Friday, May 2, 2008

The Tag Team Attack

Offending Site:

Set Up: I dared to mention my OPINION about homosexual men. I did not ATTACK anyone but simply said "I can't personally see how one man could give himself to another".
I promote FUNCTIONALITY over MORALITY. I am not going to lie to you. As a straight man I can not relate to how one man can "give himself" to another. I have no hatred for the homosexual but I also can take a look at the type of FUNCTIONAL SOCIETY that I would like to craft and thus more often than not it is a society that is constructed off of ONE MAN married to ONE WOMAN in a committed and long term relationship for the purposes of replicating a well balanced household with their choice to produce children as the focus.

This elicited an attack on me by a self-described gay male:

That's because you're fat, and ugly, and have a tiny penis, and you smell like old powder down below.

You don't have the goods to do the deed and your bank account is empty so you couldn't even buy it, if you wanted to try it.

I responded:
Indeed Christopher.

I would magically become a "good guy" by making ONE SIMPLE CHANGE......agreeing with everything that YOU agree with.

What a great country we have where we can disagree and you don't have a right to kill me in order to suppress my views.

(its a good thing that I am not malicious like you are)

Still no ATTACK from me - you see?

Then a blind 3rd party came in....passed over the attack on me and commented on my words:
I'm sorry, Contructive Feedback, but I missed the part where Christopher suggested you must hold all of his opinions, much less when he suggested you should be killed by his hand.


Jazzy said...

Corn man it's bad for the digestive system lay off of it for a while.

Constructive Feedback said...


Is there anything about this post that I misrepresented?

It might be "corn" but it is not a fictionalized account of the actions of certain operatives.