the dead, and perhaps even for trying to evoke that pain again. If you reacted to that videotape the way I did, I apologize,” Olbermann said.

The network’s weak ratings during the conventions may have given MSNBC executives the cover they needed to boot Olbermann and Matthews. FOX News Channel topped all broadcast and cable networks with 9.2 million viewers on each of the last two nights of the convention. MSNBC got barely more than a quarter of Fox’s total –2.5 million viewers.

MSNBC also ranked last among the three cable channels during primetime coverage of the last two nights of the Democratic convention.

Olbermann’s hard left views and his catfights with other MSNBC hosts have been the talk of gossip pages all summer. Olbermann sarcastically dismissed Republican pundit Pat Buchanan on the air after Buchanan said the GOP had been enlivened by Sarah Palin’s vice presidential nomination.

“Those reading Us Weekly with the picture of her and her youngest daughter with the word ’scandal’ written across it won’t be so happy,” Olbermann said.

Monday, September 1, 2008

BET & TVOne - Please Stick To Making Us Laugh and Dance

Here I was clearing off my Tivo so that I had enough space to record another weekend of good shows on C-SPAN's Book TV. I then noticed that I had recorded a political show from Black ENTERTAINMENT Television - "What's At Stake For Us".

It is amazing how Black folks like to attack Fox News for their "bias". It is also interesting how so many Black folks support the "fairness doctrine" (I do not). In watching this BET production I was laughing at most of what I saw but I was also depressed. There are several million Black people who will view this propaganda and believe that it accurately represents THEIR OWN BEST INTERESTS rather than the interests as viewed by the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers.

Full disclosure - I started recording when they were up to #5 so I did not get to see 6-10 but I assure you that there was little difference in the content.

I have to credit Professor Boyce Watkins. The good old Prof and I have had our points of disagreement but I have to accept that he was the deepest analytical person that was featured on the show. While I agreed with his analysis - I did not agree with his opinions. Most of the rest of the clowns shown were ......COMEDIANS.

People do you see a SINGLE CHART OF DATA presented during the show providing any sort of empirical evidence of what they say? The one thing that I can't stand is an UNSTRUCTURED DEBATE WITH NEGROES. When you are dealing with loose talk that hit upon Black folk's pain and perceptions - they will win ever time.

Let me go through their list

#5 Energy
#4 The Mortgage Crisis
#3 Health Care
#2 Education
#1 The Economy

#5 Energy

I didn't like political actorvist Kevin Powell previously. Now I REALLY don't like him. Even Cousin Jeff has disappointed me. Their logic is "the oil companies are getting paid - let's have the government go after them for the money they are making".

Jeff, Jeff, Jeff - you told about the money per second that a particular company is making. This means WHAT? I could point to the value of each word sung as a Beyonce concert that you all have paid $75 per ticket to attend. How do either of these JUSTIFY the confiscation of money that has been earned from willing consumers?

Some of you all should stick to comedy because in your policies you sound comical. Most of you are against oil drilling. Fine - you are Democrats what else is new? Why do you need to have a national, confiscatory policy? What is stopping anyone from bringing to the market alternatively fueled vehicles and then having YOU ALL be the first one's to boycott your consumption of gasoline, using these alternatives instead.

It is quite interesting that you talk about the high price of gasoline but you are opposed to drilling. In fact - as the logic that was communicated goes - Geologists estimate that we are running out of oil globally so thus we should discontinue exploration and find "sustainable fuel" sources - meanwhile you are complaining about the cost of gasoline and how it impacts the budgets of Black folks.

Thank Jesus up above you all don't run our national energy policy. We would be SCREWED AS A NATION.

Do you notice that you want to model the Chinese with regard to their education but not their global pursuit of OIL? Go figure.

#4 The Mortgage Crisis

Folks did you notice a common theme among the words spoken by some of the guests? (I just love that Indian looking girl. She is hot but we would fight all of the time because she is a died in the wool liberal). The common target was the EVIL CORPORATIONS!!!

In this case it was the BANKS who went into the Black communities and sold them exploding loans and thus we have the mortgage crisis.

People - let me ask you - in the past 10 years how many urban radio stations have set up remotes in your areas at brand new SUBDIVISIONS offering NO MONEY DOWN or "$100 moves you in" marketing campaigns? It frustrates me to no end to see so much co-conspiration on the the front end and then blaming some EVIL PLOT AGAINST BLACK PEOPLE on the back end.

The truth of the matter is that there were a whole lot of Black operatives getting paid as well. For a short while "mortgage brokering" was a hot second job for some people.


In full disclosure - I believe that it was blame that should go all around - the mortgage brokers who fixed the numbers to look right, the underwriting banks who did not do the due diligence to validate the income and assets. The practice of underwriting and then rapid bundling and resale of these mortgages so that the original underwriter was not left holding the hot potato. At the end of the day it is the PERSON SINGING THE MORTGAGE WHO MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE THE MOST.

Good ole Hill Harper. You are such a liberal. "The government should protect the home owners from these predatory lenders". Excuse me Mr. Hill - what happens when THE HOME OWNER IS IN ON THE DEAL? They wanted the house or the home equity cash and they misrepresented their financial standing. Should the GOVERNMENT protect them as well? Please man.

#3 Health Care

This is a critical issue. I will give my view on this issue while hoping to avoid a Barack Obama "let them eat cake - I man let them get a tire pressure gauge and inflate their own tires" message to this situation.

First I need to dispense upon the one comment that caused my wife to wake up and tell me to stop being so noisy in the living room. When the one COMEDIAN noted that CONGRESS HAS THE BEST HEALTH CARE PLAN and that they should "lead by example and give the rest of Americans the same system" I realized that I will never again watch another political show on BET or TVOne again. EVER!

This is so STUPID as a rationale. Congress has 535 members. America has 300,000,000 people and growing. It frustrates me to no end when I hear people make arguments about complex issues but have no sense of proportionality or substance in their claims. Dude - please do not ever speak about health care again.

Now - not that I am an expert on health care policy. In my job I do get to see that indeed HEALTH CARE IS A BUSINESS. The business of information technology in health care is indeed big business. At the same time this provides the underpinning for the high level of quality in care that we have available to us.

One more shout out before I get deeper - now that I am thinking. "IF YOU BELIEVE THAT CANADA'S HEALTH CARE IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN OURS........MORE THE HELL TO CANADA THEN".

OK I'm back.

Clearly there are two types of care - Emergency/Acute Care and Primary Care. Emergency care is the gun shot wounds or the seriously injured person after an auto accident. Primary care is the continuing care in which you go to see the doctor over time for a checkup or to report on general problems.

I support the laws which require hospitals to admit patients in need of emergency care. I support increasing government funding that will allow more of these emergency rooms to remain open.

I strongly oppose the attempt to create one big risk pool of Americans as a means of pretending that we can shift the cost burden off of the individual consumer upon the TAX PAYER. The wondrous tale about the UK health system never seems to mention the cost containment efforts by the government which ultimately lead to closing of hospitals, reductions in beds and longer waits for medical treatment.

What we are dealing with my friends are fundamental differences in ones beliefs in ECONOMIC FREEDOM/PROPERTY RIGHTS versus NATIONAL ENTITLEMENTS. For those who stand to gain the most - the usurping of money from one individual in order to pay for the health care and other entitlements of another is a fundamental right as an American. They always sell you on the point "that in the richest nation in the world....." or "we are the only civilized nation that .......".

Notice one thing that is always absent in these arguments - WHAT DO YOU ASK OF THE NET RECIPIENT of this care? Do you ask them to avoid bad choices in life that impact their health and have them as a draw upon the system? Oh wait - that comes next in the way of increased regulation of dietary choices and other nanny state elements.

Today I see Walgreens Drugs, Wal-Mart and CVS constructing "Clinics In A Box". These places are offering low cost medical services for non-emergency ailments. For some strange reason the name "Wal-Mart" is going to cause those who are already bigoted against "market based solutions" from considering this distribution option as a means of lowering costs. You already heard in the video piece their bias against market based solutions.

#2 Education

Education, Education, Education.
Hey let me ask you - did anyone hear anyone of these people state that the DEMOCRATS ALREADY RUN THE EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS THAT BLACK PEOPLE MOST FREQUENT that they are also complaining about? I wondered if my Tivo had skipped over that part or not.

I listened to "Hard Knock Radio" the other day. It is interesting how some people describe this thing called "education". They say "we need to GET SOME education". They say "education can't be taken away". When I hear them talk I get the sense that EDUCATION is some physical material which THE SYSTEM (the White man) has locked up in Fort Knox and currently he has things arrayed so that WE CAN'T ENTER INTO THIS PROTECTED ZONE...........and pick up our EDUCATION.

This is what frustrated me so.

Folks QUALITY EDUCATION is the END RESULT of a lot of different elements all coming together. I tire of hearing the lead claim about EDUCATIONAL FUNDING differences being the primary cause of the racial performance gap. Interestingly enough since there are two key school flaps going on in metro Atlanta that had me to do research - the failing Clayton County School system (rated at 3 out of 10 on GreatSchools.net) actually spends more money per student (by a couple hundred dollars) than the Gwinnett County School system (which is rated at 7 out of 10).

My theory behind why the "money chase" in education is set forth as the primary objective for the activists is because in setting this up as the bogie they produce a "can't lose situation" for themselves. As the "hole in the bucket story" will go:

Critic: Your academic results are poor you need to improve
Activist: Well give me more money
Critic: Look at the funding history - you have received a sustained amount of funding over time
Activist: Look at them WHITE FOLKS in Winnettka and Northbrook - their kids receive more money for education than ours do. Give us EQUAL MONEY like they get
Critic: Your schools system already receives 44% of its funding from outside sources. The people in Winnettka and Northbrook are WEALTHY and they CHOOSE to spend more money on their kid's public school education
Activist: That's a CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION that these White folks are spending more PUBLIC MONEY on their kid's education than we are spending on our kids in Chicago
Critic: Now I see why some White families exited the public school system over the years. In your view a public school kid becomes a lab rat to be experimented upon.
Activist: No those who leave the public schools for private ones ARE RACISTS. There scheme is to leave public schools full of minorities and then the Republicans can contract out these public educational services to corporate interests. Its all a ploy to have education be only for the elite once again and thus they must seek to destroy the power of the public schools teachers unions. No Child Left Behind is the first trick in this plot
Critic: So these kids are learning a lot now in the system at the status quo and thus would be hurt via change?
Activist: They are not learning because THEY NEED MORE MONEY

and thus the loop continues until the tape pops.

(I will close out this issue in my summary)

#1 The Economy

"Its the economy stupid".

Do you ever notice that Black Democrats never talk about their LOCAL ECONOMY and instead always talk about the NATIONAL ECONOMY? Even if district in Cleveland hasn't produced one new job in 30 years.....they will still talk about "all of the jobs that CLINTON created".

This is my favorite part of the show folks. I get to take all of the comments and attacks previously and tie them all together.

This particular segment talked about JOBS. Recall all of the attacks on CORPORATIONS in the previous elements right? Well these Obama cheerleaders believe that not only is Obama going to reign in the behavior of these corporations, not only is he going to TAX THE HELL OUT OF THEM, not only is he going to REGULATE them like they never saw regulation before.....they are going to produce ABUNDANT JOBS!!!

Now get this people - you heard all about these CORPORATE TAX BREAKS, right? Obama is going to close all of these loopholes in the tax code. You've also heard about Obama talk about the "rewards that corporations get for sending jobs overseas" right?

As we look at all of the elements above people - these Progressives look to BOTH make America a MORE EXPENSIVE AND RESTRICTIVE PLACE TO DO BUSINESS IN.....and they are going to CREATE A MASSIVE AMOUNT OF JOBS.....just like CLINTON did but not Bush.

As the "Cherry Picking Profressor" - Dr Marc Lamont Hill said "Bush's policies have lead to economic collapse".

Oh professor! Can we talk about the "Clinton Boom"? I know that many of you lefties don't like capitalism but ISN'T THAT WHAT WE SAW UNDER CLINTON? We saw a record amount of stock market investments. The newly created web based trading allowed millions of additional people to participate in the stock market. This as well as Venture Capitalists provided funding for new companies to start up and offer services.

But you know what Dr. Hill?.......people got greedy. You see - just as you pointed out about the housing market bubble - the stock market was a bubble that bursted as well. Just as FLIPPING HOUSES created artificial value and wealth - the companies that were created strictly for their IPO PRICE rather than for their revenue creation ability ALSO produced no economic value. If it was the policies of Bush to sit back and let the real estate market run around because he was benefiting from the economic numbers and would be foolish to stop it - isn't it the same thing for Clinton? Do you believe that the resulting slowdown was due to "Bush Policy" or as a result of the market correcting itself after taking so many steroids?

With technology stocks and now real estate having run their course and then burst - what do you think the next president will be able to receive benefit from as the next business cycle and resulting bubble comes to bear?

If I were to listen to some of the people on BET the next bubble that creates jobs and fixes all of our problems will come from new money that is not backed by the gold standard as one guy mentioned but backed by "The Audacity of Hope". Does that come in $3 bills or wooden nickels?