Saturday, May 10, 2008

10 Stereotypes About Black Folks Rebuffed


Indeed many of us are patriotic. Sadly though as we hear other "Permanently Discontented Kneegrows" running down the country on the Internet but fail to tell them that the very Internet that they use to spread their propaganda has fiber optic lines that are trenched through "stolen lands" and thus they are CONSUMER CAPITALIST CO-CONSPIRATORS they miss the opportunity to have the "Anti-America Americans" to truly consider how abstract their thoughts are from their actions in real life. There are just too many Black Nationalist Revolutionaries with an e-mail address hosted with a major corporation (Google) and a MySpace page which is owned by Rupert Murdock.


Indeed we do not. But one must consider the assault that one receives for their disagreement though. The best way to get "de-blackified" is to dare question the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser that holds the balance of the racial gravitational pull among our people. It is not that he is "right" it is that he holds the balance of power. If only this power was producing more for our people his domination would be just.

3. BLACK FOLKS ARE SOFT ON CRIME Black folks tend to be actually tougher on criminals, because we are more often than not the victims of crimes committed by some of the people in our own neighborhoods.

Yeah Right. This is why there was a march in Philly last year about gun violence. They departed West Philly and rode 117 miles to the west to go to Harrisburg to pass a law that would KEEP GUNS OUT OF THE HANDS OF THE BLACK MEN WHO WERE RAISED OUT OF OUR OWN HOUSES SO THAT THEY WOULD STOP KILLING EACH OTHER.

Sadly the average hard core inner city community has a homicide CLOSER RATE of between 28% and 45%. This means that if you kill a Black person in these zones you have a better chance of walking away with impunity from your crime. At least the Klan had a rigged jury system that allowed them to get off free. Today what is the excuse?


In too many (not all) of today's Black church the ideological bigotry that is present is cemented in by preachers who misuse biblical guidance. Reverend Jeremiah Wright warned his parishioners that the RIGHT WING was about to take away a woman's right to her own body by reversing Rowe v Wade. I would love to see which biblical reference he based this admonition off of. Maybe our resident christian progressive can fill us in on this?

The Black church of today enforces the flawed theory of NON-JUDGMENTALISM. In truth it is "selective judgmentalism" in which the liberal ethos is advanced at the cost of the inability to advance our own cultural salvation upon our own backs, instead lobbying for the outside force of government to do so.


The long White T dress code was implemented so that young folks up to no good with misplaced loyalties to the force of law and order would all be indistinguishable to the police.

6. BLACK PEOPLE LOVE THEIR CARS MORE THAN THEIR HOUSES because we can't get a nice house to live in

Interesting how you apply inferiority to us all Field-Negro. Speak for yourself. I have a nice house that I have earned from conspiring in this capitalistic system on behalf of corporations.

I can tell you about some young people who I know that have made stupid financial moves that have destroyed their CREDIT. I assure you that if you owned your own bank you would not provide them with a home loan either....that is IF your goal was to stay in business rather than follow a course of altruism.

7. BLACK PEOPLE ARE LAZY-Black people have no incentive to work because we don't own shit. We figure we are working to make someone else rich, and we are always going to get paid just enough to keep the company profitable.

And this is the type of illogic that has the Koreans, Chinese, Indians and Pakistanis increasingly purchasing businesses in our community and creating wealth for themselves. The entire flair up around the Black hair care take over by the Koreans was done in the context of Black folks looking OUTSIDE for economic opportunity while others were WATCHING US and saw the vast opportunity contained within.

Clearly when you don't know yourself and you hitch onto biased political and ideological messages that tell you that you are DAMAGED GOODS from slavery and that some outside force is key to your salvation ----- you will allow others to cultivate the land that has always been right under your feet.


Your statement perverts the very essence of the Black Political advocacy. You tell us that Blacks would rather vote for the White Democrat than the Black Republican. Unfortunately the Black Republican is such a small and irrelevant component of the political array it is not even worth registering this as your point.

BY FAR the bigger concern to you should be the VAST AMOUNT OF PEOPLE WHO YOU DO VOTE FOR BY POPULAR MANDATE and how they have thus far FAILED to:

* Improve your public schools as they had promissed
* Make your streets safe for you to be able to rebuild community relationships in the veil of safety and protection that you feel
* Activate the BODIES of your people by first activating their BRAINS - having them dutifully employed within your community and working toward a stronger, productive end and learning human resource management which spills over into CONFLICT RESOLUTION.
* Healthy lifestyles - where the quality of life is improved because the choices made by the individuals allow them to avoid debilitating diseases and conditions later on in life.

I understand you though Field-Negro - you and others of my brothers and sisters HATE CONSERVATIVES MORE THAN YOU LOVE YOURSELVES.

But let me ask you Field: What is your "Now that we have purged all of the conservatives from power over our community we are going to start MANAGING our favorable officials that are in place to obtain actual benefit from them" plan?

Do you see that you pervert the Black Political Advocacy AWAY FROM THE END GOAL and toward an activist fight against some ideology? Clearly (as we can see in Detroit, Philly, New Orleans and Akron, among other cities) the worst possible condition for you to be in is HAVING WON YOUR FIGHT in its perverted form.

I don't know about you - but my political advocacy is to have the key points that I have listed above to come to fruition within the Black community. I have far more evidence that your advocacy has FAILED to do this than you do that it has succeeded.

I agree that the BQPFRC has learned how to win elections. As far as bringing the benefits back home to the community - the flaws in your strategy and tactics will always prevent this UNTIL YOU CHANGE!!! You are not willing to change because POWER has perverted you from your original goal.

9. BLACK PEOPLE ARE NOT ADVENTUROUS-Myth! When you are black every day is a fucking adventure.
Just walking home from the bus stop is adventure enough for most black folks.

Again 'Safe Streets" were supposed to be one benefit of not voting for the Black Republican - right?

Which Black Republicans have ever ran in Philly anyway? Sounds to me that some of the problems are apolitical but since POLITICS are your goal the people will just have to continue to suffer from the TERRORISM that they feel on the streets as their leadership USES THEM for their votes in a different fight.

We dispensed with this the other day.

Those of you who support THE LIVING WAGE can initiate this on your own. You don't need a government mandate placed upon the owners of the establishment for you to give a pay bonus to the employees on your own.


brotherkomrade said...

Showing us once again how uncreative we are, are we?

kid said...

I see all the black people you hate. Are there any white racist you hate ?