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The Worst Type Of Kneegrows To Debate With Are Those Who Are Brainwashed But Think They Are Correct

[quote]COnsidering Rev. Wrights church includes a congregation of intelligent, educated, and sucessful black folks - with apparently no black conservatives to weigh down the demographics...

The Rev IS living in the "hood" with his "peeps".[/quote]

Sho' You Right BET Uncut.

The Black conservatives listened to the sermon, heard B.S. and departed A LONG TIME AGO.

When they saw the architectural plans of Rev Wright's $1.6 million house and noted that THEY WERE the source of his mortgage - they scooted before the second offering for the building fund came around.

They happened to see on the offering envelope that it said "Pastor's Bling Bling Crib Building Fund" rather than "CHURCH Building fund" and they got wise to the scheme and left.".

When he made note that MTv had inquired about doing a segment of "Yo MTv Cribs" when the house was completed even some LIBERALS got up and walked out.
Cultural Strategist | 03.30.08 - 4:25 pm | #

Gravatar Oh my goodness. Where do I start with Brother Brown. (Please excuse the resorting of your comments)

tvd, the republicans want their blacks a certain way, and the blacks who are attracted to them nicely fit the profile.[/quote]

BB - WELFARE BLACKS are NOT EVER GOING TO VOTE FOR REPUBLICANS. (please note the QUALIFICATION. For those inclined to misrepresent my statement - you would not consider Amputee Blacks as ALL BLACK PEOPLE - right? So there you have it). To do so is to VOTE AGAINST THEIR INTERESTS.
Of course we cannot say their 'BEST INTERESTS' because even your leftist buddy has weighed in on the damage that Welfare has caused our community.

It is more accurate to say as BOBBY KENNEDY SAID "Let's face it: I am most attractive to PEOPLE WITH PROBLEMS".

I know far too many blacks who want (and have) all the things that are supposedly in our (group) best interests who achieved them with their (individual) efforts to be duped into believing it is only possible to do those things by being a conservative or a republican.[/quote]

BB on this point I STRONGLY agree with you. I have no problem calling Black Republicans to the carpet when they ATTEMPT to make such a correlation with THEIR PARTY. I said this against Akinle the Nigerian Republican.

At the same time, BB, you can't ignore the other side of this argument. THOSE BLACKS WHO MADE IT often operate AGAINST THAT WHICH THE BLACK POLITICAL MACHINE TELLS US TO DO or how the playing field prevents them from succeeding. So I agree that no party holds a monopoly on ideas. I can say, however that BLACKS OF A CERTAIN MINDSET are more attracted to a given party that has policies that will work against them once they gain wealth (ie: progressive tax system)

[quote]If republicans want blacks in a group, then they can't let a "group of blacks" make them nervous.[/quote]

So a group of Blacks make Republicans nervous? How so?
Compare this to the White Democrats who would NEVER come into the deepest, darkest areas in the Black community BUT FOR the Black Democrat that is escorting him in his role as an OPERATIVE for the Democrats. This White Democrat's heart pumps in fear just the same. Just let the Democrat who is Black leave him at the corner of MLK and Ashby St in Atlanta. That'll be one scared white boy.

[quote]But the truth is, republicans look at blacks as a group of voters, not as participants.

Jesus - please help this boy. He's got it bad. He believes that the GOP is the problem. The balance of 85% to 8% does not register with him.

[quote]My advice: go back to the drawing board, and come up with a strategy that presents me, a consumer, with a choice, then let me decide. If you are for free markets as you claim, quit acting as if you are entitled to a percentage of the black vote, and come at me like you are Toyota trying to attract me from Ford.[/quote]

BROTHER BROWN - this is the most CLUELESS part of your post!!!!

I figured that this is how you think!!!

You see yourself as a SHOPPER - choosing between the Donkey and the Elephant.


So this group which as the prime objective of SOLUTION begins to TEST THE THEORIES that it has regarding the BEST INTERESTS. Those which FAIL to bear this out are PURGED. Those which produce MOVEMENT FORWARD on the grid that has the two points above are RETAINED!!!


1) The Black Community Consciousness

2) The American political system that is made up primarily of Democrats and Republicans

#1 MUST NEVER BE MISTAKEN FOR #2. You can NEVER,NEVER,NEVER,NEVER allow your interests in #2 to be conflated as being #1. (This is what we have TO-DAMNED DAY!!!) This is our problem.

We have too many #2 operatives with free reign in #1 roles.

Take the very same arguments for separation of Church and State and then QUADRUPLE THEM with the question of separation of RACIAL CONSCIOUSNESS and the American Political system.

As it stands today the Black community had done all of the things that Bayard Ruskin asked us to do (vote for Democrats). It has been the backend BENEFITS to our community that has proven him a LIAR!!

YOU ARE NOT A FREAKING CONSUMER!!! You must be a SCIENTIST and a NEGOTIATOR. If you don't articulate the BENEFIT that you DEMAND from doing business with an OUTSIDE ENTITY then you begin to adopt HIS ENEMY AS YOUR ENEMY. At the end of the day HE STOPS advertising in your community for you to VOTE HIS WAY.........he begins to advertise for you to COME OUT OF YOUR DAMNED HOUSE AND VOTE!!!!!


The old saying "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink" has been blown to hell by the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalist.

His version is "We know what the dehydrated horse is going to do when he gets in front of the water (the voting machine)........we just need to get him from his barn over to the lake". Little will they admit - this DEHYDRATED HORSE was complaining about his thirst 2 years ago, 4 years, 6 years, 8 years, 12 years, 14 he has ALL DONKEYS running his community and he IS STILL COMPLAINING but figures if he TRYS HARDER the Donkey is going to one day install a spigot into his barn that flows filtered Aquafina brand water out.

You are going to force me to go to the 6:30 pm church service if you keep amping me up this way.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

This Type of Deparment of Defense Procurement Will Never Happen....Under President Obama :-/

[quote]As we move past 4,000 soldiers dead.................
Tens of thousands permanently maimed.....................
A TRILLION DOLLARS in costs................

ALL based on LIES.....[/quote]

Rikyrah - Remember your loyalties!

Obama is a SUPPORTER of the Afghan War. He said that this is the real "War On Terror". This is a battle against THOSE WHO REALLY ATTACKED US.

Since it has been a standard talking point that Iraq and Afghanistan are two different wars - why are you fusing these two together?

Do you think that this procurement decision WOULD NOT TAKE PLACE in an Obama Administration? The fact is that 98% or more of the federal employees remain between administrations. Do you REALLY believe that if Obama becomes president that there will be a total house cleaning of the procurement officials in the DOD?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Obama's Perfect Union

Rikyrah - Do you believe that the racial segregation in American schools today is like that in 1956 - as Barack Obama said in his "race speech"?

For years I have been battling Liberal White Supremacist - Jonathan Kozol with his loony idea that the only way that Black children can get an education is when we sit next to WHITE FOLKS. To hear Barack Obama channel this same message was quite disturbing to me. Maybe this flew over your head in this speech?

Today there is economic/cultural and class segregation in public schools. There are Black children in a variety of different schools - some majority White or Hispanic. Most majority Black. I REFUSE to accept the link between the predominance of MY RACE and the inferiority of the schools there in.

The truth of the matter is Barack Obama, having noted the fact that Welfare has "hurt Black Families" he SHOULD HAVE gone further and called out the purveyors of this said policy upon our community in the same way that he was verbose in calling out the Conservatives, the Radio Talk Show host, the Rich people (of which he is one) and the Corporations.

Speaking up for "Black Humanity" you say? How so? Having sat in a "Liberation Theology" church for 20 years I would have figured that the man would have expressed "Black Humanity" by circling our ACTIONS with our ultimate destiny as a people. Instead he asked America - to fund our education, or health care and then said that Civil Rights Laws must be enforced and that Black kids should not be cynical as they are slapped by discrimination. If we were to investigate the average daily experience of a Black inner city student who sees few White people in person as he moves from his house, through the community, into the school house and back again - IF this picture is what amounts as the major threat to him on a daily basis - for the vast majority the answer would be NO.

How is it that Barack Obama is verbose about the Iraq War? He can call out WHO DID IT, THE COSTS IN HUMAN LIVES, and give ALTERNATIVES (though few have inspected the reasonableness of such). When it comes to the ADMITTED HARM of the "Welfare Industrial Eco-system" your guy seems to want to give details of the HUMAN COSTS but is very hesitant to POINT OUT WHO THE DELIVERY PEOPLE WERE.

Does he not know WHO they are as he knows the conservatives, corporations, radio talkshow hosts and rich people? All he needs to do is to threaten to CUT the programs - and they will identify themselves. Many of them are standing on stage in support of him. Maybe THIS is why he can enumerate the HARM that these policies have caused our people but is "bound" and thus can't call out names specifically.

This, INDEED, would make a "More Perfect Union" to call out these purveyors of harm to our SOUL.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Distorted View On Rev Jerehmiah Wright And Obama

I have a feeling that this was is going to get deleted over at Mirror - so I put it over here where I have control of the delete button.


[quote]I know that most of the Black readers on here understand that the attack on Trinity is basically an attack on the best traditions of the Black Christian Church.[/quote]

Sorry - I don't buy this. I have been to many Black churches in my lifetime - from my viewpoint THESE STATEMENTS that are gratuitously political and critical of this nation is NOT common talk in even the BLACKEST of Black churches.

Rev Wright made references to Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky and then made a movement with his hips to drive home the point of his words. This and the other clips were blatantly POLITICAL SPEECH.

But you know what Rikyrah and Angry - this is not even the essence of my disagreement with Rev. Wright and those who think like him. My issue with them is that they are SELECTIVE. They talk about all of the unsavory history associated with America but they don't talk about how they are SAVORING the fruit from this same tree that has so many dead bodies supplying the nutrients to make their fruit sweet.

I do agree with you that the line of thinking that Rev Wright has expressed is certainly not rare among Black people with a certain ideology. They don't mention, however, that they are Americans by CHOICE. Their land that they hold title to is just as STOLEN from the Native Americans as the land that their White neighbors live upon. Some how this detail gets lost in their sermons.

They are about self-reliance; doing for one's self. Not expecting anyone else do to for you what you won't do for yourself. Sounds like pretty conservative values to me.

Excuse me - as you review Obama's policy platform can you detail for me the SELF-RELIANCE policies that are included in on this? Is it SAVE MORE MONEY or train yourself up with higher paying jobs so that you can afford healthcare? Or is it THE GOVERNMENT is going to create a pool of money collected from others to pay your way?

Is it even - "We will ask communities to clamp down on their kids, redirecting their efforts so that they can become medical professionals and GIVE BACK to their same communities?

SELF HELP? Show me please! (so I can erase my "Negro please" response)

Only by admitting and confronting White Supremacy and all the traps that it can set for their children, will their children be provided with the armor to go forth and succeed in this world. It's the time honored lesson of ' how to get over' that has been passed from generation to generation in the Black community.[/quote]

White Supremacy? Isn't the INTERNALIZED digestion of WHITE SUPREMACY shown by Affirmative Action supporters who protest in front of the elite, lily White U of Michigan or Berkeley while Fisk SHUTS DOWN ITS athletic program for want of money, while Morris Brown remains closed, while the "wide middle" of Black America who will never consider HARVARD via Affirmative Action but surely could benefit if their PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL WAS IMPROVED?

It is amazing reading this blog sometimes. Many of your own "hopes" as placed on Obama don't come close to matching the policies that you support over time.

[quote]When I see the 'reports' on Faux News and elsewhere, it's obvious that they are getting their information from people who have never been to Trinity, spoken to members from Trinity, and are getting their gross mischaracterizations from people who obviously have nothing but ill-intentions towards Senator Obama.[/quote]

If the average Democrat doesn't watch Fox News - why are you all always so worried about what they say? Why not focus on what good guy Keith Olbermann is saying with his pompoms on and content yourself with him?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Biased Black Media IV: Ebony Magazine - Does Black America "Owe" The Clintons?

Some times it is the basic framing of the question and line of thinking that frustrates me the most about my people. In this current month's issue of Ebony Magazine a question on the cover asks "Does Black America Owe A Debt To The Clintons? Or Is It Obama's Time?" The question is labeled as "Two Sides".

I must make a special note - as I researched the Ebony/Jet web site I saw that Jet Magazine has "Snoop Dog", the father of the year in some circles, on its cover. It is amazing that Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent are seeming regulars on the cover of this politically biased magazine that claims to be about entertainment and current affairs but Black politicians that don't have views in line with the Black Establishment don't get any time.

Thus I want to inspect the question based on its framing within the rut that Ebony assumes to be the ONLY TWO choices for Black America - Clinton Or Obama. Following the standard that I pointed out with Tavis Smiley in which he believed that he had a balanced group of friends evaluating the new book by Clarence Thomas and thus they voiced criticism on CBS "60 Minutes" for not allowing ALTERNATIVE PERSPECTIVES to challenge Justice Thomas' perspective - it seems that Ebony believe that their interview with Democratic operative Donna Brazile and with former Democrat, talkshow host Joe Madison who has departed the Democratic party.......because they are not LEFTIST ENOUGH in alignment with what he wants them to be.

Clearly the content contributors to Ebony are more caught up in the possibility of a Black president than they are in making note that the political machine that both Obama and Clinton belong to ALREADY DOMINATES the Black community and yet many of the fundamental problems that had us "sick and tired of being sick and tired" are still present. What exactly has Black America obtained from this increase in power by this machine?

The question 'What does Black America OWE' a given politician is amazing to me. I thought that politicians exchanged VOTES for working to advance a certain agenda. Isn't the VOTE the proof of "payment in full"? Clearly not according to Ebony. They clearly believe that there is some residual thankfulness that Black America should consider for the Clintons. What this is - I am still puzzled to figure out.

If you consider the "Black Best Interests" of education, safe communities, economic development, healthy lifestyles and then add the supplemental filter of ORGANICISM of the solutions - I beg anyone to define exactly what Bill Clinton had done for Black America other than have policies that were POPULARLY ASSUMED TO BE "in the Best interests of Black America". Where is the measurable results? Individuals like Dwayne Wickhman do an inventory of the people who got appointments within the Clinton Administration. Where as many of these same people dismiss the appointment of Powell and Rice as not translating into benefit for Blacks in general, they have no problem in making a similar list for Clinton.

What does Black America owe Bill Clinton - not a damned thing!!!

Blogger: Democrats Who Are Black

Comment: Election handicappers are putting Republicans losses this election conservatively at 40 House Seats, and 6 Senate seats. Democrat strategists are having wet dreams over the thought of 60 seats in the Senate.

This was said by a Black blogger named BT. He is one of the many Black operatives who think about "Black advancement" in terms of Democratic party growth in power.

It is interesting that as some Democrats dream of the day when the Democratic party have a super majority in the US House and US Senate. Coupling this with a Democratic president and they will be able to radically restructure this county to their own liking.

I am curious though. As Black people why is it that I am able to scale this same scenario down as I apply the Democratic take over of Philadelphia, Cleveland, Detroit, New Orleans, Camden, Newark, Baltimore, Washington DC and Chicago and then come to the conclusion that the BLACK COMMUNITY who are living in these majority Democratic environs DID NOT RECEIVE THE PROMISED BENEFITS that our friend BT has proclaimed would come if the US Congress is similarly formatted.

But at the city level - its even worse. Where as the US Senate needs a 60% majority to have a "super majority" these cities there is already an 80% DEMOCRATIC VOTING BASE. In the Black community the percentage is up to 90%.

Why is it that BT and other are pacified with "the future" Democratic majority that they predict but so loathed to make note of the CURRENT Democratic majorities where they live and how it has translated into little benefit to the Black community?