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AJC's Cynthia Tucker - She Who Has The Pen Crafts The Narrative

The information that I learned today settled things for me. With the Atlanta Journal Constitution having raised its daily print edition price to $0.75 I assured myself that my recent cutbacks in consumption of this particular paper would increase. I had cut my home delivery from Fri-Sat-Sun to Sunday only. I go to their web site to obtain most of the local news and political scene. As with most papers, the AJC has not yet figured out how to deal with the shifting fortunes and eyeballs from paper to electronic media.

I decided to catch up on the only Black female who racks my brain anywhere close to Julian Malveaux - Cythia Tucker - AJC's Editorial Board Publisher. There are few more consistently biased and selective individuals than Ms. Tucker. That is not counting her intellecutal cohort Jay Bookman or Ms. Tucker's spitting image in graphic arts - Mike Luckavich. I guess if I was not a conservative I would include Jim Wooten in with this crowd as well. He usually sits back and allows local politics to run its course and say - see I told you so.

The recent series of Ms. Tucker's posts caused me to laugh out loud and to be angered by her ability to craft the story. You had better believe that the same outcome across legislative bodies will not raise the ire of Ms. Tucker and have her making political party based notiations as to the reasons why things have turned out as they have.

First I must point out the laughable commentary about Rep John Lewis.
Tucker 6/25: Congress, John Lewis are a workmanlike match

But a standout in those roiling partisan waters is John Lewis, a liberal Democrat whom even ultraconservative Republicans don't like to cross. Lewis may not be a living saint — though Time magazine described him that way back in 1986 — but he is hardworking, principled and conscientious. That's reason enough to send him back to Congress.

Excuse me Ms. Tucker. Have you ever heard of Vine City Atlanta? They have a 32% closure rate on homicides in this area of the city. All the while this was the case in John Lewis' district last year he chose to partner with then presidential candidate Democrat Senator Chris Dodd to open up "Civil Rights cold case murders". Now here is the tie-in Ms. Tucker - as you glowingly report in your next paragraph - INDEED John Lewis has a history in the Civil Rights Movement. He is so closely tied to it, in fact, that he is able to skirt by the "Warm Bodied Black Folks of today" who are dying in the Vine City area with 68% of their killers walking the streets never to be caught. I am happy that Lewis gives a good narrative about the past. He needs to be freed of his House duties and allowed to go on a speaking tour. Too much of his antics are irrelevant to today. I see that he is your type of congressman though.

Lewis' principles have never wavered. A determined believer in nonviolence, he has always stood against war, voting against U.S. military action in the Persian Gulf in 1991 and again in 2002. He was among the first Democrats to suggest impeachment proceedings against George W. Bush, arguing that the president "deliberately, systematically violated the law" in authorizing eavesdropping without warrants. "He is not king, he is president," Lewis said.

Excuse me Ms. Tucker. Wasn't there a FISA Bill passed by the Democratic majority congress last week or so? Or did you miss it, as your eyes were no doubt bleary that the Supreme Court had upheld our 2nd Amendment rights last week?

Because of his near-mythic status as a young field marshal in the civil rights movement, even conversatives bowed to Lewis when he pushed to renew the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Though several Republicans had suggested it was time to end government oversight of election law in Southern states, Lewis insisted that racism still haunts too many precincts. Though Congress was still controlled by Republicans in 2006, the Voting Rights Act was extended.

This is what pisses me off the most about you Ms. Tucker. As we consider Clayton County Georgia and Dekalb County Georgia where Blacks and Democrats totally dominate - is RACISM their major problem or is it political incompetence - the kind that you are not going to scrutinize too harshly because the operatives doing the disassembly of these counties are liberal Democrats.

Next we have this week's edition of Ms Tucker's opinions.
Tucker 07/02: More service cuts, or thriftier Atlanta City Council?

One thing that you will not hear from Ms. Tucker regarding the Atlanta City Council (or with regard to Clayton County for that matter) is that they are absolutely dominated by DEMOCRATS!!! Atlanta does not have partisan elections but by my own estimation of the 16 Atlanta City Council members about 14 are confirmed Democrats. The mayor is a Democrat as well.

In the article Ms. Tucker points to the debt that the city has. She points to the burden that taxes have had on city residents. She points to the proposed increases in funds for use by City Council. She even points to the issue of Atlanta sewers who's $5 billion price tag has been swept under the rug by the last series of mayors and left as a stink bomb for Mayor Shirley Franklin.

Never once, however, does Ms. Tucker place any of the antics of the City of Atlanta politics (and again Clayton County's teetering on implosion) in terms of partisan politics as indeed "her side" is in dominant control of all of these entities.

Strangely enough - just as I do with the voters of Clayton County - I find myself waiting for there to be a preponderance of evidence in support of all that I have been saying all along and thus expect the blind partisans of the past to come around and admit that they have been shorted on many promises now that their ideological soul mates are in power over so much that matters the most to these operatives - our schools, our public safety, our local employment situation.

In the end - however - it is me who is left with the amazement of not knowing the capacity of these people to "move the goal posts". I must be honest. I was surprised that Ms. Tucker didn't blame a good portion of the problems with city finances on federal funds spent on the Iraq War that could have gone to fix sewers and other infrastructure in American cities.

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