Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Blog Response On The "Native Fire Dance" Over Jesse Helms' Carcass

Note: This is not a note of bias but instead a permanent reference to my own line of thinking for my own record keeping.

Blog: Booker Rising

Issue: The Death Of Senator Jesse Helms - Long time adversary to civil rights for Black folks; Author of our current policy with Cuba and a convert to the cause of the fight against Global AIDS

tvd and dougie:

Neither of you are worthy debate adversaries for me or many others.

Let me give you some background on what I am doing:

In my observations of Black people - MY PEOPLE - I notice that there are certain issues and people who provoke gratuitous responses - as we have seen above. I am not questioning if these men deserve this or not.

My issue is about the propensity of you all to focus your scorn on these individuals while, as I point above, not say a damned thing about an entire different set of enemies who are doing as much or more material harm - with abundant proof right before your face. You all prove your fraudulence and your inability to move beyond your intellectual bondage. This limitation allows you to only throw the stones at targets that are POPULARLY commissioned by the thought leaders of your race and your ideology.

If you were a "justice system" your scales would have one tray dangling in the wind as evidence of the GUILTY getting away with your implicit blessing while the other tray is glued to the ground underneath it as it is weighed down by not only your thumb but your entire torso.

Some of you all function like the "security guard" who proverbially "follows the Black guy around the store" because you know that he will steal something - except - in your system of justice you keep watch of the "White racist conservative" while the "White racist liberal" and Black thug fill their pockets with the contents from your store.

I refuse to join in on the "native fire dance" with the beat of drums throbbing in the background as you dance around this one man's carcass. Per your perverted religion - by beating the "spirit" out of this man's body you believe that you are ADVANCING your own spiritual completeness in doing so. He is now dead and thus has shown that HE IS BUT ONE MAN who will be taken to meet his maker. Clearly it was THE SYSTEM and not this one man who is your problem

BUT WHAT ABOUT "THE SYSTEM"? As this man's spirit has left this earth in 2008, having been outside of "the system" for years.......PEOPLE OF YOUR OWN CHOOSING have control of THIS SYSTEM more now that ever before in the history of your American experience.

For me - I am not attacking you for "attacking this man" who probably deserves every bit of the attack. I AM CALLING YOU OUT BECAUSE OF YOUR CHOICES!!!

In the face of a LINE UP OF "ENEMIES" that harm are ONLY able to attack the LOW HANGING FRUIT among your enemies. When it comes to the enemies who are more damning to you today - as they CLOSER TO YOUR VITAL ORGANS......your CHOICE of SILENCE speaks volumes.

This one example with Jesse Helms is nothing more than another instance of what I have been calling you all out for for years. It is "racism chasing 101". This gives a forbearance to the LEADERS THAT YOU HAVE OVER THE ELEMENTS OF THE SYSTEM WHICH IMPACT YOU THE MOST.

* Your Public Schools - which are (supposedly) preparing your children for the future

* Your Law Enforcement That Keeps Your Street Safe - which has your people fearful of gathering on the streets at present

* Your Local Economic Development - that employs your people and allows them to trade for needed goods and services

Once again - I am affording you the opportunity to respond as you desire to the complete set of threats against you. I simply choose to CALL YOU ON the bias in your vision.

I am no Uncle Ruckus - this is but an immature cat call by those who cannot debate nor refute my challenge to them. I am married to a dark skinned Black woman, thank you very much. Ruckus - a cartoon character loves and worships White women.

Please take your level of debate to the BET message boards. You can't hang with the challenge.

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