Sunday, June 22, 2008

Barack & Michelle Obama: What Happens Beyond The Cult Of Personality?

For many people the coronation of "The First Black First Family" has begun. "Michelle and Barack Obama.....A Love Story". This would be a fitting description of what is going on in so many media outlets - Black and White. For many of them - the November elections have already occurred. Like most general elections in the Black community - it is a mere formality.

Absent in most of these discussions, beyond the cheerleading, is any serious discussion about policy and the demand for details of how Barack Obama is going to walk on water and bring "change" to all that he has promised to do.

The claim is that a "John McCain presidency would be a 3rd term for George W Bush". It is puzzling that we don't hear more frequently that "an Obama presidency will be a promotion of the failed policies at the municipal and regional level up to the national level". It is clear that many of the place where the Democratic machine dominates the most - there is long term pain and recession. Al Gore during his speech in Detroit the other night was able to bypass any local and state accountability and instead blame Bush.

I can only wonder what would happen IF after Obama served one term as president with unemployment having risen from 5.5% up to 7.2% if the same people howling "this is a Bush Recession" throughout the 4 years would be convinced that the "change" they bought into - along with the visions of Camelot were not the correct points of inspection for their own BEST INTERESTS?

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