Monday, May 26, 2008

Ebony Magazine Tricked Me On Their Recent Story About "The Killing Of Our Children"

There I was - visiting a family friends house for the annual Memorial Day cookout. I go inside with my plate full of ribs ready to figure out what time the Spurs/Lakers game came on and I saw it. The June 2008 edition of Ebony Magazine with the question "What Does Black Sound Like?" on it. I scanned the other titles on the cover and besides the one that asked "Paying For Sex - Is It Worth It?" the cover title that attracted me to open up the magazine that was mailed to my host was titled "GUNNED DOWN - The Killing Of Our Children".

Let me stay true to the plans that I had concocted upon seeing the title yet not having read the story. I was going to make a blog entry that said "Ebony Magazine, Like Me, Has 'Sold Out' and they 'Hate Black People' for daring to sound the alarm about Black on Black homicide within our community". I thought - finally they "got it".

Boy was I wrong. Maybe its just that some of you are not attuned to the messages that are being pumped to you and thus you don't respond as I do. The inside table of contents (I am looking at it right now) says: (page) "142 Slaughter Of The Innocents: Nationwide Children Are Dying From Gun Violence". OK - this is technically accurate - I can live with that.

Then I turned to the actual story. In the two page spread the story opens with
"slaughter of the innocent
In major cities across the nation, children are dying from gun violence at alarming rates. Each year, more than half of the victims of gun homicides in the United States are African-Americans. Last year in Chicago alone, 24 public school students were shot to death. So far this school year, the number had already reached 20. Much of the violence occurs in Black neighborhoods like Englewood on the South Side of Chicago, where Denise Reed's 14 year old daughter, Starkesia, was shot to death in her home on March 3, 2006.

As I read the story it was clear that the subject of THIS particular report in this venerable Black magazine was about GUNS but not the KNEEGROWS WHO CHOSE TO FIRE THEM. Out of the story it was like someone did a Microsoft Word - Search & Replace - substituting "gun" for "human operator with intelligence". What did I deduce from this article in Ebony? Take away the GUNS and the Black community will be a land of PEACE.

Do you recall the Gary Trudeau character which is a cigarette that has arms, legs and a face?

(This is not the character but you know what I mean)

Ebony seemingly made this otherwise inanimate object called a gun come to life and be a threat to the Black community because it was walking around SLAUGHTERING THE INNOCENT.

How about this Ebony Magazine? Let's get more technically correct. It is not the GUNS that are killing the innocent people within the Black community. It is the BULLETS that are penetrating the bodies of these people and thus injuring them. Let us focus on BULLET CONTROL. You have have all of the guns in the world - if you have no bullets - then the thugs are left to pistol whip their victims.

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