Wednesday, June 18, 2014

"Hinterland Gazette II" - The Evolution Of A Jamaican National Into The "Americanization Process"


  • The News Of A Republican - Dick Cheney Expressing Critical Comments About The Obama Administration And The Condition Of The Nation Of Iraq  Brings Headline News
  • The News That The "Black President's"  "Humanitarian Mission" In The African Nation Of Libya And More Recent Violations Of The Sovereignty Of Yemen And Libya (The Capture Of A Suspect In The Benghazi Attacks) - BRINGS NO PUBLISHED SENTIMENT
    • For The "Journalist Would Need To Be Critical Of OBAMA

Our PSYCHOLOGICAL analysis tells us that Janet Shan has her "HYPOCRISY SEEKING" based NOT on a matter of "WHITE SUPREMACY/IMPERIALS" Against "Nations Of Color................BUT INSTEAD.................Her "WHITE RACISM SEEKING" Is Fully Embedded Into AMERICAN PARTISAN POLITICS Thus The REPUBLICANS' RACISM Is Some Type Of PRIME RACISM That The "BLACK PRESIDENT" Executing (What Used To Be Called) "RACIST AMERICAN/WESTERN FOREIGN/MILITARY" Policy Against NATIONS OF COLOR - In Order To Keep Them In Chaos - No Longer Has The Same Standing...............NOW THAT SHE IS PSYCHOLOGICALLY, SPIRITUALLY And COSMICALLY A Member Of The American Partisan Class

You have an INDICTMENT AGAINST YOUR ENEMY THAT KEEPS ON GIVING - which forms the basis of your PSYCHE.

YOUR FRIEND gets into POWER and he starts running AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY

From your vantage point as an AMERICAN PARTISAN - this work is GOOD while his predecessor's was EVIL

From the vantage point of the "People Of Color" on the receiving end of the American munitions - A DEADLY CONTINUUM has been put into effect  - this in the name of "PROTECTING AMERICA'S INTERESTS"

The biggest racio-dynamic change that you as a foreigner notice, however is:
  • A BLACK PRESIDENT is able to run what used to be called a "White Supremacist" Foreign Policy
  • MORE IMPORTANTLY you notice that FOR THE FIRST TIME IN AMERICAN HISTORY - it is BLACK AMERICANS who have evolved into a "We Are In The White House Negro" disposition are OBSERVING all of these actions throughout the world and THEIR willing to condemn, stay silent or REDIRECT their indictments is MORE PREDICTABLE upon their AMERICAN IDEOLOGICAL RESIDENCY and THEIR POLITICAL OPPORTUNISTIC ADVANTAGE in attacking or supporting the party in power than one can point to any notions of their AFRICANNESS and the will to protect the INTERNATIONAL "Least Of These"

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Psychological Assessment Of The Publisher Of "Hinterland Gazette"

Psychological Assessment Of Janet Shan:

1) Though she acknowledges that there is a distinction between "The US Government" (and what it is going to do, regardless of who is in office) versus Barack Obama - her vicarious living through Obama's fight against the White Right Wing Republicans causes her much pain when she is forced to be critical of US Policy under Obama

2) She is unable to make a unilateral criticism of US Policy under Obama so EVERY criticism of policies or outcomes must be couched by bringing in THE REPUBLICANS (ie: Bush) as a contrast

3) IF she were interested in a real comparison, however, she would NOT just stop at telling us WHAT BUSH DID THAT WAS A VIOLATION.............she would turn to the LEFT WING PROTESTERS and note that their activism against Bush IS NO WHERE TO BE FOUND now that she admits that OBAMA IS LARGELY DOING THE SAME

(Note: Please go to "Democracy" on the web and see the recent stories about:
* Drones
* Increased US Surveillance In Africa
* What Obama was really saying between the lines about Afghanistan)

4) Even though she reports on "The Black Community In Crisis" (ie: violence) - nearly all of her SOLUTIONS have an EXTERNAL DEPENDENCY - example:  the MURDERS in the Black community are done using GUNS so the solution is TO FIGHT THE RIGHT-WING to advance GUN CONTROL

4a) Sadly - even through WHITE PEOPLE like Zimmerman kills Blacks because they have RACIAL HATRED in their hearts - when it comes to Black people who kill other Blacks - the discussion turns to:
* The Proliferation of Guns and Drugs
* Those who have engineered poverty to create violence
* The Prison Industrial complex - which seeks profit off of incarceration

NEVER is there a drive to align the BLACK POLITICAL STRUGGLE and its 50 year run up to power WITH THE PRESENT relatively UNDER-DEVELOPED state of the Black community - with a new call for GOING IN A DIFFERENT DIRECTION in which POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM is not allowed to dominate the "Black Agenda" - but instead we turn to BLACK COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE OF INSTITUTIONS WITHIN.