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A Black Man Who Has Lost His Identity To The Democratic Party

It is possible to call a "Democrat Who Is Black" a Sellout To Black people?

Blog: Where’s the Outrage?

Though this is not likely to be heard - one's own actions indeed can detail how someone has so fused "Democrat's best interests" with or over "Black best interests" that indeed the "Sellout" label is a functional description of his antics.

Thoughtful, intelligent, progressive political discussion from a man outraged over the Bush Administration

Errington C. Thompson, MD, is a surgeon, scholar, fulltime sports fan and part-time political activist. He is active in a number of community projects and initiatives. Through medicine, he strives to improve the physical health of all he treats. Through this book, he hopes to share his thoughts and reflections on the current political landscape.

Dr. Thompson was educated at Emory University and Southwestern Medical School and currently resides in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

Dr. Thompson is available for lectures.

Western North Carolina.
Charlotte or there abouts I presume.
OK Let's take a look at my standard research methodology:

What is the rating of the Charlotte Mecklinburg County School system on ""? 6 out of 10 - How much activism has been conducted by Dr. Thompson as a means of raising this to a 8? Again - assuming that he lives in the Charlotte Area. I know that the school district has had many problems over the years per my familiarity with the the situation with several of my relatives.
The above rating is at the county level - do a drill down at the school level and you see schools with a rating as low as 1. I am sure that Dr. Thompson would blame Bush for this failure.

Let me be CLEAR and FAIR. I am not blaming Dr. Thompson for the condition of these schools and the relatively low graduation rates. Indeed it is not his fault. I can, however legitimately criticize he and his fellow Black operatives for having Black folks to skip over the local problems as we fantasize about the glories that will come in having the Democrats to take over nationally, complementing their local monopoly control.

"Where is the outrage" is a title more accurately bestowed upon the average urban school district that is no doubt dominantly controlled by Democrats and yet receive little admonishment by the usual suspects who have little problems vocalizing their concerns about Republican even when there are none around locally to destroy the schools and cause crime.

(to be continued)

Continued - as I was traveling home from a business trip I was thinking about the predicament that I see with the Black community and the operatives within. For me "Democrats who are Black" such as Dr. Thompson are the main threat to our advancement that will come from MANAGEMENT of our own people toward a desired end.

At the same time - the antics that I expressed above are not FAIR to Dr. Thompson or anyone else. (I was going to delete the entire posting up above but I will leave it in order to show that I am preemptively changing the essence of my debate against Democratic Operatives such as Dr. Thompson.

My new position is as follows:

I make the assumption that all Black Political activism is for the purposes of advancing the interests of Black people in this country. I have articulated my framework many times - Education, Safe Communities, Economics, Health. As I was thinking about how to expose operatives such as Dr. Thompson I realized that the above technique was not the best way to smoke him out as a person who is bought, sold and in the employ of the Democratic party rather than Black best interests.

The only way that I can prove this point is to introduce what I have learned as part of my job as a consultant for organizations that are attempting to effectively execute a certain strategy. The concept is that of a "Reference Model". This reference model is nothing more than the express of that which all that you are working for IS. It is the proverbial "10 out of 10" on the scale. It is the ruler that has been show to not have any a detectable warping in it.

For Dr. Thompson's antics the easy way to expose him as a Democratic operative rather than a Black man working in the best interests of Black people is simply to review his blog entries and make note of the contents that are related to the issue of BLACK PEOPLE rather than just the issue of DEMOCRATS. At first blush he is indeed a "Democrat who is Black" rather than a Black man who is using the Democratic party as a vehicle in the American political system to achieve his ultimate goals for his people. By any other label this is called a SELL OUT. The only issue is that since this is a POPULAR position with Black folks - he is not likely to be called on his antics.

Thus I point out the fact that as we stand in 2008 as a community with more people who are favorable to the masses in power over our community than ever before and yet we are still struggling with the basics - a person such as Dr Thompson (and there are many like him) has no shame about what he is doing.

Without question we receive more services that impact our daily lives from the LOCAL government than from the federal. The operatives having current control of this entity where Blacks are most concentration strive heartily to get us to focus NOT on THEM but on the Feds. They always argue that the SYSTEM is against us so, despite them sitting in the seats of the school board, the mayor, the police chief and with a dominant position on city council - they like to assume INFERIORITY. The positions that they now have is not enough to confound the powers of the banks who must loan us money, the corporations who must employ us and the White police officers who are disobeying the command of the Black guy who is their ultimate commander. This is the key shell game that they use to have us look beyond their power grab and have us buy into more support for their growth because we can't look for benefit until they get full control over all the variables.

For me - I WANT SOME "EARNEST MONEY" put up. Before I continue along with this confidence game I need to see some benefit rather than continue on with the "audacity of hope".

Thus the best way to expose Dr. Thompson is to detail his work FOR the Democrat's advancement versus his notation of the problems that are clearly impacting the western North Carolina area. I know that the homicide rate and gang activity for young Black males was a big problem in that area for the last two years. How many entries in this man's blog are focused upon issues that are impacting Black people versus his exploitation of our hopes as a people that the rise in the Democratic party will be a rise in the fortunes of Black people?

My only goal is to get my people back focused on OUR common goals rather than being cheerleaders for the Democratic Party and their ideology. WE LOSE if this change is not made. You sell yourself for CHEAP otherwise.

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