Saturday, April 12, 2008

"He makes me want to let some moderately attractive Caucasian man leave semen deposits in my vagina"

President Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.

Oh brother.
Where do I start?

You do see WHY I created this blog, right? There is just too many examples out there to choose from.

Where as all that we knew about the "Obama Girl" is that she wanted Obama to FUCK her. I would assume that she would demand that he use a condom. Better yet - I would assure you that Mr. Obama would INSIST that he wear a condom mostly because he would not want to give Michelle Obama anything that this girl might have. I would seriously doubt that she is a virgin or is abstaining from sex.

In this blog, however, this Black woman wants Obama to FUCK her and IMPREGNATE HER.

There are some qualifications.

Is there any reason to guess why our communities and our country is so screwed up?
But hey EVERYONE has the right to vote. I just hope that SOME PEOPLE never become the majority consciousness of the voting public.


brotherkomrade said...

You do know Obama girl is fake?

Constructive Feedback said...

This was not a comment from "Obama girl".

Just as I found you by clicking through to your blog site and reading your entries....I did the same with this particular Black female who said this about having a White man to make for her a baby with good hair.