Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bringing The Colfax Militia Back To Life To Rescue Our People Today

In my opinion, many in the Democratic Party have shown their true colors during this current contest. The party of inclusion; the party of civil rights, etc., has dissappointed (and probably surprised) many of its members by not only allowing, but incorporating and relying upon racialized campaigning and punditry.

Ronnie B:

The party of "Civil Rights" is ALSO the party of Slavery and Jim Crow. It is all a matter of HOW SELECTIVE one chooses to be.

As I was walking my dog, listening to the woman that wrote the Colfax book yesterday on my wireless device - I though of a movie script.

The book that I referenced is tucked away on some Black man's shelf in his library. Inside of the book the Black characters are alive. Upon hearing about the fusion between Black consciousness and the Democratic Party's interests circa 2008 the characters of the book receive a bullet into their bodies upon hearing certain commonly heard phrases - some said by operatives on this board:

"All of the racists departed the Democratic party and became Republicans" - BLAM! A shot crashes through the wooden walls of the courthouse where the Black Colfax Militia is holed up - killing one of them in the process.

"The Democrats are the party of Civil Rights and have always had the best interests of Black people in mind" - so said a Black Democrat in Milwaukee 2 years ago that I had quoted on my blog - BLAM, BLAM - two more shots crash through the window and slain two more who were attempting to defend the results of the election in Colfax LA.

Of the remaining Blacks who can hear the words said by Democrats who are Black in 2008 they decide to push against the walls of the courthouse and thus the physical book falls to the floor in the Black man's library begging to be read as a means of curing the IGNORANCE that has be cast upon our community by certain OPERATIVES as they attempt to fuse the best interests of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY with the Best Interests of Black people.

These characters escape the book and then approach several Black people who are alive today, bloodied and wounded in an attempt to tell THEIR story that has been tucked away on the dusty bookshelf.

They realize that despite their massacre at the hands of White Racist Democrats this did not prove to be their LOSS! The LOSS instead is shown more dramatically by those who dare to make the damnable fusion as noted above. By speaking to a select few Black people who will listen - these victims of the Colfax Massacre DID NOT DIE IN VAIN. They rescued their race from becoming operatives on behalf of an American political system that had KILLED THEM physically and shifting them to returning back to working in the best interests of their own PEOPLE instead.

I thought that having Joseph C. Phillips as the lead actor and narrator would be a grand idea.

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