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Few Blacks @ The GOP Convention

[quote] I’ve seen quite a few white folks who are obviously convention attendees but no black ones just yet[/quote]

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Ya think?

Remember what Howard Dean said - The Republican Party is "the White people's party".

It appears that for most "Progressive" Blacks the key times for them to push DIVERSITY, entering into "White establishments", is when they can have their presence INFLUENCE the behavior of the "White organization" and make it more acceptable to Black folks. Thus some of the same Black folks who demand that there be representation at the schools, corporate offices and newsrooms that many of these "White folks" assembled at this convention spend their working days within......don't have the same drive for DIVERSITY when it comes to THIS particular entity. In fact the blogger Plez challenged me the other day asking "Why didn't the Republicans in Clayton County put forth an effective alternative for the Black folks to choose from and thus prevent the school system from losing their accreditation?" - thus the REPUBLICANS are at fault for not seeking to DIVERSIFY the 100% Democratic county elected offices rather than the current occupants having fault.

Why on Earth would the band of Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism-Chasers seek to "smooth the rough edges" of the enemy party? Who would they attack then? The DEMOCRATS who run the cities that they live in where they are dissatisfied with the results? Come on now.

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Here is a hint and a clue rolled up into a single packet for you to digest.

Shay made an observation about the "lack of Black folks" at the Republican convention. I realize that with people like you the STATE AS IS today is evidence for you that the Republican Party:

* Is an "all White place" where White folks can feel comfortable with their own kind.

* a result of careful sculpting so that Black folks are excluded and thus Whites can advance policies that are most in their own favor, to the detriment of Blacks

* a party where the Klan members can put on their business suits and the party would have no problems associating with them.

dilettante - all of these points fit the agenda of you and so many other Black operatives.

My agenda is to turn the tables on Black operatives like yourself. I seek to say "YES INDEED!!! The POLICIES of the Democrats ARE DOMINANT IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY. Just look at them grow."

In fact there is little competition or DIVERSITY in policy and thought within our community. The part that you all who are more loyal to your PARTY/IDEOLOGY than your racial best interests don't like is when I then LINK THIS DOMINATION OF YOUR IDEAS AND YOUR PARTY to the CONTINUED COMPLAINS THAT YOU HAVE WITHIN YOUR POLITICAL DISTRICTS.

The Black community is hostile to IDEOLOGY DIVERSITY to its CLEAR DETRIMENT!!!!

You all pervert the actions of the Republicans saying "They have FAILED to put forth a set of policies that which THE BLACK COMMUNITY SUPPORTS and in turn WOULD VOTE FOR THEM!! Thus they don't get our vote".

For those who are not "Intellectually curious" you are contented with leaving it there.

I am CURIOUS PAL!! I say "But wait a minute - you ALREADY have your policies in place in your community and you are not happy with the results YET you see yourself as a POLICY EXPERT, asking the "racist" GOP to change more toward your FAVOR....when the policies that you FAVOR have not brought forth the BENEFITS WITHIN? Why SHOULD THEY?

YOU are coming after THEIR MONEY that their arrangement has created for them. They AIN'T coming after your vote. Who needs WHOM MORE?

dilettante - Last night I sat in a roomful of Black Democrats who were over my house. Interestingly enough ALL OF THESE DEMOCRATS have vacated DEMOCRATIC STRONGHOLDS where they used to live and now live in one of the most REPUBLICAN COUNTIES IN GEORGIA!! Do you think that any of them "got it" - that despite their favor of "their party's policies"......the have instead CHOSEN to live in a county that has the fruit from the opposing party - dilettante which they now consume?

PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALISM cause Black folks to LIE TO THEMSELVES. I am not asking you all to become Republicans I AM asking you all to drop the bigoted ideological thoughts that you have which are not working for you.

"Living like a Republican but dispensing of the guilt that it brings forth by voting for the Democrats who's policies they have escaped"

YOU need to stop lying to that man in the mirror!!
A blogger posted the following with respect to evil George W Bush and the hurricane's impact on the GOP Convention:

That's what you do when the leader of your party leader has shown that your governance and your policies have been a failure.

I edited and responded as such:

That's what you do when the leader of your CITY/STATE has shown that your governance and your policies have been a failure.

Mark M - You have the leader TAKE TO THE MICROPHONE.........and them them to "get their azzes out of time in ADVANCE THIS TIME!! These GOVERMENT LEVEES that we entrusted from the FEDERAL GOVERMENT along with all of the FEDERAL ENTITLMENT have proven to have INJURED US BEFORE. NEVER AGAIN will we OUTSOURCE our lives to them!!"

Mark M - Can you find ONE SINGLE INITIATIVE that has been introduced ORGANICALLY by the PEOPLE OF NEW ORLEANS to help SAVE THEMSEVLES in the event of another storm?

* Is there a CIVILIAN EVACUATION CORPS where otherwise UNEMPLOYED and UNEMPLOYABLE men and women are asked to COME INTO SERVICE for their OWN COMMUNITIES, learn vital evacuation coordination skills so that none of their OWN PEOPLE might suffer the threat of drowning ever, ever again?

* Can you find any PROPOSAL which sells these ORGANIC plans to the PEOPLE based on the concept long vocalized by PROGRESSIVES ---- "Money Is Not Everything". The "lives of OUR OWN PEOPLE are worth more than that which the lack of money distributed to us from far, far away should PREVENT US FROM........DOING FOR SELF?"

Mark - M - STRAIGHT UP SERIOUS MAN. I know that you are not an ignorant brother. You are an educated man and a Black man. Find me ONE IOTA of such a movement that has transpired ANYWHERE in New Orleans from a grass-roots, ORGANIC star and I will shake your hand as a brother with consciousness about himself which flows both ways (in and out).

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The World According To Bill Moyers

CNN: Iraq signs $3B oil deal with China

This news breaks on the day I finally get to watch the "Bill Moyers Journal" edition that I recorded back in June of this year.

Iraqi does a deal with Bill Moyers breaks the news that American oil companies have done a deal for "no-bid contracts" in Iraq.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Please Stop The Tired Rhetoric Against Me Folks - Please

[quote]nine democrats squabbling over the debacle in clayton county schools has ZERO to do with Barack Obama! yes, i live in the metro atlanta area and find that situation as deplorable as i hope you do (but i tend to wonder whether you'd rather see the continued destruction of those poor children's futures as a self-fulfilling prophecy of the warped brand of conservatism you tend to espouse. but i must ask, how many REPUBLICANS in clayton county ran offering an alternative?[/quote]

You see Plez - that's just it. You and other "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism-Chasers" have to NATIONALIZE your dreams....shedding a tear in the process of viewing unattainable HOPE because.....what is LOCAL TO YOU and ALREADY UNDER CONTROL is NOT WORKING.

Plez - do you believe that I am surprised one bit that YOU ATTEMPT to disconnect "Barack Obama" from the WIDE FABRIC of the POLITICAL MACHINE that blankets Black America - AS WE SPEAK? Do you really?

This bit of cognitive dissonance allows you all to continue as you have. Continuing the PERMANENT STRUGGLE as your model of "progression" that always seems to fall short.

In the greatest bout of perversion that you all represent - you would have it that the ascendency of Barack (or any other Democrat for that matter) to national power will translate into BETTER TIDINGS WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY. Yet you just attempt to sell me on the 'disconnectedness' between Barack Obama and YOUR LOCAL HOPES within the Black community. Please spare me man. Stop lying to yourself in this elemental way. BARACK OBAMA IS your HOPE FOR CHANGE WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY!

[quote]i tend to wonder whether you'd rather see the continued destruction of those poor children's futures as a self-fulfilling prophecy of the warped brand of conservatism you tend to espouse.[/quote]

Do you mind if I call you out on this weak trick dude (I hate to bust you out on YOUR OWN BLOG).

Let's go through the narrative.

1) I don't live in Clayton County. This county where YOUR favored ideology was one of many options for my wife and I to choose to live in. We do not.

2) Within Clayton County are EQUAL BLACK PEOPLE to me. They, like me - have full adult consciousness as Black people and ONE VOTE to speak this consciousness to their immediate community and to the rest of the country.


Do you see how your rhetoric doesn't match up with REALITY Plez?

I watch "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism-Chasers" because they represent the popular political viewpoint of my people AND also the MAIN THREAT TO OUR CULTURAL CONSCIOUSNESS as a people. I notice that one thing you all do is EXIT THE BLACK COMMUNITY - quicker than quick - when the subject of POLITICS comes up.

You are comfortable blaming evil George Bush for the ailments within the Black community economically. What you all don't seem to keep track of is the near 100% DEMOCRATIC domination of these same areas and the fact that not all areas in a given area share the same DEPRESSION that you are aggrieved with. In your PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALISM you are not able to inspect the basic assumptions that are POPULARLY ASSUMED to be the best in addressing these problems WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY. Instead for you all "IF IT AIN'T PROGRESSIVE" - don't waste your time talking to us.

The Black community is the only one that I know of in America where an INCREASED AMOUNT OF POWER and control of more districts translates into INCREASED shifting outward of BLAME for conditions that fall short of your expectations.

Plez - you all are not about organic growth within the Black community. As with your hero Barack Obama - you are all about INCOME REDISTRIBUTION from districts that ARE PRODUCTIVE into districts that have FAILED TO FIELD a productive economic system that can fund the people's STANDARD OF LIVING.

Thus despite Chicago being a long time Democratic stronghold the fact that the state already pays 44% of the public school funding - the demand for EVEN MORE MONEY is called a CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION by the Civil Rights Operatives who knows what works.

Think about it Plez - if a previously HOSTILE school administration FAILED to provide adequate education and funding the ADMINISTRATION itself was the target of the angst of the civil rights operatives. Now that they have their own favored people in place and yet THE SYSTEM IS STILL FAILING - they save their attacks upon THEIR OWN IDEOLOGICAL SOULMATES and they EXPAND UP to the state level. Next it will be the FEDERAL LEVEL Plez.

The LEGITIMATE cry of "Civil Rights Violations" due to real INJUSTICE in the balance of America's existence has now been perverted into ideological hijacking.

Chicago is not being DISCRIMINATED AGAINST in this case. Chicago has FAILED to develop a system that allows it to be self-sufficient and provide the funding for the quality services that the people seek.

You all want a CENTRAL GOVERNMENT that controls all of the MONEY. You all have no respect for one's PRIVATE PROPERTY. If there is a NEED and someone has money in their pockets - you had better be sure that their pockets will be picked to supply it EVEN IF THEY DON'T LIVE IN THAT DISTRICT.

The question for you Plez and other people with a flawed ideology is: What do you ask of the MAIN BENEFICIARIES of your benevolence in support of THEIR OWN SALVATION?

You weaken Black people and our cultural confidence with every passing moment in your inability to answer this question.

but i must ask, how many REPUBLICANS in clayton county ran offering an alternative?

This is amazing folks. Though Clayton County is 100% DEMOCRAT per the POPULAR CHOOSING of the people there.....the REPUBLICANS FAILED TO RUN FOR OFFICES (despite the fact that they would get about 8% of the vote) and thus THEY ARE AT FAULT.

Plez says nothing about all of the CLAYTON COUNTY DEMOCRATS who have moved down to Republican controlled Fayette and Henry Counties as a means of making note of "how many Republicans offered an alternative.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jack & Jill Politics: Speaking Truth To Power for the benefit of WE?.....Just Not In Their Home Districts

"Remember What WE'RE Up Against".....said Jack & Jill Politics in an article that caught my attention. (Written by B-Serious but not my friends Rikyrah or "The Christian Progressive Liberal" )

Just as a few years ago at the "Tavis And Friends" Annual Meeting on the floor of New Birth Missionary Baptist church in front of a room full of Black people at a BLACK issues forum the "verbal razor wielding" Jesse Jackson stated "WE can take back the house and the senate in 2006". As I looked around and saw that this was a BLACK forum and not a DEMOCRATIC forum yet no one raised any ire to the interchangabability of such terms that are worlds of difference - I am always forced to ask the "Democrat who is Black": "WHO IS WE?". In the case of Jesse Jackson - "WE Blacks" never controlled the house or senate to TAKE BACK so clearly he was not talking about "Black folks" but Democrats.

Thus when I read the headlines on Jack & Jill Politics and then they repeated this ambiguous reference in their Part II of the same tale I realized that WE have a problem with OUR references.

I had to power down for a moment as I realized just how the PUMA sites linked to the “Not black enough” sites, linked to the “McCain for President” sites. Just the same, I took a deep breath after noticing how some of these same sites have begun to parrot each others arguments.

"Parrot each others arguments".........Oh dear. I just verified that "Jack And Jill Politics" is indeed a member of that illustrious group known as "Afrospear". A loose band of Black bloggers who INDEPENDENTLY is championing the "best interests WITHIN the Black community".....but are seemingly focused on doing it in a "top down" manner from the White House and the Congress more than they focus on the houses were Black people live and then outward and upward. One could easily click on the hyperlinks to these various sites and see more "parrots" than one could find in the wild in a South American rain forest.

Amazingly, some of the most “progressive” sources (both black and white) have started championing Republican talking points on matters of authenticity, race, religion, worldview and, yes, bottom line. For if you stay long enough, you’ll see a common motive that links many of these groups beyond party-politics . . . a bottom line obsessed with keeping Obama out of the White House.

Jack and Jill - please scan your web site. You all are OBSESSED with GETTING OBAMA INTO the WHITE HOUSE!! But what about the Black community - I ask? Should the "pride" that you feel in having a Black man in office enough to erase the painful truth about this MACHINE which already runs our communities and our schools? What AUDACITY!

I am a FREE SPEECH type of guy. I will defend the right of my ideological adversaries to prioritize whatever they wish. In fact this is what I do in person during a Black gathering that inevitably talks about politics. My initial silence and observations allows the active talkers to set the stage regarding the "key issues to Black people" they will talk about. After having gathered enough of a sample I then model what THEY have prioritized against what I have heard Black people prioritize in real life - in the newspapers, as I talk to them in person, and as part of my growing video collection of television news and documentaries on subjects related to Black people.

My unmalleable reference point to measure those who see themselves as "working in the Best interests of the Black community" are for the advocacy of:

* Safe Streets to allow us to commune together
* High a high performing academic environment to allow our people to acquire the mental discipline to solve our problems in a more systematic manner
* An intertwined local economy that provides goods and services as well as employment for our people
* A culture where healthy living is advanced to allow us to avoid chronic diseases which take away our quality of life
* The above 4 points implemented with regard to efficacy and efficiency
* The above 5 points implemented with a preference toward ORGANIC solutions which allow us to grow as these solutions are expressed upon our own backs for possible future pruning and grafting elsewhere

(Please note - despite the high level of "agreeability' of this list that I not MADE but ORDERED after listening to many people - across ideologies - it STILL comes under attack - mostly because of 'the messenger' who delivered it to their door steps.)

Almost unerringly the prioritized subjects taken up by "Jack and Jill" and other "BLACK PROGRESSIVE" sites (I call them "Black-Quasi-Socialist Progressive-FUNDAMENTALIST Racism Chasers" - a more functionally accurate title) are more about a ONE OFF approach to achieving "Black progression". These sites function as quasi-Democratic party sites. Thus the crowning achievement in BLACK SUCCESS is if this "one Black man and this one Black woman, who looks glamorous by the way as we are reminded so frequently - ACHIEVE the office of the Presidency.

Where as indeed as the moon landing referenced, this will be a "large step for ONE BLACK MAN" but what about the "Black race"? The key difference between me and my BQPFRCs ideological adversaries is that while they look at the game of attrition within the American political plane and thus say "as the Democrat/Progressives gain power so benefits the Black man". I on the other hand am yelling "Look!, Look! Look at where the Democrat/Progressives ARE IN POWER - IN OUR DAMNED COMMUNITIES already!!!! Are things getting better AMONG BLACK FOLKS???"

If indeed it can be said that a Black man like a "Clarence Thomas" is a SELLOUT because he has (in their view) strayed from the "Black best interests" per his rulings.....might it also be said that these Democratic Operative groups are SOLD OUT in the same fashion? Their policies which are IN FORCE within Black America have ALSO not expressed the "Best Interests of Black America" and in many ways have eroded the development of an independent, self-sufficient Black America which seeking to express this elusive standard of living by its directing the actions of its own people rather than its legislators. The reason why they are not going to be called "Sellouts" is because the key people who throw out such labels are KINDRED SPIRITS. You had better believe that it is not only possible to be a "Democratic Party Sellout", in fact it is POPULAR among Black folks to be so.

The article from Jack and Jill goes on to state:

For my take is that some of these left-wing and right-wing groups share a second common goal . . . to maintain a status quo for partisan political dogma; a dogma that, despite its admirable passion, has grown stale, preditctable and nonproductive.

The power of FRAMING AN ARGUMENT is the ultimate power that the person seeking to influence people have over them. In this snippet above the "STATUS QUO" that B-Serious is referring to is the WASHINGTON DC "status quo" which resides in the plane of "American Politics. "But aren't we electing a president dummy?" you might ask. America is "electing a president". I am calling out Black folks to BE CLEAR on what they are using their POLITICAL ADVOCACY FOR!! I thought we were doing as Bayard Ruskin had as his end game - "BENEFITING THE BLACK COMMUNITY and the people within"?

Yet as we shift the frame of reference to "Within The Black Community" and note the "status quo" an honest person must admit that the "Democratic Machine" and Obama who is riding on that machine IS THE STATUS QUO "Within Black America". In fact there is an amazing set of forces at work which say that despite this MACHINE having dominate power over that which impacts us the most and also having a wide fabric of this power across where Black Americans live today - their growth in POWER and the resulting lack of progression WITHIN our communities has not lead to the usual "RECALL EFFORT" but instead has allowed the operatives to become further entrenched.

It is so easy to see folks. Upon obtaining power over our local governments, our schools and our police forces yet the problems remaining - the fact that the Black community has the biggest presence of "the fox guarding the hen house" effect going - these same operatives who presided over the FAILURE only need to make the case that we need more PROGRESSIVE POLICIES at the higher level of government SO THAT WE CAN SUCCEED. Now mind you as they stood at the foot of the mountain and proclaimed that a take over of the MAYOR'S SEAT and thus control of all that goes on within the city's borders was going to be enough to allow providence to reign. NOW THAT THEY HAVE CONTROL of these seats......and a conspiring Progressive Black Media (and Blogesphere) the usual calls for dismissal are not heard.

Instead this circle of friends, having secured this particular plateau that they have aspired for yet failed to manage will have the people remain UNIFIED by organizing a charge up to the NEXT PLATEAU! The focus will shift from the local area which is already under their control yet still 'leaving Blacks behind' up to their grand vision UPWARD!

Progressivism is not an ORGANIC movement it is an EXPANSIONARY movement which needs 'pioneering efforts' to claim new land for settlement against the "Conservative Prairie Lands" where the savages live.

Next the article floors me with its claim:

Which is why I’ve long seen the “cult” meme as a Rovian spin. People ARE thinking for themselves. People are more involved in this election than in any time I can remember. Record voter registration, turnout and inclusion into this political process is a good thing. It should not be mocked.

This statement reminded me of the words from Professor Manning Marable: "The Black voter is the most intelligent voter in the United States. The Black voter can sense who has his BEST INTERESTS IN MIND". It just so happens....Prof. Marable that the "Black voter VOTES 90% in the way that YOU see favorable". If the Black voter were to stop doing would be a sign that IGNORANCE has taken over in his voting practices in your view.

Thus when I analyze the words of Jack and Jill regarding this "record activity" within the Black community - besides recalling that 2000 and 2004 had similar drives - First on the FEAR of what George W Bush would do to 'Civil Rights' (you do recall what Cong Jesse Jackson Jr said then) and then in 2004 on the frustrations regarding what George W. Bush had done internationally - oh yeah and with regards to "Tax Cuts On The Rich".

But wait a minute what about WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY? As I scan the news from the past 4 years what other than the RACE of the candidate and the resulting marketing efforts (My Tour Of An Urban Mall) can explain any of this?

Did the machine which Barack Obama belongs and which dominates our school administrations IMPROVE our public schools over the past few years (or at least prevent evil Bush from destroying them with NCLB) and thus there is excitement that this machine will now be allowed to DO MORE OF THE SAME WITHIN our community? (There goes that status quo thing yet again)?

Did the machine which Barack Obama belongs to make our streets safer and that the 52% increase in Black male homicides as reported by the FBI was an aberration? Certainly Bush rather than the local Democratically controlled police forces are to blame for this. Move Bush out and less Black folks will die on the streets?

I can go on and on but you get the picture. The Black Progressive movement is almost wholly DETACHED from what is really going on WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY. They have fallen into the "one off trap" which says "If we help the DEMOCRATS WIN then more resources will be RAINED UPON OUR PEOPLE from high". This speaks nothing about the people themselves and what THEY MUST DO for to participate in their own salvation. In fact the MOVEMENT (struggle) to SATISFY the frustrations of the people by seeking GOVERNMENT CHANGE is in fact that which is "ASKED OF THE PEOPLE". this is inherently EXTERNAL and is nothing but the "nationalizing of entitlements" which the people have shown that they are not able to order a local economic system to deliver such benefit via their own production.

This next point deserves addressing and disassembly:

sites where you’ll see countless posts bashing Obama, but rarely any posts attacking John McCain . . . sites so consumed with speaking “truth” to Obama’s “power” that they forget to take equally passionate measures to keep John McCain out of power.

First "Jack and Jill" FAILS the last challenge by far. You are not committed to "balance" by any stretch of the imagination.

Secondly, speaking for myself - my domain of focus is WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY. Thus as I look across America into where Blacks are concentrated the most I DON'T SEE ANY REPUBLICANS - running our schools, or police forces or making health policy on our BEHAVIOR (ie: "Wrap it up"). I am focusing on the MACHINE which has the most entrenchment within our community and thus must receive the most accountability.

Secondly - I have a commitment to "fairness" because if I fail to analyze the prime forces that are leading to a certain end then I cannot ever produce a valid solution. I have no similar commitment to "BALANCE". Sites like Jack and Jill, Field-Negro and others are hard left/ Progressive! There is no need for me to capture this spectrum in my coverage - it is already ABUNDANTLY REPRESENTED.

I would hope that in your desire to promote the most effective set of solutions for the Black community you would begin to self-scrutinize PROVESSIVISM itself.

Here is my read - In a society where you are a minority and there is an unwielding outer society who see that "you have no RIGHTS that they need to respect" - you had better find a PROGRESSIVE set of leadership who can focus their attention at hammering on this outer group, implementing LAWS and the ENFORCEMENT OF SUCH so that your lot in life might change.

But what about in 2008 B-Serious? Can you claim that today a Black person who had his RIGHTS assaulted by a White person has no recourse in the law and the enforcement there in and thus "nothing has changed"?

Next we get into the red hearing - where you all go finding INSTANCES of "civil rights violations" to prove that your work is not done. This is illegitimate. The Civil Rights Movement was about the establishment of and the enforcement of LAWS to that there is clear consequences to ones acts of violating another's civil rights. It is no more legitimate to go seeking out "civil rights violators" and thus claiming that "This is STILL a racist county" than it would be to go looking for MURDERS and making the case that this is "still a country of killers". The index for this judgment should be on the VIOLATIONS that take place and the FAILURE BY THE GOVERNMENT to act and thus they show their concurrence with these actions.

In fact I make the argument that in 2008 the relatively low rate of BLACK HOMICIDE CLOSURE is a better example of NON-JUSTICE which hurts Black people in the same way that Lynching did in the past. The Civil Rights and Progressive movement is nearly silent on this closure rate issue that is alive an well WITHIN many Black communities.

The article continues:

So, oddly enough, it’s times like this when I’m appreciative of the Rush Limbaugh’s in the world. For it’s only after listening to some good ole’ right-wing hatred that one can remember just what we’re up against.

I am not sure who "We're" is and I am not sure that the group you define KNOWS how to frame the context to figure out the antagonist and thus make the case that "they are 'up against US'".

All of this is consistent with the cynical view that Obama is nothing more than a hustler pretending to be something he could never be . . . president. And we, as supporters, are nothing but fools . . . kool-aid drinking, cultists (a meme repeated by all critics regardless of political affiliation) who are naive and childish enough to still believe in such “fairy tales”. People like Limbaugh laugh at us. And they rest assured that Obama is no more than a phase that we’ll all grow out of once reality sets in.

As a Black man my disheartened feelings about this Obama run comes from the clear disconnectedness that is expressed by blogs like your with regard to the STATUS QUO WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY. In your narrative Obama is "fresh and new" and should not be associated with the MACHINE THAT ALREADY RUNS BLACK AMERICA. Despite the fact that it was this MACHINE that promoted him and that this MACHINE is the only way that he has a chance at being a successful president - we are to pretend that "Past Performance within our community has no bearing on future result".

At the end of the day I can only pray that Jack and Jill Politics as well as all of the "Afrospear" crew begin to prioritize the state of affairs WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY above the DEMOCRATIC/PROGRESSIVE METHODOLOGY which they claim will lead the community to salvation. Absent the willingness to scientifically test such a theory though introspection they will continue using the ambiguous term of "WE"

Monday, August 25, 2008

Obama 95% - The "Bigoted Vote" That The News Media Is Loathed To Talk About

NPR "Tell Me More": Obama, McCain Fight To Win Southern Votes

Another news report. Another focus on the 'White Bigoted Voter' who is not going to vote for a Black man to lead them. This vein of the presidential campaign has been explored endlessly. INDEED there are some White folks out there who will "vote against their own interests and economic/political/social instincts because of the race (and religion) of the candidate in question". This is a documented fact.

As I listened to the report during my long walk with my dog I, once again, wondered why "Tell Me More" never explored the other side of the same coin. "Barack Obama will receive upwards of 95% of the Black vote". WHY?

The standard issue will be "Barack Obama as the 'first Black presidential finalist is bound to attract an inordinate number of Black voters'. As well - let me preemtively note that many of these same people will say "Black people have been voting for WHITE FOLKS for a long time" thus this is not a "racist vote" by Black folks.

Here is how this claim is to be dismantled. The fact is that if Barack Obama were a "Democratic Ham Sandwich" - the Black support for the "Democratic Finalist" would still be at least 85%. Where as the "White bigot's" unwillingness to vote for Barack Obama is keyed upon by their "racial hatred" - there has been no popular media attempts to dissect why the Black vote continues to swing so strongly for the Democrats. The easy read that is given when it is give is "Black folks know who has the BEST INTERESTS IN MIND". (I got that from my friend Prof Manning Marable" - a man who lauded the "Black voter" as the most "intelligent voter in the nation". The Black voter also happens to be the most "loyal Democratic voters in the nation". I am sure the coincidence is fleeting though.)

The case for Black "ideological bigotry" is great. In Black America today there have never been more PEOPLE OF OUR OWN POPULAR CHOOSING in POWER OVER OUR COMMUNITIES and OUR INTERESTS. If the claim that "they have our best interests in mind" is the case - someone needs to go get our money back from this purchase.

As a perfect example to why I say this - recently it was announced with regard to a new program introduced by the chancellor of the DC Public schools:

D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee announced plans yesterday to boost dismal achievement at half the city's middle schools by offering students an unusual incentive: cash.
For years, school officials have used detention, remedial classes, summer school and suspensions to turn around poorly behaved, underachieving middle school students, with little results. Now they are introducing a program that will pay students up to $100 per month for displaying good behavior.

Now let me spell this out for you. A Democratic administration of Washington DC is admitting that the current policies governing student behavior in Washington DC have failed and thus the achievement is "dismal at half the city's middle schools". We don't need to guess the general race and class of this "failing half". The critical question is, however, "WHO put forth these FAILED POLICIES?" Answer - "The previous administrations", of course. The point of inspection that will not be focused upon is the ideological and partisan continuity that the Fenty Administration represents per the list below.

Mayors Of Washington DC

If the claim is that "Conservatives work against the BEST INTERESTS OF BLACK PEOPLE" we have 40 volume encyclopedia set of documentation to inspect the very same questions for the Democrats who ACTUALLY RUN EVERY SINGLE BLACK MAJORITY VOTING DISTRICT TODAY (with the noted exception of a few Independents who are in place on occasion). At the end of the day "Black folks don't elect Republicans.

My goal ultimately is not to advocate that Blacks vote Republican. My only goal is to have the DOUBLE STANDARD REMOVED and to allow IDEOLOGY and its application where appropriate to be applied. Instead a certain ideology is ENFORCED with the same BIGOTRY within the Black community which "RACE" is enforced by the stereotypical White Republican.

I challenge all to address the question - What is the DIFFERENCE in regards to the ULTIMATE ENDS?

If the "Bigoted White" is seen to be "voting against his best interests" in that he is poor and continuously votes for people who support "Tax cuts for the rich" (their rhetorical words, not mine) then how is it that Black people can be seen voting for people who have a preponderance of what I call "Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice" (where the assailant becomes the VICTIM of the system) in cities that they dominate but crime is out of control all due to the "liberal sensibilities" on law enforcement. In cities where schools are failing mostly because discipline problems where students are attuned to everything around them EXCEPT the coursework that must be focused upon for them to learn.

If indeed the policies of "Black" and the politics of "White" ultimately are for the benefit of ONE'S OWN COMMUNITY then please tell me how one explains the "Ideological Bigotry" that is abundant within the Black community yet which goes unreported?

I have a theory which says that the "Black press are 'progressive bigots' and thus they are not going to do any type of deep introspection in this gap between the POPULAR ideology for Blacks and the gross shortcomings that it represents for actual Black communities. As with Manning Marable above - the Black press is overjoyed that the Black community votes in the manner that it does. Any shortcoming seen during this progressive domination of the Black community is seen as a need for MORE PROGRESSIVISM to be introduced into governments to which the Black community is a satellite - namely the state and federal governments. There is no inspection of "progressivism" itself as the right tool for the job at this point in time. Where as progressivism is a powerful tool to change 'entrenched governments and entrenched people who are on the outside of your domain to stop oppressing you' at a time when YOU ARE THE GOVERNMENT OF YOUR OWN PEOPLE and you need to get the people to act in a more directed manner per their own salvation - Progressivism fails when there is a need for ORGANICISM among your own people.

I hope that the national media will begin to inspect this phenomenon of Black ideological bigotry. They are more inclined to view "Black poverty and academic failings" as carry overs from SLAVERY and JIM CROW. I do not believe that "the slave master's whip" is as a powerful force against a 6 year old who was born in 2002 and who is now entering the first grade as the impact of the forces of his parents and community have impressed upon him.

I just watched a segment of PBS "Frontline" in which the commentator said regarding the changes in behavior of a steel manufacturing plant which had an unreasonably high worker injury rate "through a coordinated publicity campaign by the MEDIA and various activists......the issue was brought to the attention of the legislature". Thus at least they admitted that THE MEDIA does indeed play an important part in ADVOCACY.

The problem with the "media" as we know it is that it does a better job shaking the ESTABLISHMENT to clean up its act. When it comes to individuals (who are not the antagonists) who's actions (or lack there of) put themselves at a serious disadvantage this same media is prone to turn to the government and demand EDUCATION for these same individuals so that they might be made whole. Thus the media as progressive bigots are not inclined to have the people direct their own actions so that more organic results can be obtained.

In summary if the vote for the "Obama/Democratic Machine" is a vote for the BEST INTERESTS OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY - then it is up to the MEDIA to VET THIS CLAIM per their inspection of the vast fabric of coverage that this machine ALREADY has upon Black America, making note of the substance behind the claim that as this Democratic Machine spreads in power.......the Black community is improved for it.

From my vantage point - this is a bigoted LIE.

Do you all want the Black community to improve.
Do you want the Democratic party to improve where Progressivism is allowed to reign in even more places with so little to show for itself?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

BET & TV One - "We are not Obama cheerleaders"

TV One and BET deny they're Obama cheerleaders

TV One and BET - meet Julian Bond of the NAACP. His standard line during his chairman's speech at the NAACP convention is "we are a non-partisan organization". This after attacking the evil, racist Republicans for 9/10ths of his speech and then doing what he calls an "attack" on the Democrats - his party - by saying "they are spineless" for not standing up to the evil, racist Republicans.

In the world of Black popular politics.......this is called a balanced attack and critique.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Filled-Negro Provides Me With The Best Material For Me To Understand Why I Continue To Think As I Do

This is a recording of blog posts that I have made on other blogs so that I can be in control of my own thoughts and responses.

Offending Blog:

POST #1 *************************************************************************


Can we talk brother?
Black man to Black man?
I know that we have differing ideologies and thus are going to be in constant conflict but I have one PET PEEVE that I will ALWAYS seek to correct Black people when they make use of a term that they heard someone else make use of and they do so as well because of their CONDITIONING.

Filled-Negro the term "Third World" that you are using is highly OFFENSIVE to me. Think about it. WHO made up such a word? Are there any non-White nations that are NOT "Third World"? You may as well use the term "Uncivilized World", Filled-Negro. It would be just as cutting.

I just read your article Filled-Negro. The key flaw in your article is that you focused on what THE GOP SAW in the imagery of Obama's brother. You failed to make note of WHAT YOU SAW IN THE PICTURES OF AFRICA and then acting upon those images AS AN INDIVIDUAL.

You see Filled-Negro you were provided an opportunity to take a tour how YOUR BROTHERS in Africa are living (in some parts. NOT ALL AFRICANS live this way). Instead of taking this picture in and then committing to some broader mission for your life - Thinking up a means by which your COLLECTIVE EFFORTS could work to lift the standard of living for the brothers there as well as SouthWest Philly - you have chosen to be bound by your PARTISAN and IDEOLOGICAL cataract that limits your vision in life.

Do me a favor Filled-Negro - drop the reference to "Third-World"/"First World" as they are EQUAL PEOPLE to everyone else in the world. This is nothing more than an INFERIORIZATION of their human standing. No one else is going to do this for you.

Secondly please focus on what THAT PICTURE does for YOU not some damned Republicans! What you just did is akin to someone taking a picture of your cousin who lives in poor conditions and YOU reacting negatively to it because YOU have rejected and thus cut of YOUR CONSCIOUS CONNECTION to this part of your family.

Filled-Negro - the folks who are your ideological enemies are going to do what they are going to do - right or wrong. YOU need to focus on what YOU ARE GOING TO DO - making sure that your actions are EFFECTIVELY leading toward a FIX to the situation that is so embarrassing to you.

(Personal note - Brother you would become a better person if you were to RENOUNCE partisanship and simply LIVE AS YOU KNOW TO BE RIGHT. Your use of partisanship as your clarion call has replaced your ability to craft SOLUTIONS so instead you construct BLAME. This results in you being on a permanent ADVOCACY contest while not asking THE PEOPLE YOU ARE SEEKING TO HELP to do anything in particular in support OF THEIR OWN DAMNED SALVATION.

Have you talked to that drug dealer again and let him know that while he may get money in his pocket to feed his child - his actions will lead to the DESTRUCTION of someone else's child and thus it has a nullifying effect on his community? Why not tell the brother to think of the COMMUNITY BOND and not HIMSELF?
You need to seek out this dude come DAYLIGHT TODAY and tell him this man!!)

POST #2 ****************************************************************************


I thought about you man and that's why I came to where you hang out.

I saw two pieces of news that had direct impact on you.

Did you see ABC Nightline last night? They focused on "Killadelphia" (Their word, not mine). They talked about the police crackdown on the streets that allowed the murder rate of this fine city to go down.

'Murder and Mayhem' Decline on Streets of Philadelphia
Philadelphia Mayor and Police Commissioner Team Up to Cut Crime and 'Take Back' the City

Secondly there was ABC "20/20".
They focused on the high infant mortality rates for poor Blacks in America.


Memphis TN has an infant mortality rate like that of some other nations that do not yet have the SYSTEMS of Wealth Creation which directly translate into the STANDARD OF LIVING that the people live at which the United States has. (Side note - please notice that I was not LAZY and thus avoided the term "THIRD WORLD NATION" or "IMPOVERISHED NATIONS". These words cast these nations in to a PERMANENT trash heap. My description tells of HOW TO FIX THE PROBLEM.)

What I saw on 20/20 was heartbreaking Filled-Negro. These young mothers are having premature babies who so often die and are boxed up and placed in a grave in "Babyland" the name of the cemetery which they are laid to rest.

Indeed there is a need to have a "non-judgmental" response to this situation when a pre-mature child comes into this world with NO CONTROL over the conditions by which he was made and only is in need of medical care. I fully agree with the White church lady on this point. HOWEVER, we can't look past the structure and social costs that ignorance and lack of education and lack of controlling CULTURAL NORMS play in perpetuating this situation (as well as in Southwest Philly).

Filled-Negro the kneejerk response to seeing all of this by many on your board will be the call for UNIVERSAL/FREE HEALTH CARE to all of these mothers. Then they can come in to the clinic for pre-natal care(without the guidance of a White lady from the suburbs to take them) and all will be made better. Thus this community will become CLIENTS of the system and have more healthy babies, nothing else changing and they will live happily ever after.

I was ANGERED, Filled-Negro because this view is contented by these people being "IN RECEIPT OF BENEFIT". These people who now live at a higher medical standard WAS NOT ASKED A DAMNED THING to CONTRIBUTE TO THIS STANDARD WHICH THEY WILL BENEFIT FROM. Is this not an example of the INFERIORIZATION of them Filled-Negro?

How do you bring someone to salvation as you DON'T HAVE THEM PLAY A CENTRAL ROLE in the transformation?

In the 20/20 segment a White suburban church had a set of STANDARDS and saw that their 'brothers' in the ghetto were below it. They came in and launch an attempt at reforming those who are ignorant. I am happy that they extended themselves in such a way Filled-Negro. For me, however, it spoke to the greater need - the need for the COMMUNITY ITSELF to come into consciousness about the cost of continuing as they are and to PLAY THE CENTRAL ROLE in EXPRESSING THEIR STANDARD OF LIVING ON THEIR OWN BACKS.

They develop SKILLS, they begin to MANAGE THEIR OWN PEOPLE'S BEHAVIOR because they ain't gonna let things go back the way they were.

I understand that your world is Barack Obama and the Democratic Party promise that always seems to come up short. (Memphis is one of the most Democratic cities we have in America and yet these problems continue). It is time, Filled-Negro for you and other Blacks to get clear on WHAT YOU ARE GETTING OUT OF ALL OF THIS and if your people are HEALED as a result of your efforts or simply made CLIENTS of a system that their OWN ECONOMIC ACTIVITY doesn't allow them to partake in absent some inbound transfer of resources.

Where is your dignity and consciousness man?

Is what you are doing REPLICATABLE if you were on your own?

POST #3 **************************************************************************

[quote]Unconstructive feed....speak for your yourself. I am actually a Third World man myself, and I am proud of that name. Don't let your ignorance show. Third World has to do with the economic makeup of a particular country,period. It is not a statement about the people who live there. You think like a typical reich winger.[/quote]


I am fully aware of the power that the cataract that blurs your mental vision has upon you. Just like the minstrels of the past took pride that they were awarded "Minstrel of the Year" at an awards show - they too did not have the bandwidth to step beyond the IMMEDIACY of their focus and consider the big picture of which they were stuck in the corner of.

THIRD WORLD is a CONSTRUCT made by EUROPEANS and accepted by UNCONSCIOUS KNEEGROWS who like things easily summarized for their mental digestion. It defines WHAT THEY ARE NOW rather than WHAT THEY SHOULD BECOME nor the PATHWAY TO GET THERE!

Why don't you just refer to them as "The Poor Colored" nations and allow them to continue to aspire for that label?

[quote]"Filled-Negro for you and other Blacks to get clear on WHAT YOU ARE GETTING OUT OF ALL OF THIS and if your people are HEALED..."

"your people"? I am sorry, I thought you were black too. Oh well, that explains a lot.[/quote]

Sometimes I forget that it is not worth having a serious debate with people who can't break through your main fortifications so they look to pick at the small knots in the wood that do nothing to compromise the INTEGRITY of the fortress.

"Your People" = the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism-Chasers. YES they are a part of the galaxy of Black people and the universe of human beings bet they are not the ENTIRE SET of Black folks by no means.

If there was universal health care i this country that 20/20 segment would not have been done in the first place.
But I know YOU liked it; all you kept talking about was the benevolence of the good white folks :)[/quote]


Let me break it down to you so then you might UNDERSTAND.

EVERY SOCIETY needs to have THEIR PEOPLE ACTIVE in the performance of some trade that TRANSLATES INTO the resources received for their CONTINUED SUSTAINANCE. This same group of people must have some CULTURAL FORCES which impress upon them and CHANNEL THEIR BEHAVIOR so that certain outcomes can occur.

Your plan totally BASTARDIZES the second component.

Please watch the 20/20 video man.

You see the call for the FIRST ELEMENT of the equation above - "VALUE the lives of these BABIES as if they were YOUR OWN" and "We could EQUALIZE THE RESULTS of these children's medical outcomes if WE HAD MORE MONEY".

You see Filled-Negro this cry is a "no-fault", "Take them as they come and don't consider HOW they were made to come to us" approach. I have enough sympathy in my heart to accept that this is indeed A PART OF the solution.

At the same time you can't escape the BEHAVIOR in the community that directly leads to the instances where more of these YOUNG GIRLS will be channeled down this path:

* Casual sexual relationships
* Absent fathers in the mother's and child's life
* (In this case) the THUG FATHER (this is what the mother called him) was more interested in SCREWING THE WOMEN in the community, depositing his seed and yet PURCHASING RIMS FOR HIS CAR (again this is what the mother said - not me)

Filled-Negro I think that the main difference between you and I is that you are a "Feed them fish for the day" type of guy while I, via my EVIL CORPORATE TRAINING am a "PROCESS GUY" and I look at the "FISH PRODUCTION PROCESS" and why the process is FAILING.

Just think - the Civil Rights movement allowed me to go to a formerly all White school and LEARN about how to analyze certain problems in CORPORATIONS as I practice on my job.......yet I am NOT ALLOWED TO apply these same skills and techniques as I look upon CERTAIN COMMUNITIES who are having similar PROCESS PROBLEMS. As much as people don't want to accept the truth - BOTH COMPANIES and COMMUNITIES are COLLECTIONS OF PEOPLE!!!!! Thus the same issues of CULTURE and PROCESS that need correcting in "evil corporations" (who exploit people and oppress us all) are the same issues that a collection of people in a community who seek FAVORABLE COMMON OUTCOMES must apply to achieve this.

Filled-Negro - you are more interested in me SHUTTING UP and joining YOUR TEAM than you are in any CRITICAL ANALYSIS that I can offer that is ultimately CONSTRUCTIVE!! You claim that it is not CONSTRUCTIVE only because you are more BEHOLDEN to your ORTHODOXY than you are committed to a SOLUTION.

The best solution is to have THE PEOPLE play the CENTRAL ROLE in their own SALVATION otherwise you have created a "SERVICE PROVIDER / CLIENT" form of SUPERIOR and INFERIOR relationship.

POST #4 **************************************************************************


Please don't reference me even glancingly positively unless you are able to accept the attacks that will inevitably come with it.

I don't need Filled-Negro's blessing to know that my views more ACCURATELY depict a solution to the problems at hand.

[quote]Many of the things he espouses (like personal responsibility) are things that I have been talking about on this site for over two years. No one,and I mean no one, has been tougher on black elected polit-trick-sters who fail us, or the lack of personal responsibility by some black folks, than moi[/quote]


Can you detail a few PHILADELPHIA POLITICIANS and/or SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS that you have gone on the offensive against as they have FAILED the Black community in Southwest, West and North Philly?

I DO NOT ESPOUSE "PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I espouse FUNCTIONAL OUTCOMES - bytch!!!
How can a person DEMAND certain outcomes for their communities when their aggregate ACTIONS prove COUNTER to that which they demand? This has NOTHING to do with the tired phrase "Personal Responsibility"!

Focus on what you see SOUTHWEST PHILADELPHIA becoming in 10 years! Plot a course BACKWARD from 2018 TO 2008 which includes all of the STEPS that will be necessary to get there. Set up a LOGISTICAL PLAN forward. MANAGE the people who seek to BENEFIT from this more favorable outcome so that they are DOING WHAT THEY NEED TO DO ON A DAILY BASIS!!

What more is needed than this Filled-Negro?

Oh, sorry, I know! YOU must have a FUNDAMENTAL BELIEF in the PEOPLE that if they DO ALL OF THE RIGHT THINGS WITHIN THEIR OWN COMMUNITY that they will one day achieve this end or at least one that is SUBSTANTIALLY better than they have today - where they are not living for a DIRECTED PURPOSE.

[quote]Unconstructive is a partisan and a fraud.[/quote]

PARTISAN? (Ideological I will accept). But Filled-Negro - can you point to a SINGLE TIME where you saw me advocate for a PARTY on your blog or any of the blogs that I operate?

Vaughn - here is my mission plain and clear:

In my observations I have noted that before the Black community can make further measurable progression forward - all forces that are within the domain of the AMERICAN POLITICAL SYSTEM must be vacated from our CORE OF RACIAL CONSCIOUSNESS and pushed back to the PERIPHERY WHERE THEY BELONG!

Today people like Filled-Negro believe that Black people will one day PROSPER with the ascendancy of the Democratic Party. He is loathed to see that despite the fact that this same party is 85% of Philadelphia and yet we have Southwest Philly, North Philly and West Philly and their associated schools in the conditions that they are - HIS CONTINUED ADVOCACY is going to change this for the better.

You see Vaughn - Filled-Negros attack against me as a "Partisan" is actually a preemptive strike in defense of his own agenda. (Hint - talk a look at the side bars of HIS blog and then look at that which is listed on mine: WHO is the partisan Vaughn?

I did a a post on him (and that was one post too many), and broke down how I felt about him. Needless to say I won't waste anymore energy on him.[/quote]

Filled-Negro - was this the post in which you indicated that your penis was bigger than mine? (I am not making this up folks. Any long time reader of this blog can vouch for me on this one).

Vaughn - Within the radical circles of the Black community it has been said for a long time that the day that "revolution" comes within the Black community - there are going to be many BEHOLDEN BLACKS who are unwilling to participate because they are more bound to their PARTY than their racial interests. I have little doubt that the people saying this (who are leftist revolutionaries) were thinking that the Black Republicans fit this bill. In truth the body of Black Democrats who are going to be clinging to their party's leg, unwilling to be dragged away LAPS all others by at least 10 times.

In my humble opinion FILLED-NEGRO has his arms fully coupled around his party's leg. There is NO EVIDENCE that could be amassed during discovery in Southwest Philly that is going to cause Filled-Negro to expand his vision that is clouded by cataracts. He ultimately must be ROLLED OVER and then allowed to join up with the movement forward upon seeing his mistake in short-sightedness.

I do hope, however that YOU begin to accept the current evidence WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY that is controlled by people who think like you of YOUR need to change so that the community can change for the better this time.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Monitoring The Coverage On Obama - The Chinese Infrastructure Is Better Than Ours

OK folks I will throw this out as an reference index for all to make note of.

Senator Obama says that China's airports, sea ports, rail and infrastructure is better than than those in the United States. Now we must discard the effects of poor construction standards that caused many buildings to collapse in a recent earthquake and instead stick to his claim.

I am going to see if the various news operatives do a comprehensive study of Chinese infrastructure in order to vet or discredit Obama's off the cuff remark.

As a person who has been involved with airports both behind the scenes and as a consumer the remark is ridiculous on its face.

This will be another test of how ARBITRARINESS is used as a key talking point for some.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Stephanie Tubbs-Jones: From Silk Scarf To "Handkerchief Headed Negro"

FoxNews: Rep. Tubbs Jones Dies After Suffering Aneurysm

U.S. Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, the first black woman to represent Ohio in Congress, died Wednesday evening at a Cleveland area hospital after suffering an aneurysm.

Tubbs Jones, 58, chaired the House Ethics Committee and was one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest supporters during the Democratic primaries.

The liberal Democrat, first elected in 1998, suffered a brain hemorrhage while driving her car in Cleveland Heights Tuesday night, said Dr. Gus Kious, president of Huron Hospital. Kious said the “very serious” hemorrhage was caused by an aneurysm that burst in an inaccessible part of her brain.

Her death was announced late Wednesday in a statement from the family, Huron Hospital and the Cleveland Clinic. Tubbs Jones died at 6:12 p.m., according to the statement.

I am saddened by the loss of Stephanie Tubbs-Jones who spent the balance of her life working in government. Initially as a judge and then as a legislator for her Cleveland area congressional district.

Though I did not agree with her ideological outlooks I had nothing against her for she was a strong advocate for the form of government that she believed in.

The two points that do come to mind as I think of Stephanie Tubbs-Jones is:

1) The interview she did with NPR "News and Notes" in 2007 as she told the interview the great things that the new "Democratic Majority" in congress was going to do for Black folks and how she had planned to use this new power to do something about the "13.9% unemployment rate in her district". With all due respect to News and Notes - I am waiting for the follow up review of all of the CBC members to see if their promises have indeed come true for the Black communities they represent.

2) I also associate Stephanie Tubbs-Jones with the great reversal of fortune that she suffered at the hands of the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser" Democrats. As she lobbied for the Democratic majority in congress she was seen wearing a "silken scarf" on her head with vibrant colors that most of them took pride in.

When she came out in support of Democrat Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama - that very same scarf had turned into a HANDKERCHIEF in the view of these very same people.

Ms. Tubbs-Jones and other loyal Black Democrats were THROWN UNDER THE BUS by the Black Political operatives who supported Barack Obama and who used the standard tactics used to smear "Black Conservatives" as they did their thing.

Stephanie Tubbs-Jones has done more than enough to show her loyalty to the Democratic Party and the "Black Interests" that are aligned with that particular ideology. It was totally shameful that there was not enough TOLERANCE shown by these Obama operatives to accept that her views differed from theirs and that end the end a DEMOCRAT WOULD BE THE WINNER - as is always the case within the Black community which is beholden as it currently is.

Shamefully, just as I expose in the Michael Eric Dyson piece below - the concept of "Political Diversity" within the Black community is to have one person support one Democrat while the next person supports a different Democrat.

I hope that Ms. Tubbs-Jones replacement advances the notion that the Black community should enforce its political leadership based on RESULTS not IDEOLOGICAL ENFORCEMENT ACTIONS.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Song You Would NEVER Hear If There Is Ever A "President Barack Obama"

This post is not an attack on singer Janelle Monae. Her song below, "Dear Mr President" is not an 'attack song'. She is expressing her political views about "Evil George W Bush" but the song is absent much of the vitriol that can be heard in other songs of a similar vein.

The purpose of this particular post is to set forth some facts for people to consider regarding many of the points that were made in this song.

By the way I am not "Defending Bush" either. In the Black community the sin of SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT in a debate is punishable by being called a "Republican". I have sympathy for some of you who only dialogue with birds of a feather. Despite the fact that that person is counter-factual in all that they say - you will rarely be treated to the baseline of truth for you to base your views upon.

First off - as I have said many times - there is an "Ideological Circle" at play within the Black community that keeps the POPULAR IDEOLOGICAL ASSUMPTIONS as being the prevailing ideological assumptions regarding what is best for the Black community:

* The Black Activist
* The Black Academic
* The Black Preacher
* The Black Politician

and in the case of Ms. Monae, the Black Entertainer/Singer/Rapper

Each one of these people within the "circle of friends" generally defend each other. As long as the player stays true to the IDEOLOGY he will not be attacked. FAILURE while retaining Fidelity to the IDEOLOGY is not grounds for attack as the person's INTENTIONS were good.

The key points that I wish to inspect on Ms. Monae's commentary are with regards to:

* What evil Bush is doing to "Slow Her Down"
* Education Spending
* AIDS Relief For Africa
* War Spending
* Health Care For All

First the lyrics to the song in question:

This song is for my mamma
This song is for you
Hey Mr. President – tomorrow I’m paying my rent
My fuel is running low and I’ve got places to go
Quit slowing me down
Can we talk about the education of our children?
A book is worth more than a bomb any day
And remember a mirror to Africa
Who will bring the cure before its too late
Don’t you see the hurt in their eyes?
So much disappointment in many faces
Use your heart and not you pride
We can’t go on pretending

Oh please Mr. President
Where’s all the money you spent
Food is falling low and they have no where to go
Quit slowing me down
I ask you to have mercy on us father
You’d think we’d know the rules by now
We can’t go starting wars with thoughts of hatred
Our nation’s greed won’t make it better
Or crying put fears in our heart
Don’t you see the hurt in their eyes
So much disappointment in all of their faces
Use your heart and not your pride
We can’t go on and keep pretending
Oh please Mr President

Dr Mr. President I hope you got the letter I sent
A dollar only goes so far as we need healthcare no matter who we are
See we come from different worlds and different places
Unto this one great land, one nation under God
Times are getting harder and we need you to be like Moses and lead your people through
Please be careful, be careful of what you do, of what you do, what you do

* What evil Bush is doing to "Slow Her Down"

This is a discardable claim. Evil Bush has never done anything that she could detail which "slowed her down". It is amazing to me the capacity for Black folks to skip past the entire strong fabric of elected officials that they put in place locally and focus on Evil Bush as the main problem that they have in life.

If Obama is our next president and the economy is as it is today for the next 4 years I assure you that these same people who use arbitrary measures will be singing his praises because with his words he "did not slow them down but LIFTED THEM UP" - regardless of what the Wall Street Journal reports.

* Education Spending
After listening to "Hard Knock Radio" the other day it is pretty easy to see that certain people see "educational spending cuts" as being the President's fault. Despite the fact that the federal government has traditionally funded about 7% of all educational spending in this nation - when California decides to trim educational spending because of budget pressures - the closest REPUBLICAN will receive the blame for these cuts.

Not that facts matter or anything but:

* AIDS Relief For Africa

Once again - a picture is worth a thousand words:

Even some leftists who otherwise hate Evil Bush have to admit that he has spent far more money on AIDS relief for Africa than his predecessor despite the fact that the prior president had a large contingent of "Negro Leaders" on Air Force One as he went to Africa. I show this chart in particular to underscore my claim that "THE BLACK COMMUNITY IS SOLD OUT IDEOLOGICALLY" in our present state. We love our PERMANENT FRIENDS more than we are committed to our PERMANENT INTERESTS.

* War Spending

A BOOK is worth more than a BOMB - she says.

It is great to be an abstract theorist.

You can't defend your nation with BOOKS.
Besides - there are millions of books within our communities that are collecting dust for want of someone to actually read them.

* Health Care For All

Your desire for "Health Care for All" does not justify a systematic program to take money from other people in pursuit of your goal. It seems that a people seeking to provide such a benefit would first ask those who stand to benefit the most to GIVE ALL THAT THEY CAN toward this effort before they go after the "selfish". Yet we see so much squandered potential and underutilized brains in the very communities who need to be cultivating doctors and medical professionals in support of their own interests.

Indeed if Barack Obama can point to our "failure to inflate our own tires" as part of the problem for oil consumption then certainly the claim that there are far too many unemployed minds who are not working toward addressing the health care issues is justified.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hard Knock Radio - Where Hip-Hop Meets Leftist Political Indoctrination

"Hard Knock Radio" KPFA

We feature in-depth interviews and profiles with elected officials, community leaders, activists, Hip Hop artists and musicians. We give voice to community concerns and offer a unique forum to explore issues relevant to the hiphop/urban community. We've covered a variety of subjects like; Hip Hop Appreciation Week, The War on Terrorism,The Prison Industrial Complex, Asian/ Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Domestic Violence, Teen Pregnacy and the Middle East Crisis to name a few.

Some of our recent guests have been; KRS-One, Russell Simmons, Saul Williams, Sarah Jones, Yuri Kochiyama, Al Sharpton, Mystic, Cornel West, Ben Harper, Tavis Smiley, Sista Souljah, Blackalicious, Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Dilated Peoples, Kool Moe Dee, Afrika Bambaataa, The Coup, Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, Paris, Chuck D and Reverend Jesse Jackson to name a few.

Need I say any more?

Yesterday as I turned on the radio in my car the station was tuned to WRFG in Atlanta. I had been listening to the Caribbean music show over the weekend and thus I was treated to another episode of "Hard Knock Radio".

"Hard Knock Radio" is the voice of the young, energetic, left-wing, Hip Hop crowd. It appears to seek to shift their anger and frustration about society into more productive and "progressive" channels.

Yesterday's show caught me because of the logical reasonings of one of the guests. He was a Hip Hop artist from the West Coast. He was planning a series of concerts with rapper "Too Short".

The artist talked about the impact of Education funding cuts in California. In his view this was RACIST in nature. Most people in the public schools are PEOPLE OF COLOR and thus the best way to keep people from taking over is to "deny them education" in his view. In his view we must "GET SOME education in order to gain power".

I could not help but to see my metaphor of the "Unwashed masses being RAINED UPON" in this case with EDUCATION that is enabled and funded by the successful destruction of this EXTERNAL adversary who is holding us back and thus the resources that they have secured will "WASH US ALL"!!

Listening to these people assist me in understand the great challenges that we face as Black people in regards to the LOGISTICAL implementation of effective solutions to our problems.

Of course, in this guy's view 'the election of Barack Obama' is going to fix all of his problems. Had he done some real interrogation and inspection he would see that the great Barack Obama has plans to increase federal school funding by $18 billion over what Evil Bush has spent. He would also make note that the federal government's funding for education has hovered around 7% for several decades. $18 billion is a pittance when shared with 50 states - not a REVOLUTION. This guy's ideological bondage does not afford him the tools to make such an analysis.

His real problem resides mostly locally and then at the state level. Their lack of resources for education is partially due to the national economic conditions but mostly due to local economic conditions and the policies that have created them.

As I listened to the guy talk about how he is going to "get education" I had to translate the obstacles that are present in the real world. It is my view from being in the classroom that the largest force suppressing effective education within inner cities is the prevailing culture and the related discipline and behavioral problems that it creates.

Ultimately this rapper and the "Hard Knock Radio" show itself is about fighting the SYSTEM than it is about actually acheiving its goals on the backs of the very people it claims to want to help. When the people are asked to play the central part in their own salvation - their plan falls apart. They are focused on THE SYSTEM. Even when they are "ALL BY THEMSELVES" in their own cities and states that they dominate they will seek to nationalize their entitlements because, plain and simply, they are UNABLE to field an ECONOMIC system that will ever fund that which they demand. In a perverted way - they HATE capitalism on the front end but need to retain "the goose that laid the golden egg", confiscating the proceeds from it as the primary means of funding their "social justice" efforts. (Thing of their plans like "Health Care funded by Cigarette Taxes". They are opposed to smoking but if they destroy the cigarette industry - they lose their health care funding source. Thus they are simply expressing outrage as a means of tenderizing the prey for confiscation).

Monday, August 18, 2008

The "LampBlack" Leftist Political Operative

I guess it comes with the territory. I go out of my way to subscribe to as many "Black Progressive" e-mail newsletters as possible as a means of keeping a pulse on what my ideological adversaries are thinking. Since they operate in the name of "The Black Best Interests" I figured that they would be more disciplined at what they throw out under this banner.

As I filter through the deluge of messages it is clear to me that he guidance that was first vocalized by the great Black Conservative opinion writer George S. Schuyler regarding the foundation of foundations of the artists in the "Harlem Renaissance" is also true for the majority of the Black left wing political operatives working today - they are not original, possessing some unique and authentic set of positions regarding "Blackness". They are instead "LampBlack Political Leftists" who's cause happens to be a set of interests most prominent to Black people.

Just as the Environmental Left applies their brand of liberalism to energy policy and land management. Just as the Social Activist Left applies their brand of leftist/progressive dogma to issues regarding the class divide between the corporate class and the poor and working too does the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser" apply the leftist pedagogy and dogma with regards to all issues Black.

I am not sure how I got added to some of these lists. I know that I have signed up to a few well known news letters - ACORNs and one that was associated with a spin off from "The Black". Now I receive "RNN" and a constant bombardment of messages from "JP". I have no idea who forwarded my name to these people.

These two posters "JP" and "RNN" have it bad though. Any conspiracy theory that you can think of in which the United States is the mal-actor - they've got it! I made a prediction that by week's end - the United States will have been made to be the instigator of the "Russian / Georgian conflict". They did not disappoint. They love subjects such as "The Prison Industrial Complex", "America's political prisoners", "Karl Rove should be in jail", "The Impeachment of evil Bush", "Corporations stole the homes of Black folks in the mortgage crisis".

Thus when we get to "All Issues Bush" it comes as no surprise that these SUPPOSED "Black best interests" town criers can't control themselves in having a field day. Thus we have the yellow journalism of the snapshots of "Evil Bush" attending the Olympics. In their view "Bush is drunk" per the pictures forwarded on this particular leftist web site:

How Many Secret Service Agents Does It Take To Hold Up A Pink-Faced Drunk?

Bother to prove that evil Bush was drunk? Why bother - just go with the script

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The NAACP Legal Defense Fund Condemns Mugabe on Booker Rising

[quote]LDF has for decades fought against the exclusion of African Americans from democracy in the United States. We have challenged countless measures to disfranchise African Americans and to deny them full participation in their democracy

Dear NAACP Legal Defense Fund:

I have been watching your organization for several years. I first of all want to express my happiness that the events in Zimbabwe have deteriorated to the point where your organization must express an unequivocal condemnation of Robert Mugabe and his actions against his people. I give you my unqualified praise for your action.

Now I would be remiss if I didn't also mention that I have been one of your organization's harshest critics over the years. I believe that you all have done things to earn such scrutiny. I am not convinced that YOUR VERSION of "fighting for the rights of Black Americans" is in fact doing so regarding many issues that the Black community is plagued with.

I will keep my statement brief in order to avoid deletion by the board administrator. I must ask you (and your board chairman) one question:

Does the NAACP Legal Defense Fund view the unchecked murder of Black people on the streets of America - with 91% of the murderers of said Black people being BLACK as a CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION of the now dead Black people or at least a CRISIS IN CIVIL RIGHTS?

With certain cities having an unacceptably low HOMICIDE CLOSURE RATE and thus so many KILLERS OF BLACK PEOPLE still free walking the streets of America - how is it that Rep John Lewis and Senator Chris Dodd's attempt to find "Civil Rights Murders" of 50 years ago labeled a CIVIL RIGHTS action for JUSTICE but the people who have killed Black people TODAY and who's living status being far more certain DOES NOT elicit a response from an organization like yours who proclaims to be "Advancing Justice for Colored People"?

Just as the SCLC has planned to expand overseas to spread its message to the rest of the world all the while people are dying en masse right around the corner from their new headquarters building in Atlanta - I must ask how you all can logically focus on Mugabe's deeds when there is a record amount of NON-JUSTICE for Black victims of homicide right in your own back yard which you don't even need a passport to investigate?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ice Cube's Obfuscation

I created this particular blog because it is important for me to note how the various

* Black Politicians
* Black Activists
* Black Preachers
* Black Academics
* Black Journalists

and in this case

*Black Entertainers and Artists

inject their own ideological rationalizations into the conversation on RACE and coping skills held by the Black community en masse. Absent proper analysis of their actions - we are going to continue on this track.

Classic technique that is very effective among Negroes.

Please make note of the video above.

What is the challenge that Ice Cube is responding to? The charge that "Gangsta Rap is a bad influence on young people and that it undergirds much of the violence in the communities that it projects from and is consumed in the most".

Ice Cube's response? He attempts to turn the tide. He shows that AMERICA is a violent nation. "Violence is as American as Cherry pie".

He then goes on to feature Iraq, Enron, Halliburton, Abu Ghrab, Virginia Tech shooting and of course - what hip hop video would be complete without GEORGE W. BUSH?

But wait Ice Cube! Let us LOGICALLY work through the challenge and then determine what your "We Learned It From You" defense brings forth as an actual SOLUTION to the problems that Black people face.

You see folks I have called out the "Attack the Critic" strategy and or the "You all are in the mud so WE DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM that needs to be addressed" strategy on several occasions. While it is effective in turning the tide upon your does not do a DAMNED THING with regard to the problems that you have WITHIN.

So Ice Cube let us set the stage - from WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY. I will even take your bait and use Evil George Bush's actions as a reference.

In the year 2007 there were (I will round downward) 14,000 homicides in the United States of America. Of that number 7,000 Black people were the victims. Of the murderers who were identified 91% of these killers of these Black people were BLACK THEMSELVES. 7,000 people dead from a racial group in our society that is only 14% of the entire population. We focus so much on how Blacks are OVERREPRESENTED in so many of the negative portrayals in America. We what do you say when our own actions are the key force making this the case.

I can tell from your video that you are no fan of Evil George W. Bush. Bush's Iraq/Afghanistan policy has lead to the deaths of 4,500 Americans in 5 years. It is interesting that when I listen to various Black Progressive operatives - they are more inclined to list IRAQ as a problem than they are to list BLACK ON BLACK HOMICIDE as a problem. I recently wrote a post about two different Black Progressives who noted that "There are too many Black men on the front lines in Iraq WHO ARE BEING KILLED" and thus Iraq is at or near the top of the list of concerns for the Black community.

Wait a minute. 4,500 dead Americans over 5 years versus 7,000 dead Black folks domestically IN ONE YEAR and you mean to tell me that IRAQ IS A GREATER THREAT TO THE BLACK COMMUNITY? PLEASE!

(Important side note - at this point many people will talk about the 'dead Iraqis' which add to the death count. The official estimates by the US military is that between 35,000 and 45,000 Iraqi people have died in Iraq from direct military action by the United States military. These numbers of 150,000 to 300,000 people dead that certain people like to use stems from their perverted analysis which says that though we see IRAQIS setting off bombs in open markets and thus killing fellow Iraqis and fellow Muslims......had the United States not invaded they would not have been provoked to kill their own people. This type of inferiorization of the Iraqis as being a function of the US action essentially says that these 'savages' are unable to act with regards to their own volition. The USA upset the iron grip that Saddam had upon these people which effectively kept these savages from killing each other. The USA opened the box there fore the USA is responsible for these savages acting as they do. This is the implicit assumptions placed upon the Iraqi people by some people living at a distance).

What we actually have is yet another example of "Look past the local policies that you control and focus on the NATIONAL REPUBLICANS because they are fair game for attack within the Black community".

Let us consider the impact of Ice Cube's POPULAR rationalization and obfuscation by asking some key questions.

1) Where as the Black community has a serious problem with violence and homicides today - did Ice Cube's message do anything to reduce these problems that most negatively impact Black people?

2) (This is a key question) If we attempt to identify a set of standards WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY to measure our own behavior that has no dependency on the standards and the hypocrisy that is seen within the WHITE COMMUNITY....would the pressing problems that the Black community is dealing with (the ones that we LEARNED from these outsiders as Ice Cube says) reside ABOVE THESE STANDARDS and thus are not a problem or would they fall BELOW THESE STANDARDS and thus they stand as a PROBLEM regardless of WHO WE LEARNED THEM FROM?

I get frustrated by the rationalizations that are projected as SOLUTIONS within our community. Certainly Ice Cube's stance - while it might be attractive to the ideological critics of Bush and this current national police DOESN'T DO A DAMNED THING at addressing the problems that people are talking about within the Black community.

While it would be very unrealistic of me to expect that we will have zero murders and assaults around the nation I believe that most would agree that we have an epidemic of homicides, assaults and general violence that is not sustainable within our community.

Instead of this EXTERNAL REFERENCE defensiveness that we just saw from Ice Cube and the majority of Black operatives that we are likely to hear we need to switch to an INTERNAL STANDARD upon which we MANAGE. What is the appropriate homicide rate for the city of Philadelphia, for example. With a city of X size what homicide rate is acceptable for our STANDARD and what must the community ACTIVELY do to maintain such a standard?

When I hear ACTIVE plans rather than DEFENSIVENESS from the usual suspects then I will change my mind as to me current belief that their RATIONALIZATIONS are the key POPULAR thoughts which defend the status quo WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY and insure that we don't advance.

If indeed we are BEHIND in so many measures as people say - this is only going to change if WE ACT as if we are in a state of emergency rather than DEMANDING that the government service us as if WE ARE IN A STATE OF EMERGENCY.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Those Darned "National Republicans" - They Keep Us From Focusing On The Local Incompetents


Time period between New Orleans flooding and when the "Federal Rescue" was fully mobilized: 96 hours

Time period between Hurricane Betsy and Hurricane Katrina in which the Beholden people of New Orleans could have done something SUBSTANTIAL as they realized that they were 25 feet under sea level in the Lower 9th Ward: 236,000 hours!!!

[quote]Thanks to the last eight years of the type of Republican rule this country has experienced, I suspect it will be many, many more decades to come.[/quote]

Victoria - this is what frustrates me the most about some Black folks. They can tell you all of the "damage" that the "National Republicans" have done in 8 years (and they were not in power for 8 years) while they are LOATHED to talk about the damage that the Local Negros have done for the past 40 years. I read an article in which the clown prince Michael Eric Dyson said that Black students have been LEFT BEHIND by the REPUBLICANS. Victoria - could you find me a SINGLE REPUBLICAN that is on the school board of ANY BLACK MAJORITY PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM around the nation?

New Orleans and Katrina showed me the DAMAGE that people who have received the PROGRESSIVE TREATMENT have sustained in their lives.

Just consider the overall aspects of the Katrina disaster alone. Leave out the obvious notions of how blacks themselves should have behaved, or the way that disgusting, self-involved Nagin should have behaved, or any number of other "should haves." How could blacks ever again look at that federal government run by the GOP and take it seriously?[/quote]

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


A Lower 9th Ward dweller:

KNOWS he lives 25 feet below sea level (I have walked around the place with my own GPS)

KNOWS that there is a canal with cement walls just a few hundred feet away from his house

KNOWS that his place was flooded during hurricane Betsy and a few other storms that have occurred since

Victoria - what person in their RIGHT MIND would look for a force that is headquartered about 1,000 miles away while not doing anything SIGNIFICANT to protect their own selves?

Did any of the local hack politicians recommend an INFLATABLE RAFT for every home that is 25 feet below sea level? If they can manage to hand out CONDOMS for the protection of the people why not hand out something that is rubber and inflatable which could REALLY save their lives?

All of this is water under the bridge though Victoria. If you look at the Lower 9th Ward to-damned-day you will see.....THEY ARE REBUILDING THE PLACE not having put one ounce of FILL DIRT to raise the ground level as compared to the sea level. And the reconstructed levees are LEAKING AGAIN!!!!!

Instead of asking "What Black person is going to ever vote for a GOP national government" YOU NEED TO BE ASKING What Black person in their RIGHT MIND would choose to follow the same course of action that put them at risk before.

It is interesting that where I live there are big time legal battles about handing out zoning variances for builders who seek to construct building in FLOOD PLAINS. They often LOSE because of the RISK OF FLOODING. Yet in large expanses of New Orleans the ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD IS A FLOOD PLAIN and you have the never to talk about the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. (Oh I'm sorry not the federal government but the "GOP RUN Federal government".)

You are close to replacing Candace on my list of irreverent female posters on the board.

I'm sure there are thousands of white New Orleans residents who will have nothing further to do with the Republicans, due to the manner in which their city's catastrophe was treated.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Watch - The "Cherry Picking Professor" Strikes Again

Offending Site: The (Or more accurately "The Huffington Post In Black Face" (or are they or DailyKos?)

The Subject: "The Cherry Picking Professor" is on his 'Free The Move 9" kick once again. Having recently posted a "Free Mumia Abu Jamal" post on his personal blog a few months ago - he continues to apply is ABSTRACT THEORIES to the rest of the world. Out of all places the man operates from the CITY OF PHILADELPHIA!!! Out of all of the issues around "people who have been shot dead" on the streets of the "City of Brotherly Love" why does this guy focus on a case that is 30 years old rather than the (hold on let me check my friend "Field-Negro's" web site - to get the most accurate murder count - be right back) 187 dead.

Dr. Hill:

I have been observing your articles and your positions over time. I now call you the "Cherry picking professor" and here is why. Your position as an "abstract" casual observer of the events going on in Philadelphia today (2008) afford you the opportunity to make note of all of the problems and challenges that Black people in that city face but choose to pursue those issues which are most comfortable with your ideology.

After all you are a "Champion of Justice" while "We should spare no expense for the freedom and liberty for all"!!!!

But wait. Philadelphia!!!!!!
You all have an out of control homicide rate which disproportionately impacts the Black community. How many families of those who are dead have seen JUSTICE? Are the killers of their loved ones receiving their day with the judge and jury or are they still walking the streets?

You see Dr. Hill - let me give you a hint on my "agenda". I realize that you and others are "populists". I, a so called Black Conservative am not going to be able to "out popularize you". You know the "pulse of the Black community" - or more accurately - that which can get Black folks riled up.

Thus my strategy is to make a list of all that ails our community and then make note of that which YOU ALL choose to focus on. I then make an appeal to the Black community to stack rank those issues which are important to them and thus compare their list to YOUR LIST.

Indeed Dr. Hill SOMEONE needs to speak up for the MOVE 9 and also your mentor - Mumia "Killa Mu" Jamal. As a free agent you are allowed to carry their torch. But as you seek to prevent that ant who is crossing the road from getting hit by a car - there is a heard of valuable cattle (young Black folks) who are being made into road kill. There will be no activist parade from you - as their KILLERS are not a political and ideological target for you. So they die without having any particular value as defined by those who have killed them.

You see Dr. Hill - the police and "the system" is your target. Let one cop kill a Black man an you are "on it". How do you reconcile the notions of the 'QUALITY" of the killer/purveyor of harm to Black folks (Police, Justice system, etc) with the "QUANTITY" of harm that stems from Black Killa Thugs that are terrorizing the streets of Philadelphia and other places Dr. Hill? Aren't you abstract to the real threat to our people?

I am building a video archive evaluation and future publishing in some form. I am making note of Black people who mention the word "terrorized", "threatened", "in fear of my life" and associated words. I am making note of WHO they are talking about when they make such a comment.

Dr. Hill do you figure that "The Police" are the most frequent threat that is mentioned?

Look around you Dr. Hill - there are many, many, many more SUBSTANTIVE issues that you need to be talking about which, if fixed, would mean much more to Black folks than the release of the Move 9 or Mumia "Killa" Mu from prison.

TV One Parties At The Democratic National Convention

You are wrong if you think this is a story about "Black Media bias". It is not.
As a struggling television network, TV One is allow to use its limited budget to go to which ever event it chooses to.

Also since 90%+ of Black folks support the Democratic party what sense does it make to have an after-party at the Republican National Convention and attempt to get some White folks to dance with them anyway?

Also TVOne will say that they are attending the DNC because of the historical event - the Democrats are poised to nominate the first Black man as the leader of their party and their presidential campaign. Indeed they are justified to represent this news story.

As for me - what is my beef. Not a thing. I am of the opinion that it is not my job to tell those who I believe to be biased operatives what to do. Surely if I want to be ignored telling them what to do is a way to achieve this.

Nope - my strategy is to provide illumination on the full slate of "Black concerns" rather than just on the ones that these biased operatives seek the Black community to focus upon.

You see - it is true that the Democratic party is far more popular WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY than any other party. They hold a vice-grip lock over every single elective seat in any Black majority county around the nation where BLACK PEOPLE make the final decision. In fact, according to my research, there are more INDEPENDENTS taking up the secondary space in this count of who represents the Black community than there are REPUBLICANS. Let's just make it plain - the average Black person does not like REPUBLICANS!!! Fair.

As for my agenda - My goal IS NOT to sway Blacks to the Republican Party - I AM A "CONSERVATIVE INDEPENDENT. Not a REPUBLICAN". My goal is to shift the long posed question around. That question of:

"Give me a reason as to why Black folks should vote for Republicans?"

It is clear that the answer has not been successfully addressed.

The new question for a people that has a near 100% Democratic monopoly majority upon their community MUST BE:

"With all of the grievances that you have WITHIN YOUR COMMUNITY can you tell me why BLACK PEOPLE SHOULD KEEP DOING WHATEVER THEY ARE DOING?"

This question IS NEVER going to be asked by a "Democrat Who Is Black". What does he gain from this sort of introspection? I am specifically speaking of the BLACK PRESS/MEDIA.

Most of the Black Press/Media are PROGRESSIVES in their ideology. Thus even if the Black community is 100% run by PROGRESSIVES, failure in the school system, upon the violent streets or in the business districts will simply mean that their PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT must SCALE NATIONALLY in order to get more traction at solving the problems WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY!!

When you are a "Progressive-Fundamentalist" everything appears to be a job for "progressivism" to solve. As long as the people who you write about are staying on message - their FAILURE is not going to be seen as their own. Instead it will be seen as the need for the fundamental adoption of these principles, removing all offending (conservative) elements which have caused the failure.

Thus the mantra of those covering the Black community is NOT to look at the FAILURES of the POPULAR POLICIES that have been implemented but focus on who has STOOD IN THE WAY from having the PROGRESSIVE POLICIES successfully implemented. Thus there is a foregone conclusion about PROGRESSIVISM being the one and only "correct" ideology for Black people.

Who is going to stand ACCOUNTABLE for the serious problems that we have in our schools, on our streets and in our business districts WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY? Certainly we are not going to PARTY our way to a solution.

I a perverted way - TV One's choice to cover a PARTY rather than the Convention is similar to the "Martin Luther King - the Dreamer / Barack Obama - The Dream Come True" t-shirts that are selling like hotcakes throughtout the Black community. It transitions Barack Obama - A POLITICIAN - over to the Black Racial Development domain when he IS NOT. It shows a people who lack structural logistical skills to transition themselves from within but instead are seeking a savior who can lead them along the way.

The key point of concern for this "TV One Party" is that out of all of the elements they chose to cover about the Democratic National Convention - a serious, political convention where the Democrats will choose their candidate who will lead this nation is that........they choose to put on a buffoonish commercial and choose to PARTY.

Paul Wharton - America's Next Top Model (Entertainment)
Jamie Foster Brown - Gossip columnist (Entertainment)
Jacque Reid - A career journalist
Marcia Dyson - An Ordained Minister
Michael Eric Dyson - A Professional Character Assassin
(Oh, Did I tell you that I don't like Dyson? )

Aside from Jacque Reid (and the question about Marcia Dyson) - everyone else is from the entertainment domain. I was disappointed to see Jacque Reid - who has a journalism background and is a long time anchor with BET News - associate herself with such an endeavor.