Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blog: Jack & Jill Politics and Mirror On America

Subject: The random deletion of my comments because they contain OPINIONS that tend to put the author to shame. A request was made to have them publish their posting rules in advance so that I can remain in compliance.

I figure that the only RULE in this regard is that I CHANGE MY OPINIONS and make them in line with THEIRS in order to remain a poster in good standing.


Hey Rikyrah and other Administrators who have a functional "delete key" on this blog:

I know how sensitive you guys are about "Changing/Making up the rules as we go along" per Hillary Clinton.

Could you all detail this blog's POLICY regarding when you delete people's submissions to your blog?

Is it because of certain "offensive speech" - ie: name calling, cursing and slander......

OR is it that you deserve the right to DELETE comments because they challenge your otherwise homogeneous discussions and dare to question your fundamental assumptions?

I take it that the battle for "freedom of expression" and tolerance is applied outward rather than accepted inward by some.

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