Saturday, May 31, 2008

Article: Black Republicans Have No Place To Go But To Obama?

My posts getting deleted so here is a permanent record:

Article: Black Republicans Have No Place To Go But To Obama?

Do you all notice that I attack the Democratic Party's entrenchment within the Black community rather than PROMOTE the Republican Party?

[quote]Black Dems: how much can the party disrespect you and take your vote for granted until you have had enough?[/quote]


Your perspective is the KEY PROBLEM with our people right now.

SUPERIOR to the question of "take your vote for granted" is the notion of "WHAT DO BLACK PEOPLE WANT?" With this being clearly identified we then can make measure of the question "With Democrats dominating every single Black majority district where we have a choice in who will represent us....are our best interests being delivered to us RIGHT NOW?

From this honest answer comes the next introspective challenge - Are we doing what is in line with our RACIAL BEST INTERESTS in fusing this interests with the vehicle that is a part of the AMERICAN POLITICAL SYSTEM?

One can be "disrespected" and come back for more when he either has low "collective racial self confidence" or he believes that THERE IS NO OTHER ALTERNATIVE.

Sadly we are conditioned to believe that the only alternative is the Republican party which is so against the POPULAR sentiment of that which is thought to be in our common best interests.

The "Democrat who Is Black", however is never going to make the case that the real alternative is to separate that which is within the AMERICAN POLITICAL system from that which is in the Racial Self-Development issue and then BUILD UP the latter WITHIN OUR OWN COMMUNITIES.

Those with an interest in keeping their political party strong are never going to insure that our own race's muscles are fully toned. Instead they will remind us about how much THEIR PARTY has done for us and how unappreciative we are for deemphasizing them in our solution at home.

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