Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Tale Of 2 Monkeys

(Please note - this is not the actual picture from the t-shirt

The Offending Blog (With A Long Rap Sheet) The Field-Negro

A t-shirt depicting Curious George with the caption "Obama 08" has drawn offense from the usual suspects. In my conversations with them I have challenged them to ENFORCE their sentiments with their ideological soulmates as well as their enemies. Isn't this the very same JUSTICE that they have been demanding for decades?

This and other episodes shows me that when the statement is made "America is not ready for a Black president" that THEY are to be included in the portion of Americans not ready. The job comes with the assumption that a portion of the United States is going to hate you and will slander you to no end. They can't possibly attempt to "racism chase" every issue and prove their own sanity.

In the process of finding an offending picture of evil Bush I came across an entire web site "www.bushchimp" Click Here. As of today it has 5.1 MILLION hits. Any civil rights protesters gathering around over this?

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