Friday, March 14, 2008

Blogger: Democrats Who Are Black

Comment: Election handicappers are putting Republicans losses this election conservatively at 40 House Seats, and 6 Senate seats. Democrat strategists are having wet dreams over the thought of 60 seats in the Senate.

This was said by a Black blogger named BT. He is one of the many Black operatives who think about "Black advancement" in terms of Democratic party growth in power.

It is interesting that as some Democrats dream of the day when the Democratic party have a super majority in the US House and US Senate. Coupling this with a Democratic president and they will be able to radically restructure this county to their own liking.

I am curious though. As Black people why is it that I am able to scale this same scenario down as I apply the Democratic take over of Philadelphia, Cleveland, Detroit, New Orleans, Camden, Newark, Baltimore, Washington DC and Chicago and then come to the conclusion that the BLACK COMMUNITY who are living in these majority Democratic environs DID NOT RECEIVE THE PROMISED BENEFITS that our friend BT has proclaimed would come if the US Congress is similarly formatted.

But at the city level - its even worse. Where as the US Senate needs a 60% majority to have a "super majority" these cities there is already an 80% DEMOCRATIC VOTING BASE. In the Black community the percentage is up to 90%.

Why is it that BT and other are pacified with "the future" Democratic majority that they predict but so loathed to make note of the CURRENT Democratic majorities where they live and how it has translated into little benefit to the Black community?

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