Friday, March 14, 2008

Biased Black Media IV: Ebony Magazine - Does Black America "Owe" The Clintons?

Some times it is the basic framing of the question and line of thinking that frustrates me the most about my people. In this current month's issue of Ebony Magazine a question on the cover asks "Does Black America Owe A Debt To The Clintons? Or Is It Obama's Time?" The question is labeled as "Two Sides".

I must make a special note - as I researched the Ebony/Jet web site I saw that Jet Magazine has "Snoop Dog", the father of the year in some circles, on its cover. It is amazing that Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent are seeming regulars on the cover of this politically biased magazine that claims to be about entertainment and current affairs but Black politicians that don't have views in line with the Black Establishment don't get any time.

Thus I want to inspect the question based on its framing within the rut that Ebony assumes to be the ONLY TWO choices for Black America - Clinton Or Obama. Following the standard that I pointed out with Tavis Smiley in which he believed that he had a balanced group of friends evaluating the new book by Clarence Thomas and thus they voiced criticism on CBS "60 Minutes" for not allowing ALTERNATIVE PERSPECTIVES to challenge Justice Thomas' perspective - it seems that Ebony believe that their interview with Democratic operative Donna Brazile and with former Democrat, talkshow host Joe Madison who has departed the Democratic party.......because they are not LEFTIST ENOUGH in alignment with what he wants them to be.

Clearly the content contributors to Ebony are more caught up in the possibility of a Black president than they are in making note that the political machine that both Obama and Clinton belong to ALREADY DOMINATES the Black community and yet many of the fundamental problems that had us "sick and tired of being sick and tired" are still present. What exactly has Black America obtained from this increase in power by this machine?

The question 'What does Black America OWE' a given politician is amazing to me. I thought that politicians exchanged VOTES for working to advance a certain agenda. Isn't the VOTE the proof of "payment in full"? Clearly not according to Ebony. They clearly believe that there is some residual thankfulness that Black America should consider for the Clintons. What this is - I am still puzzled to figure out.

If you consider the "Black Best Interests" of education, safe communities, economic development, healthy lifestyles and then add the supplemental filter of ORGANICISM of the solutions - I beg anyone to define exactly what Bill Clinton had done for Black America other than have policies that were POPULARLY ASSUMED TO BE "in the Best interests of Black America". Where is the measurable results? Individuals like Dwayne Wickhman do an inventory of the people who got appointments within the Clinton Administration. Where as many of these same people dismiss the appointment of Powell and Rice as not translating into benefit for Blacks in general, they have no problem in making a similar list for Clinton.

What does Black America owe Bill Clinton - not a damned thing!!!

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