Monday, April 21, 2008

John McCain's WIFE Must Be Fully Vetted!!!

Let me get this straight!?!
The two ABC news men asked Barack Obama tough questions during the debate of which he fumbled. You are pissed at ABC News for asking him these questions.

But you make the claim that Cindy McCain - John McCain's wife who is not even running for President be FULLY VETTED for claims of past drug abuse and theft of some cooking recipes?

Am I missing something here folks?


[quote]the msm has not fully vetted cindy the klepto[/quote]

Oh my goodness are bothered by the two ABC News folks attempting to "vet" Barack Obama during a debate but you DEMAND that that WIFE of the Republican candidate to have all of her freeking recipes validated for their originality????

What do you know about the guy who would be president? You didn't know much about his church affiliation prior to about 2 months ago. HE DIDN'T answer the question regarding what he saw in Wright at the kick off of his campaign that he yanked him. (That was a good question. I see that you are easily pacified by a good sounding 'non-answer').

We know that Obama was 'against the war from the start'. That's the Iraq War. He was good with the "Afghan War" and would have invaded Pakistan to capture Obama Bin Laden (same policy as Michael Moore thus far). But of course we know the same "foreign insurgents" who crossed the border into Iraq under evil Bush.....would NOT do so if we limited our fight to the LEGITIMATE AND LEGAL war in Afghanistan - we had the permission from that body of 'International Law' known as the UN, you know. Those law abiding insurgents - respecting authority would have refused to cross into Afghanistan to fight the infidel.

The most important person needing VETTING as we switch from agreeing with his attacks upon the decisions of those in the actual seat of POWER who made decisions which you disagree with over to FOLLOWING THE UNREALISTIC BOUNCING BALL in the outcomes of HIS POLICIES that have been theorized IS......YOUR BOY! There is nothing like an adversary that has his own agenda to thwart your academic exercises crafted at a conference table.


brotherkomrade said...

You're bored, aren't you?

Constructive Feedback said...

Boredom, English lessons about my grammar. All of these are tactics used by people who can't seem to deal with the essential elements of what I say.