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Black Snob - Focusing On Black Conservative's Views On Obama INSTEAD OF The Blacks Who ALREADY RUN OUR COMMUNITY INTO THE GROUND

Black Blog:

I have to give credit to the Democratic Party. I do not hate them. I realize that just like a union or a corporation - their commitment is toward their CHARTER, not to their specific constitiuency. They are to do what is necessary to obtain and retain power.

With that said I have to admit that their relationship with the Black community is simply MASTERFUL. The Democratic Party along with the Black operatives who are free to walk anywhere within our community without having their "identity badget" inspected regarding if they are a VISITOR or if they are loyal to our community's interests. It is clear that absent the Democratic Black operative - the Democratic Party would not have the power that it has within our community. No doubt White Democrats would fear going to places inside of our community without a Black escort to vouch for him.

With that said I am perplexed as to how certain Black people think. As they persue compatibility with their own bias they never take a step back and ask themselves if WHAT THEY THINK is indeed on sound ground. Rather than using easy experiments to fortify their conclusions - how much do they objectively test for an answer? Why is it not fair for someone like me to make note that the DEMOCRATS ALREADY HAVE A MONOPOLY FOOTPRINT WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY? Do I need to be anti-Democrat to point this out?

When does the strategy which says "Conservatives are against our interests therefore we will not vote for them but will vote for Democrats, who have our interests where we stand RIGHT NOW" turn into - OK MISSION COMPLETE! We now have all Democrats representing us NOW WE WANT OUR RESULTS DELIVERED?

For the DEMOCRAT WHO IS BLACK the day will NEVER COME in which he asks his party to DELIVER FOR THE BLACK COMMUNITY. He is Democrat and Democrat is he. His loyalties are to empower his party - NOT "Empower my people or I will leave your party and find an alternative route to achieve my primary focus - the development of my people".

The bottom line question for Black America in 2008 is "Do you want a BLACK PRESIDENT for racial pride purposes/symbolic purposes or is a Black President just a stepping stone on your road to BLACK DEVELOPMENT within our communities? " I demand that YOU PROVE THIS based on the long ascendancy of this polical machine that has power already over all of them are is expanding for more - with your help. What of the Black community in the mean time?

[quote]Both parties have bigots. Some just have their own radio shows.

I often have to remind my mother that the white Democrats who run St. Louis aren't Republicans. They don't have Republican platforms or voting records. They're just racist. All the racists didn't leave the party after '68. Hell, ex-Klansman Sen. Byrd's still kicking around. I'm starting to think he's the Highlander.[/quote]

Black Snob:

I am glad that you are on record stating this fact.

Unfortunately I still don't understand your focus on the "Black Republican". He and his party are already excommunicated out of the Black community via the voting booth.

In your title you made the statement "Only one of them is talked about". I wonder, again, why JC Watts who you even said DID NOT COME FROM A BLACK DISTRICT is the subject of your indepth inspection.

Shouldn't you be spending the bulk of your time NOT JUST inspecting what people's views are of a "PRESIDENT OBAMA" but instead being the INSPECTION OF OBAMA and the assumptions that BLACK PEOPLE WHO CAN GET ELECTED IN A BLACK DISTRICT bring to the table as at a period where there are MORE OF THEM IN OFFICE THAN AT ANY OTHER TIME IN OUR HISTORY as Americans.......the problems that plague our community are either still present and in some cases have intensified.

I must again ask you as I ask Black America - What is your objective?

Is it to have a BLACK PRESIDENT or is it to ADDRESS THE KEY INTERESTS OF BLACK PEOPLE in a measurable way?

But until there are more black Republicans elected to office on the local, state and federal level the party will won't be taken seriously when it comes to black/white relations.[/quote]

Black Snop - I 1000% REJECT this perspective from you - as I do when I hear it from other people.

This sets up the notion of Black people as the CONSUMER of what the political parties have to offer. We are PASSIVE in our receipt and consumption of what they have to offer. If they don't offer, we don't have any items on the shelf to pick from.

INSTEAD the Black community, keying in on our OBJECTIVES and reaching out toward a directed end is CLEAR ON WHAT WE WANT. A portion of this is from the American political system - NOT ALL. In being clear about our objectives we CHOOSE to achieve our collective racial ends via the American political system - THOSE ENDS that are achievable via this system.

Thus it is incongruent to have your idea that "until an attractive Black Republican comes to be.......they will not receive our votes". Can we flip this around for a second? There is an entire arena full of Black DEMOCRATS (9,900 of them in my estimate) who DO RECEIVE OUR VOTE today. Even though they have IDEOLOGICAL alignment with what is POPULARLY THOUGHT TO BE the Best Interests of Black people.......their monopoly domination by them and their non-Black Democratic party mates over our communities has NOT translated into the promised benefits.

Black Snob - this leaves those of us (I am an Independent) who are focus on achieving benefit for our community MORE THAN for any particular party left to ponder......beyond 'what is our objective' when it comes to the Political Activism that we see so much of......but also - How do we get our people to focus upon USING THEIR VOTE to achieve a certain measurable end WITHIN THEIR COMMUNITY? Today we have a one off assumption. "What is good for the Democrats is ultimately good for the Black Community". This has been proven FALSE to anyone daring to take a step back, detatch and see that that party is more powerful than ever WITHIN our community.

Black Snob - when you have a candidate who no longer has to SELL YOU on his ideas in competition with another BUT INSTEAD who needs to MAKE SURE YOU GET TO THE POLLS because he knows what you are going to do - do you see a problem? WORSE YET - I believe I have made a sufficient argment that HIS CLAIM that he has POLICIES that YOU SUPPORT has not proven to be policies that have lead to COMPREHENSIVE BENEFIT as they are in power ALREADY, TODAY.....what are we left with as we distill all of this?

I'll tell you - nothing more than "I hate my conservative/Republican enemey more than I LOVE MYSELF/seek to obtain my own goals".

These are great times for "Democrats Who Are Black". I wonder if this is the case for "Blacks who are Democrats" though.

It is NOT up to the Republicans to field a Black candidate who is acceptible to the Black Community. It is the job of the BLACK COMMUNITY to realign our interests in MEASURABLE RESULTS, test various theories that promise to achieve that end, PURGE the ones that have FAILED, retain the ones that work, keep trying until this end is met.

Again I ask you - why more time is spent on those individuals who have little or no traction WITHIN the Black community than those who ARE SITTING IN THE CONTROL ROOM ALREADY and scratching up the side of the vehicle as they drive?

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