Friday, May 23, 2008

Are Liberals Less Hateful Than Conservatives?

Growing up as a Black person in a Black community I was lead to believe that Democrats and by extension Liberals simply wanted the best for mankind. They were fighting against evil, bigoted foes.

As an adult I have since learned that in most cases they are nothing more than a mirror image of their foes, the key difference being that they have a different emphasis than these others who they call meanspirted, hateful and bigoted.

Google Query: "Ted Kennedy" "I Hope He Dies" brought back 358 hits from 'Conservatives'

Google Query: "Tony Snow" "I Hope He Dies" brought back 138 hits and he was just a press secretary.

Google Query: "Ronald Reagan Burn In Hell" brought back 19,900 hits

YOU do the math.

The and are two of the leading hate-filled sites on the Internet. I guess the fact that many AGREE with their mission and thus ignore their means and thus they avoid receiving much public criticism.

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