Monday, May 26, 2008

Shelley Wynters: They Got Him

I had wondered why all last week my recordings of the Shelley Wynters Show was filled with the bellowed voice of Derrick Boazman. I thought that Shelley was on vacation. Today I learned that this is more of a permanent vacation from WAOK.

Shelley Wynters - a self described Black Conservative Republican was dismissed from WAOK AM - a talk show in the Atlanta Area. For me Shelley was an island of common sense on a sea of rote messages that reinforced the POPULAR notions that are present within the Black political discourse that doesn't bother to ask if after having promoted their power over us our condition has changed much now that we have popular people running our affairs.

According to the news reports in the Atlanta Journal Constitution (Link To AJC blog) Wynters accepted consulting fees from the Deborah Honeycutt for Congress campaign. Honeycutt, a Republican ran for congress unsuccessfully against David Scott 2 years ago. Wynter has long talked about his political consulting firm which has the goal of developing young people into leadership positions, regardless of their political affiliation. From a cut and dry analysis of the situation - indeed Shelley should have made this disclosure known to his listeners.

Now let us expand the conversation. Shelley Wynter has been critical of John Lewis AND David Scott AND Cynthia McKinney when she was around AND many, many others. It must be noted that the office of Democrat John Lewis had pressured WAOK to get Shelley to stop criticizing their guy several times in the past. Since Shelley is gone I can now voice the fact that he told me at one of his events that station management brought the Democratic liberal state representative Alicia Thomas Morgan onto his radio show as a means of counteracting his "conservative bias". Now let me set up the framework for you so that you might understand the context of this radio station. First you have the morning news show hosted by Gene Ross, the news director. She is a clear operative for the popular Black establishment positions (ie: Democrats) in the years that I have been listening to her. I heard editorial commentary posing as news reporting when it came to "Evil Bush". Next you have the Loraine White Show. I have reported several times on this woman's tactics to piss me off and raise my blood pressure. Every single time that I have called in to redirect her rhetoric - I get one statement in and then as she answers the question - the phone line drops. You say that this is nothing? Compare this to any caller that calls in with a RACIAL VICTIMIZATION claim. If she is coming up against a break she will hold them over because "Sweetheart - I've got to hear this". Next you have the Rob Wilson financial show. This is largely not political so I will skip it. Next you had the Shelley Wynters Show. And then you had one hour of Community Forum - on Monday's the loud mouthed Democratic State Rep Alicia Thomas-Morgan who I confronted one time as she was pissed that the Republicans in the State House dared to use the image of a Black man who had SHOT A WHITE COP IN THE FACE AND KILLED HIM as the reason for our state needing to reform our Death Penalty procedures. I called in and made note that she seemed more pissed that the image of a Black man was used than on the fact that THIS MAN HAD KILLED A COP BY SHOOTING HIM IN THE FACE. I am glad that this woman does not represent me in the GA House. Conversely - I would never choose to live in an area where this woman could even get elected as a representative. Finally the syndicated Bev Smith Show came on at 7pm. In full disclosure - I tape the "Dr White Show", the "Shelley Wynther Show" and the "Bev Smith Show" each day and then run through each of them as I exercise. Bev Smith is an operative. She is running an unpaid campaign for Barack Obama as we speak. Despite the fact that even Obama has distanced himself from the idea that the government has created the AIDS virus - Smith and Dick Gregory remained convinced that this is the case. If so - they should impress upon a "President Obama" to release the AIDS serum just as is the case on Superheros cartoons.

The critics of Shelley Wynter don't note his community involvement and the fact that he brings a wide array of intelligent voices to the table to discuss many of the community-centric challenges that we face. Certainly many of these people do not appear on the other shows where our community is dared asked to play a central role in this reform.

We have far too many operatives lurking in the Black media. I am just saddened to see that Shelley Wynters did not more fully disclose his ties to David Scott's opposition. Rob Redding, who formerly held the 2pm spot on WAOK commented that this is the same type of clandestine dealings that brought down Armstrong Williams who consulting firm accepted money from the US Department of Education to advanced the NO Child Left Behind program. What Rob Redding should also state is that the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers that formulate the greatest part of the Black political advocacy eco-system work a similar system in that former Democratic elected officials migrate over to run various civil rights organization, become media personalities and advocate for various policies that will have government money flowing toward their ideologically favored programs. At least we can say that the Honeycutt Campaign is using private monies rather than government funds.

(Rob - please drop the "Independent" spiel. Liberal and Conservative specify ideology. Democrat and Republican specify party. While indeed you may be of no party - you can't claim to be non-ideologically biased.

Just consider your "Obama Jesus" strategy when just by being elected to the Presidency - he is going to bring in the reforms that you claim and hope for. He is going to do so ONLY with a solid Democratic Majority Congress. There is a dependency on the Democrats being in power of at least 2 branches of the government for the INDEPENDENT plan that you have voiced to have any chance of working.

Just as your former running buddy from XM - The Power - Joe Martin departed the Democratic Party to become an Independent, doing so because his former party did not go LEFT ENOUGH for his own tastes....your disposition as an "Independent" is no less DEPENDENT on the Democratic Party being in power. Stop fronting and be yourself.

I am proud not note that I am a self proclaimed Black Conservative. We have Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers totally dominating every single Black majority district and FAILING to deliver as promised. When you and others start comparing what we have been promised prior to voting for these people and the actual deliverables that have been received and holding them too it prior to approving their EXPANSION over more turf - then I will take your "Independence" a bit more seriously. Do you REALLY think that I am the only one to notice this of you?)

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