Saturday, May 31, 2008

Article: Black Republicans Have No Place To Go But To Obama?

My posts getting deleted so here is a permanent record:

Article: Black Republicans Have No Place To Go But To Obama?

Do you all notice that I attack the Democratic Party's entrenchment within the Black community rather than PROMOTE the Republican Party?

[quote]Black Dems: how much can the party disrespect you and take your vote for granted until you have had enough?[/quote]


Your perspective is the KEY PROBLEM with our people right now.

SUPERIOR to the question of "take your vote for granted" is the notion of "WHAT DO BLACK PEOPLE WANT?" With this being clearly identified we then can make measure of the question "With Democrats dominating every single Black majority district where we have a choice in who will represent us....are our best interests being delivered to us RIGHT NOW?

From this honest answer comes the next introspective challenge - Are we doing what is in line with our RACIAL BEST INTERESTS in fusing this interests with the vehicle that is a part of the AMERICAN POLITICAL SYSTEM?

One can be "disrespected" and come back for more when he either has low "collective racial self confidence" or he believes that THERE IS NO OTHER ALTERNATIVE.

Sadly we are conditioned to believe that the only alternative is the Republican party which is so against the POPULAR sentiment of that which is thought to be in our common best interests.

The "Democrat who Is Black", however is never going to make the case that the real alternative is to separate that which is within the AMERICAN POLITICAL system from that which is in the Racial Self-Development issue and then BUILD UP the latter WITHIN OUR OWN COMMUNITIES.

Those with an interest in keeping their political party strong are never going to insure that our own race's muscles are fully toned. Instead they will remind us about how much THEIR PARTY has done for us and how unappreciative we are for deemphasizing them in our solution at home.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Views On The War Per A Post On Field-Negro

This is not a report on "bias" but simply my going on the record for storage in a more permanent place that I control.

[quote]I always felt that the administration was in denial about Hurricane Katrina. [/quote]

The people who saw what Hurricane Betty did to New Orleans and who knew that their city is below sea level were in GREATER denial for entrusting their lives to "Government Levees". Did you see that the rebuilt levees are leaking again per a report last week? Who is in DENIAL regarding the immanent danger that these people are in with a man made structure separating them from North America's most powerful water way which is on a winning streak against everything that man throws up against her?


Lets walk through the logical reference of the "Academic Would Be President" who was "against the war from the start".

(and no I am not diverting attention to Obama. I'll get back to Bush in a minute. Obama has a policy that you all support so it works as a comparison.)

He supported the invasion of Afghanistan because "They attacked us on 9/11 - not Iraq". He would have invaded Pakistan to capture Osama Bin Laden.

As we have seen - Insurgents have crossed the borders into Iraq to fight the "Infidels" (that's the United States) who dared set foot on Islamic soil. If you believe Obama's narrative - the same people who will as the #2 man in Al Queda said in December 2007 - "We will fight the Infidel in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia" then you have to believe that upon having United Nation's APPROVAL to invade only Afghanistan that Al Queda would have not gone en masse into Afghanistan because it was a "Legal War".

Thus as we rationalize the position down it comes down to We will fight our enemies who wish to destroy us but ONLY on legitimate battlefields.

A few months about the B.S. tit for tat was fired back and forth with the notion that "There was no Al Queda in Iraq BEFORE EVIL BUSH INVADED". This does not hold up to the behavior that THEY HAVE SHOWN. They are going to fight the INFIDEL (this includes you) no matter where they are.

Throughout this fight many of the Anti-War protesters have focused on getting the UNITED STATES to stop doing what it is doing. When 9/11 happened these same people largely believe that this was a "chickens that came home to roost" action. But wait - if America is blamed coming and going - what say you about the actions of the Islamacists?

The problem is that you can't protest effectively against someone who DOESN'T GIVE A DAMN WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT THEM and you have no DEMOCRATIC CHANNEL TO GET THEM TO DO OTHERWISE.

In summary many of you are fighting this battle using an alternate strategy that hardly maps to the real world.

If there was one single reason that I would consider voting for Obama (who is like the Verizon Wirless Man as he is encircled by some of the most detestable left wing operatives around) it would be to a person that you all favor in power and having to deal with Al Queda in his way.

Keep in mind that we still use the oil from the Middle East. You can have a hydrogen powered car on the new car lot today. It will take about 20 years to have the balance of the gasoline engines off of the road and the infrastructure in place to host this energy independence.

Thus we are back to the CO-CONSPIRACY thing. Plain and simply your THEORIES don't match the real world CONSUMPTION that you register in your own lives. I did not say "we had a right to invade BECAUSE WE NEED THE OIL". I am saying "DESPITE your opposition to the Oil are not pissed off enough to STOP USING MIDDLE EASTERN OIL".

For me there is the marketing of the war and the FUNDAMENTAL ISSUES behind the war. Indeed the marketing of the war was flawed and the execution.....well WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD. Every single war that the United States engaged in had people who were highly critical of the strategy and the loss of life. The soldiers who fought at Iwo Jima thought that they were used as cannon fodder after they took an island for an airstrip that the USA never even made use of. This particular war was popular so many of these details are glossed over in history.

Regarding the claims about engineering the story around Scooter Libby - please note - Libby was not charged with being the ORIGINAL SOURCE of the information. He got caught in the cover up.

Please remember that about 5 years ago the Republicans had control of the chess board - look at them now.

Reality proves very different than THEORY and this works both ways.

I am still attempting to figure what Black Democrats are getting out of the deal as our communities which are nearly 100% dominated by the Democratic machine continues to prove to be less than the anticipated package that was promised. Again that THEORY versus REALITY thing.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Ebony Magazine Tricked Me On Their Recent Story About "The Killing Of Our Children"

There I was - visiting a family friends house for the annual Memorial Day cookout. I go inside with my plate full of ribs ready to figure out what time the Spurs/Lakers game came on and I saw it. The June 2008 edition of Ebony Magazine with the question "What Does Black Sound Like?" on it. I scanned the other titles on the cover and besides the one that asked "Paying For Sex - Is It Worth It?" the cover title that attracted me to open up the magazine that was mailed to my host was titled "GUNNED DOWN - The Killing Of Our Children".

Let me stay true to the plans that I had concocted upon seeing the title yet not having read the story. I was going to make a blog entry that said "Ebony Magazine, Like Me, Has 'Sold Out' and they 'Hate Black People' for daring to sound the alarm about Black on Black homicide within our community". I thought - finally they "got it".

Boy was I wrong. Maybe its just that some of you are not attuned to the messages that are being pumped to you and thus you don't respond as I do. The inside table of contents (I am looking at it right now) says: (page) "142 Slaughter Of The Innocents: Nationwide Children Are Dying From Gun Violence". OK - this is technically accurate - I can live with that.

Then I turned to the actual story. In the two page spread the story opens with
"slaughter of the innocent
In major cities across the nation, children are dying from gun violence at alarming rates. Each year, more than half of the victims of gun homicides in the United States are African-Americans. Last year in Chicago alone, 24 public school students were shot to death. So far this school year, the number had already reached 20. Much of the violence occurs in Black neighborhoods like Englewood on the South Side of Chicago, where Denise Reed's 14 year old daughter, Starkesia, was shot to death in her home on March 3, 2006.

As I read the story it was clear that the subject of THIS particular report in this venerable Black magazine was about GUNS but not the KNEEGROWS WHO CHOSE TO FIRE THEM. Out of the story it was like someone did a Microsoft Word - Search & Replace - substituting "gun" for "human operator with intelligence". What did I deduce from this article in Ebony? Take away the GUNS and the Black community will be a land of PEACE.

Do you recall the Gary Trudeau character which is a cigarette that has arms, legs and a face?

(This is not the character but you know what I mean)

Ebony seemingly made this otherwise inanimate object called a gun come to life and be a threat to the Black community because it was walking around SLAUGHTERING THE INNOCENT.

How about this Ebony Magazine? Let's get more technically correct. It is not the GUNS that are killing the innocent people within the Black community. It is the BULLETS that are penetrating the bodies of these people and thus injuring them. Let us focus on BULLET CONTROL. You have have all of the guns in the world - if you have no bullets - then the thugs are left to pistol whip their victims.

African American Political Pundit - An Opportunity For The Democrats Or The Black Community?

(Edited: May 26)

He writes, "The Democratic Party has a unique opportunity in November to reclaim the White House as well as working majorities in both the US Senate and House of Representatives in the 2008 election cycle." Every imaginable wind is blowing in their direction --> economy, Iraq war, unemployment rate, John Hagee, gas prices, food prices, George W. Bush and so on.


Unemployment Rate

John Hagee

Gas Prices

Food Prices

Iraq War

George W. Bush

Are the "brothers" from African American Political Pundit speaking with respect to THE BLACK COMMUNITY or are they speaking with respect to the DEMOCRATS? Let us investigate and bring ourselves to the answer.

Indeed the economy has taken a hit recently. Mostly because of the implosion of some elements of the housing market. Let us look at these facts a bit closer. Our friends at AAPP seek to make this a "Bush thing". What does a more granular inspection of the facts say?

Article: More Atlanta homes at risk; Clayton hardest hit

Clayton County's rate of seriously delinquent mortgages has reached epidemic proportions, with nearly one in 10 mortgage accounts at least 60 days past due, according to data from one of the nation's largest credit reporting companies.

Clayton had the highest delinquency rate for mortgages in an 11-county area of metro Atlanta, according to Chicago-based Trans-Union.

As part of the "Afrospear Blogger's Union" perhaps our friends at AAPP could detail for us EXACTLY how the Republicans made the conditions where 1 out of 10 mortgages are delinquent. Clayton County Georgia "turned" about 5 years ago when the Black population exceeded the White population for the first time in the county's history. In the two subsequent elections - Black Democrats took the super majority of elected seats from the WHITE DEMOCRATS that they replaced. (Their White Democratic Brothers in arms were called the "Good Ole Boy Network". No they did not turn into Republicans either). While it was a tremendous source of PRIDE to have Black folks who are Democrats in these seats that had previously caused the community so much consternation - in about two years time the PRIDE that was once felt had worn thin as these newly elected officials began to fracture with several news making "Democrat on Democrat" death matches. THEY ARE working in the BEST INTERESTS OF BLACK PEOPLE.....aren't they?

Unemployment Rate

National Average Unemployment Rate: 5.1% for March

Let us inspect the Unemployment rates for various members of the Congressional Black Caucus who will not be targeted for attack by AAPP

Stephanie Tubbs- Jones - Ohio's 11th District (Cleveland)
Unemployment Rate 12.2%
Cleveland - One Of America's Poorest Cities

John Conyers - Michigan's 14th District
Unemployment Rate: 8.4% (2004)

Elijah Cummings - Maryland 7th (Baltimore)
Unemployment Rate: 6.0% (2007)

I will do a separate blog entry on this expanded subject because I now have a data source that can allow me to key in on the LEADERS who African American Political Pundit who is working on the BEST INTERESTS OF BLACK PEOPLE don't seem to talk about.

John Hagee

John Hagee - the pastor who Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain once sought out the endorsement of and then distanced himself from.

Where as no doubt our friends at AAPP and others were distraught over the focus upon Rev Jeremiah Wright by the media as he was "misrepresented". Now the tables have turned and indeed it is AAPP who is leading the charge to have Hagee defined by his clipped sentences as well.

Iraq War

Evil Bush's Policies - 4,000 US Soldiers killed during war operations. 30,000 to 45,000 Iraqi's killed by direct action of the US Military.

But what about what the IRAQI'S HAVE DONE? Do the good people at AAPP have any particular set of expectations for the IRAQI PEOPLE WHO ARE KILLING OTHER IRAQI PEOPLE? I realize that the popular talking point is that the US Military Men are "fair game" because they are the invaders. What about the innocent Iraqi countrymen? They are being killed by THEIR OWN PEOPLE more than anyone else. Did George Bush do this?

What about the PRE-WAR POLICIES?
What about SANCTIONS?

On the Barack Obama campaign web site, Mr. Obama who was "against the war from the start" says what? That he would support SANCTIONS AGAINST IRAN in his Carrot and Stick approach.. But hey - at least no American soldiers would die.

Gas Prices
As a person who is about to pay $3.95 per gallon to fill up my car today I can certainly understand making political mischief out of gasoline prices. The fact that AMERICAN oil firms are making record profits certainly does not put them in a good light. But wait! I was in Canada about 3 months ago and they too had record gasoline prices and they are a net oil producer. What impact does evil George W. Bush have on Canadian gasoline prices? Will a President Obama really cause the price of gasoline to decline? Removed from the discussion has been all of the successes of the environmentalists and ideologues over the years to reduce our domestic drilling, freeze our refining capacity and, just as boneheadedly - go after AMERICAN oil companies while FOREIGN oil companies reap great profits as well. Their proposed windfall profit tax makes it more expensive for American oil companies to do business and ends up allowing gasoline that was refined overseas to be imported absent the punitive tax.

Here ya go buddy: Article: Which oil companies/states control the world's oil supplies?


It is interesting that evil Bush has so much power AROUND THE WORLD. He is able to set policy in America and thus raise the price of rice for everyone around the world. As a results of Bush's actions that are intended to kill off the undesirables around the world - their respective governments see the angry protests in their own countries and they decide to cut food exports from their countries. Their theory is that the remaining stock of food in their home country will be left for their own people. But wait! The farmers - seein gthis as a confiscation of their crops and their ability to sell their commodities to the highest bidder does what economics 101 states what they are likely to do - CUT THEIR PRODUCTION! In the spiraling set of unintended consequences that result from government engineered outcome - supplies of food items are reduced and the price is increased.

What is the answer? Acknowledge that we are in a new time in the world's history. According to a report that I read in Foreign Policy magazine last week - there are now more middle class individuals in the world today than ever before. They are living at a higher standard of living. They are purchasing more commodity items and are driving up the sales price for these food items. The solution is to increase the supply and production of these goods so that more of these goods are available for those who are demanding them. This leads to more employment and thus more people participating in the global economy.

Ironically some of the key people who CLAIM to be "for the people" and against American imperialism in truth are children of American imperialism and they want to have their low cost food items available to them as protected by the US Military and the foreign policy that they find so offensive to their ideals.

Shelley Wynters: They Got Him

I had wondered why all last week my recordings of the Shelley Wynters Show was filled with the bellowed voice of Derrick Boazman. I thought that Shelley was on vacation. Today I learned that this is more of a permanent vacation from WAOK.

Shelley Wynters - a self described Black Conservative Republican was dismissed from WAOK AM - a talk show in the Atlanta Area. For me Shelley was an island of common sense on a sea of rote messages that reinforced the POPULAR notions that are present within the Black political discourse that doesn't bother to ask if after having promoted their power over us our condition has changed much now that we have popular people running our affairs.

According to the news reports in the Atlanta Journal Constitution (Link To AJC blog) Wynters accepted consulting fees from the Deborah Honeycutt for Congress campaign. Honeycutt, a Republican ran for congress unsuccessfully against David Scott 2 years ago. Wynter has long talked about his political consulting firm which has the goal of developing young people into leadership positions, regardless of their political affiliation. From a cut and dry analysis of the situation - indeed Shelley should have made this disclosure known to his listeners.

Now let us expand the conversation. Shelley Wynter has been critical of John Lewis AND David Scott AND Cynthia McKinney when she was around AND many, many others. It must be noted that the office of Democrat John Lewis had pressured WAOK to get Shelley to stop criticizing their guy several times in the past. Since Shelley is gone I can now voice the fact that he told me at one of his events that station management brought the Democratic liberal state representative Alicia Thomas Morgan onto his radio show as a means of counteracting his "conservative bias". Now let me set up the framework for you so that you might understand the context of this radio station. First you have the morning news show hosted by Gene Ross, the news director. She is a clear operative for the popular Black establishment positions (ie: Democrats) in the years that I have been listening to her. I heard editorial commentary posing as news reporting when it came to "Evil Bush". Next you have the Loraine White Show. I have reported several times on this woman's tactics to piss me off and raise my blood pressure. Every single time that I have called in to redirect her rhetoric - I get one statement in and then as she answers the question - the phone line drops. You say that this is nothing? Compare this to any caller that calls in with a RACIAL VICTIMIZATION claim. If she is coming up against a break she will hold them over because "Sweetheart - I've got to hear this". Next you have the Rob Wilson financial show. This is largely not political so I will skip it. Next you had the Shelley Wynters Show. And then you had one hour of Community Forum - on Monday's the loud mouthed Democratic State Rep Alicia Thomas-Morgan who I confronted one time as she was pissed that the Republicans in the State House dared to use the image of a Black man who had SHOT A WHITE COP IN THE FACE AND KILLED HIM as the reason for our state needing to reform our Death Penalty procedures. I called in and made note that she seemed more pissed that the image of a Black man was used than on the fact that THIS MAN HAD KILLED A COP BY SHOOTING HIM IN THE FACE. I am glad that this woman does not represent me in the GA House. Conversely - I would never choose to live in an area where this woman could even get elected as a representative. Finally the syndicated Bev Smith Show came on at 7pm. In full disclosure - I tape the "Dr White Show", the "Shelley Wynther Show" and the "Bev Smith Show" each day and then run through each of them as I exercise. Bev Smith is an operative. She is running an unpaid campaign for Barack Obama as we speak. Despite the fact that even Obama has distanced himself from the idea that the government has created the AIDS virus - Smith and Dick Gregory remained convinced that this is the case. If so - they should impress upon a "President Obama" to release the AIDS serum just as is the case on Superheros cartoons.

The critics of Shelley Wynter don't note his community involvement and the fact that he brings a wide array of intelligent voices to the table to discuss many of the community-centric challenges that we face. Certainly many of these people do not appear on the other shows where our community is dared asked to play a central role in this reform.

We have far too many operatives lurking in the Black media. I am just saddened to see that Shelley Wynters did not more fully disclose his ties to David Scott's opposition. Rob Redding, who formerly held the 2pm spot on WAOK commented that this is the same type of clandestine dealings that brought down Armstrong Williams who consulting firm accepted money from the US Department of Education to advanced the NO Child Left Behind program. What Rob Redding should also state is that the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers that formulate the greatest part of the Black political advocacy eco-system work a similar system in that former Democratic elected officials migrate over to run various civil rights organization, become media personalities and advocate for various policies that will have government money flowing toward their ideologically favored programs. At least we can say that the Honeycutt Campaign is using private monies rather than government funds.

(Rob - please drop the "Independent" spiel. Liberal and Conservative specify ideology. Democrat and Republican specify party. While indeed you may be of no party - you can't claim to be non-ideologically biased.

Just consider your "Obama Jesus" strategy when just by being elected to the Presidency - he is going to bring in the reforms that you claim and hope for. He is going to do so ONLY with a solid Democratic Majority Congress. There is a dependency on the Democrats being in power of at least 2 branches of the government for the INDEPENDENT plan that you have voiced to have any chance of working.

Just as your former running buddy from XM - The Power - Joe Martin departed the Democratic Party to become an Independent, doing so because his former party did not go LEFT ENOUGH for his own tastes....your disposition as an "Independent" is no less DEPENDENT on the Democratic Party being in power. Stop fronting and be yourself.

I am proud not note that I am a self proclaimed Black Conservative. We have Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers totally dominating every single Black majority district and FAILING to deliver as promised. When you and others start comparing what we have been promised prior to voting for these people and the actual deliverables that have been received and holding them too it prior to approving their EXPANSION over more turf - then I will take your "Independence" a bit more seriously. Do you REALLY think that I am the only one to notice this of you?)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

No Rational Reason For A Black Person To Support McCain Over Obama

It is such a great thing to have the POWER of the editor of one's own blog site. I chose to move this comment made by "Villager" into a featured post on this blog site which was christened to evaluate the depth of indoctrination that is present among our people in the media. Clearly there has been a fusion between the "Black Best Interests" and the interests of the Democratic Party. The idea of putting a CHECKPOINT in place so that at certain intervals in time we can indeed make the case that the popular affinity that my people have with the POPULAR ASSUMPTIONS of what is in the best interests of the Black community can still be born out. Failing to do this - we will only continue that which is POPULAR rather than that which is PROVEN TO BE EFFECTIVE.

Let me be clear. I am fully aware of the force which I am dealing with. In my frequently observation of Black Nationalists - most of whom are on the left - they frequently tell us that the most difficult set of Black people to change, who will have to be brought along kicking and screaming are the one's who are most embedded into the SYSTEM. They will not want to lose their POWER in this SYSTEM even if, upon backing up, losing a bit in the short run but then taking a different road that will lead to the realization of that potential that is long sought after yet so rarely obtained.

I have said previously a "Sellout condition" is not related to the POPULARITY of that position. In fact you can simply have a LARGE NUMBER OF "SELLOUTS". Their population simply reduces the likelihood that a fellow traveler will call them on their propensity. The very definition of a Sellout is one who places the concerns and interests of a third party entity above that which they can define as their OWN. Seemingly - no amount of data that I pull up regarding the vital statistics WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY will likely convince certain "Democrats Who Are Black" that in the ascension of power of THEIR PARTY over the Black Community has promoted our key common goals (Safe Streets, Academic Attainment, Economic Development, Healthy Living as well as the most efficient adoption of the first 4 as possible as ORGANICALLY as possible).

We must then step back and ask the question: WHAT IS THE REAL PURPOSE OF THE "BLACK POLITICAL ADVOCACY" EFFORTS if upon yielding our votes to the political machine that now dominates our communities around America has not delivered the anticipated results?

As I told the operative from "The Color Of Change" on a radio interview that he participated in: "Once you all execute the 'lets get rid of all of the Republicans and Conservatives from their offices over our communities' it is now time to craft an 'How do we get what we have been promised out of the DEMOCRATS who control our communities?' strategy. The "Democrat who is Black" is NOT going to initiate such an effort on his own. Any shortfall in his community will be said to be a need to GET MORE POWER FOR THE DEMOCRATS so that the benefits will be streaming in.

For the Black person who is working to DELIVER UPON THE ITEMS ON THE LIST ABOVE - they will see the Democrats as simply a means of obtaining that which could ever be obtained in the AMERICAN POLITICAL domain but they would never confuse this domain with the domain of THE BLACK BEST INTERESTS.

Being able to decipher between the two and NEVER, NEVER, NEVER allow these two to be fused together as operatives from both political parties would love to have happen is the job of ME and other CONSCIOUS INDEPENDENTS.


[quote]No question that we need to hold our local, county and state leadership accountable. However, my original post dealt with the presidential election. In my view, there is no rational reason for a person of African descent to support John McCain over Barack Obama. Period.[/quote]

:lol: :lol: :lol:

You keep this line of thinking up - I won't need to do anything more to expose you.

In my view - Obama is the birth child of the machine that ALREADY dominates our communities and have failed so miserably to address that which they promised Black people. My motivations are to STOP this machine's advancement and force them to DELIVER UPON that which they have promised to provide for the lower plateaus on the mountain which they dominate and are leveraging their assent toward the mountain top.

For me - I am not voting FOR John McCain and the Republicans. I am fighting AGAINST a force that has infiltrated MY PEOPLE and have us operating on the "audacity" that what has yet to be proven successful at the LOCAL LEVEL is going to do wonders once it GOES NATIONAL.

You will find based on my initial run of the numbers that THE PLACES WITH THE STRONGEST MONO-DEMOCRATIC CONTROL of their governments - also have the worse vital statistics for African-Americans.

You must understand this one point Village: The majority of the run of the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalist Racism Chaser (my more functional label of the 'Black Liberal') is his fight AGAINST White Supremacy - as he defines it. Once we are ALL ALONE BY OURSELVES, IN OUR OWN DISTRICTS, however, the FLAW in your policies shows it face. Instead of adopting an ORGANIC set of policies where BLACK PEOPLE THEMSELVES are used to express our own ability to make our streets safe, our schools academic environments and our business districts employment centers - you all KEEP CHASING that EXTERNAL GHOST. Instead of demonstrating how he has come in and "attacked you in the night" you all now say that IN HIS DEPARTURE he has "left you all alone" and thus "behind".

In my calculation - any Black person who DOES NOT evaluate the POWER that this current machine has over their community while noting how shortchanged our communities have been dealt AND INSTEAD seeks to have "the First Black President" rather than SEEKING TO HAVE OUR COMMUNITIES FIXED can only be addicted to that elixr called "Audacity Of Hope" while allows an otherwise rational human mind to span the large gap between WHERE THE STAND RIGHT NOW and what is being PROMISED TO THEM. Many will fall to their death when the step off of the cliff on faith - being convinced that there is a bridge present rather than just THIN AIR.



Who else other than the MACHINE THAT CURRENTLY RUNS IT should be held accountable?

Friday, May 23, 2008

Are Liberals Less Hateful Than Conservatives?

Growing up as a Black person in a Black community I was lead to believe that Democrats and by extension Liberals simply wanted the best for mankind. They were fighting against evil, bigoted foes.

As an adult I have since learned that in most cases they are nothing more than a mirror image of their foes, the key difference being that they have a different emphasis than these others who they call meanspirted, hateful and bigoted.

Google Query: "Ted Kennedy" "I Hope He Dies" brought back 358 hits from 'Conservatives'

Google Query: "Tony Snow" "I Hope He Dies" brought back 138 hits and he was just a press secretary.

Google Query: "Ronald Reagan Burn In Hell" brought back 19,900 hits

YOU do the math.

The and are two of the leading hate-filled sites on the Internet. I guess the fact that many AGREE with their mission and thus ignore their means and thus they avoid receiving much public criticism.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bringing The Colfax Militia Back To Life To Rescue Our People Today

In my opinion, many in the Democratic Party have shown their true colors during this current contest. The party of inclusion; the party of civil rights, etc., has dissappointed (and probably surprised) many of its members by not only allowing, but incorporating and relying upon racialized campaigning and punditry.

Ronnie B:

The party of "Civil Rights" is ALSO the party of Slavery and Jim Crow. It is all a matter of HOW SELECTIVE one chooses to be.

As I was walking my dog, listening to the woman that wrote the Colfax book yesterday on my wireless device - I though of a movie script.

The book that I referenced is tucked away on some Black man's shelf in his library. Inside of the book the Black characters are alive. Upon hearing about the fusion between Black consciousness and the Democratic Party's interests circa 2008 the characters of the book receive a bullet into their bodies upon hearing certain commonly heard phrases - some said by operatives on this board:

"All of the racists departed the Democratic party and became Republicans" - BLAM! A shot crashes through the wooden walls of the courthouse where the Black Colfax Militia is holed up - killing one of them in the process.

"The Democrats are the party of Civil Rights and have always had the best interests of Black people in mind" - so said a Black Democrat in Milwaukee 2 years ago that I had quoted on my blog - BLAM, BLAM - two more shots crash through the window and slain two more who were attempting to defend the results of the election in Colfax LA.

Of the remaining Blacks who can hear the words said by Democrats who are Black in 2008 they decide to push against the walls of the courthouse and thus the physical book falls to the floor in the Black man's library begging to be read as a means of curing the IGNORANCE that has be cast upon our community by certain OPERATIVES as they attempt to fuse the best interests of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY with the Best Interests of Black people.

These characters escape the book and then approach several Black people who are alive today, bloodied and wounded in an attempt to tell THEIR story that has been tucked away on the dusty bookshelf.

They realize that despite their massacre at the hands of White Racist Democrats this did not prove to be their LOSS! The LOSS instead is shown more dramatically by those who dare to make the damnable fusion as noted above. By speaking to a select few Black people who will listen - these victims of the Colfax Massacre DID NOT DIE IN VAIN. They rescued their race from becoming operatives on behalf of an American political system that had KILLED THEM physically and shifting them to returning back to working in the best interests of their own PEOPLE instead.

I thought that having Joseph C. Phillips as the lead actor and narrator would be a grand idea.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Prof Watkins - He Who Calls Another A "Chimp" Loses His Credibility To Be Outraged At Someone Else's Use Of The Word

Instead, he felt that going after my chancellor and the alumni of Syracuse University would be a more reliable tactic.

Actually it appears that he is bringing to her attention your slanderous remarks about Juan Williams to her attention. As "the one that writes your pay check" he is attempting to do to you what you are attempting to do to his sponsors.

Where as you are drawing upon the "Black community" to stand and defend O'Reilly calling out the White folks to do the same? This is YOUR BATTLE. You stepped in it. You need to distinguish between "your issues" and our race's issues.

This is FAR, FAR from a lunch counter protest because no Blacks, regardless of their ideology are welcomed to eat. STOP USING MY RACE.

I couldn’t agree with O’Reilly more, perhaps the chimp is smarter than I thought.

Not surprised though.
I bet that you believe that the Obama t-shirt where some White person referred to him with the same slight is RACIST though don't you? (You just don't get it. No degree is going to make you get it either)

and other respected individuals in the black community.

I am a member of the Black community. I 'respect' Juan Williams. I wish that he were protected from ATTACK just as you are seeking to protect Jeremiah Wright and Obama.

But wait - OBAMA HIMSELF has distance himself from the words of Wright. You are going after this 3rd party Oreilly. What do you say about Obama for his reaction to Wright's most recent statements?

It is all too telling that Keith Olbermann is an "honorary Black guy" in your camp. It is clear that YOU believe that "Black is an ideology" and that only "left wing Black people can be Blacks in good standing". You are indeed from the Michael Eric Dyson camp as the picture that I saw suggests.

I won’t have him unfairly assaulting and defaming my respected colleagues, and using my money to do it.

I wonder if you talked to Black man - Juan Williams if he has a similar personal guiding principle about him?

You don't get it - do you?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Not sure about Blackprof's Editorial Policies - Not Taking Any Chances On Losing My Words

Terms like “reverse racist” or “black racist” are designed to alleviate America of the guilt of what it has done to every black man woman and child for the past 400 years.

Being able to purchase a $1.6 million mansion on "Stolen Native American land" sure is a pacifier against the assaults that were done to you though.
Perhaps "attack merchant" and spewer of hatred and intolerance is more descriptive of your character? Juan Williams is no less a victim of your assaults and ignorance as you can claim from anyone else.

O’Reilly, Hannity and Limbaugh are in the same tradition as those who killed Dr. King and Malcolm X.[/quote]
Who did kill Martin Luther King, Prof Watkins? His children now believe that James Earl Ray did not per his death bed meeting with Dexter King. Are you saying that insiders in the Nation of Islam did not kill the Great Malcolm X in a bid to silence him?

Its interesting that there is comfort that some conspiracy killed Martin and Malcolm but you and Prof Hill are comfortable that Mumia Abu Jamal did not kill Officer Daniel Foster. Only one man is alive after that exchange (well that is unless we count the phantom shooter) and when Mubia drew his was not to defend Officer Faulkner. (I just violated the Black litmus test, didn’t I)
Could you detail for me any hit squads that O'Reilly, Hannity or Limbaugh have ever paid for to kill a Black person?

I refuse to stand silent as Jeremiah Wright, an ex-Marine, scholar and accomplished human being, is reduced to a worthless hack by those who don’t even have the guts to fight in the very same wars they promote. [/quote]
Nice talking point. This same man stated that THIS GOVERNMENT tells its fighting men who their enemy is during his condemnation of her antics. The real question that you should be asking is - What would the good Jeremiah Wright have done if confronted with a Viet Kong that his country told him was his enemy. Would he, while wearing the uniform of the nation that told him to fight the "unjust war" attempt to negotiate with this individual or would he have taken CO-CONSPIRATORIAL ACTIONS?

You see your arguments don't hold up. You hold no moral high ground by pointing to the slave past that our common ancestors suffered. Your action of today as a consumer capitalist co-conspirator in this same country that stole, killed and repressed our people speaks louder. (I am an admitted CCCC. Not willing to live such an abstraction.)

Your attacks on Juan Williams and other people - especially Blacks who don't agree with your position speaks volumes about your character. It seems that as long as you are fighting for "oppressed Blacks" and they don't speak out of turn you are in good company.

A Tale Of 2 Monkeys

(Please note - this is not the actual picture from the t-shirt

The Offending Blog (With A Long Rap Sheet) The Field-Negro

A t-shirt depicting Curious George with the caption "Obama 08" has drawn offense from the usual suspects. In my conversations with them I have challenged them to ENFORCE their sentiments with their ideological soulmates as well as their enemies. Isn't this the very same JUSTICE that they have been demanding for decades?

This and other episodes shows me that when the statement is made "America is not ready for a Black president" that THEY are to be included in the portion of Americans not ready. The job comes with the assumption that a portion of the United States is going to hate you and will slander you to no end. They can't possibly attempt to "racism chase" every issue and prove their own sanity.

In the process of finding an offending picture of evil Bush I came across an entire web site "www.bushchimp" Click Here. As of today it has 5.1 MILLION hits. Any civil rights protesters gathering around over this?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

10 Stereotypes About Black Folks Rebuffed


Indeed many of us are patriotic. Sadly though as we hear other "Permanently Discontented Kneegrows" running down the country on the Internet but fail to tell them that the very Internet that they use to spread their propaganda has fiber optic lines that are trenched through "stolen lands" and thus they are CONSUMER CAPITALIST CO-CONSPIRATORS they miss the opportunity to have the "Anti-America Americans" to truly consider how abstract their thoughts are from their actions in real life. There are just too many Black Nationalist Revolutionaries with an e-mail address hosted with a major corporation (Google) and a MySpace page which is owned by Rupert Murdock.


Indeed we do not. But one must consider the assault that one receives for their disagreement though. The best way to get "de-blackified" is to dare question the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser that holds the balance of the racial gravitational pull among our people. It is not that he is "right" it is that he holds the balance of power. If only this power was producing more for our people his domination would be just.

3. BLACK FOLKS ARE SOFT ON CRIME Black folks tend to be actually tougher on criminals, because we are more often than not the victims of crimes committed by some of the people in our own neighborhoods.

Yeah Right. This is why there was a march in Philly last year about gun violence. They departed West Philly and rode 117 miles to the west to go to Harrisburg to pass a law that would KEEP GUNS OUT OF THE HANDS OF THE BLACK MEN WHO WERE RAISED OUT OF OUR OWN HOUSES SO THAT THEY WOULD STOP KILLING EACH OTHER.

Sadly the average hard core inner city community has a homicide CLOSER RATE of between 28% and 45%. This means that if you kill a Black person in these zones you have a better chance of walking away with impunity from your crime. At least the Klan had a rigged jury system that allowed them to get off free. Today what is the excuse?


In too many (not all) of today's Black church the ideological bigotry that is present is cemented in by preachers who misuse biblical guidance. Reverend Jeremiah Wright warned his parishioners that the RIGHT WING was about to take away a woman's right to her own body by reversing Rowe v Wade. I would love to see which biblical reference he based this admonition off of. Maybe our resident christian progressive can fill us in on this?

The Black church of today enforces the flawed theory of NON-JUDGMENTALISM. In truth it is "selective judgmentalism" in which the liberal ethos is advanced at the cost of the inability to advance our own cultural salvation upon our own backs, instead lobbying for the outside force of government to do so.


The long White T dress code was implemented so that young folks up to no good with misplaced loyalties to the force of law and order would all be indistinguishable to the police.

6. BLACK PEOPLE LOVE THEIR CARS MORE THAN THEIR HOUSES because we can't get a nice house to live in

Interesting how you apply inferiority to us all Field-Negro. Speak for yourself. I have a nice house that I have earned from conspiring in this capitalistic system on behalf of corporations.

I can tell you about some young people who I know that have made stupid financial moves that have destroyed their CREDIT. I assure you that if you owned your own bank you would not provide them with a home loan either....that is IF your goal was to stay in business rather than follow a course of altruism.

7. BLACK PEOPLE ARE LAZY-Black people have no incentive to work because we don't own shit. We figure we are working to make someone else rich, and we are always going to get paid just enough to keep the company profitable.

And this is the type of illogic that has the Koreans, Chinese, Indians and Pakistanis increasingly purchasing businesses in our community and creating wealth for themselves. The entire flair up around the Black hair care take over by the Koreans was done in the context of Black folks looking OUTSIDE for economic opportunity while others were WATCHING US and saw the vast opportunity contained within.

Clearly when you don't know yourself and you hitch onto biased political and ideological messages that tell you that you are DAMAGED GOODS from slavery and that some outside force is key to your salvation ----- you will allow others to cultivate the land that has always been right under your feet.


Your statement perverts the very essence of the Black Political advocacy. You tell us that Blacks would rather vote for the White Democrat than the Black Republican. Unfortunately the Black Republican is such a small and irrelevant component of the political array it is not even worth registering this as your point.

BY FAR the bigger concern to you should be the VAST AMOUNT OF PEOPLE WHO YOU DO VOTE FOR BY POPULAR MANDATE and how they have thus far FAILED to:

* Improve your public schools as they had promissed
* Make your streets safe for you to be able to rebuild community relationships in the veil of safety and protection that you feel
* Activate the BODIES of your people by first activating their BRAINS - having them dutifully employed within your community and working toward a stronger, productive end and learning human resource management which spills over into CONFLICT RESOLUTION.
* Healthy lifestyles - where the quality of life is improved because the choices made by the individuals allow them to avoid debilitating diseases and conditions later on in life.

I understand you though Field-Negro - you and others of my brothers and sisters HATE CONSERVATIVES MORE THAN YOU LOVE YOURSELVES.

But let me ask you Field: What is your "Now that we have purged all of the conservatives from power over our community we are going to start MANAGING our favorable officials that are in place to obtain actual benefit from them" plan?

Do you see that you pervert the Black Political Advocacy AWAY FROM THE END GOAL and toward an activist fight against some ideology? Clearly (as we can see in Detroit, Philly, New Orleans and Akron, among other cities) the worst possible condition for you to be in is HAVING WON YOUR FIGHT in its perverted form.

I don't know about you - but my political advocacy is to have the key points that I have listed above to come to fruition within the Black community. I have far more evidence that your advocacy has FAILED to do this than you do that it has succeeded.

I agree that the BQPFRC has learned how to win elections. As far as bringing the benefits back home to the community - the flaws in your strategy and tactics will always prevent this UNTIL YOU CHANGE!!! You are not willing to change because POWER has perverted you from your original goal.

9. BLACK PEOPLE ARE NOT ADVENTUROUS-Myth! When you are black every day is a fucking adventure.
Just walking home from the bus stop is adventure enough for most black folks.

Again 'Safe Streets" were supposed to be one benefit of not voting for the Black Republican - right?

Which Black Republicans have ever ran in Philly anyway? Sounds to me that some of the problems are apolitical but since POLITICS are your goal the people will just have to continue to suffer from the TERRORISM that they feel on the streets as their leadership USES THEM for their votes in a different fight.

We dispensed with this the other day.

Those of you who support THE LIVING WAGE can initiate this on your own. You don't need a government mandate placed upon the owners of the establishment for you to give a pay bonus to the employees on your own.

Friday, May 2, 2008

The Tag Team Attack

Offending Site:

Set Up: I dared to mention my OPINION about homosexual men. I did not ATTACK anyone but simply said "I can't personally see how one man could give himself to another".
I promote FUNCTIONALITY over MORALITY. I am not going to lie to you. As a straight man I can not relate to how one man can "give himself" to another. I have no hatred for the homosexual but I also can take a look at the type of FUNCTIONAL SOCIETY that I would like to craft and thus more often than not it is a society that is constructed off of ONE MAN married to ONE WOMAN in a committed and long term relationship for the purposes of replicating a well balanced household with their choice to produce children as the focus.

This elicited an attack on me by a self-described gay male:

That's because you're fat, and ugly, and have a tiny penis, and you smell like old powder down below.

You don't have the goods to do the deed and your bank account is empty so you couldn't even buy it, if you wanted to try it.

I responded:
Indeed Christopher.

I would magically become a "good guy" by making ONE SIMPLE CHANGE......agreeing with everything that YOU agree with.

What a great country we have where we can disagree and you don't have a right to kill me in order to suppress my views.

(its a good thing that I am not malicious like you are)

Still no ATTACK from me - you see?

Then a blind 3rd party came in....passed over the attack on me and commented on my words:
I'm sorry, Contructive Feedback, but I missed the part where Christopher suggested you must hold all of his opinions, much less when he suggested you should be killed by his hand.

The Mau Maus Are Angling For My Silencing

If this keeps up I am going to start taking it personally.

The pattern is clear. I go on a particular blog and read the blog entries and then the responses. I contribute my opinions to the subject at hand. I see the various responses and attempt to correct, disagree with and even support what I read on these various blogs. Unfortunately many of these blogs are biased LEFT. Over time they show me that my comments are not welcomed.

I don't mind being disliked for what I believe. I do mind when someone tells me that my FREQUENCY OF POSTING is the problem as I attempt to "take over the board" more than they can tell me WHY I AM WRONG!

In truth certain people just want their own little enclave back. They were able to post whatever they wanted to - truth and accuracy be damned and their fellow travelers would just accept it and often amplify it.

What we have often is a 10 against 1 (me) fight. I post frequently because I am responding to machine gun fire of posts that often don't make any sense or which has mangled real world situations toward their own jaundiced understanding.

What we have with certain people is NOT respect for "Free Speech". They instead want THEIR SPEECH to be promoted freely while others repressed. It is clear to me that the left is but a mirror image of the right. They are only fighting for a different set of principles.

(Please note - The blog administrator has not been a part of the borg that seeks to silence me. Only SOME of his merry men.)