Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Distorted View On Rev Jerehmiah Wright And Obama

I have a feeling that this was is going to get deleted over at Mirror - so I put it over here where I have control of the delete button.


[quote]I know that most of the Black readers on here understand that the attack on Trinity is basically an attack on the best traditions of the Black Christian Church.[/quote]

Sorry - I don't buy this. I have been to many Black churches in my lifetime - from my viewpoint THESE STATEMENTS that are gratuitously political and critical of this nation is NOT common talk in even the BLACKEST of Black churches.

Rev Wright made references to Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky and then made a movement with his hips to drive home the point of his words. This and the other clips were blatantly POLITICAL SPEECH.

But you know what Rikyrah and Angry - this is not even the essence of my disagreement with Rev. Wright and those who think like him. My issue with them is that they are SELECTIVE. They talk about all of the unsavory history associated with America but they don't talk about how they are SAVORING the fruit from this same tree that has so many dead bodies supplying the nutrients to make their fruit sweet.

I do agree with you that the line of thinking that Rev Wright has expressed is certainly not rare among Black people with a certain ideology. They don't mention, however, that they are Americans by CHOICE. Their land that they hold title to is just as STOLEN from the Native Americans as the land that their White neighbors live upon. Some how this detail gets lost in their sermons.

They are about self-reliance; doing for one's self. Not expecting anyone else do to for you what you won't do for yourself. Sounds like pretty conservative values to me.

Excuse me - as you review Obama's policy platform can you detail for me the SELF-RELIANCE policies that are included in on this? Is it SAVE MORE MONEY or train yourself up with higher paying jobs so that you can afford healthcare? Or is it THE GOVERNMENT is going to create a pool of money collected from others to pay your way?

Is it even - "We will ask communities to clamp down on their kids, redirecting their efforts so that they can become medical professionals and GIVE BACK to their same communities?

SELF HELP? Show me please! (so I can erase my "Negro please" response)

Only by admitting and confronting White Supremacy and all the traps that it can set for their children, will their children be provided with the armor to go forth and succeed in this world. It's the time honored lesson of ' how to get over' that has been passed from generation to generation in the Black community.[/quote]

White Supremacy? Isn't the INTERNALIZED digestion of WHITE SUPREMACY shown by Affirmative Action supporters who protest in front of the elite, lily White U of Michigan or Berkeley while Fisk SHUTS DOWN ITS athletic program for want of money, while Morris Brown remains closed, while the "wide middle" of Black America who will never consider HARVARD via Affirmative Action but surely could benefit if their PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL WAS IMPROVED?

It is amazing reading this blog sometimes. Many of your own "hopes" as placed on Obama don't come close to matching the policies that you support over time.

[quote]When I see the 'reports' on Faux News and elsewhere, it's obvious that they are getting their information from people who have never been to Trinity, spoken to members from Trinity, and are getting their gross mischaracterizations from people who obviously have nothing but ill-intentions towards Senator Obama.[/quote]

If the average Democrat doesn't watch Fox News - why are you all always so worried about what they say? Why not focus on what good guy Keith Olbermann is saying with his pompoms on and content yourself with him?

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