Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ebony Magazine - Who Is The "Coolest Black Male" Of All Time - Obama......Or Jay-Z?

Ebony Magazine: Style Poll

I am done with Ebony Magazine. Upon going to the grocery store and seeing Barack Obama......and Jay-Z listed as the "coolest Black men' on your cover I realized that your is not a serious magazine that a Black person could use to make appropriate political decisions for the best interests of our community. Didn't we have a "Hip Hop Mayor" who's "coolness" and style in dress appealed to us but all of this has proven to be a distraction to the critical issues of his leadership and character? If Obama is indeed elected president it will take more than "coolness" as depicted by sunglasses and a glam shot on your front cover that allows him to be effective. There are far too many challenging issues within our community for an 'American idol' type poll.

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