Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The New Framework For Black Political Activism

Once again - this is just a log of my own words that were put on another person's blog, stored here for my own reference.



It is critical that all discussions be made to lead off with: "What are the core goals of our people?"

* Safe Streets so that we can bond as a community
* Education which trains us to provide the solutions to our problems and needs
* Economic Development which allows our people to be employed as we also provide the goods and services that our community needs
* Healthy lifestyles so that we might enjoy a long life

(I have also added two constraining principles to force the hand of certain people who are too comfortable:

* Implementation of the first 4 goals in the most COMPREHENSIVE and EFFICIENT way possible
* Implementation of the above 5 goals as ORGANICALLY as possible with as little external dependency as possible)

THIS, Cobb, more than PARTY is what we need to key upon.

When I heard you talk about "joining the Republican Party" as a pretext of reestablishing a certain social order - I ALSO thought about the Democratic operatives who are going to shoot you down. You are at the tactical level and their job, as they see it, is to STOP YOU.

The list above is at the foundation level.

My personal goal IS NOT to have more Black Republicans. My personal goal (listen up Darkstar) is to REMOVE THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY (and the associated leftist policies) FROM THE CORE OF OUR COMMUNITY back out to the periphery where it belongs. The worst possible condition for Black people to be in mentally is to have the ASSUMPTION that our racial development vehicle resides upon the Democratic party. This has proven time and time again to be FALSE.

Barack Obama as president will no doubt create a dust cloud that APPEARS to support their notion of racial advancement. Unfortunately THIS ONE MAN is NOT evidence of racial advancement any more than Oprah being a billionaire is evidence of the prosperity of you or me.

If you consider the list above - there is actually a GROWING threat to progress of each of the 4 founding points.

The only logical strategy is to present this list. Have Black agree in principle that this is indeed their goal

and then ASK THE QUESTION - With those who you POPULARLY ASSUME as having the Best Interests of Black people in power all throughout your community and continuing to have your support as such.......ARE THESE GOALS BEING FULFILLED?

Sadly the answer is NO, especially where Black folks are most concentrated.

The "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser" is wise in his knowledge of his own people though. He will simply listen to my charge that "where their policies are most dominant......Black people are suffering the most" and use this as an opportunity to EXPAND THE POLICE TAPE. He will make note that the city or county that they now popularly run does not have the RESOURCES to be successful, that BANKS are not loaning money, that SCHOOLS are under funded, that young boys who can't find work turn to crime. He will thus get the buy in for a forbearance upon scrutiny of his work while in position and get the Black masses to instead join in on the PERPETUAL EXPANSION. "We need to climb to that next plateau and gain control of it so that benefit can flow down to the lower plateau which we now stand".

In truth this is 100% backward. We need to learn how to MANAGE the existing plateaus that we now stand and then upon developing best practices - how to provide our own financing when no one else will, how to produce safe streets, how to deliver effective education - THEN scale this to a greater scope.

The fact is that they seek BUY IN because their movement appears to be FORWARD MOVEMENT when it is not. The Black male in particular is under more of a threat today about his future than ever before. The people presiding over his interests are allowed BY OUR COMMUNITY to escape any particular accountability as they PROJECT this accountability elsewhere.

Where as the Black voter is currently tied to a framework that HAS NOT proven to be in his best interests (except in the fight against White folks).....there is a strong need to develop a more sturdy and fundamental framework for the masses to get divereted to (for the longer period of time in the future that we are ALL BY OURSELVES).

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