Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Obama's Perfect Union

Rikyrah - Do you believe that the racial segregation in American schools today is like that in 1956 - as Barack Obama said in his "race speech"?

For years I have been battling Liberal White Supremacist - Jonathan Kozol with his loony idea that the only way that Black children can get an education is when we sit next to WHITE FOLKS. To hear Barack Obama channel this same message was quite disturbing to me. Maybe this flew over your head in this speech?

Today there is economic/cultural and class segregation in public schools. There are Black children in a variety of different schools - some majority White or Hispanic. Most majority Black. I REFUSE to accept the link between the predominance of MY RACE and the inferiority of the schools there in.

The truth of the matter is Barack Obama, having noted the fact that Welfare has "hurt Black Families" he SHOULD HAVE gone further and called out the purveyors of this said policy upon our community in the same way that he was verbose in calling out the Conservatives, the Radio Talk Show host, the Rich people (of which he is one) and the Corporations.

Speaking up for "Black Humanity" you say? How so? Having sat in a "Liberation Theology" church for 20 years I would have figured that the man would have expressed "Black Humanity" by circling our ACTIONS with our ultimate destiny as a people. Instead he asked America - to fund our education, or health care and then said that Civil Rights Laws must be enforced and that Black kids should not be cynical as they are slapped by discrimination. If we were to investigate the average daily experience of a Black inner city student who sees few White people in person as he moves from his house, through the community, into the school house and back again - IF this picture is what amounts as the major threat to him on a daily basis - for the vast majority the answer would be NO.

How is it that Barack Obama is verbose about the Iraq War? He can call out WHO DID IT, THE COSTS IN HUMAN LIVES, and give ALTERNATIVES (though few have inspected the reasonableness of such). When it comes to the ADMITTED HARM of the "Welfare Industrial Eco-system" your guy seems to want to give details of the HUMAN COSTS but is very hesitant to POINT OUT WHO THE DELIVERY PEOPLE WERE.

Does he not know WHO they are as he knows the conservatives, corporations, radio talkshow hosts and rich people? All he needs to do is to threaten to CUT the programs - and they will identify themselves. Many of them are standing on stage in support of him. Maybe THIS is why he can enumerate the HARM that these policies have caused our people but is "bound" and thus can't call out names specifically.

This, INDEED, would make a "More Perfect Union" to call out these purveyors of harm to our SOUL.

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