Thursday, July 31, 2008

Can An "AfroSpear" That Is Bent To The Left Ever Fly Straight And Hit The Target EFFECTIVELY?

The AfroSpear is “setting Black agendas and shaping public opinion.” — Los Angeles Times

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A quote from Incognegro:
This is not an association I take lightly. The Black Blogosphere is the most dynamic and innovative force in Black Media (no…I am NOT exaggerating.) right now, and this membership is something I am extremely proud of.

As I scan the list of blogs in the Afro-Spear line up it is uncanny the number of members that I have had debates with over time about various issues. (Update: I am NOT saying that every single one of these blogs are 'hard left'. I know that several are not from personal experience. The ones that are 'hard left' make no bones about their being so.)

I have little doubt that in terms of POPULAR sentiments among Black people it is ME who is the outlier, not them. My response to this point, however, is as I always say "POPULARITY does not equal EFFECTIVENESS". This is triple the case with regard to the Black community. Where as no doubt most of the members of that blog roll are squarely in line with the POPULAR political and ideological ethos within the Black community - they should also be held accountable for they indeed control most of the chess pieces on the table WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

As I read through many of these blogs I see "Democratic National Committee talking points" throughout. Where as "Republican talking points" are a damnable offense for Black people - it seems that most are at ease with points that are in alignment with what they already feel comfortable with.

Let me be clear - I do not attempt to alter the viewpoints that people put forth. It is their right to do so under freedom of speech. HOWEVER - if they make certain representations - (ie: We are the authentic Black voice or I am a CHRISTIAN) then indeed I have a right to assemble a certain reference model by which most can agree is of integrity and then use it to measure them against the reference. Indeed - they can say what they want. I have a right to talk about GAPS in their focus as it relates to the reference.

How does one juxtapose the POPULARITY of this political and ideological dogma with the woeful situation that is present particularly in political districts that are highly concentrated by Black folks? (Certainly not ALL areas but certainly TOO MANY). One must question if these people are really interested in advancing the BLACK BEST MEASURABLE ON THE GROUND WITHIN THEIR COMMUNITIES or if they are interested in advocating and advancing their ideological perspectives.

In my previous blog posts I have stated that there is no QUANTITY dynamic in the concept of "SELLOUT". Instead "sellout" is the state of placing the interests of different entity ahead of those of the more immediate group that you have membership in. Thus it can be accurately said that if the POPULAR sentiment held by a large segment of the Black community places their ideological and partisan interests ahead of that which is their own best interests we simply have a LARGE GROUP OF SOLD OUT BLACKS.

The next dynamic of prevailing pressure must be included. This is the fact that since the position is POPULAR the usual people who CALL NAMES in the way of "shunning people" (ie: "offenders" such as Clarence Thomas and Condi Rice) will not be calling out the "sellout behavior" of THEIR OWN.......they are complicit with the act. Why would they call this "sellout behavior" to the carpet?

For me all of this is perfectly clear:

I can see no reason why a person who CLAIMS to be committed to achieving the best interests of the Black community would be opposed to having THEIR DOGMA inspected for alignment with these BLACK BEST INTERESTS......if THEY ARE INTERESTED IN EFFECTIVELY DELIVERING UPON THEM:

* Safe Streets to allow our people to commune and architect our relationships
* Quality Education that will train our people to solve problems and deliver services
* A Thriving Local Economic Environment to allow our people to be employed in the delivery of services
* Healthy Lifestyles to allow our people to live long, painfree lives
* The Above 4 done as COMPREHENSIVELY and EFFICIENTLY as possible
* The Original 4 entries being done as ORGANICALLY (from within) as possible

The key question for many of the AfroSpear members is - are you advancing your PEOPLE or your IDEOLOGY?

If so - how do you MEASURE the EFFECTIVENESS at which you are operating? (Is it WORKING?)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Black Talk Radio Hosts - Supporting Obama but what about the SUPPORTING THE BLACK COMMUNITY?

My assumption is (and I could be WRONG) but isn't the purpose of BLACK ACTIVISM in the POLITICAL space to craft a BETTER BLACK COMMUNITY as a result of these efforts? If we take a step back from our loyalties and make note that while INDEED there has been a great amount of POLITICAL success where the Black community has gotten people who are POPULARLY FAVORED into power where Blacks have a say in who sits in the seat......the RESULTS delivered to our communities have been tepid at best.

If our people can't see the dual fronts of the EXTERNAL fight for Civil Rights and Justice and the INTERNAL fight to prevent the CANCER FROM WITHIN from destroying us.....we are indeed lost as a people. Our organizations are fine tuned for the EXTERNAL fight. This lends itself toward protest rallies, boycotts and angry demands that "THEY CHANGE" so that THEY will stop hurting us.

The big failure comes in dealing with the INTERNAL CANCER CELLS. How do you protest against a "Thug"? You don't - they protest against the POLICE! First asking for more protection against the THUGS and then protesting because these same police have gotten too aggressive with their policing. What about the THUG? Well if he is arrested in too great of a proportion then he becomes a VICTIM OF THE SYSTEM. The story goes - "There are too many Black men in jail and the Prison Industrial Complex is attempting to make money off of them".

NY Times: Black Radio on Obama Is Left’s Answer to Limbaugh

“Urban stations can be in ’08 what Rush Limbaugh delivered for conservatives a generation ago,” said the Rev. Al Sharpton, who has a two-year-old radio program that is now syndicated on stations throughout the country, including in states like Georgia, Michigan, Ohio and North Carolina. “If you look at the political map of where our shows are, it matches the gap of unregistered voters.”

This month’s Ebony magazine lists Mr. Obama first among the “25 Coolest Brothers of All Time,” alongside Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X. Caribbean stations play songs about him, like “Barack Obama” by Cocoa Tea and “Barack the Magnificent” by the calypso star Mighty Sparrow. “We spin them three, four times a day,” said Sir Rockwell, the morning D.J. at WDJA in Delray Beach, Fla.

Earlier this year, attendees of the Black Entertainment Television network’s annual awards program, including the stars Alicia Keys and P. Diddy, turned it into an impromptu rally for the candidate (“Obama, y’all!,” Ms. Keys shouted upon receiving an award before a television audience of nearly six million people).

One caller to Mr. Ballentine’s show last week laid out some boundaries for him, as well: “All of us coming down on him and criticizing him before we give him a chance, you know, that might hurt his campaign — let’s get him in there first,” the caller said. Mr. Ballentine responded, “Brother, I would never criticize him — until he’s in the White House.

I was made aware of Warren Ballentine by a journalist who I met the other day as we were discussing the challenge of having the national media report on the issues (problems) within the Black community. It appears that Mr. Ballentine is aware of the gross problems in the 100% Democrat run Clayton County, Georgia. What I do question is if Mr. Ballentine is able to link the cognitive dissonance between the streets and his ultimate, blind support for this same MACHINE that is driving Mr. Obama toward the White House?

Monday, July 21, 2008

"The Root" - Under My Watch - at first glance it appears to be "The Huffington Post" in Black face. With the picture of Professor Marc Lamont Hill on the line up I can't help but to make a few assumptions.

Speaking of assumptions - what about mine? Most would argue that "The Root" is a reflection of POPULAR Black opinion and thus THEY are not out of line......I AM. This would be so IF you you see journalism (and I assume that they are journalists) is about ultimately driving home the BEST INTERESTS of a society by "keeping them honest" and exposing the truth. This is even the case if its "your version of the truth".

Thus my angle of analysis on these various Black Popular blogs is not to measure them for their talking points which sound like they stole a page from the Democratic National Convention planning session. No this would be too easy. The only logical and legitimate means of measuring an outfit who CLAIMS to be advancing the best interests of Black people is to have some pre-existing framework to define just what those "best interests" are and then to measure the POPULAR IDEOLOGY as to its efficacy in obtaining that which has been long promised.

I am monitoring 'The Root' and will report on them as appropriate. Their recent argument that the MORTGAGE INDUSTRY "stole" Black wealth one foreclosure at a time is straight "Link TV" in nature.

Even their logo is flawed. This is NOT TRUE!!! The historical legacy of "our people" has been of INDEPENDENCE and SELF SUFFICIENCY. We managed to live in the various climates that Africa presented to us all without destroying ourselves and our environment because of our culture and knowledge of the world.

Exactly who were our ancestors "Speaking truth to POWER" to.....when we were all alone?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Leftist Blogger Cheers DC's "How Many Bubbles In A Bar Of Soap" Gun Law

"How Many Bubbles In A Bar Of Soap?"

You all have heard this question asked of Black voters as a condition of their registration for voting. The trick is that the registrar holds the answer to the question and this answer can be anything that he chooses it to be. Even if the person answers correctly - he could claim that they are wrong because he will simply change it, thus the person fails.

Most people think that these "white racists" were fire breathing individuals who would all go to a lynching of a Black person if they had an opportunity. In truth of the network of White folks most were guilty of complicity by silence and sarcastically (read - 'being an asshole') making it difficult for Black folks to live an easy life, enjoying their liberty and their rights.

Thus when I read the post by my frequent ideological adversary BT on "Booker Rising" I found it particularly interesting and disturbing. BT lead off his post with "This should anger many CONSERVATIVES around the county......". This alone is the handiwork of a depraved individual.

How is such a spirit any different than what the racist White people who were forced to comply with a court ruling? There is no difference.

It is interesting that some of the most stalwart activists who comment on the antics of the "conservatives" are just as biased and willing to trample over people's rights. I guess that in their having seen how their adversaries work - they have adopted their tactics themselves.

Fox News: D.C. Council Allows Residents to Begin Applying for Handgun Permits

Anti-Obama Bloggers Have Their Accounts Locked By Obamaniacs

Fox News: Anti-Obama Bloggers Question Why Google Froze Their Accounts

Ahhhh the people who love FREE SPEECH strike again.

The people of the 'Verizon Wireless Man' show that its not just about him but the unsavory people that come along with the package.

Some bloggers opposed to Barack Obama say they suspect Obama's supporters — with the assistance of Google — may have tried to censor them when the Internet giant froze their Web sites for five days last month.

Seven blogs run by Democrats who oppose Obama’s nomination for the presidency were incorrectly flagged as spam sites by Blogger, the hosting service Google has owned since 2003. Google says it was an automated response from a spam filter.

But the bloggers believe that Web surfers who support Obama took advantage of a loophole in Blogger’s system that allows readers to report spam blogs, the artificial Web sites that abound on the Internet and are used to promote other sites.

"It appears that [Blogger's] policy can be manipulated by people determined to shut down the free exchange of ideas," said Carissa Snedeker, whose blog, BlueLyon, was among those that were frozen.

"It’s unusual — I’ve never heard of similar blogs of the same nature being shut down like that," said Danny Sullivan, editor-in-chief of the tech site

Google said in a press release that the blogs were blocked because an automatic spam filter had locked on to those seven Web sites.

"We believe this may have been caused by mass spam e-mails mentioning the ‘Just Say No Deal’ network of [anti-Obama] blogs, which in turn caused our system to classify the blog addresses mentioned in the e-mails as spam," Google wrote, referring to a coalition of disaffected Democrats who oppose Obama's candidacy.

Blogger quarantined the seven anti-Obama blogs on June 25 while it conducted a review, a process that took five days and made it impossible for the bloggers to write posts on the weekend of a joint event held by Obama and Hillary Clinton.

"Blogger’s 'guilty until proven innocent' approach is appalling," wrote blogger GeekLove on her site, Come a Long Way. She said she felt silenced by the freeze.

"The conclusion that many of us came to was that we were specifically targeted by some over-enthusiastic Obama supporters," Snedeker said.

The bloggers believe it's part of a larger campaign to evict them from left-wing sites like the Huffington Post and DailyKos.

Google says the bloggers' suspicions are unfounded. "Politics had absolutely nothing to do with this — it was a spam issue," Google spokesman Adam Kovacevich told

Sullivan said he would have expected more blogs to get shut down if there had been a concerted effort to stop anti-Obama sites.

"I think that there’s something weird, in general, that all these were shut down," he said, "but why, exactly, is uncertain."

As a result, all seven bloggers opened accounts with WordPress, a rival blog-hosting site, hoping to avoid such problems. The other affected blogs are Hillary or Bust, McCain Democrats, NObama Blog, The Political Lizard and Reflections in Tyme.

Google said it was addressing the issue and "constantly evaluating our policies and technology to reduce the number of false positives caught by our spam filters."

"We have restored posting rights to the affected blogs," it wrote, "and it is very important to us that Blogger remain a tool for political debate and free expression."

Snedeker wrote on her blog that she wasn’t satisfied with Google's gesture.

"How’s about a little benefit of the doubt for the next set of bloggers that get caught in your 'automated spam detection' maze?" she wrote.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Black Folks And Fox News

You Tube: Nas - Sly Fox (Fox News Diss)

For me - when certain snails are squirming - the salt must be working.

I am a fan of Fox News. They are a much needed commodity in this world people who get to define WHO is a RACIST. It is funny that the easiest way to become a racist is to DISAGREE with those who control this label.

Funny though how the same people who hate Bill O'Reilly love themselves some Keith Olbermann. He is no doubt a friend of the Black man.


The recent reaction about Jesse Jackson's comments proved the worth of Fox News. The analysis provided by O'Reilly and Bernie Goldberg were of great value. They already know that they are going to be called racists so they don't try to water down the hard analysis that is needed to expose the left wing fear merchants for what they are - frauds who hide behind the shield of race so that they won't have to own up to their own failures in policy.

I take it that as a Black man I am expected to agree with all that NAS is saying and boycott Fox.

For the record - I disagreed with Bill O'Reilly in his characterization about NAS and his lyrics about gun use. NAS is not a "thug rapper" and has produced several "conscious raps" throughout the years. As far as Camron and Dash - O'Reilly was on point.

It is shameful that more activity is spent on repelling the "assault" from the "bigoted White man" than on ENFORCING STANDARDS among our own people. We find ourselves DEFENDING the indefensible because we don't like the fact that a White man is leading the criticism. Upon getting him to SHUT STILL have the problems within the community.

We need to manage our own standards and THEN ignore what the outsiders think because our standards are higher than there's.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

AJC's Cynthia Tucker - Obama's Unpaid Staffer

In 2005 I had planned to create a blog called "Eye On The Cynthia's". It was going to be an audit trail of the 2 Cynthia's who's antics made my blood pressure rise - Cynthia McKinney the politician and Cynthia Tucker the AJC Editorial page publisher. While these two have had a running battle with each other over the years as unfavorable articles have been followed by a law suit at one point, the truth of the matter is that they are two sides of the same coin. Ms. Tucker does with her pen what Ms. McKinney does with her mouth. This is to pick and choose crusades which may or may not key upon the biggest issues in play that day and insure that the narrative is told their way. The way where there is a strong left bias toward the tale.

Consider the story below regarding Black Democratic senatorial candidate Vernon Jones. Jones is the current CEO of Dekalb County, a majority Black county to the east of Atlanta. He is a popular figure in this area. It appears that Jones' major sin with regard to Ms. Tucker is that he had the AUDACITY to refer to himself as a "conservative" and, as you see in the article, he dared to make reference to the "liberal media".

Background information is required to expose the ways of Ms. Tucker. You see in this story Ms. Tucker makes use of the conservative Christian evangelists in Georgia and how they might resist Vernon Jones. Please document this as the first time in history Ms. Tucker has made any type of positive (OK let's call it neutral) reference to the views of the Conservative Christian evangelist and how they might come out and enforce their particular set of values.

Typically Ms. Tucker would refer to them more specifically as bigots and a breed that needs to go extinct. Since her target today is conservative Vernon Jones the evangelicals are useful "idiots" in her tale. Normally Ms. Tucker would be attacking these people. She writes no less than 4 articles per year announcing how "the church" is responsible for the high rate of HIV/AIDS infections in Georgia because of the "homophobia" that they promote. (In fairness she typically attacks the "Black church" in this vein). In her way of spreading "vinegar" that she believes is "sugar" he continuously pounds the "MORALISTIC CHRISTIANS" who stand in JUDGMENT of those who's behavior makes this high risk to HIV infections while saying NOTHING about the behavior of "these people".

Let expound upon the last point because it is both telling and frustrating. There are two communities that have a high risk of infection are gay males and intravenous drug users. I could add a third group for accuracy - the Black females who have heterosexual relationships with the two groups above. Ms. Tucker's liberalism/social libertarianism is NOT going to allow her to focus on the specific behavior of the people themselves, chiding them to take more personal responsibility for the actions that they are "bound to" because of a particular spirit of indulgence that they have. To do so would be to go against her personal populism that runs through her articles. Her course of action is to seek societal change via institutions who are "asleep at the wheel" as "Rome burns".

So let me properly analyze the conflict between "Church and HIV Victim". Ms. Tucker doesn't want the church to apply any sort of judgment or moralism upon the victim. They should practice the tried and true liberal tenant of "No Fault Insurance". Don't focus on HOW the 'accident' happened, focus on the fact that there is need and address this need. "Come down off of their moral high horses and provide aid to those in need, judgment is not going to fix the problem". I can imagine that if Ms. Tucker is a regular church goer that she indeed attends a liberal church which promotes "God's grace" over his mandate to follow him and change one's life in the process. Inherently Ms. Tucker's viewpoint forces the churches to drop any notion of their standards to be applied ON THE FRONT END that seek to control human behavior and instead take all comers. Now image if Ms. Tucker applied this very same policy to the Iraq War. She would then stop making note of this "unjust war" as a lead up to her demands that the wounded veterans that are returning receive requisite health care and mental health support. Instead she would attempt to separate the two from any linkage. Why then try to decouple the HIV infections from the behaviors that had them walk down the path. I know why - because it fits her ideological agenda.

I seriously doubt that Ms. Tucker would bring up the history of Bill Clinton's escapades with extramarital affairs unless she was defending a bigger target, Barack Obama against Hillary Clinton for example. I have not bothered to review her archives from 9 years ago but I can almost guarantee that her line during the time of impeachment was that "personal bad behavior" should have nothing to do with an elected official's ability to do his job. Instead Ms. Tucker is inclined to tuck her feminist "judgment" and instead promote the case that Clinton has been a friend to feminists with respect to his policies thus he should not be thrown under the bus as she had done Vernon Jones regarding his antics.

Upon preparing to read Ms Tucker's columns as they map to the problems present that deserve attack (ie: She's only written one article on the implosion in Clayton County and that was buffered by a lead in about the failure of the Republicans at the state level) I often start off with the notion "OK this problem is so explicit - there is no way that she can spin this one". Ms Tucker rarely disappoints me in her ability to do so.

(I wonder if her hero John Lewis will be taken to task about going after decades old Civil Rights cold cases rather than the "warm bodies" recently killed in Vine City today? This is "Atlanta's most violent zipcode" according to a local news station. So far John Lewis has been able to talk about nostalgia over protecting the civil rights of community residents....from other Blacks who have killed them. Everyone can be a saint as long as you have "saint-makers" who cherry pick how they hold them accountable. For Ms Tucker - as long as Lewis is a stalwart on left-wing interests - she will promote him.....and Obama.

AJC's Tucker: Vernon Jones tie-in would bind Obama badly

Never mind that Obama is the candidate who has raised scads of money in Georgia, who drew 20,000 people to a rally at Georgia Tech last year and who filled the gym at McEachern with about 2,700 people. Jones hasn't drawn gonzo cash or crowds.

But, still, he's the man — at least in his mind.

In fact, Jones is toxic to the Democratic ticket in the fall. If he ends up winning the July 15 primary, he could prove a huge boost for John McCain.

McCain does not have the enthusiastic support of the state's Republican voters. His campaign fears that many of them, especially the Christian conservatives who flocked to the polls for George W. Bush, may sit out the fall election.

So far, Obama, who is courting evangelical voters, may not be perceived as a threatening enough figure to prompt a backlash among social conservatives. But Jones is just the sort of polarizing Democrat whom large numbers of socially conservative Republicans would turn out to vote against.

His record of embarrassing antics would provide easy fodder for incumbent Saxby Chambliss, who has stored up a tidal wave of cash with which to drown his challenger. Just think of the ads Chambliss could run.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Black Leaders Should Stay Away from Fox News

(Again - just an entry to serve as my own permanent record rather than having it lost on someone else's blog.)

From Booker Rising in response to my favorite reprehensible propagandist.


More disgusting mental diarrhea from McLean.

Imaginary Liberal ....[/quote]

I admit - the I.L. is the counterpart to the "Republican under every rock" that you and others practice.

[quote]Totally boycott Faux News. Just don't go there - no debates, no press conferences, no ...[/quote]

This won't work. Fox is the #1 cable news show. They are going to get their pound of flesh from liberal bigots because of the FACTS that are left out of the 'ideological model' that the LEFT has (just as the right has). Pretending that the facts will go away is not what a person who attempts to avoid INTELLECTUAL ABSTRACTION will do. You on the other hand.....

While Faux's catching Jesse with his foot in his mouth is fair game, there isn't any reason any black leader should want to bait the tiger by appearing in any capacity on Faux[/quote]

What about their desire to have their TRUTH go up against a challenge? I see that you are the type who believes that MIGHT MAKES RIGHT. Even though this is framed in terms of MILITARY POWER in most case the truth is, BT, that this concept has more entrenched effect WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY - to the DETRIMENT of the Black community. You are an old ideologue who's ideological popularity has RISEN while certain important concepts to Black America have ERODED as you have gained in power.

[quote] - who has an established record of playing racial gotcha, an massive broadcast racism - specifically during the Rev Wright brouhaha, and daily on Hannity and Colmes.[/quote]

Jesus, My Lord Up Above......please help this boy for he knows not what he is saying.

Media Matters. Do you know who they are? They and other leftist outlets "Watch Fox....So You Don't Have To". They are recording various "right wing" voices in the airwaves. They throw away the coal, seeking out their DIAMONDS...that one intemperate remark that will serve their purpose to tar and feather their adversary.

BUT WAIT BT - "Watch Fox SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO". It is interesting that they would prefer that their sheep don't watch "racist" Fox for fear that they might indeed FOR THEIR OWN DAMNED OPINION. Instead they would rather you watch THEIR WEB SITE where cherries are picked, the water is taken out of them and thus you have CHERRY CONCENTRATE - condensed, directed, no fluff - which affords no other possibility of thought except THE TARGET IS AS WE SAY THEY ARE.

You are a mirror image of your enemies BT. You have no more honor nor integrity. No more intellectual purity or high standing. What you have going for you is POPULARITY!! The POPULAR ASSUMPTION by Black folks that YOUR IDEALS are best for Black people EVEN IF THE MOUNTAIN OF EVIDENCE proves otherwise.

Your CRAP about OPPORTUNITY (which I have queued up for a blog submission) shows the lack of ORGANIC nature yours is. Where as the creation of these large cities in America was a result of the OPPORTUNITY that the commercial concerns that drove the population boom, the aggregation of people and thus the GOVERNMENT that needed to MAKE ORDER OUT OF ALL OF THEM lest they all your is the GOVERNMENT who is going to create the next generation of OPPORTUNITY......IF YOU can get the GOVERNMENT configured as you desire. This government will SUPPRESS THE RIGHT PEOPLE and thus from their CONFISCATION the favored people will PROSPER - in your grand vision.

Those of us who are sagacious will make note that in these various cities of today THERE IS NO SHORTAGE OF GOD-VERMIT. In your abstract theory the presence of these GOVERNMENTS should be creating the prosperity that you long for. You have the PEOPLE who favor the ideas that you favor, the land, the buildings that used to produce! In theory YOU SHOULD BE able to start right now and build up a COMPETITIVE ECONOMIC MACHINE to the one which you chase after:

The one which UNDER-EMPLOYS the people you favor, denying them OPPORTUNITY

The one which UNDER-PAYS the people you favor, leaving them unable to procure the American dream that they seek

The one which UNDER-REPRESENTS the areas where your favored people live, thus providing first rate goods and services to those that they favor, while allowing the people that you favor to live at a second rate

The one which HARMS your people with environmental pollution, unsafe products, unsafe workplaces, and property confiscated via eminent domain.


We will NOT see a band of your brothers procuring a ship and MOVING OFF to the untapped jungle of Brazil to found your own nation where you can live in a society regulated by your own values - economically, worse yet SOCIALLY. This society will IMPLODE on short order. Absent an external host - the tick dies of lack of nutrition.

With the assumption that evolution is true - had that TICK chosen to generate a different means of insuring its own genetic propagation it would have learned more ORGANIC means of existence.

The tick no doubt INTELLECTUALIZED that it is "a higher order creature" on the food chain because it 'feeds off of' beings that it theorizes are lower than it and thus subject to its domination. (Just as a big whale sees the krill and plankton as lower order creatures). The truth is HOWEVER - the parasite IS NOT higher than the system by which it feeds off of. It is DEPENDENT upon the system that it FEEDS OFF OF lest it dies. If its food source chooses to MOVE AWAY and does not pass by the velcro-like attraction of the tick - it is the tick that dies.

The tick is feeding off of the BLOOD which the food source has created, pricking its skin and siphoning its bit of redistributed resources. A lion, however, in consuming a zebra seeks to control the entire ecosystem upon which it hunts. It marks its own territory, insures that no other invaders - lion or hyena treads on its turf. When it consumes its meal - it is eating the entire carcass rather than siphoning a bit of blood. The successful catch by the pack of lions is proof of a WELL COORDINATED SYSTEM upon which all of the lions operate.

You have been fully protected inside of your cocoon of populism that you are rendered ineffective in addressing the real world challenges of the people you CLAIM to seek to work on behalf of.

Again - I would be more impressed if you were to set up a program in Trinidad DC than in your continued lobbying for more Democratic take over while ignoring the condition of the lands that they already control.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The White "Snarling Fox" Liberal Blogger - The Classic "Snarling Fox"

Let me start this message off with a disclaimer: I am not a racist person. I have no preconditioned hatred of anyone because of their race. This does not mean that I lack "racial awareness" and how these influences bear down upon our social interactions.

Thus at times it is necessary to call a spade a spade.

I can't guarantee that three examples based on my web experience makes for a rule but from my perspective it is undeniable.

I am speaking in reference to the "White Liberal Extremist" posters who lurk on majority Black web sites. On the one hand they serve the function of validating that indeed "White folks talk about Blacks outside the scope of our presence" and thus they act as the translator. (For some reason they don't make mention that "Whitey" is invited to all Black political gatherings as well even when he is not physically present. He is serves as their central target of their order.) On the other hand they perform the function that brother Malcolm X has called out decades ago - the classical "Snarling Fox".

Let's set up the scenario: On most Black blog sites there is always going to be a large population of Black liberals who are also Democratic loyalists. There is simply not getting away from this fact - its pure demographics. They represent the POPULAR set of assumptions regarding what is best for Black people.....during our time of grievance as we have it today. Frequently arguing against this mob is the Black Conservative. The Black Conservative typically is pressing the crowd to "Move On", the past is in stone it is what we are doing to-damned-day that has more impact on our course than what was done to people who are now buried in the ground by people who are now buried in the ground.

Before I introduce the star of our show let's go a bit deeper and talk about the topics of discussion.

With Black blogs with political themes there are two major classifications of messages:

* Discussions about the American Political system - where the standard Democrat/Republican subjects are discussed - the Economy, Gas Prices, Iraq War, George Bush, Health care

* Discussions about internal issues that are unique to the Black community where politics and policy cross into social and racial impact upon our people. This is where the discussion of the "Black Best Interests" reside.

When the Black folks debate on the issues related to the American political system, no surprise the White liberal chimes in and he is faithful to his ideology and thus is a debate adversary against the Black conservative. No big deal. I welcome them as debate adversaries. This is as it should be. Let me also say clearly - all people, of all races should be invited to participate on these public web sites. As long as they are respectful and not malicious in their postings - they are a welcome addition to the debate.

Now lets talk about the second point - issues internal to Black people and the discussion of strategies that Black people ourselves need to take to change this condition. This is the classical "What are WE going to do now" debate. In this space it is the Black Liberal - who I call the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser" makes use of the White liberal poster as an agent of attack upon the Black conservative when it comes to internal issues....especially the very issues that the BQPFRC has been complaining about. (example: Black on Black crime, failing schools, poverty and reproductive issues) the BQPFRC will sit back and allow the Snarling Fox to attack the Black Conservative. As long as the Snarling Fox is speaking "Black Victimization" as the reason for problems......the BQPFRC could not be more content in allowing him to continue the attack.

As long as the Snarling Fox is telling the Black folks "the system is stacked against you" and I, as a White representative see with my own eyes that we, White people do things to insure that we remain in power, you, the Black man will always be kept outside of the core because of the superseding need for White folks to retain control.

As I take a step back and edit this post I am made to wonder - "Does the White liberal ever engage in direct confrontation with his White peers who are doing as he reports, tell them clearly the he know WHY they are doing what they are doing and thus forces THEM to change rather than bestowing blessings upon Black folks"? I am not talking about battling them from an ideological left/right front. I am talking about confronting them on a "genetic perpetuation" front - where he tells them that THEIR commitment to "American Nationalistic" EQUALITY should supersede their commitment to "Racial Genetic Perpetuation" via the systematic controls that they put forth? If he is talking at this level - I would shake his hands. But I know he is not. He is simply executing upon his LIBERAL ideology AND as long as the BALANCE of Black people remain below him and not a threat to take over large sections of the system - then he is able to argue from this position because it is abstract and theoretical in the big context of things.

Thus ultimately - this post is not about the "White Liberal Snarling Fox". He is only executing upon his altruistic leanings. He sees a wounded puppy and is going to protect it from anyone asking that puppy to make note that his wounds are not physical but mental and are INDUCED into him between generations with many of the messages received from the liberal being the prime assailant.

This post is about the BQPFRC and how he does everything that he accuses the Black conservative of doing with respect to making use of the White Conservative as an agent of attack upon the the Black Community. The Snarling Fox is doing the very same thing - except - the message that he is speaking is more POPULAR within the Black community thus there is far less chance that rebuke will be heard.

The offending web sites?; and

I will not bother to call out the individual "Snarling Foxes" but the pattern is clear. I must add that ReddingNewsReview's owner is not an active poster on the site and thus it was not him but the community of posters who have performed these actions that I am calling out in BQPFRCs.

Let me be clear - I am not asking for "protection". I believe that I can hold my own in any debate. I see that the only thing the Snarling Fox can do is to tell me, a strong Black man, that "BLACK PEOPLE ARE INFERIOR, What is wrong with you for not seeing this?" What I am doing, however, is exposing the fraud. The assumption that Black folks "have each others backs" against a person of another race simply is not true. Where as in the past I attempted to prioritize human group attraction as-
* Ideological Compatibility
* Racial Alignment
* Social Class Alignment

In truth these 3 elements can't be sorted in a manner that is universally true. What is true, however, is that Blacks are more inclined to cluster around Race and Perceived Victimization which has elements of both ideological compatibility and social class elements. When a White Liberal comes along and affirms their victim status the BQPFRC will allow this White person to say things against the Black Conservative that he would never allow a White Conservative to say against a more ideologically compatible Black person.

In summary the "Snarling Fox" is playing the role that has been called out long ago by Malcolm X and others. He has a suppressive effect upon his fellow travelers. When I dare talk about systems and structures that are necessary for the ultimate building of STRENGTH at the periphery of our community - this is a threat to the White Liberal and the BQPFRC who seek a more centralized model of power and to accomplish this through the American Political system. Per their ideologically blueprint - this central power is going to implement more socialistic mechanisms over the entire nation and thus - in the attacks by the Snarling Fox against the Conservative who is asking for "Black Organic Strength" the White Liberal is simply executing his own ideological agenda, without the encumbrance of the normal "egg shells" that a White person typically has to operate with in debating against Black people. For example - there is no word that a White Liberal could call Clarence Thomas or Condi Rice, used in a gratuitous manner, and receive an attack by the usual suspects.

Let me expand upon the dynamics - we can all agree that in "White Nationalism" the Black man and other non-White races should fear violent assault because in addition to their "White Power" they need a lower order of people. The problem is that they also enforce this upon THEIR "lower order of people", reminding them of their place in the event that there are any doubts about it. I will admit as well that there are "Black Nationalists" who insert racial hatred in the same manner. They call for "Black strength" but it is also true that "Whitey" has his face plastered on their targets - even if it is not a target in which they shoot a real gun toward. A mental gun is even more powerful.

My line of thought should be considered "Black Organic Nationalism". It has the same notions of "Black strength at the periphery" but has none of the racial scapegoating that are the trademarks of these competing theories that have been highlighted above. I have been clear about the need for more effective social order WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY as the primary means of allowing us to achieve "management of the plateaus/communities upon which we already stand". The need for us to build "cultural best practices" on the pathway toward building up "cultural confidence" is clear.

The ideological conflict arises due to key ideological differences between left and right. The left is about expanded freedoms for people to do what they please and then having some universal force above them to ultimately protect them from themselves. The right is about channeling individual actions toward a prescribed end and thus social order as a means of directing the collective toward a certain end rather than relying on a 'perpetual revolution against an outside enemy' is the key attribute of the conservative mantra.

So where do Black people stand today? I am puzzled as I notice that once the 'revolutionaries' have taken ground via the local and regional seats that they now control......their battle cries do not change. All they do is to expand their domain and continue pressing outward to cover more land. The Black and White liberal share this same mantra. Instead of a circle the wagons and "leave us be to do what we want in our own enclave" they instead seek to expand, taking ground by attrition when it comes to social and economic policies. I will same the details for another post (I am always accused of being too verbose).

How does all of this relate to the story at hand? The Black Conservative who dares attempt to establish a clear "Friends and Family Plan" with the dual purpose of establishing a benefit domain and an........ACCOUNTABILITY DOMAIN is a threat to those who have expansionist goals. In their mind - having Barack Obama - ONE MAN, one Black Man, ascend to the seat of power in this nation is proof that their plan is working and should shut all 'hater conservatives' up. As we peel back the layers on their argument even they know that this is not the case. One Black man's ascent to power, aside from racial pride, has no more assistance to them than their knowledge that Oprah and Bob Johnson are Black billionaires.......and thus their bills that they must pay at the end of the month are now settled. Sorry it doesn't work that way. I could go on about the key problems gripping Black America who is waiting with baited breath that the unthinkable might happen - but again - any frequent reader of my thought already knows this - so I won't go into it hear.

The truth of the matter is that while there might not be CONSCIOUS AWARENESS of the void in their strategy, it is surely going to pop up on the dashboard once we are past the supreme "First Black {fill in the blank}" but the problems persist. No doubt their line of thinking will have them to fault THE SYSTEM and how it might have stymied all that he wanted to do. Rarely will they make note that we are a nation of 300 million and thus competing interests that might put the interests of 40 million Black people in check really should be of no surprise. In truth this event SHOULD show them that their "racial development through the American political system" was FLAWED. I 100% support using the American political system to gain PROTECTION from active assaults and to achieve proximity to that 'level playing field' that is in many of their dreams. It is a full mistake, however, to believe that this track is going to bring it all home and thus have this benefit distributed into the Black community and lift disconnected individuals to their full potential.

In truth it is that which you have long scorned regarding building up your "Friends and Family Plan" from WITHIN that will have a more penetrating impact upon what you are longing for. Unfortunately for you, and the Snarling Fox this might require you to impose more social order than what your left wing proclivities might have you to do. Instead you continue your chase. As long as there are enemies standing in your way they will always gain your focus rather than the more proximate threats, who you ignore simply because management of these internal cancers is not in your forte. Somethings simply can't be fixed via protests.

In my frequently used notion "you are winning but you surely are losing as well" it must be noted that the loss is with the system of management best practices that COULD HAVE BEEN developed WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY if we had focused on managing our own people as the primary means of insuring our development rather than outsourcing so much of these considerations upon external entities who are to provide for us.

I don't have a problem debating these people - neither the BQPFRC nor his Snarling Fox emissary. It is clear to me that their strength is not in their ability to produce effective solutions for our community but instead to keep our community united behind a certain movement that has EXTERNAL CHASING as its primary mode of operation. As long as the views of the Snarling Fox are in line with the "popularly" accepted notions among Black people in the context of their state of constant grievance - their unsolicited insertion in the system of cogs is for our racial progress is assured.

Black Commentator.COM Cartoons

Man have I gotten out of my usual monitoring routine. I used to be a weekly observer of "" so that I could be amazed at their hard left slant on the news. Still, their cartoons have been far better than any editorial content that they have ever posted.

The news of Barack Obama having co-opted evil Bush's "Faith-Based Initative" had me to think about my friends at BC. They had a series of cartoons that were critical of the F.B.I. and thus it was no mystery why many Black churches, not wanting to be targeted by the "attack sheep dogs" like BC who run their enforcement action within the Black community if they were to give implict support to anything that evil George W. Bush has done.

I am happy to see that the have opened their cartoon archieve up to the public.
Black Commentator Cartoon Archive

Here are the most notable cartoons from over the years:

The New Framework For Black Political Activism

Once again - this is just a log of my own words that were put on another person's blog, stored here for my own reference.


It is critical that all discussions be made to lead off with: "What are the core goals of our people?"

* Safe Streets so that we can bond as a community
* Education which trains us to provide the solutions to our problems and needs
* Economic Development which allows our people to be employed as we also provide the goods and services that our community needs
* Healthy lifestyles so that we might enjoy a long life

(I have also added two constraining principles to force the hand of certain people who are too comfortable:

* Implementation of the first 4 goals in the most COMPREHENSIVE and EFFICIENT way possible
* Implementation of the above 5 goals as ORGANICALLY as possible with as little external dependency as possible)

THIS, Cobb, more than PARTY is what we need to key upon.

When I heard you talk about "joining the Republican Party" as a pretext of reestablishing a certain social order - I ALSO thought about the Democratic operatives who are going to shoot you down. You are at the tactical level and their job, as they see it, is to STOP YOU.

The list above is at the foundation level.

My personal goal IS NOT to have more Black Republicans. My personal goal (listen up Darkstar) is to REMOVE THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY (and the associated leftist policies) FROM THE CORE OF OUR COMMUNITY back out to the periphery where it belongs. The worst possible condition for Black people to be in mentally is to have the ASSUMPTION that our racial development vehicle resides upon the Democratic party. This has proven time and time again to be FALSE.

Barack Obama as president will no doubt create a dust cloud that APPEARS to support their notion of racial advancement. Unfortunately THIS ONE MAN is NOT evidence of racial advancement any more than Oprah being a billionaire is evidence of the prosperity of you or me.

If you consider the list above - there is actually a GROWING threat to progress of each of the 4 founding points.

The only logical strategy is to present this list. Have Black agree in principle that this is indeed their goal

and then ASK THE QUESTION - With those who you POPULARLY ASSUME as having the Best Interests of Black people in power all throughout your community and continuing to have your support as such.......ARE THESE GOALS BEING FULFILLED?

Sadly the answer is NO, especially where Black folks are most concentrated.

The "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser" is wise in his knowledge of his own people though. He will simply listen to my charge that "where their policies are most dominant......Black people are suffering the most" and use this as an opportunity to EXPAND THE POLICE TAPE. He will make note that the city or county that they now popularly run does not have the RESOURCES to be successful, that BANKS are not loaning money, that SCHOOLS are under funded, that young boys who can't find work turn to crime. He will thus get the buy in for a forbearance upon scrutiny of his work while in position and get the Black masses to instead join in on the PERPETUAL EXPANSION. "We need to climb to that next plateau and gain control of it so that benefit can flow down to the lower plateau which we now stand".

In truth this is 100% backward. We need to learn how to MANAGE the existing plateaus that we now stand and then upon developing best practices - how to provide our own financing when no one else will, how to produce safe streets, how to deliver effective education - THEN scale this to a greater scope.

The fact is that they seek BUY IN because their movement appears to be FORWARD MOVEMENT when it is not. The Black male in particular is under more of a threat today about his future than ever before. The people presiding over his interests are allowed BY OUR COMMUNITY to escape any particular accountability as they PROJECT this accountability elsewhere.

Where as the Black voter is currently tied to a framework that HAS NOT proven to be in his best interests (except in the fight against White folks).....there is a strong need to develop a more sturdy and fundamental framework for the masses to get divereted to (for the longer period of time in the future that we are ALL BY OURSELVES).

Monday, July 7, 2008

The "Habeas Corpus Theory" Crew

Do you remember my views about Abstract Intellectuals as posted in this blog entry regarding the attacks on Abe Lincoln and his chose to suspend the writ of Habeas Corpus who's actions could have turned Maryland and other states into the hands of the Confederates at the start of the Civil War? (

Well I think I found two Black females who fit this mold of Abstract Theorists.

NPR News And Notes: Roundtable: Obama In The Middle

First I must make my apology to God. While doing my daily power walk and listening to this show on my mobile device - I was made to cus up a storm per the comments of these two. I am sorry. If anyone who lives on the street that I was walking on hear me - I am sorry to them as well.

I simply can't take highly jaundiced debate tactics. Some people are able to argue both ways - coming and going if it protects that which is sacred to them but which, in fact, is not in line with what they CLAIM to value most.

Liza Sabater of Culture Kitchen, and Sharon Toomer of Black and Brown News

There were 3 distinct topics discussed in this form:

* Barack Obama's Co-Option Of Bush's Faith-based Initiative
* The "Oil" Justification for the Iraq War
* The Jamaican Immigrant Left For Dead In the New York Public Hospital

On all 3 topics these two women drove me to cus....and walk faster.

Barack Obama's Co-Option Of Bush's Faith-based Initiative.

Let me paint a picture for you.

Imagine a 350lb line backer who is the Black Political Operative. He also has a straight razor in his sock. George W. Bush has the ball. He attempted to make a run with the football labeled "Faith Based Initiative". This same defensive linebacker who tried his damnedest to strip the ball from the runner now stands at the end of the game and says "YOU FAILED!!! You did not distribute these funds to the Black church as much as you did to others. During the next game when MY GUY has the ball.....I am going to make sure that he distributes 'faith based funds' to Black churches as a sign of his openness and commitment to diversity."

Now all the while this same defensive back who is tauting the runner has blood dripping from his hands, having slashed at the runner, the ball and any other thing that he saw moving in his attempts to stop all forward progress of the offense that was repugnant to him.

This about sums up what I heard when listening to Sharon Toomer's explanation.

At no time did she attempt to shift the focus upon the Democratic Opposition AND the Black Operatives who sought to shoot down this very program that Obama is finding favor in. This was the second portion of my "cussing fit".

The first one was when I listened to iza Sabater and her "abstruct intellecutalizations" regarding the FISA act and how the telecomm firms "Aided and abetted the criminals"....opps sorry "The Bush Administration". She is forlorned by the notion that the "Audacity of Hope" Obama might not indeed be able to break away from REALITY in Washington DC and implement the fundamental CHANGE that she was hoping for after having written him a new check each month until she maxed out her legal limits in contributions to his campaign.

Folks - the only thing that keeps me said is my hope that SOMEWHERE in Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran there are some LEFTIST just like these people who are attempting to hold their own government's feet to the fire by detailing how THEIR ACTIONS have motivated the United States to attack them and thus they are attempting to MANAGE THE ACTIONS OF THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT rather than point out the violations of International law (in their view) of the "bad guys". (The "bad guys" would be the United States per the view of these abstract theorists, if you hadn't noticed).

I am not going to lie to you. As I was walking I thought to myself "I cound NEVER marry a straight up LIBERAL woman. No doubt the sex would be good but in day to day living - I would be forced to jump off of my rear balcony. I then thought about a few of my friends who have such wives to reaffirm my views.

"Illegal Wire Tapping of Civilians" she says!!!! Do you figure that she posted anything about what is going on in Washington DC regarding the 4th Amendment violations by the DC government in the Trinidad section of the city? Do you really?
This kills me. Abstration over REALITY!!

"He spent a whole year saying that he was going to go after the telcos.....". Excuse me Miss! What are you going to do now that he has disappointed you? VOTE FOR JOHN McCAIN??? PLEASE with your foolishness!!! He has your vote locked up. He AIN'T worrying about you right now. He needs to be PRAGMATIC so that he can get elected!!! (I am starting to cus again)

"Most people are on vacation and they are not necessarily paying attention"??????
Excuse me MISS!!! Maybe its that "Audacity of HOPE and CHANGE" that you brought into WHILE YOU WERE PAYING ATTENTION that has you most disturbed? I live Obama better WHEN YOU ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION!!! He is more pragmatic. Please pass a law so you can take MORE VACATION at your employers expense.

Sorry but now I am going to go back to a serial review - Sharon:

"Regarding the current 'Faith-based Initiative' the Black community has been the lest to benefit". Please refer back to the 350lb linebacker analogy.

"A lot of Black churches aren't getting those funds"
(Side note: I just spent about 45 minutes scrolling through all of the cartoons at "Black Commentator" seeking to find the exact cartoon that I was looking for. I have slacked off in my monitoring of Black Commentator for several months. The cartoos reminded me that there is an active Black left wing marketing contingent and that I still need to lear how do draw editorial cartoons.)

Now back to the point at hand. Do you see these two editorial cartoons about "Rev Greedy Gut" as posted on the highly baised web site "Black Commentator"? Does this give you any hint regarding the active campaign AGAINST "Faith Based Initiatives" that might have had the slightest impact on the Black church and their willingness to accept these funds and be called a "sellout" by the "Attack Sheep Dogs" who are the enforcers of ideology in our community?

"Obama has spent the last 8 months saying that he is going to review all of the Executive orders done under the Bush Administration".........
(I am sorry - I cussed again).
Please let us take a step back into history. Do you recall early in the evil Bush Adminisration when the Chinese plane bumped into the American surveilance plane near China? This UNEXPECTED incident turned into a "Cuba Missle Crisis"-like episode. Is this lady as CLUELESS as she seems in her believe that a President Obama is going to be able to AFFORD to look back in history rather than being on watch for the pending threats? This is so frustrating to me as I see that SOME PEOPLE actually deeply believe in the crap that they hear on the campaign trail. AGAIN!!! WHAT IS SHE GOING TO DO IN PROTEST? VOTE FOR McCAIN? I could not deal with this woman in a relationship. She has "stress ulcer" written all over her.

The "Oil" Justification for the Iraq War

(I am sorry. I cussed again after listening to the woman jump in on Cobb.)

The problem here is that "the left" never has to run through THEIR version of the scenario. I recall that at the start of the Iraq War I was debating a long time ideological adversary named "Saxman" on a different blog. He was noting that in the post-invasion Iraq there was no TRASH PICK UP and no CLEAN WATER flowing out of the tap and no sewage system. In this case the standard line for the "Anti-America Americans" was that evil Bush was not moving fast enough to restore basic services. NOW!!! they want to avoid "no bid contracts" and instead have the government procurement service put out the 2 inch thik RFP and go through a formal process to insure that everyone gets a chance at bitting on the deals.

Folks - I watched PBS "Wide Angle" last night regarding Darfur. This UN backed set of troops were supposed to get 26,000 troops in place witin this particular hot spot. They only had 9,000 personnel after about 6 months. I could not help but to notice that IF these forces faced the same partisan divide as "evil Bush" faced with the issues of Iraq someone, somewhere would be crying foul. I can only wonder if some of yo ever get TIRED of your own selves?

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Housing Discrimination = White Folks Protecting Their Communites, Anti-Genentrification = When Blacks Do The Same

No more feeling at home
Valetta Anderson uses her experience with gentrification for her play debuting at the National Black Arts Festival.

Of course I will be called a "Black man who is 'protecting Massa' as I expose the fraud and double standards that are contained in the actions of so many people. The issue of "gentrification" is yet another example of this.

The story which is linked above and briefly excerpted below is the tale of a race based defensiveness within a community. Please be clear I am not condemning this natural human response to a group's own interests. I am simply making note of the common set of defensive responses but the differentiated reactions in the media. Or let me correct myself - Back in the 1960's when "Housing Discrimination" was on the cusp of becoming unacceptable the "mainstream press" which prides itself on its progressiveness began to condemn the White folks seeking to defend the existing racial integrity of their communities.

Fast forward to 2008. This same media is again covering "racial defensiveness" in housing. This time there are Black people seeking to defend the racial integrity of their communities from White folks who seek to move in but the past condemnations of such practices are absent. Instead this particular woman's experience is featured in the "Arts & Books' section of the Atlanta Journal constitution.

How is the fight against gentrification distinguished? ECONOMICS are used as the cover for RACE and RACISM. Those who are moving into these Black communities are WELL-OFF, White professionals. They are purchasing up homes in in-town, impoverished communities and then fixing these properties up. This raises the property values and thus the taxes as these properties are "bid up" by additional "Well-off Young White Professionals" who seek to move into the cities where these properties reside. As long as the existing residents are being driven out due to the ECONOMIC advantage of others then the narrative of the story will not be one of "racial/racist resistance" but will be one of "the fight against capitalistic speculators". The underlying racial hatred or animus will be demoted from the narrative.

The bottom line of the issue must be noted - COMMUNITIES EXPERIENCING RACIAL CYCLING OVER TIME. There are few communities in Atlanta today which have a 100 year's history of being predominated by one race. A visit to the "Atlanta History Museum" for a review of the pictures will bear this out.

We should also talk about the squandered economic opportunity that is not recognized as the tax base is suppressed by property values that are kept below the market rate and the properties themselves remain undercapitalized because the existing owners are not able to afford to invest private capital into these properties. The cycle of home foreclosures is initiated when these home owners that have a fixed income seek to draw out equity from their property yet can't afford to pay the mortgage. Where as, once again the banks take the hit for 'exploiting' poor people - but the choices made by the homeowner is rarely inspected.

Valetta Anderson moved to the Oakhurst neighborhood in Decatur 15 years ago, before speculators began dotting street corners with "We Buy Houses" signs. Modest bungalows were seen as homes rather than tear-downs, and kids playing on bikes usually were someone's grandchildren.

"It was an older community, one of those quiet, peaceful places," she said. She and her companion, Cotis Weaver, liked it so much they decided to buy the house they were renting. Not long after, however, younger, mostly white couples began moving in and renovating historic homes, setting in motion the mixed blessing of gentrification so familiar to Atlantans living in older urban areas.

"Now we're going, 'Why did we buy this?' Yes, our property value is increasing, but it's not the same community anymore," said Anderson, 62.

So she did the natural thing for a playwright. She sat down, tried to ignore the din of construction outside her windows, and began to tell a story.

Well, not exactly. At first, Anderson joined neighbors in an ill-fated lawsuit to stop the rezoning of nearby land to allow for greater density. And as much as she was fascinated by the subject, she initially fought the idea of portraying gentrification onstage.

Ebony Magazine - Who Is The "Coolest Black Male" Of All Time - Obama......Or Jay-Z?

Ebony Magazine: Style Poll

I am done with Ebony Magazine. Upon going to the grocery store and seeing Barack Obama......and Jay-Z listed as the "coolest Black men' on your cover I realized that your is not a serious magazine that a Black person could use to make appropriate political decisions for the best interests of our community. Didn't we have a "Hip Hop Mayor" who's "coolness" and style in dress appealed to us but all of this has proven to be a distraction to the critical issues of his leadership and character? If Obama is indeed elected president it will take more than "coolness" as depicted by sunglasses and a glam shot on your front cover that allows him to be effective. There are far too many challenging issues within our community for an 'American idol' type poll.

My Blog Response On The "Native Fire Dance" Over Jesse Helms' Carcass

Note: This is not a note of bias but instead a permanent reference to my own line of thinking for my own record keeping.

Blog: Booker Rising

Issue: The Death Of Senator Jesse Helms - Long time adversary to civil rights for Black folks; Author of our current policy with Cuba and a convert to the cause of the fight against Global AIDS

tvd and dougie:

Neither of you are worthy debate adversaries for me or many others.

Let me give you some background on what I am doing:

In my observations of Black people - MY PEOPLE - I notice that there are certain issues and people who provoke gratuitous responses - as we have seen above. I am not questioning if these men deserve this or not.

My issue is about the propensity of you all to focus your scorn on these individuals while, as I point above, not say a damned thing about an entire different set of enemies who are doing as much or more material harm - with abundant proof right before your face. You all prove your fraudulence and your inability to move beyond your intellectual bondage. This limitation allows you to only throw the stones at targets that are POPULARLY commissioned by the thought leaders of your race and your ideology.

If you were a "justice system" your scales would have one tray dangling in the wind as evidence of the GUILTY getting away with your implicit blessing while the other tray is glued to the ground underneath it as it is weighed down by not only your thumb but your entire torso.

Some of you all function like the "security guard" who proverbially "follows the Black guy around the store" because you know that he will steal something - except - in your system of justice you keep watch of the "White racist conservative" while the "White racist liberal" and Black thug fill their pockets with the contents from your store.

I refuse to join in on the "native fire dance" with the beat of drums throbbing in the background as you dance around this one man's carcass. Per your perverted religion - by beating the "spirit" out of this man's body you believe that you are ADVANCING your own spiritual completeness in doing so. He is now dead and thus has shown that HE IS BUT ONE MAN who will be taken to meet his maker. Clearly it was THE SYSTEM and not this one man who is your problem

BUT WHAT ABOUT "THE SYSTEM"? As this man's spirit has left this earth in 2008, having been outside of "the system" for years.......PEOPLE OF YOUR OWN CHOOSING have control of THIS SYSTEM more now that ever before in the history of your American experience.

For me - I am not attacking you for "attacking this man" who probably deserves every bit of the attack. I AM CALLING YOU OUT BECAUSE OF YOUR CHOICES!!!

In the face of a LINE UP OF "ENEMIES" that harm are ONLY able to attack the LOW HANGING FRUIT among your enemies. When it comes to the enemies who are more damning to you today - as they CLOSER TO YOUR VITAL ORGANS......your CHOICE of SILENCE speaks volumes.

This one example with Jesse Helms is nothing more than another instance of what I have been calling you all out for for years. It is "racism chasing 101". This gives a forbearance to the LEADERS THAT YOU HAVE OVER THE ELEMENTS OF THE SYSTEM WHICH IMPACT YOU THE MOST.

* Your Public Schools - which are (supposedly) preparing your children for the future

* Your Law Enforcement That Keeps Your Street Safe - which has your people fearful of gathering on the streets at present

* Your Local Economic Development - that employs your people and allows them to trade for needed goods and services

Once again - I am affording you the opportunity to respond as you desire to the complete set of threats against you. I simply choose to CALL YOU ON the bias in your vision.

I am no Uncle Ruckus - this is but an immature cat call by those who cannot debate nor refute my challenge to them. I am married to a dark skinned Black woman, thank you very much. Ruckus - a cartoon character loves and worships White women.

Please take your level of debate to the BET message boards. You can't hang with the challenge.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

AJC's Cynthia Tucker - She Who Has The Pen Crafts The Narrative

The information that I learned today settled things for me. With the Atlanta Journal Constitution having raised its daily print edition price to $0.75 I assured myself that my recent cutbacks in consumption of this particular paper would increase. I had cut my home delivery from Fri-Sat-Sun to Sunday only. I go to their web site to obtain most of the local news and political scene. As with most papers, the AJC has not yet figured out how to deal with the shifting fortunes and eyeballs from paper to electronic media.

I decided to catch up on the only Black female who racks my brain anywhere close to Julian Malveaux - Cythia Tucker - AJC's Editorial Board Publisher. There are few more consistently biased and selective individuals than Ms. Tucker. That is not counting her intellecutal cohort Jay Bookman or Ms. Tucker's spitting image in graphic arts - Mike Luckavich. I guess if I was not a conservative I would include Jim Wooten in with this crowd as well. He usually sits back and allows local politics to run its course and say - see I told you so.

The recent series of Ms. Tucker's posts caused me to laugh out loud and to be angered by her ability to craft the story. You had better believe that the same outcome across legislative bodies will not raise the ire of Ms. Tucker and have her making political party based notiations as to the reasons why things have turned out as they have.

First I must point out the laughable commentary about Rep John Lewis.
Tucker 6/25: Congress, John Lewis are a workmanlike match

But a standout in those roiling partisan waters is John Lewis, a liberal Democrat whom even ultraconservative Republicans don't like to cross. Lewis may not be a living saint — though Time magazine described him that way back in 1986 — but he is hardworking, principled and conscientious. That's reason enough to send him back to Congress.

Excuse me Ms. Tucker. Have you ever heard of Vine City Atlanta? They have a 32% closure rate on homicides in this area of the city. All the while this was the case in John Lewis' district last year he chose to partner with then presidential candidate Democrat Senator Chris Dodd to open up "Civil Rights cold case murders". Now here is the tie-in Ms. Tucker - as you glowingly report in your next paragraph - INDEED John Lewis has a history in the Civil Rights Movement. He is so closely tied to it, in fact, that he is able to skirt by the "Warm Bodied Black Folks of today" who are dying in the Vine City area with 68% of their killers walking the streets never to be caught. I am happy that Lewis gives a good narrative about the past. He needs to be freed of his House duties and allowed to go on a speaking tour. Too much of his antics are irrelevant to today. I see that he is your type of congressman though.

Lewis' principles have never wavered. A determined believer in nonviolence, he has always stood against war, voting against U.S. military action in the Persian Gulf in 1991 and again in 2002. He was among the first Democrats to suggest impeachment proceedings against George W. Bush, arguing that the president "deliberately, systematically violated the law" in authorizing eavesdropping without warrants. "He is not king, he is president," Lewis said.

Excuse me Ms. Tucker. Wasn't there a FISA Bill passed by the Democratic majority congress last week or so? Or did you miss it, as your eyes were no doubt bleary that the Supreme Court had upheld our 2nd Amendment rights last week?

Because of his near-mythic status as a young field marshal in the civil rights movement, even conversatives bowed to Lewis when he pushed to renew the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Though several Republicans had suggested it was time to end government oversight of election law in Southern states, Lewis insisted that racism still haunts too many precincts. Though Congress was still controlled by Republicans in 2006, the Voting Rights Act was extended.

This is what pisses me off the most about you Ms. Tucker. As we consider Clayton County Georgia and Dekalb County Georgia where Blacks and Democrats totally dominate - is RACISM their major problem or is it political incompetence - the kind that you are not going to scrutinize too harshly because the operatives doing the disassembly of these counties are liberal Democrats.

Next we have this week's edition of Ms Tucker's opinions.
Tucker 07/02: More service cuts, or thriftier Atlanta City Council?

One thing that you will not hear from Ms. Tucker regarding the Atlanta City Council (or with regard to Clayton County for that matter) is that they are absolutely dominated by DEMOCRATS!!! Atlanta does not have partisan elections but by my own estimation of the 16 Atlanta City Council members about 14 are confirmed Democrats. The mayor is a Democrat as well.

In the article Ms. Tucker points to the debt that the city has. She points to the burden that taxes have had on city residents. She points to the proposed increases in funds for use by City Council. She even points to the issue of Atlanta sewers who's $5 billion price tag has been swept under the rug by the last series of mayors and left as a stink bomb for Mayor Shirley Franklin.

Never once, however, does Ms. Tucker place any of the antics of the City of Atlanta politics (and again Clayton County's teetering on implosion) in terms of partisan politics as indeed "her side" is in dominant control of all of these entities.

Strangely enough - just as I do with the voters of Clayton County - I find myself waiting for there to be a preponderance of evidence in support of all that I have been saying all along and thus expect the blind partisans of the past to come around and admit that they have been shorted on many promises now that their ideological soul mates are in power over so much that matters the most to these operatives - our schools, our public safety, our local employment situation.

In the end - however - it is me who is left with the amazement of not knowing the capacity of these people to "move the goal posts". I must be honest. I was surprised that Ms. Tucker didn't blame a good portion of the problems with city finances on federal funds spent on the Iraq War that could have gone to fix sewers and other infrastructure in American cities.