Sunday, May 25, 2008

No Rational Reason For A Black Person To Support McCain Over Obama

It is such a great thing to have the POWER of the editor of one's own blog site. I chose to move this comment made by "Villager" into a featured post on this blog site which was christened to evaluate the depth of indoctrination that is present among our people in the media. Clearly there has been a fusion between the "Black Best Interests" and the interests of the Democratic Party. The idea of putting a CHECKPOINT in place so that at certain intervals in time we can indeed make the case that the popular affinity that my people have with the POPULAR ASSUMPTIONS of what is in the best interests of the Black community can still be born out. Failing to do this - we will only continue that which is POPULAR rather than that which is PROVEN TO BE EFFECTIVE.

Let me be clear. I am fully aware of the force which I am dealing with. In my frequently observation of Black Nationalists - most of whom are on the left - they frequently tell us that the most difficult set of Black people to change, who will have to be brought along kicking and screaming are the one's who are most embedded into the SYSTEM. They will not want to lose their POWER in this SYSTEM even if, upon backing up, losing a bit in the short run but then taking a different road that will lead to the realization of that potential that is long sought after yet so rarely obtained.

I have said previously a "Sellout condition" is not related to the POPULARITY of that position. In fact you can simply have a LARGE NUMBER OF "SELLOUTS". Their population simply reduces the likelihood that a fellow traveler will call them on their propensity. The very definition of a Sellout is one who places the concerns and interests of a third party entity above that which they can define as their OWN. Seemingly - no amount of data that I pull up regarding the vital statistics WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY will likely convince certain "Democrats Who Are Black" that in the ascension of power of THEIR PARTY over the Black Community has promoted our key common goals (Safe Streets, Academic Attainment, Economic Development, Healthy Living as well as the most efficient adoption of the first 4 as possible as ORGANICALLY as possible).

We must then step back and ask the question: WHAT IS THE REAL PURPOSE OF THE "BLACK POLITICAL ADVOCACY" EFFORTS if upon yielding our votes to the political machine that now dominates our communities around America has not delivered the anticipated results?

As I told the operative from "The Color Of Change" on a radio interview that he participated in: "Once you all execute the 'lets get rid of all of the Republicans and Conservatives from their offices over our communities' it is now time to craft an 'How do we get what we have been promised out of the DEMOCRATS who control our communities?' strategy. The "Democrat who is Black" is NOT going to initiate such an effort on his own. Any shortfall in his community will be said to be a need to GET MORE POWER FOR THE DEMOCRATS so that the benefits will be streaming in.

For the Black person who is working to DELIVER UPON THE ITEMS ON THE LIST ABOVE - they will see the Democrats as simply a means of obtaining that which could ever be obtained in the AMERICAN POLITICAL domain but they would never confuse this domain with the domain of THE BLACK BEST INTERESTS.

Being able to decipher between the two and NEVER, NEVER, NEVER allow these two to be fused together as operatives from both political parties would love to have happen is the job of ME and other CONSCIOUS INDEPENDENTS.


[quote]No question that we need to hold our local, county and state leadership accountable. However, my original post dealt with the presidential election. In my view, there is no rational reason for a person of African descent to support John McCain over Barack Obama. Period.[/quote]

:lol: :lol: :lol:

You keep this line of thinking up - I won't need to do anything more to expose you.

In my view - Obama is the birth child of the machine that ALREADY dominates our communities and have failed so miserably to address that which they promised Black people. My motivations are to STOP this machine's advancement and force them to DELIVER UPON that which they have promised to provide for the lower plateaus on the mountain which they dominate and are leveraging their assent toward the mountain top.

For me - I am not voting FOR John McCain and the Republicans. I am fighting AGAINST a force that has infiltrated MY PEOPLE and have us operating on the "audacity" that what has yet to be proven successful at the LOCAL LEVEL is going to do wonders once it GOES NATIONAL.

You will find based on my initial run of the numbers that THE PLACES WITH THE STRONGEST MONO-DEMOCRATIC CONTROL of their governments - also have the worse vital statistics for African-Americans.

You must understand this one point Village: The majority of the run of the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalist Racism Chaser (my more functional label of the 'Black Liberal') is his fight AGAINST White Supremacy - as he defines it. Once we are ALL ALONE BY OURSELVES, IN OUR OWN DISTRICTS, however, the FLAW in your policies shows it face. Instead of adopting an ORGANIC set of policies where BLACK PEOPLE THEMSELVES are used to express our own ability to make our streets safe, our schools academic environments and our business districts employment centers - you all KEEP CHASING that EXTERNAL GHOST. Instead of demonstrating how he has come in and "attacked you in the night" you all now say that IN HIS DEPARTURE he has "left you all alone" and thus "behind".

In my calculation - any Black person who DOES NOT evaluate the POWER that this current machine has over their community while noting how shortchanged our communities have been dealt AND INSTEAD seeks to have "the First Black President" rather than SEEKING TO HAVE OUR COMMUNITIES FIXED can only be addicted to that elixr called "Audacity Of Hope" while allows an otherwise rational human mind to span the large gap between WHERE THE STAND RIGHT NOW and what is being PROMISED TO THEM. Many will fall to their death when the step off of the cliff on faith - being convinced that there is a bridge present rather than just THIN AIR.



Who else other than the MACHINE THAT CURRENTLY RUNS IT should be held accountable?

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