Monday, June 30, 2008

News & Notes Talking Oil - Pushing The Democratic Perspective

It is pretty strange how the guest from Howard University sounds suspiciously like the Democratic line and that of Barack Obama:

News & Notes Audio Report: What's Behind The Soaring Gas Prices?

* Drilling in ANWR is not going to make an immediate difference. (No mention that back in 1995 Bill Clinton vetoed the legislation. Surely we could have had oil flowing by now.

* The indication that there are plenty of existing federal oil leases that are going untapped. Gee. I just heard a Democrat argue the very same thing. The bottom line of it all is is that with the expense of oil exploration those in charge of where to explore are seeking to optimize their exploration dollars by going after fields that are more abundant rather than the hit or miss operation of a sparsely populated field. Why don't the feds take back these lands and give them to smaller oil companies for them to drill. Let's see if there are any takers?

* The current stock market is a good reason to avoid "Social Security Privatization. (There is no 12 year period in its history in which there is a decline in the market. At the same time the 'privatization proposals limited the choice of investments into a certain set of investment classes. Finally no mention of the nonviable state of the current system. It added $2.5 TRILLION in uncovered liabilities in the past 12 months)

OK Here is my bias - the Wall Street Journal on the issue of federal leases to oil companies:

"I want you to think about this," Barack Obama said in Las Vegas last week. "The oil companies have already been given 68 million acres of federal land, both onshore and offshore, to drill. They're allowed to drill it, and yet they haven't touched it – 68 million acres that have the potential to nearly double America's total oil production."

Wow, how come the oil companies didn't think of that?

Perhaps because the notion is obviously false – at least to anyone who knows how oil and gas exploration actually works. Predictably, however, Mr. Obama's claim is also the mantra of Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, John Kerry, Nick Rahall and others writing Congressional energy policy. As a public service, here's a remedial education.

Democrats are in a vise this summer, pinned on one side by voter anger over $4 gas and on the other by their ideological opposition to carbon-based energy – so, as always, the political first resort is to blame Big Oil. The allegation is that oil companies are "stockpiling" leases on federal lands to drive up gas prices. At least liberals are finally acknowledging the significance of supply and demand.

To deflect the GOP effort to relax the offshore-drilling ban – and thus boost supply while demand will remain strong – Democrats also say that most of the current leases are "nonproducing." The idea comes from a "special report" prepared by the Democratic staff of the House Resources Committee, chaired by Mr. Rahall. "If we extrapolate from today's production rates on federal lands and waters," the authors write, the oil companies could "nearly double total U.S. oil production" (their emphasis).

In other words, these whiz kids assume that every acre of every lease holds the same amount of oil and gas. Yet the existence of a lease does not guarantee that the geology holds recoverable resources. Brian Kennedy of the Institute for Energy Research quips that, using the same extrapolation, the 9.4 billion acres of the currently nonproducing moon should yield 654 million barrels of oil per day.

Nonetheless, the House still went through with a gesture called the "use it or lose it" bill, which passed on Thursday 223-195. It would be pointless even if it had a chance of becoming law. Oil companies acquire leases in the expectation that some of them contain sufficient oil and gas to cover the total costs. Yet it takes years to move through federal permitting, exploration and development. The U.S. Minerals Management Service notes that only one of three wells results in a discovery of oil that can be recovered economically. In deeper water, it's one of five. All this involves huge risks, capital investment – and time.

If anything, the Democrats ought to be dancing in the streets about "idle" leases. It means fewer rigs. The days of hit-or-miss wildcatting have been relegated to the past by new, more efficient technologies, such as seismic imaging, directional drilling (wells that are "steered" underground) and multilateral drilling (multiple underground offshoots from a single wellbore).

At the same time, finding new reservoirs has become far more complex. Except for a few very large fields discovered decades ago like Prudhoe Bay, most recent discoveries have been smaller, deeper and less concentrated. The U.S. needs a continuous supply of discoveries to replace declining wells.

Yet companies are not allowed to explore where the biggest prospects for oil and gas may exist – especially on the Outer Continental Shelf. Seven of the top 20 U.S. oil fields are now located in analogous deepwater areas (greater than 1,000 feet) in the Gulf of Mexico. In 2006, Chevron discovered what is likely to be the largest American oil find since Prudhoe, drilled in 7,000 feet of water and more than 20,000 feet under the sea floor. The Wilcox formation may have an upper end of 15 billion barrels of recoverable oil and should begin producing by 2014 – perhaps ushering in a new ultradeepwater frontier.

Likewise, in April, the U.S. Geological Survey revised its estimate for the Bakken Shale, underneath the badlands of North Dakota and Montana. The new assessment – as much as 4.3 billion barrels of oil – is a 25-fold increase over what the Survey believed in 1995. Such breakthroughs confirm that very large reserves exist, if only Congress would let business get at them.

All of which has Democrats sweating bullets. The leadership is desperate to avoid debating a Department of Interior spending bill, because they know Republicans will offer amendments lifting the drilling moratorium that may peel off some Democrats. Last week, Chairman David Obey shut down the Appropriations Committee rather than countenance more domestic energy production. Given Democratic energy illiteracy, this is a fight the GOP can win if it keeps up the pressure.

Objectively - which source makes more sense and is more authoritative?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

How To Confront An "Obama Cultist"

More Democrats need to hear this bitter pill of reality as expressed in the following video

Media Bias exposed. (He said that 'MSNBC reports the news'. What are you watching dude? Certainly not Keith Olbermann or Chris Mathews)

This series has some serious points that need to be addressed by those who defend Obama.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

BET Presidential Report Card - Watch The References

I have been exposing the various "legislative report cards" that are posted by various organizations as being merely "here is how the candidates rate ACCORDING TO WHAT WE BELIEVE" rather than being any particular objective measure of their quality.

I recently inspected the BET Election report card. Surprise, surprise - Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama - the Democrats both received "A"s while John McCain - the evil Republican received a "D".

The key to debunking these subjective frameworks is to EVALUATE the measuring tools themselves by apply them to the GOALS that I have highlighted in the "Black Best Interests". As I make note of the BET measurements - they evaluate METHODOLOGY rather than THE GOALS.

For example - let's consider the ECONOMY and EDUCATION. They give Hillary Clinton an on both fronts. What was their measure? UNION FRIENDLINESS!!!! What about the fact that in her state of New York - where these theories should have been enacted - the unemployment rate for young Black males have been significantly higher than the standard population.


By many measures Senator Clinton has been a champion for workers. Over the years she has consistently received high marks from the labor union AFL-CIO; and she supported protecting overtime rights of white-collar workers. Clinton’s economic stimulus plan centers on technology, innovation and increased funding for research. Grade A

The cornerstone of Senator Clinton’s education plan focuses on creating improved Pre-K programs. The program would ensure that all four and five year old kids would have access to early childhood education opportunities. Senator Clinton has also campaigned on reducing minority high school dropout rates and making college more accessible. Grade A

BET analyzes Clinton on what she proposes to do with respect to education. Despite the fact that the machine that she is a part of ALREADY RUNS the schools in all areas where Blacks are concentrated - they give her an "A" as a statement of faith.


Again - Barack Obama is a shining light for BET on the economic front because he believes, as they do that in taxing the rich at a much higher rate is the core to economic prosperity for the rest of us. They laud his 'balanced budget' initiative but fail to make note that several independent analysis of Obama's plans indicate that he would increase spending and thus the deficit.
Don't listen to me - here is a voice of a friend - The Huffington Post: Obama's Economic Plan is Unworkable

Senator Barak Obama has supported a number of pro-union and minimum wage increase initiatives. He’s also said increasing job opportunities for African American men must be a major priority for the next President of the United States. He believes balancing the United State’s budget, repealing tax increases that favored high-income earners and corporations would be the best way to put the countries financial house back into order. Grade B+

The first bill Barak Obama ever introduced in the United States Senate was to raise the maximum a student could receive via a Pell Grant. For younger children Obama says, “No Child Left Behind is woefully under funded. If elected he said he would create incentives that would assist in hiring one million teachers over the next ten years. Grade A

Clearly the fix was in folks. BET had the goal of handing out a grade and then they worked backward from there. If NCLB is underfunded while Obama plans to spend only $18 billion more than Bush did (Bush in his first budget spent $12 billion more than Clinton) how can BET claim to be credible without doing more investigation of their assumptions? Answer - THEY DON'T SEEK TO BE CREDIBLE. They are running their agenda.

Now The Republican John McCain is a special case so I need to include more of BET's points of analysis against him:

John McCain's Report Card

Civil Rights
Despite making making positive comments about the courage of Civil Rights leaders such as John Lewis and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., John McCain has received very low grades for his voting record from organizations such as the ACLU, Human Rights Campaign and the NAACP. McCain also has said his initial support to allow South Carolina to fly the Confederate flag over state buildings was his worst example of political cowardice. Grade D

WATCH THE INDEX PEOPLE. Since the ACLU and NAACP don't like him......he must be bad for Black people. Please recall that the NAACP once thought that taking Black kids out of their neighborhood schools and sending them to WHITE SCHOOLS while our own schools fell into a state of disrepair was the BEST BLACK STRATEGY. We clearly need to "inspect the inspector". For me the ACLU and NAACP have LITTLE PROOF that today they represent the MEASURABLE best interests of Black people in many, many areas - education being one of them.

Health Care
John McCain’s health care votes as a U.S. Senator have consistently been criticized as poor and not in the best interest of most Americans by most health care organizations. If elected McCain said he would improve health care by making health care more affordable and to give every American family a $5,000 refundable tax credit to be used anyplace in America to buy health insurance. Grade D-

Where is the beef? WHO has criticized his vote? Please note that they use the statement "he would improve health care by making health care more affordable......". Do you get the sense that IF these same words were in the paragraphs for Clinton or Obama this would be grounds for an "A"? Do you see how this works folks?

John McCain’s low standing with labor unions seems well deserved. He’s called unions’ monopolies and says workers shouldn’t be compelled to join them. To help stimulate the economy McCain would cut taxes on the middle class and small businesses. Grade D

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Do you get the sense that BET sees UNIONS as the cornerstone to job growth? Tell that to the people of Detroit. They have plenty of UNIONS just not too many CONSUMERS OF UNION LABOR to allow these people to express their union wages. Again a "middle class tax cut and a small business tax cut" .....and you get a "D"!!!

Senator McCain is a strong supporter of home schooling, school choice and vouchers. As president he would create a national test voucher program. His legislative record hasn’t been well received by the National Education Association. Grade C+

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
"His legislative record hasn’t been well received by the National Education Association". The EDUCATION provided by the members of the NEA has not been WELL RECEIVED by Black students and their parents. This is why many of them are MOVING outside of the failing school systems.

This type of hit piece makes me laugh and cry at the same time. I laugh because there is no serious analysis involved where the editors at BET took a DISPASSIONATE look at the issues and rendered their judgment. The key point as well is that INCUMBENCY SHOULD matter for something. The truth of the matter is that the Black community today has MORE DEMOCRATS THAN EVER BEFORE GOVERNING OUR INTERESTS. In many of these critical points - education, jobs, health care and justice - our community receive such benefits via the interaction with DEMOCRATICALLY CONTROLLED local governments. Why does a promise about the future made by a Democrat not checked by the present set of circumstances that are the case?

BET Lists The Important Issues In The Upcoming Election

I awoke last night after haven fallen asleep in front of the television with a BET commercial promoting our young Black people to vote. They held up 3 signs that were used to frame the key issues in this election:

* The Economy
* The War
* Gas Prices

Again I must communicate my theory as I analyze certain operatives who control the messages upon Black America. I have no interests in controlling WHAT they promote to the Black masses as it is their right to do so and certainly they have been effective in shaping opinions. My agenda is to construct a credible FRAME OF REFERENCE regarding the best interests to Black America and then measure BET and other operatives against this reference. In this case - they failed miserably.

As I take the instance of a young Black male who lives in Philadelphia, NYC, Detroit or Chicago and reference the challenges that he faces in his life against BET's list I say that they are only partially correct. Indeed the general reference to "the Economy" is a concern to us all. "The War" - this is more of a yea or nay issue but this is not a fundamental issue in their lives on the streets. "Gas prices" - yes. The doubling of the price of gas has meant that the cost for fuel has taken a bigger bite out of these young people's personal economy - if they own a car. Indeed fuel cost increase have also rippled through the economy.

Now two points of critical analysis. I notice that when certain operatives throw out "the economy" they are using this term frequently to express their IDEOLOGICAL sentiments regarding who is to blame. For example when Al Gore stood in front of 21,000 Democrats in Detroit a few weeks ago and blamed Bush for the job losses in Michigan and that this is why the Republicans should be purged he missed the fact that the governor who presided over many of these job losses not only got reelected by was on stage with him as a DEMOCRAT. The mayor of the city, a Democrat as well - was not there because he has some issues of his own to deal with. Thus for some people their ideological bias has them applying arbitrary standards as to WHO is to blame. In their track record - the local Democratic administration which has failed them economically is not held in contempt as the corporate operative who is always slipping from their grasp is. Thus the concept of "the Economy" is too arbitrary and if it was analyzed with granularity with the express goal of having young Blacks advocate for CHANGE so that their positions might improve they would look more locally at some of the policies that are ASSUMED to be in their best interests and insure that they actually are.

The notion of gas prices being "voted down" is laughable as well. The standard line of "When Bill Clinton was in office we were paying $0.99 per gallon" has been repeated ad nauseum by some. They have been conditioned to believe that it is not important to involve themselves into the particulars of why certain economic events happen. They just need to know that the "good guys" are working for them and they need to vote for the good guys.

Now what was NOT on the list that has a daily impact on the lives of young Black males in the cities that I mentioned?

* Education - Declining Black Male Graduation Rates. Who is running these schools?

* Crime and Increased Homicide Rates for Black Males - Who is running the police forces that should be protecting us?

* Employment Opportunities - While some people have abundant opportunity based on the market conditions where they live, why have the jobs that are in our scope drying up? Are there some regional influences at work here?

The truth is that BET is not going to put these items that uniquely impact young Black people because it opens up the discussion of this election beyond their carefully sculpted objectives to put a Democrat in the White House. If only they sought to IMPROVE THE CONDITIONS WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY as their primary objective.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Barack & Michelle Obama: What Happens Beyond The Cult Of Personality?

For many people the coronation of "The First Black First Family" has begun. "Michelle and Barack Obama.....A Love Story". This would be a fitting description of what is going on in so many media outlets - Black and White. For many of them - the November elections have already occurred. Like most general elections in the Black community - it is a mere formality.

Absent in most of these discussions, beyond the cheerleading, is any serious discussion about policy and the demand for details of how Barack Obama is going to walk on water and bring "change" to all that he has promised to do.

The claim is that a "John McCain presidency would be a 3rd term for George W Bush". It is puzzling that we don't hear more frequently that "an Obama presidency will be a promotion of the failed policies at the municipal and regional level up to the national level". It is clear that many of the place where the Democratic machine dominates the most - there is long term pain and recession. Al Gore during his speech in Detroit the other night was able to bypass any local and state accountability and instead blame Bush.

I can only wonder what would happen IF after Obama served one term as president with unemployment having risen from 5.5% up to 7.2% if the same people howling "this is a Bush Recession" throughout the 4 years would be convinced that the "change" they bought into - along with the visions of Camelot were not the correct points of inspection for their own BEST INTERESTS?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Field-Negro Meet Tim Wise - "Vanilla Ice" On The Lecture Circuit

Offending Blog: The Field Negro - The conservative shuffle.

The practice is so common and predictable. A White liberal such as Tim Wise or Keith Olbermann attacks a "Black Conservative", a flurry of Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers (my more functional label for "Black Liberals") come out of the wood work and affirms the White liberal's attacks and generalizations about Black conservatives. Nothing of surprise here.

Did my friend Field-Negro bother to inspect the pedigree of Tim Wise as he castigated these Black Conservatives? Clearly not. An attack on his ideological enemy is an attack made by a friend.

Tim Wise: Black conservatives, with their politics of self-abuse, have managed to obtain access to the halls of power – at the expense of respect from within the black community.

Elder – like Shelby Steele before him, and Walter Williams before that, and Ken Hamblin before that, and Thomas Sowell before him, and Clarence Thomas always – says the kinds of things that most white folks love to hear: essentially, that blacks are the source of their own problems in life. Black cultural pathology and bad behavior, according to these types, explain everything from black poverty rates to black incarceration rates.

The strawman argument that Wise makes:
Lately, two of the more popular arguments made by black conservatives and the white people who love them are, first, that blacks spend too much money on luxury items they can't afford, refusing to save money the way responsible white folks do; and second, that blacks place too little value on education, preferring to critique learning as selling out or "acting white," and thereby sabotaging their own achievement.

Monday, June 16, 2008

BET Tolerant Of Free Speech? Maybe Not

The Voting Nuns

I really wonder if there is a news clipping service for left-wing interests. A few weeks ago Cynthia Tucker of the Atlanta Journal Constitution told of the 6 nuns who were victimized by the new photo id law for voting. A short time afterward - this article appears as well.

Article: What Barriers Stand in Your Way to the Polls?

Another case of the abstract theory "it is better to allow 10 guilty men to go free than to ask 6 nuns to show photo id just like everyone else has to."

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Do We Need A New Black News Network?

White folks say the darndest things:

BREAKING NEWS - Dear Black People,

NOBODY hates you for the color of your skin.

Racism based solely on mere skin color or racial prejudice, at least towards the Black Community, no longer exists in 2008.

People of other races HATE YOU for how you choose to act in public.

People of other races HATE YOU for how you choose to use your “outdoor voice” while inside.

People of other races HATE YOU for how you choose to think you are above the same societal rules and laws as everybody else.

People of other races HATE YOU for how you choose to not learn how to communicate properly or use rational thought.

People of other races HATE YOU for how you choose to blame the rest of the world for your own stupidity.

Racism? Nope.
Dumb@zzism? Yes!

You are HATED for your “Dumb@zzness,” NOT your race.

We’ll have additional information on why you ‘is’ hated by other races based solely on the ( lack of ) content of your character as it becomes available.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Political Affilation and Crime Rates

Note: Not a report on 'bias'. Just a recording of an exchange had on Bookerrising for permanent archive

[quote]First, can we really say there is a connection between political affiliation and crime levels?[/quote]


You ask the wrong question. It is not PARTY AFFILIATION. It is the IDEOLOGICAL ASSUMPTIONS that are at play with certain people. One's IDEOLOGY captures the METHODOLOGY that he believes as the way things should be done to achieve certain ends. Thus POLITICAL PARTIES capture groupings of people per their ideology. You can't tell me that Jim Webb, the slimy new senator from VA has much in common with Nancy Pelosi per their similar party membership. Its just not the case. Parties are nothing more than an association meant to obtain POWER.

I mean, crime waves have occurred under the watchful eye of both parties.[/quote]
This is a high level analysis that fails to note that America is made up of a bunch of counties and states - each with their own ethos regarding crime and punishment, culture and community bonding. The entire nation does not experience a brain swap upon the dawning of a new presidential administration. What comes from upon high from DC rarely succeeds in radically altering that which is the prevailing local character.
Law enforcement and policy is just but one element of the ingredients of a crime spree.

Secondly, what causes crime in the black community? I mean I suppose growing up, the crime i saw in my grandmothers district was more a matter of necessity.[/quote]

You need to watch the recent episode of "Gangster" which focused on the Gangster Disciples out of Chicago and how they expanded their drug enterprise to Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Indianapolis and even took over some small, Podunk town in between Chicago and Milwaukee who's name that I don't remember. With the MILLIONS of dollars raked in by this syndicate it was more than NECESSITY in action.

This was nothing less than a CORPORATE ENTERPRISE ran with FRANCHISE AGREEMENTS. The guys at the top pocketed most of the money. The middle level managers were the enforcers - beating the hell out of any member who failed to pay their DUES - which were 70% of their revenues.

This was no more done out of NECESSITY as you can claim that Ford, Pepsi and Sears were created as corporations out of NECESSITY. Instead there was a DEMAND expressed by the community and they serviced that demand and profited greatly.

When they saw that they had a functional system that worked for Chicago they decided to replicate it in these other cities - KILLING OFF the competition both figuratively and literally.

It appears that you are claiming that because society SPIT THEM OUT....they were forced to pursue this mode of commerce. I REJECT THIS 100%.

The bottom line is that there is some incumbent requirement upon them and their community to understand what is in demand in the LEGAL marketplace regarding SKILLS, knowledge, and competency and to insure that their young people are "finished" in a way that they are in line with this market and thus can sell their goods in exchange for a living.

INSTEAD REBELLION and REVOLUTION are the hallmarks in many communities. "Speaking truth to power" gets you a scouting badge to wear. As I listened to an NPR interview with the SCLC president he makes the claim that RACISM and hatred for Blacks remains the #1 force of oppression against us. Funny how on an increasing basis I am seeing more diversity in the way of melanin among people who have the pigmentation but NOT the fundamental cultural inculcation have great success in these same places that are said to be off limits to those professing the African-American branding. I would argue that even Barack Obama is one of these individuals, having had his world view shaped by his mother and then venturing out later in life to link up with the community.

At what point, dougie do we begin INTROSPECTION? I realize that the kneejerk which will be heard (particularly from the board's #1 Jerk from Bowie) will be "You are blaming the victim".

The way to get past this is to focus on the intended results - consider what you are willing to do to obtain them - even if you have to suspend your unique flavor as you melt it into the prevailing culture of the environment that you are seeking entry into and THEN upon obtaining a measure of control - you add your spicy seasoning.

Instead folks want that which has been successful to CHANGE and prove that they are more accommodating and accepting of diversity (in action). Rarely do they inspect if THEY are the ones who need to change because that which they are attempting to hold onto is FAILING them.

In holding on they are in fact SELLING OUT because their goals of ECONOMY BOUNTIFULNESS is being denied as they hold onto a CULTURAL METHODOLOGY that they picked up on the streets and attempt to enforce it on OTHERS.

(Hey Candace and SweetJones - will you ever see such articulation about what is really going on WITHIN the Black community from the guy YOU claimed - per your jaundiced perspective - "Kicked my butt" in a debate over the past few days?

In order to draw upon this well of insight - one must have some connection to it in the first place. He doesn't!!!! This is why he talks DEMOCRAT and REPUBLICAN all of the time and you all, being DEMOCRATS go along for the ride. You win but you lose.)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We Need To Remove The Guns Out Of The House


Audio Report: Study: Spike in Children Killed by Gun Violence

Question was asked: Black males are 5 times more likely to be killed by a gun by the age of 30

Classic "seminar talking point" response.

The fact is, and sadly, GUN VIOLENCE ON THE STREETS were our people live is out of control. It is not going to be successfully addressed with people like this who only know how to TAKE OUR GUNS. Dealing with the people and their respect for other human life is where it starts.

SCLC Head On Black Progress - "We Are Never Going To Get There"

This entire interview is a perfect example of why I crafted this separate blog.

Audio: Passing the Torch of Leadership

Charles Steele of the SCLC said "last year Brown v Board" was OVERTURNED and there was a Black man who cast the deciding vote.


Let's be clear.
Brown V Board outlawed FORCED segregation where THE RACE OF A CHILD was the primary characteristic by which school attendance was administrated.
The ruling last year, a correct one, AFFIRMED that RACE cannot be used as the PRIMARY means by which school attendance is determined....EVEN IF IT IS VOLUNTARY ON BOTH ENDS.
So what are the alternatives? What is being done all over - Magnet Schools where theme schools are established and there is an ADMISSIONS LOTTERY, for example, to determine attendance. Some others offer admissions testing.

It has been judged ILLEGAL to do a straight up RACE BASED allocation of seats in a given school. I strongly stand by this.

If Mr. Steele doesn't believe that we can ever achieve as a race - then maybe HE is the one who needs to step aside and allow others to take over.

I think that it is patently foolish (and this is just my opinion) for the SCLC to focus on expanding internationally when just about 5 miles away from their headquarters is Vine City Atlanta where they could use some teaching in these principles of non-violence.

If there was ever a need to apply my filter against a LISTING of what someone had done and ask "IS IT EFFECTIVE" - the modern day SCLC needs such an inspection.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Black Man Who Has Lost His Identity To The Democratic Party

It is possible to call a "Democrat Who Is Black" a Sellout To Black people?

Blog: Where’s the Outrage?

Though this is not likely to be heard - one's own actions indeed can detail how someone has so fused "Democrat's best interests" with or over "Black best interests" that indeed the "Sellout" label is a functional description of his antics.

Thoughtful, intelligent, progressive political discussion from a man outraged over the Bush Administration

Errington C. Thompson, MD, is a surgeon, scholar, fulltime sports fan and part-time political activist. He is active in a number of community projects and initiatives. Through medicine, he strives to improve the physical health of all he treats. Through this book, he hopes to share his thoughts and reflections on the current political landscape.

Dr. Thompson was educated at Emory University and Southwestern Medical School and currently resides in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

Dr. Thompson is available for lectures.

Western North Carolina.
Charlotte or there abouts I presume.
OK Let's take a look at my standard research methodology:

What is the rating of the Charlotte Mecklinburg County School system on ""? 6 out of 10 - How much activism has been conducted by Dr. Thompson as a means of raising this to a 8? Again - assuming that he lives in the Charlotte Area. I know that the school district has had many problems over the years per my familiarity with the the situation with several of my relatives.
The above rating is at the county level - do a drill down at the school level and you see schools with a rating as low as 1. I am sure that Dr. Thompson would blame Bush for this failure.

Let me be CLEAR and FAIR. I am not blaming Dr. Thompson for the condition of these schools and the relatively low graduation rates. Indeed it is not his fault. I can, however legitimately criticize he and his fellow Black operatives for having Black folks to skip over the local problems as we fantasize about the glories that will come in having the Democrats to take over nationally, complementing their local monopoly control.

"Where is the outrage" is a title more accurately bestowed upon the average urban school district that is no doubt dominantly controlled by Democrats and yet receive little admonishment by the usual suspects who have little problems vocalizing their concerns about Republican even when there are none around locally to destroy the schools and cause crime.

(to be continued)

Continued - as I was traveling home from a business trip I was thinking about the predicament that I see with the Black community and the operatives within. For me "Democrats who are Black" such as Dr. Thompson are the main threat to our advancement that will come from MANAGEMENT of our own people toward a desired end.

At the same time - the antics that I expressed above are not FAIR to Dr. Thompson or anyone else. (I was going to delete the entire posting up above but I will leave it in order to show that I am preemptively changing the essence of my debate against Democratic Operatives such as Dr. Thompson.

My new position is as follows:

I make the assumption that all Black Political activism is for the purposes of advancing the interests of Black people in this country. I have articulated my framework many times - Education, Safe Communities, Economics, Health. As I was thinking about how to expose operatives such as Dr. Thompson I realized that the above technique was not the best way to smoke him out as a person who is bought, sold and in the employ of the Democratic party rather than Black best interests.

The only way that I can prove this point is to introduce what I have learned as part of my job as a consultant for organizations that are attempting to effectively execute a certain strategy. The concept is that of a "Reference Model". This reference model is nothing more than the express of that which all that you are working for IS. It is the proverbial "10 out of 10" on the scale. It is the ruler that has been show to not have any a detectable warping in it.

For Dr. Thompson's antics the easy way to expose him as a Democratic operative rather than a Black man working in the best interests of Black people is simply to review his blog entries and make note of the contents that are related to the issue of BLACK PEOPLE rather than just the issue of DEMOCRATS. At first blush he is indeed a "Democrat who is Black" rather than a Black man who is using the Democratic party as a vehicle in the American political system to achieve his ultimate goals for his people. By any other label this is called a SELL OUT. The only issue is that since this is a POPULAR position with Black folks - he is not likely to be called on his antics.

Thus I point out the fact that as we stand in 2008 as a community with more people who are favorable to the masses in power over our community than ever before and yet we are still struggling with the basics - a person such as Dr Thompson (and there are many like him) has no shame about what he is doing.

Without question we receive more services that impact our daily lives from the LOCAL government than from the federal. The operatives having current control of this entity where Blacks are most concentration strive heartily to get us to focus NOT on THEM but on the Feds. They always argue that the SYSTEM is against us so, despite them sitting in the seats of the school board, the mayor, the police chief and with a dominant position on city council - they like to assume INFERIORITY. The positions that they now have is not enough to confound the powers of the banks who must loan us money, the corporations who must employ us and the White police officers who are disobeying the command of the Black guy who is their ultimate commander. This is the key shell game that they use to have us look beyond their power grab and have us buy into more support for their growth because we can't look for benefit until they get full control over all the variables.

For me - I WANT SOME "EARNEST MONEY" put up. Before I continue along with this confidence game I need to see some benefit rather than continue on with the "audacity of hope".

Thus the best way to expose Dr. Thompson is to detail his work FOR the Democrat's advancement versus his notation of the problems that are clearly impacting the western North Carolina area. I know that the homicide rate and gang activity for young Black males was a big problem in that area for the last two years. How many entries in this man's blog are focused upon issues that are impacting Black people versus his exploitation of our hopes as a people that the rise in the Democratic party will be a rise in the fortunes of Black people?

My only goal is to get my people back focused on OUR common goals rather than being cheerleaders for the Democratic Party and their ideology. WE LOSE if this change is not made. You sell yourself for CHEAP otherwise.