Wednesday, April 2, 2008

So Much Free Advertising For The Democrats Among Kneegrows

Field Negro:

Mr. Field Negro - I notice that you are not a fan of Alphonso Jackson, the recently departed HUD Secretary. You mention that he was helping his friends and bulling people.

I wonder if you realize that the two main charges against him were

1) Allegedly assisting a Black contractor a deal in the rebuilding of the Gulf Coast - the very same thing that the Congressional Democratic Black Caucus and the Civil Rights Industry had been complaining about.

2) You live in Philadelphia. You should be aware of Kenny Gamble and his efforts to redevelop hundreds of formerly abandoned properties thus providing homes for people - mostly Black people. The 'friend' that you speak of Alphonso Jackson helping is Kenny Gamble.

I should also note that just this week a judge who heard the lawsuit put forth by the Philadelphia Housing Authory tossed the suit saying that the Federal HUD acted in line with Philly as they have with out agencies regarding the requirement for handicapped access in its facilities.

Now we have White liberals Patty Murray and Chris Dodd leading the way (along with you and other Negroes) in throwing this man under the bus.

Field Negro - I wish that I would see you and others have the very same passion and outrage for the elected officials that you are inclined to support. I am originally from Philadelphia - this grand 80% Democratic city. Certain operatives spend more time attacking Black people who ARE NOT EVEN ELECTED OFFICIALS because they don't support the agenda that you do. At the same time there is an abundance of Black and Democratic officials that you have voted for that you all seem silent upon.

Was Ron White and the others who took food out of the mouths of the young people in Philly via the kickbacks from the Recreation Department contracts called HOUSE NEGROS by you or others?

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