Friday, May 16, 2008

Prof Watkins - He Who Calls Another A "Chimp" Loses His Credibility To Be Outraged At Someone Else's Use Of The Word

Instead, he felt that going after my chancellor and the alumni of Syracuse University would be a more reliable tactic.

Actually it appears that he is bringing to her attention your slanderous remarks about Juan Williams to her attention. As "the one that writes your pay check" he is attempting to do to you what you are attempting to do to his sponsors.

Where as you are drawing upon the "Black community" to stand and defend O'Reilly calling out the White folks to do the same? This is YOUR BATTLE. You stepped in it. You need to distinguish between "your issues" and our race's issues.

This is FAR, FAR from a lunch counter protest because no Blacks, regardless of their ideology are welcomed to eat. STOP USING MY RACE.

I couldn’t agree with O’Reilly more, perhaps the chimp is smarter than I thought.

Not surprised though.
I bet that you believe that the Obama t-shirt where some White person referred to him with the same slight is RACIST though don't you? (You just don't get it. No degree is going to make you get it either)

and other respected individuals in the black community.

I am a member of the Black community. I 'respect' Juan Williams. I wish that he were protected from ATTACK just as you are seeking to protect Jeremiah Wright and Obama.

But wait - OBAMA HIMSELF has distance himself from the words of Wright. You are going after this 3rd party Oreilly. What do you say about Obama for his reaction to Wright's most recent statements?

It is all too telling that Keith Olbermann is an "honorary Black guy" in your camp. It is clear that YOU believe that "Black is an ideology" and that only "left wing Black people can be Blacks in good standing". You are indeed from the Michael Eric Dyson camp as the picture that I saw suggests.

I won’t have him unfairly assaulting and defaming my respected colleagues, and using my money to do it.

I wonder if you talked to Black man - Juan Williams if he has a similar personal guiding principle about him?

You don't get it - do you?

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