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The "Habeas Corpus Theory" Crew

Do you remember my views about Abstract Intellectuals as posted in this blog entry regarding the attacks on Abe Lincoln and his chose to suspend the writ of Habeas Corpus who's actions could have turned Maryland and other states into the hands of the Confederates at the start of the Civil War? (

Well I think I found two Black females who fit this mold of Abstract Theorists.

NPR News And Notes: Roundtable: Obama In The Middle

First I must make my apology to God. While doing my daily power walk and listening to this show on my mobile device - I was made to cus up a storm per the comments of these two. I am sorry. If anyone who lives on the street that I was walking on hear me - I am sorry to them as well.

I simply can't take highly jaundiced debate tactics. Some people are able to argue both ways - coming and going if it protects that which is sacred to them but which, in fact, is not in line with what they CLAIM to value most.

Liza Sabater of Culture Kitchen, and Sharon Toomer of Black and Brown News

There were 3 distinct topics discussed in this form:

* Barack Obama's Co-Option Of Bush's Faith-based Initiative
* The "Oil" Justification for the Iraq War
* The Jamaican Immigrant Left For Dead In the New York Public Hospital

On all 3 topics these two women drove me to cus....and walk faster.

Barack Obama's Co-Option Of Bush's Faith-based Initiative.

Let me paint a picture for you.

Imagine a 350lb line backer who is the Black Political Operative. He also has a straight razor in his sock. George W. Bush has the ball. He attempted to make a run with the football labeled "Faith Based Initiative". This same defensive linebacker who tried his damnedest to strip the ball from the runner now stands at the end of the game and says "YOU FAILED!!! You did not distribute these funds to the Black church as much as you did to others. During the next game when MY GUY has the ball.....I am going to make sure that he distributes 'faith based funds' to Black churches as a sign of his openness and commitment to diversity."

Now all the while this same defensive back who is tauting the runner has blood dripping from his hands, having slashed at the runner, the ball and any other thing that he saw moving in his attempts to stop all forward progress of the offense that was repugnant to him.

This about sums up what I heard when listening to Sharon Toomer's explanation.

At no time did she attempt to shift the focus upon the Democratic Opposition AND the Black Operatives who sought to shoot down this very program that Obama is finding favor in. This was the second portion of my "cussing fit".

The first one was when I listened to iza Sabater and her "abstruct intellecutalizations" regarding the FISA act and how the telecomm firms "Aided and abetted the criminals"....opps sorry "The Bush Administration". She is forlorned by the notion that the "Audacity of Hope" Obama might not indeed be able to break away from REALITY in Washington DC and implement the fundamental CHANGE that she was hoping for after having written him a new check each month until she maxed out her legal limits in contributions to his campaign.

Folks - the only thing that keeps me said is my hope that SOMEWHERE in Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran there are some LEFTIST just like these people who are attempting to hold their own government's feet to the fire by detailing how THEIR ACTIONS have motivated the United States to attack them and thus they are attempting to MANAGE THE ACTIONS OF THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT rather than point out the violations of International law (in their view) of the "bad guys". (The "bad guys" would be the United States per the view of these abstract theorists, if you hadn't noticed).

I am not going to lie to you. As I was walking I thought to myself "I cound NEVER marry a straight up LIBERAL woman. No doubt the sex would be good but in day to day living - I would be forced to jump off of my rear balcony. I then thought about a few of my friends who have such wives to reaffirm my views.

"Illegal Wire Tapping of Civilians" she says!!!! Do you figure that she posted anything about what is going on in Washington DC regarding the 4th Amendment violations by the DC government in the Trinidad section of the city? Do you really?
This kills me. Abstration over REALITY!!

"He spent a whole year saying that he was going to go after the telcos.....". Excuse me Miss! What are you going to do now that he has disappointed you? VOTE FOR JOHN McCAIN??? PLEASE with your foolishness!!! He has your vote locked up. He AIN'T worrying about you right now. He needs to be PRAGMATIC so that he can get elected!!! (I am starting to cus again)

"Most people are on vacation and they are not necessarily paying attention"??????
Excuse me MISS!!! Maybe its that "Audacity of HOPE and CHANGE" that you brought into WHILE YOU WERE PAYING ATTENTION that has you most disturbed? I live Obama better WHEN YOU ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION!!! He is more pragmatic. Please pass a law so you can take MORE VACATION at your employers expense.

Sorry but now I am going to go back to a serial review - Sharon:

"Regarding the current 'Faith-based Initiative' the Black community has been the lest to benefit". Please refer back to the 350lb linebacker analogy.

"A lot of Black churches aren't getting those funds"
(Side note: I just spent about 45 minutes scrolling through all of the cartoons at "Black Commentator" seeking to find the exact cartoon that I was looking for. I have slacked off in my monitoring of Black Commentator for several months. The cartoos reminded me that there is an active Black left wing marketing contingent and that I still need to lear how do draw editorial cartoons.)

Now back to the point at hand. Do you see these two editorial cartoons about "Rev Greedy Gut" as posted on the highly baised web site "Black Commentator"? Does this give you any hint regarding the active campaign AGAINST "Faith Based Initiatives" that might have had the slightest impact on the Black church and their willingness to accept these funds and be called a "sellout" by the "Attack Sheep Dogs" who are the enforcers of ideology in our community?

"Obama has spent the last 8 months saying that he is going to review all of the Executive orders done under the Bush Administration".........
(I am sorry - I cussed again).
Please let us take a step back into history. Do you recall early in the evil Bush Adminisration when the Chinese plane bumped into the American surveilance plane near China? This UNEXPECTED incident turned into a "Cuba Missle Crisis"-like episode. Is this lady as CLUELESS as she seems in her believe that a President Obama is going to be able to AFFORD to look back in history rather than being on watch for the pending threats? This is so frustrating to me as I see that SOME PEOPLE actually deeply believe in the crap that they hear on the campaign trail. AGAIN!!! WHAT IS SHE GOING TO DO IN PROTEST? VOTE FOR McCAIN? I could not deal with this woman in a relationship. She has "stress ulcer" written all over her.

The "Oil" Justification for the Iraq War

(I am sorry. I cussed again after listening to the woman jump in on Cobb.)

The problem here is that "the left" never has to run through THEIR version of the scenario. I recall that at the start of the Iraq War I was debating a long time ideological adversary named "Saxman" on a different blog. He was noting that in the post-invasion Iraq there was no TRASH PICK UP and no CLEAN WATER flowing out of the tap and no sewage system. In this case the standard line for the "Anti-America Americans" was that evil Bush was not moving fast enough to restore basic services. NOW!!! they want to avoid "no bid contracts" and instead have the government procurement service put out the 2 inch thik RFP and go through a formal process to insure that everyone gets a chance at bitting on the deals.

Folks - I watched PBS "Wide Angle" last night regarding Darfur. This UN backed set of troops were supposed to get 26,000 troops in place witin this particular hot spot. They only had 9,000 personnel after about 6 months. I could not help but to notice that IF these forces faced the same partisan divide as "evil Bush" faced with the issues of Iraq someone, somewhere would be crying foul. I can only wonder if some of yo ever get TIRED of your own selves?

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