Friday, May 2, 2008

The Mau Maus Are Angling For My Silencing

If this keeps up I am going to start taking it personally.

The pattern is clear. I go on a particular blog and read the blog entries and then the responses. I contribute my opinions to the subject at hand. I see the various responses and attempt to correct, disagree with and even support what I read on these various blogs. Unfortunately many of these blogs are biased LEFT. Over time they show me that my comments are not welcomed.

I don't mind being disliked for what I believe. I do mind when someone tells me that my FREQUENCY OF POSTING is the problem as I attempt to "take over the board" more than they can tell me WHY I AM WRONG!

In truth certain people just want their own little enclave back. They were able to post whatever they wanted to - truth and accuracy be damned and their fellow travelers would just accept it and often amplify it.

What we have often is a 10 against 1 (me) fight. I post frequently because I am responding to machine gun fire of posts that often don't make any sense or which has mangled real world situations toward their own jaundiced understanding.

What we have with certain people is NOT respect for "Free Speech". They instead want THEIR SPEECH to be promoted freely while others repressed. It is clear to me that the left is but a mirror image of the right. They are only fighting for a different set of principles.

(Please note - The blog administrator has not been a part of the borg that seeks to silence me. Only SOME of his merry men.)

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