Saturday, June 28, 2008

BET Lists The Important Issues In The Upcoming Election

I awoke last night after haven fallen asleep in front of the television with a BET commercial promoting our young Black people to vote. They held up 3 signs that were used to frame the key issues in this election:

* The Economy
* The War
* Gas Prices

Again I must communicate my theory as I analyze certain operatives who control the messages upon Black America. I have no interests in controlling WHAT they promote to the Black masses as it is their right to do so and certainly they have been effective in shaping opinions. My agenda is to construct a credible FRAME OF REFERENCE regarding the best interests to Black America and then measure BET and other operatives against this reference. In this case - they failed miserably.

As I take the instance of a young Black male who lives in Philadelphia, NYC, Detroit or Chicago and reference the challenges that he faces in his life against BET's list I say that they are only partially correct. Indeed the general reference to "the Economy" is a concern to us all. "The War" - this is more of a yea or nay issue but this is not a fundamental issue in their lives on the streets. "Gas prices" - yes. The doubling of the price of gas has meant that the cost for fuel has taken a bigger bite out of these young people's personal economy - if they own a car. Indeed fuel cost increase have also rippled through the economy.

Now two points of critical analysis. I notice that when certain operatives throw out "the economy" they are using this term frequently to express their IDEOLOGICAL sentiments regarding who is to blame. For example when Al Gore stood in front of 21,000 Democrats in Detroit a few weeks ago and blamed Bush for the job losses in Michigan and that this is why the Republicans should be purged he missed the fact that the governor who presided over many of these job losses not only got reelected by was on stage with him as a DEMOCRAT. The mayor of the city, a Democrat as well - was not there because he has some issues of his own to deal with. Thus for some people their ideological bias has them applying arbitrary standards as to WHO is to blame. In their track record - the local Democratic administration which has failed them economically is not held in contempt as the corporate operative who is always slipping from their grasp is. Thus the concept of "the Economy" is too arbitrary and if it was analyzed with granularity with the express goal of having young Blacks advocate for CHANGE so that their positions might improve they would look more locally at some of the policies that are ASSUMED to be in their best interests and insure that they actually are.

The notion of gas prices being "voted down" is laughable as well. The standard line of "When Bill Clinton was in office we were paying $0.99 per gallon" has been repeated ad nauseum by some. They have been conditioned to believe that it is not important to involve themselves into the particulars of why certain economic events happen. They just need to know that the "good guys" are working for them and they need to vote for the good guys.

Now what was NOT on the list that has a daily impact on the lives of young Black males in the cities that I mentioned?

* Education - Declining Black Male Graduation Rates. Who is running these schools?

* Crime and Increased Homicide Rates for Black Males - Who is running the police forces that should be protecting us?

* Employment Opportunities - While some people have abundant opportunity based on the market conditions where they live, why have the jobs that are in our scope drying up? Are there some regional influences at work here?

The truth is that BET is not going to put these items that uniquely impact young Black people because it opens up the discussion of this election beyond their carefully sculpted objectives to put a Democrat in the White House. If only they sought to IMPROVE THE CONDITIONS WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY as their primary objective.

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