Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Views On The War Per A Post On Field-Negro

This is not a report on "bias" but simply my going on the record for storage in a more permanent place that I control.

[quote]I always felt that the administration was in denial about Hurricane Katrina. [/quote]

The people who saw what Hurricane Betty did to New Orleans and who knew that their city is below sea level were in GREATER denial for entrusting their lives to "Government Levees". Did you see that the rebuilt levees are leaking again per a report last week? Who is in DENIAL regarding the immanent danger that these people are in with a man made structure separating them from North America's most powerful water way which is on a winning streak against everything that man throws up against her?


Lets walk through the logical reference of the "Academic Would Be President" who was "against the war from the start".

(and no I am not diverting attention to Obama. I'll get back to Bush in a minute. Obama has a policy that you all support so it works as a comparison.)

He supported the invasion of Afghanistan because "They attacked us on 9/11 - not Iraq". He would have invaded Pakistan to capture Osama Bin Laden.

As we have seen - Insurgents have crossed the borders into Iraq to fight the "Infidels" (that's the United States) who dared set foot on Islamic soil. If you believe Obama's narrative - the same people who will as the #2 man in Al Queda said in December 2007 - "We will fight the Infidel in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia" then you have to believe that upon having United Nation's APPROVAL to invade only Afghanistan that Al Queda would have not gone en masse into Afghanistan because it was a "Legal War".

Thus as we rationalize the position down it comes down to We will fight our enemies who wish to destroy us but ONLY on legitimate battlefields.

A few months about the B.S. tit for tat was fired back and forth with the notion that "There was no Al Queda in Iraq BEFORE EVIL BUSH INVADED". This does not hold up to the behavior that THEY HAVE SHOWN. They are going to fight the INFIDEL (this includes you) no matter where they are.

Throughout this fight many of the Anti-War protesters have focused on getting the UNITED STATES to stop doing what it is doing. When 9/11 happened these same people largely believe that this was a "chickens that came home to roost" action. But wait - if America is blamed coming and going - what say you about the actions of the Islamacists?

The problem is that you can't protest effectively against someone who DOESN'T GIVE A DAMN WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT THEM and you have no DEMOCRATIC CHANNEL TO GET THEM TO DO OTHERWISE.

In summary many of you are fighting this battle using an alternate strategy that hardly maps to the real world.

If there was one single reason that I would consider voting for Obama (who is like the Verizon Wirless Man as he is encircled by some of the most detestable left wing operatives around) it would be to a person that you all favor in power and having to deal with Al Queda in his way.

Keep in mind that we still use the oil from the Middle East. You can have a hydrogen powered car on the new car lot today. It will take about 20 years to have the balance of the gasoline engines off of the road and the infrastructure in place to host this energy independence.

Thus we are back to the CO-CONSPIRACY thing. Plain and simply your THEORIES don't match the real world CONSUMPTION that you register in your own lives. I did not say "we had a right to invade BECAUSE WE NEED THE OIL". I am saying "DESPITE your opposition to the Oil are not pissed off enough to STOP USING MIDDLE EASTERN OIL".

For me there is the marketing of the war and the FUNDAMENTAL ISSUES behind the war. Indeed the marketing of the war was flawed and the execution.....well WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD. Every single war that the United States engaged in had people who were highly critical of the strategy and the loss of life. The soldiers who fought at Iwo Jima thought that they were used as cannon fodder after they took an island for an airstrip that the USA never even made use of. This particular war was popular so many of these details are glossed over in history.

Regarding the claims about engineering the story around Scooter Libby - please note - Libby was not charged with being the ORIGINAL SOURCE of the information. He got caught in the cover up.

Please remember that about 5 years ago the Republicans had control of the chess board - look at them now.

Reality proves very different than THEORY and this works both ways.

I am still attempting to figure what Black Democrats are getting out of the deal as our communities which are nearly 100% dominated by the Democratic machine continues to prove to be less than the anticipated package that was promised. Again that THEORY versus REALITY thing.

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