Tuesday, June 10, 2008

SCLC Head On Black Progress - "We Are Never Going To Get There"

This entire interview is a perfect example of why I crafted this separate blog.

Audio: Passing the Torch of Leadership

Charles Steele of the SCLC said "last year Brown v Board" was OVERTURNED and there was a Black man who cast the deciding vote.


Let's be clear.
Brown V Board outlawed FORCED segregation where THE RACE OF A CHILD was the primary characteristic by which school attendance was administrated.
The ruling last year, a correct one, AFFIRMED that RACE cannot be used as the PRIMARY means by which school attendance is determined....EVEN IF IT IS VOLUNTARY ON BOTH ENDS.
So what are the alternatives? What is being done all over - Magnet Schools where theme schools are established and there is an ADMISSIONS LOTTERY, for example, to determine attendance. Some others offer admissions testing.

It has been judged ILLEGAL to do a straight up RACE BASED allocation of seats in a given school. I strongly stand by this.

If Mr. Steele doesn't believe that we can ever achieve as a race - then maybe HE is the one who needs to step aside and allow others to take over.

I think that it is patently foolish (and this is just my opinion) for the SCLC to focus on expanding internationally when just about 5 miles away from their headquarters is Vine City Atlanta where they could use some teaching in these principles of non-violence.

If there was ever a need to apply my filter against a LISTING of what someone had done and ask "IS IT EFFECTIVE" - the modern day SCLC needs such an inspection.

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