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African American Political Pundit - An Opportunity For The Democrats Or The Black Community?

(Edited: May 26)

He writes, "The Democratic Party has a unique opportunity in November to reclaim the White House as well as working majorities in both the US Senate and House of Representatives in the 2008 election cycle." Every imaginable wind is blowing in their direction --> economy, Iraq war, unemployment rate, John Hagee, gas prices, food prices, George W. Bush and so on.


Unemployment Rate

John Hagee

Gas Prices

Food Prices

Iraq War

George W. Bush

Are the "brothers" from African American Political Pundit speaking with respect to THE BLACK COMMUNITY or are they speaking with respect to the DEMOCRATS? Let us investigate and bring ourselves to the answer.

Indeed the economy has taken a hit recently. Mostly because of the implosion of some elements of the housing market. Let us look at these facts a bit closer. Our friends at AAPP seek to make this a "Bush thing". What does a more granular inspection of the facts say?

Article: More Atlanta homes at risk; Clayton hardest hit

Clayton County's rate of seriously delinquent mortgages has reached epidemic proportions, with nearly one in 10 mortgage accounts at least 60 days past due, according to data from one of the nation's largest credit reporting companies.

Clayton had the highest delinquency rate for mortgages in an 11-county area of metro Atlanta, according to Chicago-based Trans-Union.

As part of the "Afrospear Blogger's Union" perhaps our friends at AAPP could detail for us EXACTLY how the Republicans made the conditions where 1 out of 10 mortgages are delinquent. Clayton County Georgia "turned" about 5 years ago when the Black population exceeded the White population for the first time in the county's history. In the two subsequent elections - Black Democrats took the super majority of elected seats from the WHITE DEMOCRATS that they replaced. (Their White Democratic Brothers in arms were called the "Good Ole Boy Network". No they did not turn into Republicans either). While it was a tremendous source of PRIDE to have Black folks who are Democrats in these seats that had previously caused the community so much consternation - in about two years time the PRIDE that was once felt had worn thin as these newly elected officials began to fracture with several news making "Democrat on Democrat" death matches. THEY ARE working in the BEST INTERESTS OF BLACK PEOPLE.....aren't they?

Unemployment Rate

National Average Unemployment Rate: 5.1% for March

Let us inspect the Unemployment rates for various members of the Congressional Black Caucus who will not be targeted for attack by AAPP

Stephanie Tubbs- Jones - Ohio's 11th District (Cleveland)
Unemployment Rate 12.2%
Cleveland - One Of America's Poorest Cities

John Conyers - Michigan's 14th District
Unemployment Rate: 8.4% (2004)

Elijah Cummings - Maryland 7th (Baltimore)
Unemployment Rate: 6.0% (2007)

I will do a separate blog entry on this expanded subject because I now have a data source that can allow me to key in on the LEADERS who African American Political Pundit who is working on the BEST INTERESTS OF BLACK PEOPLE don't seem to talk about.

John Hagee

John Hagee - the pastor who Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain once sought out the endorsement of and then distanced himself from.

Where as no doubt our friends at AAPP and others were distraught over the focus upon Rev Jeremiah Wright by the media as he was "misrepresented". Now the tables have turned and indeed it is AAPP who is leading the charge to have Hagee defined by his clipped sentences as well.

Iraq War

Evil Bush's Policies - 4,000 US Soldiers killed during war operations. 30,000 to 45,000 Iraqi's killed by direct action of the US Military.

But what about what the IRAQI'S HAVE DONE? Do the good people at AAPP have any particular set of expectations for the IRAQI PEOPLE WHO ARE KILLING OTHER IRAQI PEOPLE? I realize that the popular talking point is that the US Military Men are "fair game" because they are the invaders. What about the innocent Iraqi countrymen? They are being killed by THEIR OWN PEOPLE more than anyone else. Did George Bush do this?

What about the PRE-WAR POLICIES?
What about SANCTIONS?

On the Barack Obama campaign web site, Mr. Obama who was "against the war from the start" says what? That he would support SANCTIONS AGAINST IRAN in his Carrot and Stick approach.. But hey - at least no American soldiers would die.

Gas Prices
As a person who is about to pay $3.95 per gallon to fill up my car today I can certainly understand making political mischief out of gasoline prices. The fact that AMERICAN oil firms are making record profits certainly does not put them in a good light. But wait! I was in Canada about 3 months ago and they too had record gasoline prices and they are a net oil producer. What impact does evil George W. Bush have on Canadian gasoline prices? Will a President Obama really cause the price of gasoline to decline? Removed from the discussion has been all of the successes of the environmentalists and ideologues over the years to reduce our domestic drilling, freeze our refining capacity and, just as boneheadedly - go after AMERICAN oil companies while FOREIGN oil companies reap great profits as well. Their proposed windfall profit tax makes it more expensive for American oil companies to do business and ends up allowing gasoline that was refined overseas to be imported absent the punitive tax.

Here ya go buddy: Article: Which oil companies/states control the world's oil supplies?


It is interesting that evil Bush has so much power AROUND THE WORLD. He is able to set policy in America and thus raise the price of rice for everyone around the world. As a results of Bush's actions that are intended to kill off the undesirables around the world - their respective governments see the angry protests in their own countries and they decide to cut food exports from their countries. Their theory is that the remaining stock of food in their home country will be left for their own people. But wait! The farmers - seein gthis as a confiscation of their crops and their ability to sell their commodities to the highest bidder does what economics 101 states what they are likely to do - CUT THEIR PRODUCTION! In the spiraling set of unintended consequences that result from government engineered outcome - supplies of food items are reduced and the price is increased.

What is the answer? Acknowledge that we are in a new time in the world's history. According to a report that I read in Foreign Policy magazine last week - there are now more middle class individuals in the world today than ever before. They are living at a higher standard of living. They are purchasing more commodity items and are driving up the sales price for these food items. The solution is to increase the supply and production of these goods so that more of these goods are available for those who are demanding them. This leads to more employment and thus more people participating in the global economy.

Ironically some of the key people who CLAIM to be "for the people" and against American imperialism in truth are children of American imperialism and they want to have their low cost food items available to them as protected by the US Military and the foreign policy that they find so offensive to their ideals.


Villager said...

I'm the author of the post that you are discussing. I notice that you only picked out two of the many winds that I cited blowing in favor of Democrats this year.

re: economy - 80% of the nation say that Bush is taking us in the wrong direction. The majority of the country doesn't have confidence in the Bush administration to deal with the poor economy. McCain has no unique ideas on the economy. In fact, he is quoted as saying that he isn't much good at macro-economics on a national scale. This is a favorable issue for Obama in the coming campaign.

re: Unemployment rate - You make the point ideally ... the unemployment rate for African Americans is significantly higher than that for the population as a whole. This is another reason the winds are blowing in favor of the Democrats this election cycle.

This is my first time visiting your blog. I'll have to add you to the Villager's Black Blog Rankings!

Constructive Feedback said...

The post will be edited and updated to address all of your points over this weekend. (That family cookout circuit has the priority for the weekend).

Let me summarize my critique of you and most other Black Democratic Party operatives. At the end of the day you guys are advocating on behalf of the Democratic Party rather DIRECTLY on behalf of the Black Best interests. In fact you have a "one off" concept in which a strong Democratic Party means a strong Black America. I intend to both prove that this is false and also to "Take my people's consciousness BACK" from those who have stolen it and placed it into the hands of this particular party (or any others - Black Republicans with a mirror image of your tactics don't escape me either).

I can only blame myself because I knew that I needed to have a certain amount of research in hand before election season to counter the very picture that YOU and other operatives are attempting to paint regarding our people's best interests and how they might be best served.

I now have access to more county level data. I plan to first build a list of counties that have the largest concentration of Black people. I then will cross index the LEADERSHIP that is present over these counties. I will then compile certain vital statistics - Employment Rates, School Quality Index, Crime Rates and a few others that I will add to my permanent database.

Let me be clear. My goal is to STATE THE FACTS about the conditions that are present in our community. With these facts in hand we can make more informed DECISIONS. With my years of debating "people like you" - I have learned the tactics that you make use of to confound any deep study of the hard facts that are present:

* I am an "uncle tom" for daring to shed a bad light on the Black community - In truth I am laying out the facts.

* Why don't you focus on the RACISM that is behind these numbers? - This response does not speak to the FACT that these communities often have leaders that are favorable to the Black masses. This leadership has implemented certain POLICIES. In many cases these stats represent POLICY OUTCOMES more than they prove that the Klan is still terrorizing our community.

My goal is to have PEOPLE LIKE YOU to focus your inspection upon ALL OF THE FORCES that are bearing down upon the Black community - especially the people who are running the key resources that our people interface with on a daily basis:

* Schools
* Community Members who define the ultimate state of the streets
* The aggregate local and regional economic conditions that are expressed as a result of the policies that are popular

It seems to me that you all want a "Black Democratic President" in office so that some of these things might be accomplished in a top down manner.

I want our community fixed at the local level and have the benefit a strong base to build up upon and thus it can be replicated in other regions or even other nations.

The bottom line fact is that what is POPULAR within the Black community has not been fully vetted as being PROVABLY the "Best Interests" of Black America. Let's see what the numbers bear out.

I am sure you don't mind - a debate about the numbers.

(Here is one that should challenge your ideas about Gas prices being a "Bush Thing":

Villager said...

I've just met you today. As such, I never would stoop to calling you an 'Uncle Tom'. That type of label tends to eliminate space for dialogue. By the same token, I don't appreciate being labeled when you have only just learned about me today.

That being said, I look forward to seeing your statistics as you have time to lay them out.

No question that we need to hold our local, county and state leadership accountable. However, my original post dealt with the presidential election. In my view, there is no rational reason for a person of African descent to support John McCain over Barack Obama. Period.

As an aside, your blog is BBR #1227...

peace, Villager

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]No question that we need to hold our local, county and state leadership accountable. However, my original post dealt with the presidential election. In my view, there is no rational reason for a person of African descent to support John McCain over Barack Obama. Period.[/quote]

:lol: :lol: :lol:

You keep this line of thinking up - I won't need to do anything more to expose you.

In my view - Obama is the birth child of the machine that ALREADY dominates our communities and have failed so miserably to address that which they promised Black people. My motivations are to STOP this machine's advancement and force them to DELIVER UPON that which they have promised to provide for the lower plateaus on the mountain which they dominate and are leveraging their assent toward the mountain top.

For me - I am not voting FOR John McCain and the Republicans. I am fighting AGAINST a force that has infiltrated MY PEOPLE and have us operating on the "audacity" that what has yet to be proven successful at the LOCAL LEVEL is going to do wonders once it GOES NATIONAL.

You will find based on my initial run of the numbers that THE PLACES WITH THE STRONGEST MONO-DEMOCRATIC CONTROL of their governments - also have the worse vital statistics for African-Americans.

You must understand this one point Village: The majority of the run of the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalist Racism Chaser (my more functional label of the 'Black Liberal') is his fight AGAINST White Supremacy - as he defines it. Once we are ALL ALONE BY OURSELVES, IN OUR OWN DISTRICTS, however, the FLAW in your policies shows it face. Instead of adopting an ORGANIC set of policies where BLACK PEOPLE THEMSELVES are used to express our own ability to make our streets safe, our schools academic environments and our business districts employment centers - you all KEEP CHASING that EXTERNAL GHOST. Instead of demonstrating how he has come in and "attacked you in the night" you all now say that IN HIS DEPARTURE he has "left you all alone" and thus "behind".

In my calculation - any Black person who DOES NOT evaluate the POWER that this current machine has over their community while noting how shortchanged our communities have been dealt AND INSTEAD seeks to have "the First Black President" rather than SEEKING TO HAVE OUR COMMUNITIES FIXED can only be addicted to that elixr called "Audacity Of Hope" while allows an otherwise rational human mind to span the large gap between WHERE THE STAND RIGHT NOW and what is being PROMISED TO THEM. Many will fall to their death when the step off of the cliff on faith - being convinced that there is a bridge present rather than just THIN AIR.



Who else other than the MACHINE THAT CURRENTLY RUNS IT should be held accountable?